My 600-Lb. Life

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My 600-Lb. LifeTelling powerful stories in hourlong episodes, TLC follows the medical journeys of morbidly obese people as they attempt to save their own lives. The featured individuals -- each weighing more than 600 pounds -- confront lifelong emotional and physical struggles as they make the courageous decision to undergo high-risk gastric bypass surgery. In addition to drastically changing their appearances, they hope to reclaim their independence, mend relationships with friends and family, and renew their feelings of self-worth.
S5 "Steven & Justin's Story, Part 1"Steven Assanti weighs nearly 800 pounds and his brother Justin almost 600 pounds, and although they can't stand each other, their father packs up the family to travel across the country and seek help.
"June, Chad & Pauline"Pauline's self-destructive behavior continues to be a problem; Chad strives to be a better father and husband as he continues his journey; June's progress stalls when frequent travel and wedding plans cause her to slip back into bad habits.
S5 "Steven & Justin's Story, Part 2"After a year on a weight loss program, Steven remains completely non-compliant and Justin focuses on a new career instead of his diet, but time is quickly running out for surgery.
S11, EP8 "Patrick's Journey"Patrick's weight has never been a bother, but now he's so big that it's getting in the way of his relationship with his daughter; if he wants to see her graduate high school, he'll have to reverse course.
S11, EP7 "Chris P's Journey"Nothing means more to Chris than his relationship with his daughter, Zoey, but now he feels he is failing her as his weight gain begins to limit his mobility.
S11, EP6 "Stephanie's Journey"With her weight spiraling, Stephanie needs her mom's help to care for her three kids; she's at the point where she'll have to lose weight or risk not having the chance to see her kids grow up.
S11, EP5 "Mark's Journey"Mark sets out with a goal for weight-loss surgery, but as weight loss gets easier, he turns down medical advice and decides to do it on his own; Mark thinks he can lose 500 pounds by himself, but Dr. Now sees this as another excuse not to change.
S11, EP4 "Syreeta's Journey"Syreeta thinks that anyone trying to help has an ulterior motive, but she's gotten so big she desperately needs help; she's learning to let down her guard for her husband, but weight-loss surgery will be tough if she can't learn to trust the surgeon.
S11, EP3 "Wess' Journey"Wess gets off to a great start in Dr. Now's program, but when the cravings continue after surgery, Dr. Now sends him to therapy to confront his demons; Wess must ask himself whether he is ready to live his truth as a gay man in small-town Texas.
S11, EP2 "Latonya's Journey"Latonya found the man she wants to marry; the only problem is that, at almost 700 pounds, she can't walk down the aisle; Latonya doesn't want to give up the food that she's used to, but she may do it for love.
S11, EP1 "Geno and Nico's Journey"As an Italian American, Geno was raised with lots of love, family and food; now, he's still living with his mom and eating himself to death, and it's time to make a change; Geno's cousin, Nico, joins the cause; they pledge to lose weight together.
S10, EP15 "David's Journey"Growing up in foster care, David suffered from a lack of attention and didn't develop a sense of self-worth; now he's relying on his favorite foster mom to support him as he finds the motivation to change and save his own life.
S10, EP14 "Lisa's Journey"Lisa wouldn't have made it this far without the help of her chief enabler, her boyfriend Randy; when Randy falls ill, Lisa finds out if she has the will and determination to turn her life around.
S10, EP13 "Larry's Journey"For Larry, a second weight-loss surgery would mean a second chance at a career as a gospel recording artist.
S10, EP12 "Dolly's Journey"Dolly has pain all over, and the skin apron pulling on her abdomen is miserable, but her mom and others wait on her hand and foot.
S10, EP11 "Ontreon's Journey"At 700 pounds, Ontreon has managed to keep going thanks to his faith in God, and he's training to become a minister; Onteon is hopeful but has to believe in himself.
S10, EP10 "Margaret's Journey"Margaret's life at 700 pounds is in need of a jump-start; at age 35, she is a mama's girl; it's time for Margaret to get out of bed, overcome her food addiction and break away from the comfort of her mother so she can finally live her life.
