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How It's MadeA look behind the scenes at how everyday things are manufactured. Typically each episode includes three to four products featured, with a mix consisting of common items such as jeans, aluminum foil and cereal, and less predictable ones like wax figurines, braille typewriters and pinball machines.
S23, EP10 "Electric Vehicle Charging Stations; Grappa; Lunar Rover"Electric vehicle charging stations; grappa; lunar rover replicas.
S23, EP12 "Racing Leathers; Evaporative Condensers; Wood Rocking Chairs"Racing leathers; evaporative cooling towers; wood rocking chairs; wire wheels.
S23, EP13 "Mountain Bikes; Rice; Lever Action Rifles"Mountain bikes; rice; lever action rifles.
S24, EP1 "Saunas, Wheelchair Lifts, Dioramas"Saunas, Wheelchair Lifts, Dioramas.
S24, EP6 "Scuba Diving Lights; Interchangeable Sandals; Racing Simulators"Scuba lights; convertible sandals; racecar simulators; and fiberglass doors.
S24, EP7 "Wood Windows; Woven Cashmere Fabric; Plastic Recycling Machines"Wood windows; woven cashmere fabric; plastic recycling machines.
S32, EP12 "Motorcycle Goggles; Hand-Built Jukeboxes; Vacuum Excavators; Pewter Shaving Sets"How motorcycle goggles and pewter shaving sets are produced; the construction behind jukeboxes and vacuum excavators.
S32, EP11 "Tin Whistles; Horn Products; Formula F Race Cars"The processes of making tin whistles, horn products, and Formula F race cars.
S32, EP10 "Fencing Masks; Books; Ocean Drone Transformers"The processes of making fencing masks, books and ocean drone transformers.
S32, EP9 "Compression and Extension Springs; Micro Drill Bits; Skiffs; Painted Glass Backsplashes"The processes of making compression and extension springs, micro drill bits, skiffs, and painted glass backsplashes.
S32, EP8 "Belts; 3-D Metal Printers; Detectable Warning Panels; Model Stirling Engines"The processes of making belts, 3-D metal printers, detectable warning panels, and model Stirling engines.
S32, EP7 "Innerspring Mattresses, Stand-Up Paddle Boards, and Vacuum Cleaners"Find out how innerspring mattresses, stand-up paddle boards, and vacuum cleaners are made.
S32, EP6 "Guitar Pickups, Heated Furniture, Water Well Cylinders, Nonconductive Tools"How guitar pickups, heated furniture, water well cylinders, and nonconductive tools are made.
S32, EP5 "Handmade Hammers, Gummy Vitamins, Boat Trailers, Tea Lights & Jar Candles"Handmade hammers; gummy vitamins; boat trailers; tea lights; jar candles.
S32, EP4 "Table Tennis Tables, Plastic Model Kits, and Light Microscopes"How table tennis tables, plastic model kits, and light microscopes are made.
S32, EP3 "Orthodontic Retainers, Orange Juice, Retractable Saunas and Sawmill Knives"Learning how orthodontic retainers, orange juice, retractable saunas, and sawmill knives are made.
S32, EP1 "Electrophoretic Displays, Dry Erase Boards, Air Rifles, Quartz Countertops"How electrophoretic displays, dry erase boards, air rifles, and quartz countertops are made.
S31, EP14 "Leather Overnight Bags; Horse Exercisers"Leather overnight bags; horse exercisers; air hockey tables; copper sculptures.
S31, EP13 "DeLorean Restoration; Bison Fibre"DeLorean restoration; bison fibre; shuffleboard tables; friction-forged knives.
S31, EP12 "Wood Slat Baskets; Bells"Find out how wood slat baskets, bells, and gyroscopic stabilizers are made.
S31, EP11 "Custom Shoe Trees, Clay Targets, Squeeze Chutes, Composite Boat Propellers"How custom shoe trees, clay targets, squeeze chutes, and composite boat propellers are made.
S31, EP10 "Sleeper Rigs; Pecans; Steel Pulleys"Sleeper rigs; pecans; steel pulleys; acetate eyewear.
S31, EP9 "Cotton; Rodeo Roping Chutes; Asian Noodles"Cotton; rodeo roping chutes; Asian noodles; rotary engines.
