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CSI: NYThe third permutation of the "CSI" franchise sets up shop in the Big Apple, where taciturn detective Mac Taylor and his new partner, Jo Danville, lead a crime-solving team. Taylor, a retired Marine who believes evidence holds the truth that people may try to cover up, finds balance in Jo's empathy-driven investigative style. Their team includes spirited investigators like Danny Messer and wife Lindsay Monroe Messer, former coroner Sheldon Hawkes, and edgy detective Don Flack.
S2, EP14 "Stuck on You"An arrow kills a model and injures a billionaire playboy at a party.
S2, EP15 "Fare Game"While investigating the murder of an assistant district attorney found dead at a grave site, Mac, Stella and Detective Flack uncover a fantasy game that may have led to an assassination.
S7, EP16 "The Untouchable"When a conspiracy theorist is found dead, the team discovers that her beliefs may not have been too far off base.
S7, EP17 "Do or Die"The team becomes immersed in the competitive world of privileged youth when a popular student at a private school is murdered.
S7, EP18 "Identity Crisis"Jo must balance her home and work when her daughter is the key witness in a murder investigation.
S2, EP16 "Cool Hunter"The team finds a doorman dead in the water tank of a building that has had six suspicious deaths over a 10-year period.
S2, EP17 "Necrophilia Americana"A young witness to the murder of a curator, in a wing donated by her family, confuses the events at the museum with action in a comic book he was reading.
S7, EP19 "Food for Thought"The team investigates the explosion of a gourmet food truck at a festival.
S7, EP20 "Nothing for Something"The team investigates after a woman falls victim to a serial killer; an ex-con starts stalking Mac's first partner (Peter Fonda).
S7, EP21 "Life Sentence"After gunfire tears through the crime lab, Mac and his former partner become a part of a 17-year-old vendetta.
S7, EP22 "Exit Strategy"After a near-death experience, Mac becomes focused on closing his last unsolved case.
S8, EP1 "Indelible"On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Mac and the team remember specific moments from that day.
S8, EP2 "Keep It Real"When an awkward teenager is found dead, the team thinks his efforts to impress a sexy punk-rocker (Aly Michalka) went too far.
S8, EP3 "Cavallino Rampante"After a beautiful young woman is found dead in a stolen Ferrari, evidence leads to a family of car thieves.
S8, EP4 "Officer Involved"Danny tries to have a friendly drink with some rookie cops, but they end up getting involved in a shooting.
S8, EP5 "Air Apparent"A young basketball prodigy's aspirations are threatened when his recently paroled brother (Justin Bruening) is suspected of murder.
S2, EP18 "Live or Let Die"A transplant patient's life hangs in the balance as the CSI team searches for the person who hijacked a helicopter carrying a donated organ.
S2, EP19 "Super Men"The investigation into the murder of a would-be superhero leads to the illegal sale of prescription drugs; a college football star is killed in his hotel room.
S8, EP6 "Get Me Out of Here!"After a fraternity prank goes awry, a pledge master winds up dead in an open grave.
S8, EP7 "Crushed"A house party overcrowded with high school students leads to a collapsed porch and a teen's death; Jo is haunted by her final FBI case.
S8, EP8 "Crossroads"The team investigates when a judge is assassinated; Jo runs into a criminal from her past.
S2, EP21 "All Access"Kid Rock's limousine driver is found dead outside a concert venue, forcing Mac and Lindsey to question groupies, concertgoers, staff and Rock himself.
S2, EP22 "Stealing Home"Mac, Stella and Dr. Hawkes investigate the murder of a man with two grieving widows; a young woman dressed as a mermaid is found tangled in the kelp off a ferry dock.
S8, EP9 "Means to an End"A witness is found dead, and Jo investigates a suspected rapist who was released during her watch as an FBI agent.
S8, EP10 "Clean Sweep"When a charred body turns up, it looks like a cage fighter was murdered by his stalker.
S8, EP11 "Who's There?"A home invasion turns out to be more complicated after information about the residents is revealed.
S2, EP24 "Charge of This Post"Bombs triggered by cell phones threaten the city, and the team searches for the bomber before another strike.
S3, EP1 "People With Money"A public marriage-proposal appears to end in murder; Mac realizes that dating the team's new medical examiner (Claire Forlani) will be a unique challenge.
S8, EP12 "Brooklyn 'Til I Die"The team investigates when a role-playing game ends in a death and a kidnapping.
S8, EP13 "The Ripple Effect"Investigations into two seemingly unrelated murders lead to a surprising conclusion.
S8, EP14 "Flash Pop"The investigation of a lab tech's murder reveals strange similarities to a cold case from the 1950s; the team catches a glimpse of what goes on in the lab.