S10, EP9 "Lucas' Journey"Living with his family, Lucas wants to spread his wings and fly, but at 600 pounds, he can't take off. All he does is eat and game, and if he wants to leave the nest and live a normal life, he needs Dr. Now's help to lose over 400 pounds.
S10, EP8 "James B's Journey"James B, grew up eating rich Haitian food and loves it with a passion; James needs Dr. Now's help to diminish that love in order to survive, but a death in the family sends James retreating back to the comforts he knows.
S10, EP7 "Ryan's Journey"Ryan moved to Montana to keep himself from going down a dark path of drug addiction but his new path may be no less lethal than the last if he can't find a way to curb his eating habits before they kill him.
S10, EP6 "Paul's Journey"Paul weighs in at 700 pounds, and his girlfriend struggles with how this limits their ability to live a normal life; he thinks their relationship won't survive if he moves to work with Dr. Now, but prioritizing his own health is the only option.
S10, EP5 "Lacey's Journey"Lacey is so big from overeating that she can barely leave the house, but that hasn't stopped her from finding love with Ricky; Lacey's weight isn't the only thing between her and a happy husband, however, with Ricky's sister Sharon in the picture.
S10, EP4 "Mike's Journey"Mike was born with a talent for sports and an omnivorous appetite to match; after his football dreams were dashed by multiple concussions, Mike packed on over 700 pounds, now he must find a new purpose in life to avoid succumbing to pain and regret.
S10, EP3 "Bianca's Journey"Bianca is all in for a move to Houston with her boyfriend and two young kids to get Dr. Now's help with a second weight-loss surgery.
S10, EP2 "Julian's Story"For Julian and his wife, Irma, it was love at first sight; in order to grow old together, Julian will have to overcome the food addiction that made him more than 800 pounds.
S10, EP1 "Nathan's Journey"When Nathan's weight gets in the way of his job as a drama teacher, it's a wake-up call for him; changing his life might mean a falling out with his wife, Amber, who is also overweight, unless she can lose, too.
S9, EP13 "Chrystal's Journey"Having her daughters help bathe her is not how Chrystal pictured parenting but she is so large that there's no other option; Chrystal wants Dr. Now's help but she didn't know that bringing her childhood trauma to light would be part of the deal.
S9, EP12 "Tammy's Journey"Through tough times, food has always been Tammy's friend; now she has gotten so big that her daughters and mother have moved home to care for her, and unless Dr. Now can get her to confront her grief, food might be her killer.
S9, EP11 "Irene's Journey"Irene had to move back in with her son because her weight made it unbearable to live on her own. When Dr. Now can't get through to her, the only thing that might help her break the cycle is a once-in-a-lifetime turn of events.
S9, EP10 "Shannon's Journey"Shannon's husband loves her the way she is, but that may not help because she's 700 pounds and bedridden; Dr. Now knows it's not easy to break a toxic cycle of overfeeding and enabling, but that's what needs to happen if Shannon wants to live.
S9, EP9 "Michael's Journey"A lifetime of abuse has left Michael anxious and afraid to leave the house; with the help of his devoted wife, he must follow Dr. Now's program to keep from eating himself to death.
S9, EP8 "Isaac's Journey"Isaac helped raise his siblings after his mom suffered a debilitating stroke when he was 10; while learning to cook for his family, he began comfort-eating; now to avoid eating himself to death, Isaac must learn to take care of himself for a change.
S9, EP7 "Krystal's Journey"Krystal begins overeating to shield herself with a protective layer of obesity after suffering years of abuse; once a means of protection, her pathological eating now threatens to destroy her life if she doesn't get help.
S9, EP6 "Kenae's Journey"Kenae' is already big before her weight gain takes off after the death of her beloved mother; refusing to deal with the pain, Kenae' turns to food to fill the void.
S9, EP5 "Melissa M's Story"Melissa has isolated herself at home and lost many friends to avoid feeling the shame of what her food addiction has done to her body; now, the only way to get her life back is to leave it behind to start a new one with Dr. Now's help in Houston.
S9, EP4 "Cindy's Story"Cindy is resistant to change and spends years creating a world that makes her feel safe; when her friend notices Cindy's health declining rapidly due to her size, she pushes Cindy to move to Houston and see Dr. Now.
