Wedding of the Trentury
S2, EP24 "Wedding of the Trentury"
On Demand
Captain Man and Danger Force offer to host the wedding of the century for Swellview's newscaster Trent Overunder and his internet girlfriend Tracy426; when they worry Tracy426 isn't who she claims to be, their meddling threatens to ruin the big day.
Original Air Date: Jun 30, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Class Action Heroes
S2, EP23 "Class Action Heroes"
On Demand
Danger Force is crushing it at Swellview Junior High, but Ray misses his sidekicks and schemes to get them out of school.
Original Air Date: Jun 23, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
New School Who Dis?
S2, EP22 "New School Who Dis?"
On Demand
After Schwoz's experiment-gone-wrong causes an infestation at Sw.A.G, Danger Force enrolls at Swellview Junior High and stumbles into an extracurricular crime wave.
Original Air Date: Jun 16, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Uncle Hambone
S2, EP21 "Uncle Hambone"
On Demand
Chapa's little sister needs help during a city-wide blackout; Danger Force crosses the line as they try to pull her back to power up the Man's Nest to help them win a contest.
Original Air Date: Jun 09, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Chapa's Phone Home
S2, EP20 "Chapa's Phone Home"
On Demand
When Chapa's beloved long-lost cell phone returns to the Man's Nest under mysterious circumstances, her hunt for the truth threatens to destroy Danger Force.
Original Air Date: May 26, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 22m
Street Fightin'
S2, EP19 "Street Fightin'"
On Demand
When Danger Force is challenged to compete in Swellview's Street Fightin' Championship, they must master the ancient art of street fighting and battle for their honor without using their superpowers.
Original Air Date: May 19, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Minyak Attack
S2, EP18 "Minyak Attack"
On Demand
When a tax loophole allows Dr. Minyak to buy the Man's Nest, Captain Man must stand his ground and live with his terrible new roommate while Danger Force tries to find a way to reverse the sale before they lose the Man's Nest for good.
Original Air Date: May 12, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Let's Go to the Movies
S2, EP17 "Let's Go to the Movies"
On Demand
ShoutOut has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sell a movie to Hollywood bigshot Deuce Van Nuys, but when her mind goes blank under the pressure, the rest of Danger Force pitch in and share their own epic movie ideas.
Original Air Date: May 05, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Alien Zoo
S2, EP16 "Alien Zoo"
On Demand
When Danger Force become the newest exhibit at an alien zoo, Miles must find a way to break them out before they become alien dinner.
Original Air Date: Apr 28, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
The Supies
S2, EP15 "The Supies"
On Demand
It's Swellview's biggest night for superheros, and Captain Man is not invited; Danger Force enlists Henry's help to make sure the night goes off without a hitch.
Original Air Date: Apr 09, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Jack the Clipper
S2, EP14 "Jack the Clipper"
On Demand
When a mysterious new barber attacks Swellview with a string of terrible haircuts; Danger Force must get to the bottom of the terrible haircuts.
Original Air Date: Mar 03, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Bilsky's Billions
S2, EP13 "Bilsky's Billions"
On Demand
When Mitch Bilsky enrolls at S.W.A.G., Headmaster Ray and Danger Force use a combination of patience and powers to help him achieve the impossible and graduate high school.
Original Air Date: Feb 24, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
The Girl Who Cried Danger
S2, EP12 "The Girl Who Cried Danger"
On Demand
Volt and ShoutOut hatch a plan to stop their super-clinger fan from making false alarm emergency calls.
Original Air Date: Feb 17, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Bottle Snatchers
S2, EP11 "Bottle Snatchers"
On Demand
After Danger Force thwarts a robbery at Club Soda and has a legendary night celebrating its win, Ray challenges the kids to repeat their epic night out without their superhero uniforms and powers.
Original Air Date: Feb 10, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Attack of the Clones
S2, EP10 "Attack of the Clones"
On Demand
Ray calls on the Danger Force Clones for help when Danger Force leaves for an out-of-town mission, but he quickly realizes that, even though the clones look just like their superhero counterparts, they are very different.
Original Air Date: Feb 03, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Power Problems Part 2
S2, EP9 "Power Problems Part 2"
On Demand
When Danger Force uncover the ultimate evil plan behind their power problems, they must face their foes on land and at sea.
Original Air Date: Jan 27, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Power Problems Part 1
S2, EP8 "Power Problems Part 1"
On Demand
Captain Man has a new crew of superhero sidekicks - Danger Force. Captain Man and Schwoz create a fake school to train the kids to harness their uncontrollable superpowers to fight crime.
Original Air Date: Jan 20, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Dude, Where's My Man Buggy?
S2, EP7 "Dude, Where's My Man Buggy?"
On Demand
When Danger Force borrows Ray's beloved Man Buggy without telling him, it falls into the hands of criminals Stupid Jeff and The Toddler; now the team must track it down and get it back before Ray finds out.
Original Air Date: Jan 13, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Mika's Musical
S2, EP6 "Mika's Musical"
On Demand
To avoid being pulled out of SW.A.G., Danger Force must put on an extracurricular school play while also preventing Frankini from kidnapping the vice mayor.
Original Air Date: Jan 06, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
S2, EP5 "Krampapalooza"
On Demand
Danger Force sees an opportunity to make money fast by hosting Swellview's hottest music festival, but they catch a case of the Kramps when Krampus threatens to ruin their plans.
Original Air Date: Nov 20, 2021 • Nickelodeon • 23m
A Henry Among Us
S2, EP4 "A Henry Among Us"
On Demand
After Volt and ShoutOut are kidnapped by Cyborg Rick Twitler, Henry Hart returns from Dystopia in an attempt to save his friends and stop the anti-internet cyborg for good.
Original Air Date: Nov 13, 2021 • Nickelodeon • 23m
A Cyborg Among Us
S2, EP3 "A Cyborg Among Us"
On Demand
After the entire Man's Nest is launched into outer space, Danger Force must safely land the ship back on Earth before Rick Twitler and his army of living sentient computer viruses overtake the world and destroy the internet forever.
Original Air Date: Nov 06, 2021 • Nickelodeon • 23m
A Danger Among Us
S2, EP2 "A Danger Among Us"
On Demand
After Miles has a vision that Rick Twitler is still around, so "Danger Force" travels deep into the Man's Nest's to find him, running into an old foe along the way.
Original Air Date: Oct 30, 2021 • Nickelodeon • 23m
An Imposter Among Us
S2, EP1 "An Imposter Among Us"
On Demand
Rick Twitler returns with a new plan to control Mika's mind through a spooky VR video game; it's up to Danger Force to exorcise the Rick Twitler out of Mika before they're all plunged back into the Dark Ages for good.
Original Air Date: Oct 23, 2021 • Nickelodeon • 23m
S2 "Unmasked"
On Demand
Danger Force risk exposing their identities when they accidentally leave their fingerprints on some crime scene evidence; a police officer starts to piece together the truth, forcing Danger Force to attempt a mission to save the day.
Original Air Date: Jul 07, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 44m