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Beyblade: Metal FusionA new generation of combatants use their spinning Beyblade tops to wage war against evil.
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S4, EP26 "The Bridge to the Future"Kira and Zyro battle at DNA headquarters as Doji, Gingka, Shinobu and Maru look on; Zyro tries to convince Kira to embrace his Bey spirit, but Kira refuses.
S4, EP25 "The All-Out Mid-Air Battle!"Zyro, Maru and Shinobu find Gingka being held prisoner by Doji; Zyro is challenged to a match by Kira, and if Zyro wins, Gingka will be set free.
S4, EP24 "Byakko's Roar"As an imprisoned Gingka watches, Shinobu battles with Baihu in a mazelike stadium; Maru, Shinobu and Zyro find Gingka and rush to try and free him.
S4, EP23 "Entering the Trap"The others infiltrate the DNA headquarters and are immediately confronted by DNA Bladers; Ren and Eight battle DNA trainees.
S4, EP22 "Doji's Stronghold"Zyro and the others search for DNA's headquarters; the others are worried about Zyro's safety when he tries to infiltrate DNA headquarters.
S4, EP21 "The Legend and the Evil Combine"DNA continues to assault BeyPark, interrupting the tournament; Zyro and the others begin a standoff against the DNA Bladers.
S4, EP20 "A New Fight"Gingka finds a young boy crying during a dark, stormy night, and sets out to help him find his missing Bey.
S4, EP19 "A Spirit-Filled Attack"The finals of the Neo Battle Bladers begin; Zyro and Kira will compete; Kira is calm and confident about his upcoming battle.
S4, EP18 "The Ultimate Emperor of Destruction: Bahamoote"Zyro advances to the finals; the audience cheers for the last semi-final battle; Shinobu hopes to intimidate Kira with his training.
S4, EP17 "A Fated Showdown Between Rivals"With four Bladers left, the details of the semi-finals are sorted; Shinobu undergoes training prior to his fight with Kira.
S4, EP16 "Get Pumped for the Finals!"The top eight competitors of the tournament make their way to the stage; Eight reminds his brother to fight for them.
S4, EP15 "The Best 8 Decided!"Bladers battle to enter the Neo Battle; Zyro is on a roll, and accepts a challenge from Sakyo; Kira and Yoshio talk with the Unabara brothers.
S4, EP14 "Neo Battle Bladers"Zyro bemoans his loss; Kira suggests they return home to wait; Tsubasa and Amano announce a revival of an original and popular tournament.
S4, EP13 "A Fierce Synchrome Battle"Kira's beyblade is analyzed; the gang practices for the new Synchrom battle request; Kite believes he should be the one to battle.
S4, EP12 "The Ruthless Behemoth"Zyro has pain in his wrist after the last match; Gargole and Golem clash in battle; Zyro and Yoshio battle to avenge Kite.
S4, EP11 "A Heated Battle of Friendship"Kite trains in his home, wanting desperately to exceed his limits; Eight offers Takanosuke the chance for another battle.
S4, EP10 "The Ironclad Golem"A blader walks off the train; Zyro, Shinobu and Ren endure training; Kite does research on Ronin Dragoon.
S4, EP9 "Clash! Zyro vs. Sakyo"Shinobu Hiryuin and his Ninja Salamander are defeated; Zyro and Ifrit challenge Sakyo.
S4, EP8 "The Jet Black Dragon"Zyro and his friends are asked to show bladers around the world how much fun beyblading in the new Cyclone Beystadium can be.
S4, EP7 "Kraken Attacks"While on a beach vacation, Zyro and the others solve a mystery about a alleged Sea Monster.
S4, EP6 "Explode: Phantom Fire Shot!"Benkei hosts a training session for bladers Zyro, Shinobu, Maru, Eight, Kite, and Ren; Takanosuke and Ren battle.
S4, EP5 "The Strength of a Bond"Zyro uses Synchrome to combine his bey, Ifrit, with Shinobu's bey, Salamander, to defeat the Unabara brothers' bey, Orochi Leviathan.