S9, EP3 "Carrie's Story"Twenty years after her father died as the result of a botched weight-loss surgery, Carrie is on the brink of eating herself to death; she must face the fear and grief of losing her father and end a cycle of toxic behavior with her husband, Chris.
S9, EP2 "Thederick's Story"Thederick has become housebound from eating and only goes outside to greet the ice cream man; after a recent hospital scare, it's finally clicked that if Dr. Now's program doesn't work for him, then nothing will.
S9, EP1 "Samantha's Story"At nearly 1,000 pounds, Samantha is dangerously close to dying; to make matters worse, she's paid to eat by making videos online; if Samantha doesn't overcome her toxic relationship with food, she worries she will leave her daughter motherless.
S9 "Cillas and Tiffany: Where Are They Now?"Cillas must face difficulties from his childhood to progress to his goal weight and set an example for his children; Tiffany struggles to lose weight when financial hardships place a strain on her relationship with her boyfriend, Aaron.
S8, EP16 "Leneatha's Story"For 23 years, Leneatha has worked as a pharmacy tech at a local hospital; now, she has a young daughter to support, but she's so big that it's hard to move; if Dr Now can't help her stop eating, losing her job could be the least of her worries.
S8, EP15 "Ashley T's Story"Ashley is 24 and lives alone; her only sources of comfort are food and the relationships she has online; but not a single one of her profiles is real; Ashley learns that Dr Now isn't someone she can lie to like her online friends.
S8, EP14 "Megan's Story"At 24 years old and over 600 lbs, Megan lives at home with her mom, who cooks for her since Megan can't do much on her own; Megan must travel to Houston to meet Dr Now and change her eating habit or her life may end before it ever begins.
S8, EP13 "Dominic's Story"Dominic's life is falling apart due to his food addiction; over 600 pounds and living in a van with his brother, he decides to leave California for Texas, where only Dr. Now can help him learn to face life's challenges without using food to cope.
S8, EP11 "Tommy's Story"Tommy wants to lose weight so he can marry his fiancee and have the life he always dreamed of with her, but to break the cycle of pathological eating that left him nearly bed-bound, he'll have to face a piece of his past he has always kept secret.
S8, EP10 "Ashley B's Story"At 600 pounds, Ashley has to move home so her mom can help her care for herself and her newborn daughter; Ashley must overcome a lifetime's worth of unfortunate circumstances and get Dr. Now's help in Houston.
S8, EP9 "Seana's Story"Seana is 23 and nearly 700 lbs, living at her mom's house, depressed and anxious, her weight-gain threatening to take her last breath; Dr. Now can give her the tools she needs to live, but until she chooses life, no one can save Seana but herself.
S8, EP8 "Carlton & Shantel's Story"Shantel's brother Carlton lives downstairs but she hardly ever sees him because at 600 lbs each, neither can do the stairs safely; to break free from a death spiral of codependent eating they need Dr. Now's help to reforge their sibling relationship.
S8, EP7 "Joyces Story"Joyce needs home health care and hasn't left the house in three years; getting to Dr. Now in Houston is just the first step and when he prescribes therapy where Joyce must revisit an unhappy past with her mom; it might be more than she can handle.
S8, EP5 "Gina's Story"Gina and wife Beth live with Gina's mother, but she and Gina's sister blame Beth for Gina's spiraling weight problem; it will take all Gina's will to leave home for Houston to get Dr Now's help, to save her life and her marriage.
S8, EP4 "J.T.'s Story"JT is almost 900lbs with a 100-lb lymphedema mass on his leg and a food addiction that is bound to kill him if he doesn't change; his girlfriend takes him to Houston, but when his behavior drives her away, JT is left with only Dr. Now to help.
S8, EP3 "Bethany's Story"Bethany has two daughters who live in fear of losing their mom to her food addiction; once an addiction counselor, Bethany has gotten so big that she can no longer work; now she risks losing her life if Dr Now can't help her curb her own addiction.
S8, EP2 "Lindsey's Story"Lindsey has a white picket fence, a loving husband and a great job, but her food addiction threatens to ruin everything; as she embarks on a weight loss journey to save her life, her husband may provide more harm than support.
S8, EP1 "John & Lonnie's Story"John and Lonnie are two brothers from opposite ends of the spectrum; estranged for years, the brothers are now brought together by a common need to lose weight while they still can.
