S7, EP11
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The remaining couples face the season's final rose ceremony; alumni couple Caelynn and Dean arrive to share their love story.
Original Air Date: Oct 05, 2021 • ABC • 128m
S7, EP10
On Demand
Ahead of the rose ceremony, tension between Aaron and Ivan escalates; after the roses have been handed out, the final guest host emerges; those still on the beach dance the night away at an '80s-themed prom.
Original Air Date: Sep 28, 2021 • ABC • 126m
S7, EP9
On Demand
Kendall shares a tearful confession with her former beau, but Joe just can't tell her what she wants to hear; guest host Lil Jon brings in two new guys; some couples take it to the next level while others hit stumbling blocks.
Original Air Date: Sep 21, 2021 • ABC • 83m
S7, EP8
On Demand
The beach's most controversial couple faces a reckoning they can't come back from; one couple pays a visit to the Boom Boom Room, another endures a birthday breakup of epic proportions, and one unlucky lady gets a second chance at love.
Original Air Date: Sep 14, 2021 • ABC • 82m
S7, EP7
On Demand
Guest host Tituss Burgess storms the beach, ready to shake things up by throwing an exclusive welcome party that stirs up more drama than Wells does drinks; Olivia Holt performs.
Original Air Date: Sep 07, 2021 • ABC • 83m
S7, EP6
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Joe comes face-to-face with the woman who broke his heart; Natasha and Brendan start to move in the right direction, but just as Natasha feels the spark heat up, another familiar face makes her appearance.
Original Air Date: Sep 06, 2021 • ABC • 83m
S7, EP5
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As the women prepare to hand out their roses, nerves get the better of the men; Becca Kufrin brings the heat to the beach; guest host Lance Bass.
Original Air Date: Aug 31, 2021 • ABC • 84m
S7, EP4
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Two new men arrive, promptly choosing a pair of lucky ladies to take on a hot and heavy double date; things fall apart as one hopeless romantic learns the object of his affection visited the boom boom room with someone else; guest host Lance Bass.
Original Air Date: Aug 30, 2021 • ABC • 84m
S7, EP3
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Lance Bass guest hosts; more men arrive looking to get lucky in love, but the excitement quickly fades when the newcomers throw everything into disarray.
Original Air Date: Aug 24, 2021 • ABC • 83m
S7, EP2
On Demand
David Spade guest hosts; Demi Burnett arrives and sets her sights on one of the beach's most popular men; more couples are given their first dates, where important conversations lead to strengthened connections.
Original Air Date: Aug 23, 2021 • ABC • 85m
S7, EP1
On Demand
Twenty-three former fan-favorite bachelors and bachelorettes arrive at a tropical oasis in Mexico for another chance at love.
Original Air Date: Aug 16, 2021 • ABC • 85m