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Peep ShowTwo dysfunctional friends who met in college share their lives together trying to adjust to the professional world.
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S9, EP6 "Are We Going to Be Alright?"Jeremy is turning 40, and it's hitting him hard, as is the pace of his blossoming romance.
S9, EP5 "Kid Farm"Jeremy and Super Hans are coming to blows over the rights to a music track.
S9, EP4 "Mole-Mapping"Mark's determination to get his dream woman isn't hindered by the fact that she has a husband.
S9, EP3 "Threeism"Jeremy's love life takes a surprising turn, as Mark is dealing with his own matters of the heart; a girl Mark has had a crush on since university is launching her new book and he seizes the opportunity to see her.
S9, EP2 "Gregory's Beard"Jez's life coaching career is going well and Super Hans is getting ready for his wedding day.
S9, EP1 "The William Morris Years"Time has passed, but it seems that the wounds have not yet healed.
S8, EP6 "Quantocking II"Dobby is offered a job in New York by ex-boyfriend Simon; uncertain about the offer, Dobby suggests that she and Mark spend a weekend in the country.
S8, EP5 "Chairman Mark"Jeremy, desperate to avoid living with Super Hans, moves in with Mark's sister Sara and her 5-year-old son, Joshy; Mark launches a campaign to be elected chairman of the freehold committee of Apollo House.
S8, EP4 "Big Mad Andy"Jeremy finally agrees to leave the flat and move in with Super Hans; Mark employs a decorator to repaint the kitchen; Mark enrolls in a business course and meets an attractive older woman.
S8, EP3 "The Love Bunker"Simon, Dobby's ex-boyfriend, invites Mark, Dobby, Jeremy and SuperHans to join him and his friends for a weekend of paintball; Mark is positive that Simon is using the weekend as a cover to reunite with Dobby.
S8, EP2 "Business Secrets of the Pharaohs"Mark gets a lucky break when his book is accepted by a publisher; Jeremy, in an attempt to jump-start a career for himself, enrolls in a life-coaching course.
S8, EP1 "Jeremy Therapised"Mark is becoming increasingly jealous of Gerrard, his rival for Dobby's affections; Jeremy decides to visit a therapist.
S7, EP6 "New Year's Eve"Mark is depressed about Dobby on New Year's Eve, but Jeremy is determined that the El Dude Brothers are going to make the most of the night.
S7, EP5 "Seasonal Beatings"Mark invites his parents over for lunch on Christmas Day; every detail is planned, but Jeremy becomes over-excited, and Dobby and Super Hans are unexpected guests.
S7, EP4 "Nether Zone"On the day of Mark's baby's christening he arranges to pick up Jeremy, the baby's godfather, from Zahra's flat on his way to the church, but the guys get locked in the hallway.
S7, EP3 "A Beautiful Mind"Jeremy tries to impress Zahra by hosting a book group at the flat, despite the fact that he's never read a book; Mark, worried that he is unable to satisfy Dobby's sexual needs, decides to purchase some help.
S7, EP2 "Man Jam"Dobby goes out with a graphic designer; Mark and Gerrard try to win Dobby over; Ben offers Jeremy the ideal job as head of development for his music website; Jeremy signs up Super Hans' band, Man Feelings.
S7, EP1 "St. Hospital"Mark and Jeremy await the birth of Mark's baby; Sophie is determined to have a natural birth; Jeremy is convinced he will never get over losing Elena, until he meets Zahra.
S6, EP6 "Das Boot"Time is running short for Jeremy as Elena and Gail's marriage approaches; Mark fears Jeff is becoming a rival.
S6, EP5 "Party, The"Mark and Jeremy decide to throw a party; Mark hopes the bash will re-ignite his relationship with Dobby, while Jeremy imagines it's a chance to make Elena insanely jealous.
S6, EP3 "Jeremy in Love"Jeremy realizes he's in love with Elena and tries to win her affection; Dobby encourages Mark to become a history walk tour guide.
S6, EP2 "The Test"Mark makes a final play for Dobby; Jeremy meets Elena; pregnant Sophie spills the beans; the new boiler is playing up.
S6, EP1 "Jeremy at JLB"Mark and Jeremy are desperate to enjoy their final days of freedom before Sophie's baby arrives; Mark, newly promoted at work, decides to enjoy his additional power and wealth and to pursue Dobby.
S5, EP6 "Mark's Women"Mark is promoted, but isn't sure if he handle a night of drunken sex with his ex-wife, losing "The One," and Jez joining a cult.
S5, EP5 "Jeremy's Manager"Jez and Super Hans get a shot at fame when Cally becomes their manager; band members reluctantly agree to play at a religious festival; Jez performs to an audience of one.