S7, EP20 "Vianey & Allen's Story"Vianey and Allen are locked in a co-dependent relationship based on a shared love of food; as they head to Houston, they will soon find out if their relationship can handle the strain of growing healthy together.
S7, EP19 "Angie J's Story"At over 600 pounds, Angie is trying to get to Houston to see Dr. Nowzaradan, in hope of getting weight loss surgery to save her life; family conflict and disagreements may stop her from being able to do what she needs before she even gets the chance.
S7, EP18 "Mercedes' Story"Mercedes, who has severe lymphedema, must overcome trauma to lose weight.
S7, EP17 "Cillas' Story"Cillas' food addiction is getting in the way of his ability to be there for his fiancée, Jessica, and her three daughters; if he doesn't lose weight soon, he knows he'll lose either his girls or his life.
S7, EP16 "LaShanta's Story"Mother of four LaShanta has been bed-bound for two years, and she relies on her kids to keep her cleaned and fed; her last chance to break the cycle of food addiction is to join Dr. Now's program, but it will take a village to get her out the door.
S7, EP15 "Angela's Story"When Angela's family is unable to accompany her on her weight-loss journey to Texas, she is unsure what to do; at the last minute, she reaches out to an old flame, Eric, who still has love for her and is willing to make the trip.
S7, EP14 "Annjeannette's Story"When Annjeanette was nine, a campaign was established to send her to fat camp; she hated that her weight had become a source of public shame and she has struggled to overcome her food addiction; now, she must change her habits to save her life.
S7, EP13 "Kelly's Story"Kelly is on the verge of immobility when she decides to make the trip to Houston to visit Dr. Now; her journey gets off to a painful start when a long travel-day grows longer as Kelly gets stuck in a cab on her way from the clinic to the hospital.
S7, EP12 "Aaron's Story"Since the death of his mother, Aaron lives at home to care for his aging father, but due to his food addiction, Aaron has to heavily rely on his father for help instead. Aaron must learn to care for himself to avoid eating himself to death.
S7, EP11 "Jeanne's Story"Jeanne lives in an unhygienic household with her mother and schizophrenic father; at well over 600 pounds, Jeanne might never get weight-loss surgery as she runs into several obstacles, especially after an unexpected death in her family.
S7, EP10 "Destinee's Story"Born as "Matthew," Destinee never felt like she fit in; now, having come out as a 600-pound transgender woman, she likes her curves, but she will need to say goodbye to them if she wants to be approved to transition completely.
S7, EP9 "Tiffany's Story"Despite moving to Houston with the solid support of her boyfriend, Aaron, and her cousin, Jasmine, Tiffany finds it difficult to break the cycle of depressed eating when her two roommates don't join her diet and leave the house every day for work.
S7, EP8 "Maja's Story"Maja moves to Houston to undertake a difficult weight-loss journey with the support of her boyfriend, Christian; when Christian decides he's had enough and leaves Maja high and dry, she discovers that the only person she can count on is herself.
S7, EP7 "Brandon's Story"Brandon is a talented musician with a beautiful voice and a run-away weight problem; he wants to lose weight and embark on a career; he also wants to take the next step with his girlfriend, Taylor, whom he risks losing if he can't make a change.
S7, EP6 "Lacey's Story"Lacey ballooned up over 600 lbs on pizza and ice cream and knows Dr. Now is her best hope for success; she must now rally her divorced parents around her for support and find a way to modulate her moods that won't include binge-eating.
S7, EP5 "Holly's Story"Holly already has one failed weight loss surgery, so to succeed this time, she must do more than change her eating habits, she must address the childhood issues that continue to plague her.
S7, EP4 "Justin's Story"A college graduate with a once-promising career, Justin has eaten his life away to the point of never leaving the house for anything but food; only the help of Dr. Now's weight-loss program can restore his hopes of living a happy, productive life.
S7, EP3 "Robin's Story"Robin and her brother Chris are both obese and already lost a sibling to obesity; they plan to visit Dr. Now together when Chris suffers a stroke and can't go; Chris' son Garrett, already 600 pounds at age 20, is game to join the journey.
