Beware the Fright Master!
S2, EP13 "Beware the Fright Master!"
Gabby becomes obsessed with exposing and turning the tables on Havensburg's Fright Master, an unknown entity that terrorizes the school every Halloween.
Disney Channel • 30m
Dinas and Dougs
S2, EP12 "Dinas and Dougs"
When Dina introduces Gabby and Olivia to her new boyfriend, Doug, the girls discover that while he may be a prince, he also has an extraterrestrial secret.
Original Air Date: Sep 17, 2021 • Disney Channel • 25m
Welcome to the Club
S2, EP11 "Welcome to the Club"
Joining the Latinx club fuels an identity crisis within Gabby, so she goes overboard in her efforts to impress the group with her knowledge of all things Latinx.
Original Air Date: Sep 17, 2021 • Disney Channel • 24m
GOAT of the Month
S2, EP10 "GOAT of the Month"
Gabby and Wes perform a duet at an open mic night in order to get into GOAT of the Month magazine.
Original Air Date: Aug 06, 2021 • Disney Channel • 26m
The Bubble
S2, EP9 "The Bubble"
Scary news headlines inspire Gabby to take on all the world's issues at once by assembling a team of aliens to combat it, but she accidentally releases a whole new calamity.
Original Air Date: Aug 06, 2021 • Disney Channel • 23m
A Song of Gabby & Susie
S2, EP8 "A Song of Gabby & Susie"
Gabby teams up with her bitter rival, Susie, to masquerade as best friends to win a contest to meet her favorite book author.
Original Air Date: Jul 30, 2021 • Disney Channel • 26m
Dude, Where's My House?
S2, EP7 "Dude, Where's My House?"
Gabby leaves Jeremy unattended during a babysitting job, and finds he has lost Swift's house in a bet with Jimbuk; together they must retrieve the house before Swift returns.
Original Air Date: Jul 16, 2021 • Disney Channel • 25m
The Mile
S2, EP6 "The Mile"
With the congressional fitness test coming up, Gabby dreads her least favorite physical activity - running; she devises a plan to get out of it that causes mayhem for Swift.
Original Air Date: Jul 09, 2021 • Disney Channel • 22m
Mimi From Miami
S2, EP5 "Mimi From Miami"
Gabby gets sucked into a game of one-upmanship when her friend Mimi from Miami visits to celebrate their shared birthday.
Original Air Date: Jul 02, 2021 • Disney Channel • 22m
Ratita and the Ultras
S2, EP4 "Ratita and the Ultras"
Unaware of its significance, Gabby sells a cherished family heirloom; in getting it back, she realizes that she should take a more active interest in her family history.
Original Air Date: Jun 25, 2021 • Disney Channel • 22m
The Vibe
S2, EP3 "The Vibe"
Gabby is initially resistant when she discovers that Wes and Sky are into each other, fearing change in the dynamic or vibe.
Original Air Date: Jun 18, 2021 • Disney Channel • 21m
Gabby's Big Break
S2, EP2 "Gabby's Big Break"
When Swift makes her take a break from babysitting, Gabby has trouble stepping away.
Original Air Date: Jun 11, 2021 • Disney Channel • 26m
Mom Wipe
S2, EP1 "Mom Wipe"
Dina tells Gabby she's in over her head and forbids her from babysitting aliens.
Original Air Date: Jun 04, 2021 • Disney Channel • 26m