Last Word
S6, EP8 "Last Word"
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The friends find themselves being held for questioning in regards to Jenny's death.
Original Air Date: Mar 08, 2009 • Showtime East • 64m
Last Couple Standing
S6, EP7 "Last Couple Standing"
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Rumors fly about Alice and Tasha's relationship troubles; someone plans a move to New York; Kit meets someone; there is a no-show at the bus station.
Original Air Date: Mar 01, 2009 • Showtime East • 51m
Lactose Intolerant
S6, EP6 "Lactose Intolerant"
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Jenny throws a baby shower; Bette and Tina have troubles in the adoption process; Bette goes to the opening night without Tina; Shane feels boxed in; Alice begins to feel crowded.
Original Air Date: Feb 22, 2009 • Showtime East • 59m
Litmus Test
S6, EP5 "Litmus Test"
On Demand
Jenny sells another script; Bette and Kelly go into business; Alice and Tasha have a third-wheel crush; the ladies want to test Dylan; Jenny encroaches on Shane.
Original Air Date: Feb 15, 2009 • Showtime East • 55m
Leaving Los Angeles
S6, EP4 "Leaving Los Angeles"
On Demand
Shane and Jenny melt over each other; Bette and Tina meet a potential birth mother; Max tries to deal with the pregnancy; Alice and Tasha play matchmaker; Kelly Wentworth may have what Bette needs.
Original Air Date: Feb 08, 2009 • Showtime East • 55m
On Demand
Jenny's movie negative goes missing; Shane's apologies are noticed; Jenny dismisses Alice's aspirations to write a screenplay; Phyllis shares a secret with Bette; Kit and Helena open a club.
Original Air Date: Feb 01, 2009 • Showtime East • 49m
Least Likely
S6, EP2 "Least Likely"
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An old acquaintance threatens Bette and Tina's future; Tasha and Alice seek counseling; an old flame sends Helena reeling.
Original Air Date: Jan 25, 2009 • Showtime East • 51m
Long Night's Journey Into Day
S6, EP1 "Long Night's Journey Into Day"
On Demand
Flashbacks reveal events leading up to a tragedy.
Original Air Date: Jan 18, 2009 • Showtime East • 56m