S4, EP4 "The Extraordinary Synchrome"Zyro battles Kite, who then requests a rematch.
S4, EP3 "The Blazing Special Move"Benkei sponsors a one-day tournament.
S4, EP2 "Defeat Pirate Orochi"Zyro challenges Eight to bey battle in the Cyclone Beystadium.
S4, EP1 "A New Age Arrives"Undefeated blader Zyro Kurogane travels to a big city, where he loses his first battle to famous blader Shinobu Hiryuin.
S3, EP39 "A Ray of Hope"When Gingka is given the powers of all the beys on earth, he and Pegasus use the power to defeat the God of Destruction and save the planet.
S3, EP38 "Hades' Persistence"Gingka and his friends believe they have defeated Nemesis.
S3, EP37 "Flash Sagittario"Gingka realizes that Kenta has taken Ryuga's place; Kenta joins Gingka in an attempt to defeat Rago and Nemesis.
S3, EP36 "The Missing Star of the Four Seasons"Gingka and his friends try to stop Pluto and Rago from destroying the world.
S3, EP35 "The Lost Kingdom"Gingka and his friends fly through a storm to get to the Lost Kingdom of Hades; Ryuga and L-Drago battle Rago and Nemesis.
S3, EP34 "To the Final Battle Ground"Gingka and his friends find Rago and Nemesis in the Pacific Ocean but their way is blocked Johannes and his cronies when they try to reach them.
S3, EP33 "Diablo Nemesis"Rago destroys the temple in Mexico with Diablo Nemesis and disappears; Gingka and his crew return to WBBA Headquarters to discover a way to defeat Diablo Nemesis.
S3, EP32 "Come Together, Legendary Bladers!"Gingka and the Legendary Bladers try to stop the Revival of Nemesis.
S3, EP31 "Four Hearts"While Kyoya battles Dynamis and Tithi takes on Aguma, Gingka battles Chris and attempts to convince him to help prevent the revival of Nemesis.
S3, EP30 "The Child of Nemesis"Gingka and friends try to stop the revival of Nemesis.
S3, EP29 "The God of Destruction's Revival"When they learn that Nemesis' revival has begun, Gingka and his friends head for Mexico to stop it; Ryuga and Kenta battle.
S3, EP28 "The God of Venus, Quetzalcoatl"Yu and Tithi battle; Kyoya offers to take Tithi to meet Gingka.
S3, EP27 "The Lion in the Wilderness"Kyoya meets up with Yu and they discover that a "monster" is actually just a shy boy.
S3, EP26 "Orion's Whereabouts"King challenges Chris and Bladers from all sides become involved.
S3, EP25 "The Unseen Opponent"Chris battles Masamune and is revealed as a Legendary Blader.
S3, EP24 "Two Big, Fierce Battles!"Ryuga battles against King and Gingka battles Kenta.
S3, EP23 "The Battle of Beyster Island"Masamune battles against Bao and Aguma battles against the King as the Beyster Island Tournament begins.
S3, EP22 "The Four Season Bladers"At a temple on Mist Mountain, a Bey battle erupts; Kyoya declares that he has no allegiance.
S3, EP21 "The Legend of Nemesis's Revival"Dynamis tells Gingka and his friends of the origin of the star fragments.
S3, EP20 "The Guardian of the Temple, Dynamis"Gingka and crew enter a temple that is guarded by a blader named Dynamis.
S3, EP19 "The Lion's Pride"Kyoya defeats Aguma in a battle at a lost city on Mist Mountain.
S3, EP18 "The Maze of Mist Mountain"Gingka and friends search Mist Mountain in Africa for a Legendary Blader.
S3, EP17 "I Am the Champion!"King defeats Masamune to win the tournament.
S3, EP16 "The New Striker Is Complete!"Masamune and King survive to reach the finals.
S3, EP15 "Destroyer Dome"In a battle in the Destroyer Dome, Tsubasa, Zeo and Toby face the Garcias and others to move to the final round.