S7, EP2 "Brianne's Story"At over 700 pounds, Brianne undertakes a weight-loss journey to save her own life; she faces an unexpected challenge to her fragile progress when her husband suffers a heart attack on a birthday she will never forget.
S7, EP1 "Octavia's Story"Octavia has been bedbound for nearly a year when she decides to make the trip to Houston to get help from Dr. Now, but when it turns out that her best friend is also her worst enabler, Octavia will have to choose between old habits and a new life.
S6, EP16 "One Ton Family, Part 2"While the Perrios struggle with weight loss, the revelation of a past tragedy explains their resistance to recovery; the siblings must come together to overcome their fears and forge a path to a healthy future.
S6, EP15 "One Ton Family, Part 1"After a lifelong struggle with obesity, the three Perrio siblings travel to Houston in a last-chance journey to lose weight.
S6, EP14 "Jennifer & Marissa's Story"Jennifer and her daughter Marissa are stuck in a co-dependent relationship and, with a combined weight of over 900-lbs., both of their lives are in jeopardy; Jennifer must regain control and save both of their lives before it is too late.
S6, EP13 "Schenee's Story"Devastated by two miscarriages due to her weight, Schenee is desperate to start a family and stop relying on her husband, Freddie, to take care of her; she hopes weight loss surgery will be able to fix her fertility issues as well as her marriage.
S6, EP12 "Sarah's Story"After a difficult childhood with an abusive stepfather and drug-addicted mother, Sarah is fighting for her life at only 24 years old.
S6, EP11 "Renee's Story"Former plus-size model and advocate Renee realizes the mortal mistakes she has made as her weight swells to 600 pounds and her health crumbles.
S6, EP10 "Benji & David's Story"Fearing he'll suffer the same fate as 700-pound brother David, Benji hopes to be able to support both himself and his brother on their life-or-death weight loss journey.
S6, EP9 "Tamy Lyn's Story"After years of a tumultuous relationship with her husband, Tamy's eating addiction has caused her weight to balloon to over 500 pounds; she has become a hermit and hopes to restart her life so she can better care for her son, Zachary.
S6, EP8 "Robert's Story"With the support of his fiancé, Kathryn, Robert turns to Dr. Nowzaradan in a final, desperate attempt to save his life; he tries to reverse a lifelong food addiction that has left him bed-bound, saddled with grotesque lymphedema, and nearly 900-lbs.
S6, EP7 "Lisa's Story"Lisa's struggle with her weight begins as a child and significantly worsens after witnessing her brother's murder; now bedridden and unable to care for herself, Lisa must find a way to lose the weight or she will never see her grandchildren grow up.
S6, EP5 "Karina's Story"Unable to stand for more than a short period of time, Karina's weight places a burden on her parents and drives a wedge between her and her sister.
S6, EP4 "Liz's Story"Liz, completely bed-bound, has severe lymphedema that makes it impossible to walk; utterly isolated, Liz has no friends, battles depression and lives with a mother too ill to take care of her.
S6, EP3 "Alicia's Story"Alicia, all smiles and laughter on the outside, secretly fears that her food addiction will kill her before she can marry her long-time love or watch her nieces grow up.
S6, EP2 "Janine's Story"A woman whose extreme obesity has left her nearly immobile must overcome both her physical and emotional pain if she is ever to live a normal life again.
S6, EP1 "Rena & Lee's Story"After meeting and falling in love at a bariatric rehab center, Lee and Rena are battling health and anger issues while taking a desperate, second attempt to save their relationship and their lives.
S5, EP16 "Brittani & Sean"Brittani will have to endure two more painful surgeries to achieve her ideal body; Sean must finally make a break from his mother's over-protective care; Annette and Calisto prepare for skin removal surgery.
S5, EP14 "Steven & Justin's Story, Part 2"After a year on a weight loss program, Steven remains completely non-compliant and Justin focuses on a new career instead of his diet, but time is quickly running out for surgery; Kylie and Anna prepare for skin removal surgery.
S5, EP13 "Steven & Justin's Story, Part 1"Steven Assanti weighs nearly 800 pounds and his brother Justin almost 600 pounds, and although they can't stand each other, their father packs up the family to travel across the country and seek help; Jenae and Julie prepare for skin removal surgery.