S5, EP4 "Jeremy's Mommy"The death of Jez's aunt could lead to an inheritance for Jez, who finds a gun among her belongings; Jez hates his mother's boyfriend, Martin.
S5, EP3 "Jeremy's Broke"Jeremy finally runs out of money and finds himself on a downward spiral; Mark needs to find a girlfriend before his birthday party.
S5, EP2 "Spin War"Mark and Sophie return to work after their non-existent honeymoon; Jeremy and Super Hans' new band plays its first gig, but it ends badly when the third member of the group locks himself in the bathroom.
S5, EP1 "Burgling"Mark rediscovers the single life after his disastrous wedding, and he and Jeremy become victims of crime.
S4, EP5 "Holiday"Jeremy attends Mark's stag weekend on a canal boat; Jeremy meets a girl and her dog; Mark is offered a job in India.
S4, EP4 "Handyman"Jeremy works for Russell, but Mark is suspicious of Jeremy's job; Mark attends a school reunion and thinks about hooking up.
S4, EP3 "Gym"Mark is still having doubts about Sophie so he decides to join a gym; Jeremy decides to get a job at Mark's gym after Mark spots Jeremy's ex-wife Nancy.
S4, EP2 "Conference"Johnson tells Mark that he must give a presentation in front of the entire board at the annual JLB conference in Kettering.
S4, EP1 "Sophie's Parents"Mark spends Sophie's birthday weekend at her parents' house in the country, and Jeremy decides to join him, much to the delight of Sophie's mother.
S3, EP6 "Quantocking"Mark decides to propose to Sophie; Jeremy and Super Hans find themselves in the same hotel with the hope of giving up drugs.
S3, EP5 "Jurying"Jeremy is called for jury duty and sleeps with the defendant; Mark must act as if he had taken drugs.
S3, EP4 "Sistering"Mark's plans for an enjoyable and productive week off work go out the window when his sister comes to stay; Mark warns Jeremy to back off from his sister.
S3, EP3 "Shrooming"Jeremy plans to throw a secret magic mushroom party in the flat, where he hopes to seduce his ex-girlfriend, Big Suze; when Mark suddenly comes home from work with gastric flu, Jeremy's plans go to pieces.
S3, EP2 "Sectioning"Mark and Sophie are finally beginning to date when Sophie is moved away from London for work; an eccentric old friend from college offers Jeremy the chance to manage a pub she owns.
S3, EP1 "Mugging"Mark's manhood is called into question after he is mugged by some teens; Jeremy want to get back together with Big Suze.
S2, EP6 "Wedding"Jeremy and Nancy are getting married for visa reasons and Mark, determined to save his friend, teams up with Super Hans to do whatever it takes to stop them.
S2, EP5 "The Man Show"Mark is depressed about Sophie and Jeff and resorts to unorthodox methods to spend time with Sophie.
S2, EP4 "University Challenge"Mark, determined to forget Sophie, makes an effort to go out with April, but manages to blur the line between enthusiastic new boyfriend and stalker; Jeremy joins a new band.
S2, EP3 "Local Zero"Mark prevents Jeff and Sophie from going on a work trip; Jeremy has become uncontrollably jealous of Nancy and a homeless man.
S2, EP2 "Jeremy Makes It"Mark's lack of success with Sophie is compensated when he makes a new friend, Daryl, at the office; Jeremy meets Gog, an old school friend who is now successful and may even have a job for him.
S2, EP1 "Dance Class"Mark agrees to go to Sophie's dance class, where Jez meets Nancy, a beautiful American hippie; the four spend a debauched weekend at a classmate's country house.
S1, EP6 "The Funeral"Death and terminal illness prove to be the keys to romantic success for Mark and Jeremy when Jez's uncle dies.
S1, EP5 "Dream Job"Jeremy tries to wow Toni with his new job in a music studio; Mark gets passed over for promotion in favour of Sophie.
S1, EP4 "Mark Makes a Friend"Mark makes a friend at a business conference and begins to question his sexuality; Jeremy is forced to consider Super Hans as a replacement roommate.
S1, EP3 "On the Pull"Mark and Jeremy go out looking for girls and find themselves smoking pot in a restroom with a teenage Goth.
S1, EP2 "The Interview"Jeremy's band is going nowhere, so he reluctantly agrees to apply for a job working in Mark's office; Mark's attempts to flirt with Sophie backfire when he accidentally leads her to believe that he's a Nazi.
S1, EP1 "Warring Factions"Mark attempts to seduce Toni, the divorcee next door; Jez, Mark's roommate, tries to avoid sleeping with Toni's sister.
Two dysfunctional friends who met in college share their lives together trying to adjust to the professional world.
Original Air Date: Sep 19, 2003
Rating: TVMA
Playback: HD
9 seasons available on demand (52 episodes)
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