S3, EP14 "The New Team Dungeon!"Bao Aguma meets with Pluto while Gingka and friends can't find a Legendary Blader in Greece.
S3, EP13 "Showdown at the Tower of Babel!"Ryuga wins again at a desert bey battle.
S3, EP12 "The God of Saturn, Kronos"Bao and Aguma defeat Gingka and Yuki.
S3, EP11 "Cosmic Tornado"In the Tag Team Tournament, Gingka's team faces Dashan's team and the Beylin Fist's team battles Kyoya's team.
S3, EP10 "A New Roar!"The Tag Team Tournament continues; the final four are determined.
S3, EP9 "The Greatest Tag-Team Tournament"Gingka and Yuki defeat Chaoxin and Mei-Mei.
S3, EP8 "The Crimson Flash"Gingka and his friends travel to China and are joined by the evil Johannes.
S3, EP7 "Kenta's Determination"Kenta tries to convince Ryuga to join Gingka's team.
S3, EP6 "Requirements of a Warrior"Gingka, Kyoya and Yuki team up to save the village from a volcanic eruption.
S3, EP5 "Awaken, Anubius!"Kyoya, Gingka and Yuki all battle Ryuga on an island; Ryuga leaves to pursue the rest of the star fragments by himself.
S3, EP4 "L-Drago Destructor"Gingka and his friends go to a remote island to search for more Legendary Bladers.
S3, EP3 "The Monster Cat, Lynx"Gingka and Kyoya pair up to defeat Johannes.
S3, EP2 "Legendary Bladers"Yuki tells how a star fragment has fallen to earth and it has chosen both Gingka and Kyoya to be Legendary Bladers.
S3, EP1 "Star Fragment"Star fragments fall to Earth and their power begins to fuse with certain beys.
S2, EP51 "Galaxy Heart"Gingka and Pegasus absorb the power at Hades city's reactor, preventing a meltdown.
S2, EP50 "Rampage Tempo"Gingka and Masamune discover that Toby, who is already being used by Dr. Ziggurat, was reprogrammed; Kenta, Benkei, Hikaru, Blader DJ continue to chase Hades City as it gets closer to the ocean.
S2, EP49 "The Wild Beast Unleashed"Kyoya defeats Damian; Masamune and Gingka reach the Spiral Core.
S2, EP48 "Befall's Trap"Tsubusa defeats Jack in Hades City.
S2, EP47 "The Fallen Emperor"Gingka and his friends try to rescue Toby from the clutches of Dr. Ziggurat but are blocked by Julian Konzern; Wales and Sophie clear the way by battling their former partner, Julian, but they lose.
S2, EP46 "Charge! Hades City"Gingka and his friends chase Dr. Ziggurat to Hades City.
S2, EP45 "The Miraculous Spiral Force"Doctor Zigguat demonstrates the power of Spiral Force.
S2, EP44 "Showdown! Gingka vs. Damian"Gingka defeats Damian.
S2, EP43 "Spirit's Last Battle"Damian and Gingka begin the final battle of the Championships.
S2, EP42 "The Dragon Emperor Descends"Gingka is ready to face Jack in the final round of the Beyblade World Championships; Ryuga shows up to take his place.
S2, EP41 "The Final Countdown"Zeo defeats Masamune.
S2, EP40 "The Furious DJ Battle"Blader DJ and American DJ battle for the right to announce.
S2, EP39 "The Guard Dog of Hades, Kerbecs"Damian defeats Julian, Wales and Sophie.
S2, EP38 "The Wicked Peacock Befall"The GanGan Galaxy attends an exciting match between Team Excalibur and Team Star Breaker; also, Jack battles Klaus.
S2, EP37 "The Compass of Fate Byxis"After going through Dr. Zigguarats process, Zeo challenges Masamune to a battle.
S2, EP36 "The Plot Thickens"Gingka and the GanGan Galaxy visit the Dungeon Gym; Ryuga wins a battle against Zeo so Dr. Zigguart tells him his plan for world domination.