S5, EP12 "Tracey's Story"Most of the extreme weight on Tracey's body resides in her shockingly misshapen legs, which are massive with severe lymphedema, and gastric surgery is her only chance of survival; Brenda and Melissa prepare for skin removal surgery.
S5, EP11 "James K's Story"James becomes bedridden, unable to stand and can barely move his legs; Holly and Mark prepare for skin removal surgery.
S5, EP10 "Tanisha's Story"Tanisha desperately tries to survive for her kids and avoid her mother's tragic fate of dying at 50 from obesity; Megan and Ashley prepare for skin removal surgery.
S5, EP9 "Nicole's Story"Nicole nears the verge of leaving her two young children motherless; Julie and Andrew prepare for skin removal surgery.
S5, EP8 "Michael's Story"Michael's massive body has left him dependent upon his family, and he must learn to control his anger issues around food, lose weight and address the root of his issues or risk losing everything.
S5, EP7 "Diana's Story"Diana, a once thin and active woman, is now a prisoner to her body and trades the comfort of her apartment for a weight loss journey under the strict authority of her niece.
S5, EP6 "Erica's Story"Erica regrets not keeping a promise to her mom and hopes her siblings will help, but they're reluctant based on her past failures.
S5, EP5 "Doug's Story"After overcoming a dependence on drugs and alcohol, sneaking food is Doug's last remaining vice; this husband and father must overcome his addictive personality to save his life and marriage.
S5, EP4 "Kirsten's Story"Kirsten is close to losing all her mobility, and while she's trying to control of her obesity, she's also in danger of losing her troubled son.
S5, EP3 "Cynthia's Story"Cynthia, a single mother focused on raising five kids, comes to realize what her death would mean for their future.
S5, EP2 "Ashley R's Story"At 670 pounds, Ashley, who lives in her parents' home with her husband, decides she must make a drastic change to save her life and her marriage.
S5, EP1 "Brandi and Kandi's Story"Twins Kandi and Brandi have a combined weight of over 1,100 pounds and fear losing each other to obesity, so they decide to make a change together.
S5 "Dottie & June"The sudden loss of her son devastates Dottie and threatens to send her weight loss journey off-track; June embarks on a plan to win approval for skin surgery; Melissa, Jessica and Matt prepare for skin removal surgery.
S5 "Lupe & Ashley D., Part 1"Dr. Nowzaradan is worried Lupe's emotional issues are blocking her weight loss journey; when Ashley is struck with sudden paralysis, her own emotional stability is thrown into peril.
S5 "Joe W. & Pauline"Joe, once housebound and alone, becomes engaged; Pauline, on the verge of independence, hopes she can qualify for skin surgery; checking in with individuals who underwent skin removal.
S5 "Milla & Charity"Charity's daughter becomes dangerously obese; devastated by the death of her husband, Elroy, Milla must find a way to finally qualify for gastric bypass; checking in with individuals who underwent skin removal surgery.
S5 "Teretha & Chad"Surgery helps Teretha finally return to family in Detroit, but it soon threatens to undo all the progress she's made; after his weight loss surgery, trucker Chad gets back on the road, but the job is putting any further weight loss in peril.
S5 "Nikki"After losing 250 pounds, Nikki is on her way to skin surgery that will transform her body, but when a close friend dies from weight loss surgery, her progress goes off track; Mary and Lora prepare for skin removal surgery.
S5 "Laura & Chay"Surgery enables Laura's independence, but the complications nearly kill her; Chay reveals to her family she is transgender but lives life as an overweight woman; checking in with individuals who underwent skin removal surgery.
S5 "Lupe & Ashley D."When Lupe sheds 300 pounds but still can't walk, Dr. Nowzaradan worries that emotional issues are blocking her weight-loss journey; when Ashley is struck with sudden paralysis, her emotional stability is thrown into peril.
S4, EP13 "Lupe's Story"Lupe has spent the last 10 years in bed and is totally dependent on her husband, prompting a cross-country move that could save her life or end up backfiring.
S4, EP12 "Sean's Story"Sean has a massive growth protruding from his side and skin so stretched it's tearing apart, forcing his mother to change both of their lifestyles before he can be approved for surgery.