S31, EP8 "Educational Robots; Boxing Belts; Boat Radar Mounts"Educational robots; boxing belts; boat radar mounts; European-style radiators.
S31, EP7 "Glass Faucets; Fire Truck Ladders"Glass faucets; fire truck ladders; antique clock restoration; barbecue utensils.
S31, EP6 "Rice Cookers; Concealment Furniture"Rice cookers; concealment furniture; promotional origami; hedge shears.
S31, EP5 "Mountain Bike Tires; Leaf/Debris Vacuums; Canned Meat"Mountain bike tires; leaf and debris vacuums; canned meat; fillet knives.
S31, EP4 "Steamer Baskets; 3-Wheel Scooters; Prefab Conservatories"Steamer baskets; three-wheel scooters; pre-fabricated conservatories; copper cookware.
S31, EP3 "Spinning Reels; Plasma Protein Therapies; 3D Cups"Spinning reels; plasma protein therapies; 3D cups; stainless steel beer kegs.
S31, EP2 "Laptops; Panettone; Saxophones"Laptops; panettone; saxophones.
S31, EP1 "Basque Pelota Balls; Pallet Trucks; Dumplings"Basque pelota balls; pallet trucks; dumplings; brass faucets.
S30, EP13 "Wall Beds, Sundae Cups"Wall beds; sundae cups; digital paintings; badminton rackets.
S30, EP12 "Aerospace Fasteners; Cactus Pear Puree; Lab Reactors"Aerospace fasteners; cactus pear puree; lab reactors.
S30, EP11 "Rubber Balls; Motion Chairs"Rubber balls; motion chairs; Montreal smoked meat; motorized scooters.
S30, EP10 "Throttle Bodies, Limestone Mantels, Candied Fruit, & Linen Ukuleles"Throttle bodies; limestone fireplace mantels; candied fruit; linen ukuleles.
S30, EP9 "Fish Rubbings, Clay Shooting Machines, Almonds, and High-end Motorcycles"Fish rubbings; clay shooting machines; almonds; high-end motorcycles.
S30, EP8 "Racing Pulley Systems, Inductors, and Medicine Balls"Glass sculptures; racing pulley systems; inductors; medicine balls.
S30, EP7 "Spiral Stairs; Pita Bread"Spiral stairs; pita bread; exhaust headers; molded limestone artwork.
S30, EP6 "Solar Street Lights, Dolls"Recycled skateboard guitars; solar street lights; dolls.
S30, EP5 "Leather Sculptures, Travel Hot Plates"Leather sculptures; travel hot plates; ochre; hurdy gurdies.
S30, EP4 "Witness Samples, Pressure Washers, Bee Hives, and Cast Iron Cookers"Witness samples; pressure washers; beehives; cast iron cookers.
S30, EP3 "Plant Oil Extractors, Custom Chandeliers, Power Trainers, and Coffee Pods"Lab extractors; custom-made chandeliers; power trainers; coffee pods.
S30, EP2 "Power Steering Pumps; Asian Bowl Meals; Walking Canes"Power steering pumps; Asian bowl meals; walking canes.
S30, EP1 "Leather Basketballs; Flood Gates; Shoelaces"Leather basketballs; flood gates; wood panel canvases; shoelaces.
S29, EP13 "Petanque Balls; Biologic Medicines; Asphalt Pavers"Pentanque ball; biologic medicines; asphalt pavers; basques espadrilles.
S29, EP12 "Technological Corks; Zinc Gutters; Traditional Ham"Technological corks; zinc gutters; traditional ham; chisteras.
S29, EP11 "Steel Bistro Sets; Letterpress Printing; Bamboo Ceramic Lights"Exploring how steel bistro furniture, letterpress printing and bamboo ceramic are made.
S29, EP10 "Berets; Pastis; Stationary Bikes"How berets, pastis and stationary bikes are made.
S29, EP9 "Foosball Tables; Marseille Soap; Laguiole Pocket Knives"How foosball tables, Marseille soap and Laguiole pocket knives are made.
S29, EP8 "Flying Water Bikes; Throttle Position Sensors; Cinnamon Cordial; Rasps"How flying water bikes, paint and cinnamon cordial are made.