S2, EP35 "Charge Ray Gill"Tsubasa and Argo battle to see which team advances to the Beyblade World Championship.
S2, EP34 "The Friend's Name Is Zeo"Team GanGan Galaxy arrives in the U.S. to watch the Beyblade World Championships; Masamune meets old friends, and battles one.
S2, EP33 "Our Slogan Is Number 1"Masamune and his old friend Toby made a pact years ago to be the number one bladers.
S2, EP32 "The Explosive Cyclone Battle"Gingka battles Selen but she concedes after managing to drain much of Pegasus's power; Gingka defeats Ian, but loses to Argo.
S2, EP31 "The Brazillian Trap"Yu recovers from his injuries in time to battle, but he and his damaged Libra lose.
S2, EP30 "The Midday Street Battle"Team GanGan Galaxy travels to Brazil.
S2, EP29 "Gravity Destroyer"Gingka defeats Julian in the A Block Final.
S2, EP28 "Dark Eagle"Tsubasa and Yu defeat Wales and Sophie.
S2, EP27 "Exceed the Limit"Gingka and his friends are worried about Tsubasa, who has remained missing; they want to keep their battle order to themselves until close to the deadline, as they hope Tsubasa will show up again; Ryuga challenges Gingka.
S2, EP26 "The Dragon Emperor Returns"Julian Konzern battles Tsubasa and Ryuga.
S2, EP25 "The Axe of Destruction"Klaus defeats Chiyun and eliminates Wang Hu Zhong.
S2, EP24 "The Creeping Darkness"Team Excalibur defeats Team Wang Hu Zhong.
S2, EP23 "The End of a Fierce Struggle"Gangan Galaxy finds victory.
S2, EP22 "The Third Match: On the Edge"The third and tie-breaking match between Gangan Galaxy and Wild Fang occurs; Tsubasa defeats Benkei and Damoure but has to channel dark forces to do so.
S2, EP21 "Eternal Rivals"The long awaited rematch between Gingka and Kyoya has finally arrived and their battle is of epic proportions; however, in the end, their skills are so evenly matched that the match ends in a draw.
S2, EP20 "Horuseus vs. Striker"The Beyblade World Championships have returned to Japan.
S2, EP19 "The Shocking Wild Fang"Gingka and Team Gangan Galaxy travel to India to watch Team Chandora do battle with Team Wild Fang.
S2, EP18 "The Scorching Hot Lion"In Savannah, Kyoya must keep all other bladers from defeating him for 24 hours in order to advance further.
S2, EP17 "We Meet Again! Wang Hu Zhong"Trying to work on teamwork skills only leads to more fighting.
S2, EP16 "The Festival of Warriors"The bladers battle the European Union while in Greece.
S2, EP15 "Libra Departs for the Front"Yu fills in for Masamune against Aleksey; the Russian team rigs the stadium to try and sabotage Yu's chances.
S2, EP14 "How Grand! The Cage Match"Gingka's team battles the Russian team; Masamune is lost in the countryside.
S2, EP13 "The Wintry Land of Russia"Gingka and the team battle some players on the way to the Russian games, not knowing that they make up the Russian team.
S2, EP12 "The Bey With a Hero's Name"The team encounters Julian Konzern battling Desert Blaze single-handedly.
S2, EP11 "The 4,000 Year Old Secret"Dashan and Rock Zurafa take on Gingka and Galaxy Pegasus in the third duel of the Beyblade World Championships; the two bladers then embark on an intense confrontation which sees Gingka win.
S2, EP10 "Lacerta's Will"Chiyun taunts Tsubasa about his rigid battling style.
S2, EP9 "The World Championships Begin"Masamune studies hard in the wilderness after his loss to Chaoxin.
S2, EP8 "The Third Man"Masamune goads Chaoxin into battle but it doesn't go as he planned.
S2, EP7 "The Beylin Temple in the Sky"Gingka is supposed to battle Dashan but Masamune steps in.
