Danger Force

S1, EP999 "Quaran-kini"
The team stays at home and tries to set a good example when Swellview is quarantined from a way-too-natural gas leak from the nearby Bhutt Factory; Captain Man gets restless and becomes determined to find out who exactly is "behind" the leak.
Original Air Date: May 09, 2020 • Nickelodeon • 22m
S1, EP5 "Mime Games"
When Danger Force and Captain Man are called to Paris to protect France's national treasures, Bose is accidentally left alone to try and stop The Toddler from breaking into The Man's Nest.
Original Air Date: Apr 25, 2020 • Nickelodeon • 23m
S1, EP4 "Villains' Night"
Danger Force and Captain Man go under cover as bad guys at The Beatin' Dungeon to catch a criminal; if their cover is blown, they'll have to fight all of Swellview's toughest villains at once.
Original Air Date: Apr 18, 2020 • Nickelodeon • 23m
S1, EP4 "Leaked Video Pt. 2"
Captain Man leaks extremely embarrassing videos of the rest of Danger Force after he thinks they released one of him, only to find out the betrayal came from one of Swellview's most notorious villains.
Original Air Date: Aug 29, 2020 • Nickelodeon • 6m
S1, EP3 "Captain Mayonnaise"
When two new students enroll in S.W.A.G. and keep Danger Force from going on any missions, the team and Captain Man band together to use their powers to get the new students to leave.
Original Air Date: Apr 11, 2020 • Nickelodeon • 23m
S1, EP3 "Leaked Video Pt. 1"
Captain Man is on the hunt to figure out which member of Danger Force leaked an embarrassing video of him online.
Original Air Date: Aug 22, 2020 • Nickelodeon • 6m
S1, EP2 "Say My Name"
The members of Danger Force are given terrible nicknames live on KLVY news, so they come up with a plan to announce to the world who they really are: Volt, AWOL, ShoutOut and Brainstorm.
Original Air Date: Apr 04, 2020 • Nickelodeon • 23m
S1, EP2 "Danger Force Troll Smackdown"
Dr. Minyak goes on Gabbin' With Gaperman to promote a Faster Class that teaches the ins and outs to quickly defeat Captain Man, much to Danger Force's dismay.
Original Air Date: Aug 15, 2020 • Nickelodeon • 5m
S1, EP1 "Secrets Revealed!"
Brainstorm tries to keep Danger Force members' identities a secret once he is on television.
Original Air Date: Aug 08, 2020 • Nickelodeon • 6m
S1, EP1 "The Danger Force Awakens"
Captain Man and Schwoz recruit four children to attend their Swellview Academy for the Gifted, where the new crimefighters-in-training learn to harness their frequently troublesome and sometimes uncontrollable superpowers.
Original Air Date: Mar 28, 2020 • Nickelodeon • 23m