The Uncertainty Principle
S4, EP7 "The Uncertainty Principle"
Dr. Morgan Reznik discovers her patient's wealth and obsession with extending his life is a dangerous mix that could end up costing more than he can afford.
ABC • 60m
S4, EP6 "Lim"
Dr. Audrey Lim struggles to cope with the residual emotional trauma of COVID-19; Dr. Claire Browne suggests a radical treatment to help a war veteran who has PTSD; Dr. Shaun Murphy declares he doesn't want to teach the new residents anymore.
ABC • 60m
S4, EP5 "Fault"
Dr. Murphy questions his decision to give the new residents autonomy when an intern's misdiagnosis has dire consequences; a patient has a ruptured cyst affecting key functions of her brain; Dr. Morgan Reznick and Park bond over failed relationships.
Original Air Date: Nov 30, 2020 • ABC • 43m
Not the Same
S4, EP4 "Not the Same"
Morgan and Shaun's pregnant patient with twins has pain, forcing the doctors to grapple with a decision no one wants to make; Shaun asks Lea to move back in despite her reservations.
Original Air Date: Nov 23, 2020 • ABC • 43m
S4, EP3 "Newbies"
With several candidates vying for residency at St. Bonaventure, Lim tasks Shaun, Claire and Alex with mentoring the top first-year resident contenders; Shaun inadvertently insults Lea while discussing the pros and cons of a controversial surgery.
Original Air Date: Nov 16, 2020 • ABC • 43m
Frontline Part 2
S4, EP2 "Frontline Part 2"
Dr. Shaun Murphy and the team try to get a better understanding of COVID-19; Claire looks for a way to grieve Melendez's death through her patients; Dr. Alex Park and Mia discuss their future together.
Original Air Date: Nov 09, 2020 • ABC • 43m
Frontline Part 1
S4, EP1 "Frontline Part 1"
Dr. Murphy treats a patient who has an illness that is not only unpredictable in nature but also unlike anything he or the team have seen before; Dr. Claire Brown continues to work through her grief, still reeling from Dr. Neil Melendez's death.
Original Air Date: Nov 02, 2020 • ABC • 43m