S2, EP6 "Soar Into the World"Yu faces off against Tsubasa.
S2, EP5 "Final Battle! Leone vs. Eagle"Kyoya defeats Tsubasa in a qualifying tournament.
S2, EP4 "Ticket to the World"Yu and Masamune go head to head.
S2, EP3 "A New Challenge"Gingka and Masamune battle Chinese opponents Mei-Mei and Chiyun.
S2, EP2 "The Persistent Challenger"Masamune refuses to accept defeat; he trains so that he can finally beat Gingka.
S2, EP1 "Seeking the Legend"Masamune challenges Gingka to battle.
S1, EP51 "Blader's Spirit"Gingka battles a mutated version of Ryuga; he uses the power of all the bladers to free Ryuga from the dark bey and win.
S1, EP49 "Fierce Battle! Lion Versus Dragon"Kyoya must face Ryuga in the semifinals at Battle Bladers; the winner will go on to face Gingka in the final match.
S1, EP48 "The Truth About Light and Darkness"The Phoenix's shocking true identity is revealed; Ryuga betrays Doji.
S1, EP47 "Bonds of Steel"Gingka defeats Reiji using a mirror to reflect his attacks; Phoenix helps save Yu and defeats Doji.
S1, EP46 "Libra Disappears"Gingka takes on Reiji in the semifinals; Hyoma and Kenta go after Yu when Doji kidnaps him.
S1, EP45 "Eagle Counterattacks"Tsubasa is eliminated from Battle Bladers after a fierce battle with Ryuga; Ryuga challenges Gingka, who readily accepts.
S1, EP44 "Entrusted Emotions"Kenta must battle Reiji and yearns to defeat him to avenge Yu.
S1, EP43 "The Deck Is Stacked"Benkei battles his idol, Kyoya, and Gingka battles Ryutaro; the winner's celebration gets cut short when the wounded Yu pays a visit.
S1, EP42 "The Dragon's Punishment"The gang helps Hikaru get back to health after her defeat by Ryuga; Yu must battle Reiji to see if he can stay with the Dark Nebula.
S1, EP41 "The Serpent's Terror"In the opening matches, Hyoma goes up against a new Dark Nebula Blader, Reiji; Ryuga battles Hikaru.
S1, EP40 "Go! Battle Bladers!"With Doji in charge of the tournament, Battle Bladers begins and the gang gets pitted against tough opponents.
S1, EP39 "Clash! The Fireblaze vs. The Pegasus"Gingka wins against Phoenix; Tsubasa reveals he has been working with the WBBA.
S1, EP38 "Run, Ginka"Worried about winning back enough points to enter Battle Bladers, Gingka still gives up a final challenge match to help his friends.
S1, EP37 "Rock Scorpio's Deadly Poison"When a gang led by Busujima takes over their stadium, Kenta and Sora have to battle hard to get it back from them.
S1, EP36 "Broken Wings"Tsubasa is almost defeated by Ryuga, but Phoenix comes to the rescue.
S1, EP35 "L-Drago on the Move"Tsubasa sneaks into the Dark Nebula and is caught by Doji.
S1, EP34 "Shine, Virgo!"Gingka must create a new special move against, Teru, whose ballet skills make him an incredible blader.
S1, EP33 "The Oath of the Phoenix"After Phoenix saves Gingka's bey pointer from Tetsuya's claws, Gingka must battle Phoenix as a reward.
S1, EP32 "The Stormy Battle Royal"Six bladers are pitted against each other.
S1, EP31 "The Twin Gemios"Four battles rage as the competition heats up.
S1, EP30 "The Bewitching Pisces"Gingka is pushed to the limits when he enters an important challenge match and faces a self-claimed sorcerer named Ryutaro.
S1, EP29 "Kenta and Sora"Kenta befriends Sora, a blader who has amazing power but no control.
S1, EP28 "Dark Gasher's Big, Crabby-Crabby Operation"Everyone gears up for Battle Bladers, and Tetsuya is up to his usual tricks defeating everyone except Gingka.