S3, EP2 "Not What It Looks Like"Three women dress as Holly Golightly and pull off a jewelry heist that results in injury to some innocent bystanders.
S3, EP3 "Love Run Cold"During a marathon in Central Park, the team fights through crowds to collect evidence when a runner dies, apparently from carbon monoxide poisoning.
S8, EP15 "Kill Screen"The CSIs suspect a murder may be related to a high-stakes video gaming tournament.
S8, EP16 "Sláinte"The team investigates when a body is found dismembered and left on four street corners.
S8, EP17 "Unwrapped"The team goes to a housing project in Brooklyn, N.Y., to investigate the murder of a successful businessman.
S3, EP4 "Hung Out to Dry"A serial killer uses codes found on T-shirts as inspiration for his murders; Mac and Stella must unravel the hidden codes in order to stop him.
S3, EP5 "Oedipus Hex"An 18-year old, who dreams of becoming a SuicideGirl, is murdered after performing in one of their shows; a homeless man turned streetballer is killed after winning a one-on-one game in Rucker Park.
S8, EP18 "Near Death"Mac fights for his life after being shot, and the team tries to bring the person responsible to justice.
S9, EP1 "Reignited"A recently paroled arsonist (Rob Morrow) comes under suspicion when a blaze employing his past technique kills a fire chief.
S9, EP2 "Where There's Smoke ..."The team races to stop arsonist Leonard Brooks (Rob Morrow) when he begins targeting people from his dark past.
S3, EP6 "Open and Shut"While investigating a hotel concierge's murder, the team hears gunshots across the street, where a woman (Dedee Pfeiffer) has shot an intruder.
S3, EP7 "Murder Sings the Blues"A young woman is found dead on a train car that appears to have been an underground party destination.
S9, EP3 "2,918 Miles"Mac and Jo go to San Francisco to look for a missing teenage girl based on evidence found in crime scene photos.
S9, EP4 "Unspoken"Lindsay is injured during the attempted murder of a political candidate, leaving the rest of the team to pursue the shooter.
S9, EP5 "Misconceptions"Mac takes another look at a 20-year-old case involving a missing boy when the prime suspect is murdered; Flack tries to face his lingering issues.
S3, EP8 "Consequences"An investigation into the death of a paintball player gets complicated with the disappearance of the prime suspect, and evidence found at the scene implicates someone else.
S3, EP9 "And Here's to You, Mrs. Azrael"The CSI team has a long list of suspects when a woman is murdered in her hospital bed following a drunken-driving accident she caused.
S3, EP10 "Sweet 16"The team investigates the competitive world of pigeon racing when a trainer is murdered and the birds are poisoned; a girl's father is found dead behind the wheel of her new car at her sweet-16 party.
S3, EP11 "Raising Shane"The primary suspect in a bartender's murder is Sheldon Hawkes; Mac and the team's removal from the case frustrates them; Danny and Stella investigate an apparent overdose that may be connected to an escaped serial killer (Edward Furlong).
S9, EP6 "The Lady in the Lake"The team is thrust into a twisted fairy tale when a woman dressed in a ball gown is found at the bottom of a pond in Central Park.
S9, EP7 "Clue: SI"When a psychiatrist's (Tara Summers) patients are systematically murdered, the CSIs are forced to play a game as they pursue the killer.
S9, EP8 "Late Admissions"A student from an elite prep school is murdered; Lindsay returns to Montana to visit her dad and face past issues.
S3, EP12 "Silent Night"A teenager is shot while protecting her infant sister, and Mac must rely on the victim's hearing-impaired family for vital clues to the killer's identity.
S3, EP13 "Obsession"A man found dead in the snow with a price tag inside his stomach leads the team to an annual competition in which contestants race shopping carts from Brooklyn to Manhattan.
S9, EP9 "Blood Out"When Detective Lovato's cover is accidentally blown, the team investigates the Latin gang she infiltrated.
S9, EP10 "The Real McCoy"The team investigates at a speak-easy when one of its owners is murdered and $10,000 disappears; Adam has an unusual day off.
S9, EP11 "Command Plus P"When two victims are linked by a very unusual weapon, the CSI team tries to solve the puzzling mystery.
S3, EP14 "The Lying Game"A transgender showgirl is murdered outside a hotel where a congressional banquet and a magazine launch party are being held, leaving the team with a long list of possible suspects.
S3, EP15 "Some Buried Bones"Mac's stepson (Kyle Gallner) is a key witness when a college student is found dead in a park; a shoplifter (Nelly Furtado) is the prime suspect when a security guard is found dead in a dressing room at a high-end store.