S4, EP11 "Milla's Story"Milla is bedridden and dependent on her husband and five kids, who can't resist her unending requests for junk food.
S4, EP10 "Randy's Story"Randy's food addiction dissolved his marriage and keeps him from seeing his daughter, so he endures a rigorous pre-surgery diet surrounded by fast-food temptations to regain control of his life.
S4, EP9 "Teretha's Story"At over 700 pounds, Teretha's life is confined to a bed, which is a long way from her former job representing Detroit's healthy eating program; a gastric bypass will hopefully save her life.
S4, EP7 "Gideon's Story"At 650 pounds, Gideon's weight prohibits him from working, making him completely dependent on his exhausted wife.
S4, EP6 "Dottie's Story"Dottie wants to be a better mom, so she agrees to a drastic new diet, but her child's life-threatening emergency and her own self-sabotage threaten to derail all hopes for weight-loss.
S4, EP5 "June's Story"June copes with the tragic death of her son by eating, and must confront the emotional issues driving her food compulsion after gastric bypass surgery.
S4, EP4 "Chad's Story"After gastric bypass surgery, Chad quickly sheds his dangerous weight but faces a medical crisis when he does not follow the doctor's orders.
S4, EP3 "Brittani's Story"Brittani married a man who loves large women, but at 600-lbs, she can barely contribute to their marriage, and gets surgery to try to have a normal relationship.
S4, EP2 "Nikki's Story"Nikki finds her career as a costume designer threatened by immobility, so she undergoes gastric bypass and confronts the emotional causes for her eating.
S4, EP1 "Moments of Truth"Pivotal moments, whether tragic or triumphant, decide the success or failure of individuals struggling with extreme obesity.
S3, EP10 "Marla's Story"Bedridden Marla is so heavy she cannot stand up; she must face the hard truth about her condition and understand the toll it takes on her supportive family if she is to save her health.
S3, EP9 "Chay's Story"Chay has eaten his way to 600 pounds to cope with the emotional turmoil of his childhood; he loses his emotional support and searches for new strength to take control of his life.
S3, EP8 "Charity's Story"An overweight woman struggles with flesh-eating bacteria and butterfly shaped fat deposits; unexpected news threatens her weight loss journey.
S3, EP7 "Laura's Story"Laura has used food to cope with her emotions; she is confined to a wheelchair and relies on an oxygen tank to breathe and her husband and mother to survive.
S3, EP6 "Joe's Story"An 800-pound man who lost his job and is mostly housebound looks to find the strength to face his past and save his own life.
S3, EP5 "Angel's Story"A woman struggles to make a positive change to be part of her partner and son's lives and turn her life around.
S3, EP4 "Bettie Jo's Story"At just 24-years-old, Bettie Jo is on her way to reaching 700 pounds and relies on her husband for even her basic needs.
S3, EP3 "Pauline's Story"Pauline is 51-years-old and nearing 700 pounds; her addiction to food has taken over the life of her son and primary caretaker.
S3, EP2 "Susan's Story"Susan, who is 37 years old and has never lived on her own because of her weight, is finally seeking help to get out on her own.
S3, EP1 "Amber's Story"Amber is 23, over 600-lbs, and relies on her family and boyfriend for even simple needs; her fear of dying young is so overwhelming that she decides to relocate 2,000 miles in hopes that weight loss surgery will give her life back.
S2, EP8 "Tara's Story"A mother of two who is too ashamed of her size to be seen with her children; she is committed to regaining her confidence and being a proud mother.
S2, EP7 "James' Story"James comes from a long line of family obesity; he is determined not to die as his sister and father did; he hopes to get gastric bypass and even start dating again.
S2, EP6 "Paula's Story"Paula has built a wall around herself to push people away; when she suddenly loses a loved one she can no longer ignore the threat of losing her own life.
S2, EP5 "Christina's Story"Christina has not left her house in two years due to her size; she has eaten herself into a state that will soon kill her if she does not change.
S2, EP4 "Chuck's Story"Chuck weighs almost 700 pounds; he has had to downsize his business and his wife feels like a single-parent who is ready to leave him.
S2, EP3 "Penny's Story"Penny has been bedridden for four years and moves to Texas to have gastric bypass; her unwillingness to make lifestyle changes could mean failure.