S1, EP27 "Intruders in the Challenge Match"The competition heats up with Yu versus Hyoma and Tsubasa taking on Kenta.
S1, EP26 "Tsubasa Flies Into the Dark"Tsubasa proves his worthiness and joins forces with Doji.
S1, EP25 "The Sniper, Capricorn"Kyoya comes across a calculating opponent whose moves appear erratic.
S1, EP24 "The Beautiful Eagle"Battles heat up for entry into the Battle Bladers competition; Gingka meets a new rival.
S1, EP23 "The Road to the Battle Bladers"After winning of the Endurance Battle, Yu is granted his wish to have a Battle Bladers tournament.
S1, EP22 "The Fearsome Libra"The finale of the Survival Battle.
S1, EP21 "Warriors on the Deserted Island"The Survival Battle comes down to the wire with eight competitors remaining.
S1, EP20 "Begin! The Survival Battle"Gingka and his friends go to Beyblade Island to participate in the Survival Battle competition.
S1, EP19 "Conquer the Tag-Team Battle"Benkei and Kenta learn how to change parts on their beys to make them stronger before the Aquatic Tag Team Tournament.
S1, EP18 "The Green Hades"Hyoma challenges Gingka to a new battle.
S1, EP17 "The Silver Pegasus"The gang finally arrives in the village but Gingka is not there; Gingka climbs a mountain to obtain a scroll that may hold the key to defeating Ryuga.
S1, EP16 "The Magnificent Aires"Travelling to Gingka's village, the gang is tested by Hyoma, an old friend of Gingka's.
S1, EP15 "The Mysterious Hyoma"The gang faces challenges as they search for Gingka in his hometown.
S1, EP14 "Memories of Ryo"The story of Gingka's father, Ryo, who originally had the bey Pegasus.
S1, EP13 "L Drago Awakens"Gingka's angers gets in the way as he battles Ryuga.
S1, EP12 "Infiltrate the Dark Nebula's Castle"On their way to confront Doji, the gang is confronted with traps set by Merci.
S1, EP11 "Chase the Wolf"Gingka and the gang are assaulted when they arrive at the Dark Nebula.
S1, EP10 "Heated Battle! Gingka Verses Kyoya"Gingka battles Kyoya and Kyoya creates a tornado that rips throught the city.
S1, EP9 "Leone's Counterattack"Kyoya returns from Wolf Canyon and battles Benkei; Gingka challenges Hikaru.
S1, EP8 "Merci's Dangerous Trap"Doji sends Koyoya to Wolf Canyon to prove his worth; Gingka thinks he is on a game show.
S1, EP7 "It's Our Special Move! Sagittario"Benkei trains Kenta to face Hasama again; Madoka gives Kenta a bey part to help him create a special move.
S1, EP6 "Aquario's Challenge"Hikaru Hasama issues a challenge to battle Gingka with Benkei's help, but Kenta poses as Gingka and fights her instead.
S1, EP5 "Vengeful Gasher"Gingka must battle Tetsuya after he kidnaps Madoka.
S1, EP4 "Charge! Bull Power"Doji presents Benkei with the powerful Beyblade, Dark Bull, so he can defeat Gingka; Gingka and Benkei battle but Gingka's Pegasus prevails.
S1, EP3 "The Wolf's Ambition"Kenta challenges Gingka to a battle; Kyoya battles Doji and loses.
S1, EP2 "Leone's Roar"Before Gingka's friend Madoka can fix his broken bey Pegasus, he uses it to fight Kyoya.
S1, EP1 "Pegasus Has Landed"Gingka saves Kenta from the Face Hunters only to be challenged to a 100-to-1 battle.
A new generation of combatants use their spinning Beyblade tops to wage war against evil.
Original Air Date: May 15, 2010
Genres: Kids/FamilyTV Series
Rating: TVY7
Playback: HD
4 seasons available on demand (166 episodes)
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