S9, EP12 "Civilized Lies"When a popular off-duty police officer is slain during a robbery, the CSI team tries to elicit the truth from their suspects.
S9, EP13 "Nine Thirteen"The team investigates when a masked man is found at the bottom of a skyscraper with a history of mysterious deaths.
S9, EP14 "White Gold"When a young pizza maker is carjacked, the team tries to figure out what the perpetrators were after.
S3, EP16 "Heart of Glass"A music mogul is murdered in his penthouse, and the only witness to the crime has a motive for wanting him dead.
S3, EP17 "The Ride-In"A man named Noah is found dead under a sea of cash, with an ark full of people and animals in his backyard.
S9, EP15 "Seth and Apep"Mac and the team work with D.B. Russell in hope of outsmarting Christine's kidnappers and saving her life.
S9, EP16 "Blood Actually"On Valentine's Day, Mac and the team investigate three tales of love gone wrong.
S9, EP17 "Today Is Life"When an unarmed man is shot by police, community uproar forces Mac and the team to resolve the case quickly.
S3, EP18 "Sleight Out of Hand"The team wonders if the tricks of a world-renowned illusionist (Criss Angel) have become reality when two of his crew members are found dead in ways that mimic his illusions.
S3, EP19 "A Daze of Wine and Roaches"Mac and Stella investigate the murder of a young girl's handler, who was killed during a U.N. fundraiser.
S1, EP1 "Blink"The body of a woman leaves clues to a serial killer who imprisons his victims, and detectives must piece together the evidence with the help of one of them, but the survivor can communicate only by blinking.
S1, EP2 "Creatures of the Night"Stella is frustrated that a rape victim has no memory of the assault and, despite abundant evidence at the crime scene, no suspect is found; Mac and Aiden search for a rat that swallowed evidence of the murder of a drug dealer.
S1, EP3 "American Dreamers"When a tourist discovers a skeleton on a double-decker tour bus in Times Square, the CSI team searches for clues to the identity of both the victim and his killer.
S7, EP15 "Vigilante"The team feels conflicted about pursuing the killer when a serial rapist is found dead and restrained in the same manner as his victims were.
S7, EP14 "Smooth Criminal"The team tracks down a charming hit man (Ne-Yo) and discovers a conspiracy with extensive implications.
S7, EP13 "Party Down"The CSIs investigate soggy remains after a tractor-trailer full of exclusive party guests ends up at the bottom of the Hudson River.
S7, EP12 "Holding Cell"Mac battles with the head of Barcelona's crime lab while investigating the death of a Spanish club promoter.
S7, EP11 "To What End?"A man in a clown costume shoots a bakery owner; a decision from Flack's past might put him in jeopardy.
S7, EP10 "Shop Till You Drop"When a department store manager is found dead in a holiday display window, Mac and the team search for the killer.
S7, EP9 "Justified"When a woman's body washes ashore at a seaport, the CSIs uncover a secret about the deputy chief's past that threatens to ruin his stellar reputation and close-knit family.
S7, EP8 "Scared Stiff"The CSIs experience eerie occurrences when they find a female who appears to have been, literally, scared to death, then the case takes an odder turn when Mac discovers a second victim.
S7, EP7 "Hide Sight"With a sniper on the prowl, Mac is forced to relive a brutal abduction that produced a deadly foe.
S2, EP13 "Risk"Evidence leads the team to believe that the death of a college student on the subway tracks was not an accident.
S2, EP12 "Wasted"A model coated only in body paint collapses on a runway during a fashion show, leaving the team to try to determine whether the paint caused her death.
S2, EP11 "Trapped"When an eccentric millionaire is found dead in his home, Danny accidentally activates the dead man's panic room and becomes trapped inside with the body.
S2, EP10 "Jamalot"After a premiere player in an all-female roller derby league is killed during a match, the team tries to determine if a jealous teammate or an overzealous opponent caused the death.
S2, EP9 "City of the Dolls"When the owner of a toy hospital is discovered buried among a pile of doll parts, the team pieces together figurines and clues to find the murderer.
S2, EP8 "Bad Beat"After a player is caught cheating and is kicked out of a high-stakes poker game, someone kills the host with a shotgun.
The third permutation of the "CSI" franchise sets up shop in the Big Apple, where taciturn detective Mac Taylor and his new partner, Jo Danville, lead a crime-solving team. Taylor, a retired Marine who believes evidence holds the truth that people may try to cover up, finds balance in Jo's empathy-driven investigative style. Their team includes spirited investigators like Danny Messer and wife Lindsay Monroe Messer, former coroner Sheldon Hawkes, and edgy detective Don Flack.
Original Air Date: Sep 22, 2004
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (15 episodes)
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