S2, EP2 "Olivia's Story"A woman battles severe depression and has not left her Chicago basement in two years; the hope of having a life-changing surgery.
S2, EP1 "Zsalynn's Story"Zsaylnn needs to lose weight to be the mother her daughter deserves; her husband loves large women and does not support her goals.
S1, EP5 "Ashley's Story"Ashley wants to achieve her goal of owning a childcare facility, but must lose weight before her dreams can be met.
S1, EP4 "Henry's Story"Henry hopes to transform himself for his high school reunion, and gastric bypass is the first step to combating his 715 pounds.
S1, EP3 "Donald's Story"Donald has difficulty walking and relies on his parents to take care of him, so he gets motivated to begin his weight loss journey.
S1, EP1 "Melissa's Story, Part 1"Melissa weighs a shocking 673 pounds, and decides to begin her seven-year weight-loss journey toward a healthier life.
"The Assanti Brothers"If Steve Sr. thought getting weight-loss surgery for his sons would help bring them together, the third year of their weight-loss journey will prove him wrong; Justin returns to Rhode Island with every intention of never speaking to Steven again.
"Angie J: Where Are They Now?"Right when Angie starts to succeed in Dr. Now's program, her marriage falls apart and her life is thrown into chaos; Angie moves ahead despite dire difficulties; her body starts to break down, Angie fears the worst and faces it alone.
"David & Benji & Erica"In year 3, Erica is succeeding on her weight loss journey, when romantic misfortune sends her spiraling backwards; Benji Bolton must reach his goal weight without the support of his brother David, after a disagreement leaves the brothers estranged.
"Charity & Charly & Teretha"In order to keep pace with her daughter Charly's weight loss, Charity must do something she's never done: find a way to go it alone; try as she might, Teretha finds one too many obstacles in the way of continuing with Dr Nowzaradan's program.
"Dottie & Cynthia"Dottie faces an unexpected challenge to her weight-loss when her husband's drinking problem becomes intolerable for her and her son; Cynthia starts to wonder if being there for her kids at her current weight is more important than losing more.
"Maja and Justin: Where Are They Now?"Maja needs weight-loss surgery so she can lose weight; Dr. Now won't approve her for surgery if she can't overcome getting dumped by her boyfriend without using food to cope; Justin charts a course to be one of Dr. Now's best patients ever.
"Tamy & Karina"Tamy faces a tough choice when her husband wants her back, but only if she moves away from Houston and Dr. Now's program; Karina's weight loss begins to slow, but she finds happiness dating a guy Dr. Now is surprised to see in his clinic again.
"Angie J: Part 2: Where Are They Now?"Angie enters the most trying stretch of her weight-loss journey; she finds herself on the brink of homelessness after Dr. Now refuses to keep her in his program unless she submits to drug rehab for substance abuse.
"Jeanne and Brandon: Where Are They Now?"Jeanne struggles to care for herself in the aftermath of her dad's death; Brandon strives to get his weight down to feel confident when proposing to his girlfriend, Tayler, and be the man she deserves.
"Alicia and Pauline"Alicia's relationship with her boyfriend comes under the microscope in the second year of her weight-loss journey; now in her fourth year, Pauline must beg her way back onto the program after quitting when her last weigh-in didn't go so well.
"One-ton Family"Together weighing more than a ton, siblings Roshanda, Brandie and Clarence set out to lose weight as a family; the all-for-one approach may be hurting more than it helps when each of them shows signs of heading in the wrong direction after surgery.
"Brianne and Annjeanette: Where Are They Now?"There is much to be gained and lost for Brianne in year two of her journey, in which she both loses weight and gains independence; getting back with Erica becomes the top priority for Annjeanette, who chooses love over even her own health.
Telling powerful stories in hourlong episodes, TLC follows the medical journeys of morbidly obese people as they attempt to save their own lives. The featured individuals -- each weighing more than 600 pounds -- confront lifelong emotional and physical struggles as they make the courageous decision to undergo high-risk gastric bypass surgery. In addition to drastically changing their appearances, they hope to reclaim their independence, mend relationships with friends and family, and renew their feelings of self-worth.
Original Air Date: Feb 1, 2012
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