S29, EP7 "Artist Brushes; DEF Tank Heaters; Game Tables"How artist brushes, DEF tank heaters and game tables are made.
S29, EP6 "Fireplace Bellows; Calissons; Diving Watercraft"Following how fireplace bellows, calissons and recreational watercraft are made.
S29, EP5 "Office Chairs; Vinobrew; Reconditioned Sander Drums"Discovering how office chairs, vinobrew and reconditioned sander drums are made.
S29, EP4 "Thermoplastic Fire Helmets; Basketry Sculptures; Coffee Roasters"How thermoplastic fire helmets, basketry sculptures and coffee roasters are made.
S29, EP3 "Wood Watches; Steel Bicycles; Raw Pet Food"Examining how wood watches, mechanical sensors and raw pet food are made.
S29, EP2 "Nuno Felt; Drum Crushers; Kimchi; Parquet Floors"How Nuno felt, drum crushers, kimchi and parquet floors are made.
S29, EP1 "Skateboard Wheels; Baklava & Galaktoboureko; CO2 Scrubbers"Skateboard wheels; baklava and galaktoboureko; CO2 scrubbers; honeycomb candles.
S27, EP4 "LED Tubes; Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars; Robotic Medication Dispensers"LED tubes; chocolate peanut butter bars; robotic medication dispensers.
S24, EP9 "Recycled Skateboards; Braided Pastry; Construction Trailers"Recycled skateboards; braided pastry; construction trailers; and metalworking vises.
S24, EP3 "Oil Lamps; Chocolate Mints; Underfloor Heating"Everyday items are put under the microscope to discover how oil lamps are manufactured and chocolate mints are produced.
S23, EP9 "NASCAR Car Bodies; Hurley Sticks; Tube Power Amplifiers"NASCAR car bodies; hurley sticks; tube power amplifiers; thermal coffee pots.
S23, EP8 "Mobile Concert Stages; Mascara; Continuous Miners"Mobile concert stages; mascara; continuous miners; wood gift boxes.
S23, EP6 "Ceramic Fireplaces; Synthetic Corks; Parking Garage Floor Slabs"Ceramic fireplaces; synthetic corks; parking garage floor slabs.
S23, EP4 "Railway Bridge Ties; Membrane Filters; Hydraulic Post Drivers"Railway bridge ties; membrane filters; hydraulic post drivers; bi-planes.
S23, EP3 "Noise Barrier Walls; Front-Load Washers; Bourbon"Noise barrier walls; front-load washers; bourbon; flexible circuit.
S23, EP2 "Rawhide Lampshades; Chocolate Chip Cookies"Rawhide lampshades; chocolate chip cookies; MRI scanners.
S23, EP1 "Motion Sensors; Belt Loaders; Pheasant Breeding"Motion sensors; belt loaders; pheasant breeding; diving helmets.
S18, EP3 "Chocolate Coins; Floor Heating Systems"Chocolate coins; floor heating systems; pedal cars; playground equipment.
S17, EP7 "Speed Skates; Synthetic Rubber; Cocoa Beans"Speed skates; synthetic rubber; cocoa beans, bulk chocolate.
S15, EP3 "Train Rails; Desalinated Water; Racing Wheelchairs"Train rails; desalinated water; racing wheelchairs; parquetry.
S12, EP3 "therMometers; Produce Scales; Aircraft Painting; Luxury Chocolates"Thermometers; produce scales; aircraft painting; luxury chocolates.
S8, EP13 "Manhole Covers; Range Hoods; Artificial Logs; Snowmobiles"Manhole covers; range hoods; artificial logs; snowmobiles.
S8, EP7 "Fishing Reels; Miniature Houses; Kitchen Mixers"Fishing reels; miniature houses; kitchen mixers.
"Halloween 2020 Special"Making Halloween items requires advanced tech and expert engineering.
A look behind the scenes at how everyday things are manufactured. Typically each episode includes three to four products featured, with a mix consisting of common items such as jeans, aluminum foil and cereal, and less predictable ones like wax figurines, braille typewriters and pinball machines.
Original Air Date: Jan 6, 2001
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Rating: TVG
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