Buffalo, New York
S10, EP10 "Buffalo, New York"
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Casey Webb visits Buffalo for a nostalgic twist on the classic Buffalo wing, a melt-in-the-mouth chocolate delicacy and a duel at the deli with the back-alley barrel sandwich challenge.
Original Air Date: Mar 01, 2022 • Cooking Channel • 20m
Hartford, Connecticut
S10, EP9 "Hartford, Connecticut"
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Casey Webb makes his way to Hartford, Conn., for a sweet and savory burger with no bounds, a multitiered tower packing a Puerto Rican punch, and a spicy battle with the Taco Roulette Challenge.
Original Air Date: Feb 22, 2022 • Cooking Channel • 20m
Roswell, New Mexico
S10, EP8 "Roswell, New Mexico"
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Casey Webb ventures to Roswell, N.M., for a UFO-inspired Thanksgiving sandwich, a true taste of traditional Mexican food, and a barbecue battle with the 4-pound 10-98 Challenge.
Original Air Date: Feb 15, 2022 • Cooking Channel • 20m
Boulder, Colorado
S10, EP7 "Boulder, Colorado"
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Casey Webb's tasty trek across America brings him to Boulder, Colo., for a bourbon burger blast, a gooey campfire classic and an insanely hot pizza loaded with three layers of ghost pepper.
Original Air Date: Feb 08, 2022 • Cooking Channel • 20m
Long Island, New York
S10, EP6 "Long Island, New York"
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Casey Webb follows his nose to Long Island for an Italian chicken parmesan-pizza hybrid, a twist on a Jewish meat-and-potato tradition, and a 10-scoop battle against the Kitchen Sink Challenge.
Original Air Date: Feb 01, 2022 • Cooking Channel • 20m
Brooklyn, New york
S10, EP5 "Brooklyn, New york"
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Casey Webb's eating escapade takes him to Brooklyn, N.Y., for a barbecue, an Italian seafood staple, and a spicy shrimp challenge that'll shake him to the core.
Original Air Date: Jan 25, 2022 • Cooking Channel • 20m
Virginia Beach, Virginia
S10, EP4 "Virginia Beach, Virginia"
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Casey Webb rides the wave to Virginia Beach, Va., for a street corn fritter-topped burger, a decadent croissant-muffin hybrid and a dozen-egg duel with the Corned Beef Omelet Challenge.
Original Air Date: Jan 18, 2022 • Cooking Channel • 20m
Richmond, Virginia
S10, EP3 "Richmond, Virginia"
Airs: May 30, 2022
Casey Webb makes his way to Richmond for a lesson on New Zealand-style savory pies, an elevated Jewish deli experience and a towering Ladder Burger Challenge.
Cooking Channel • 30m
Newark, New Jersey
S10, EP2 "Newark, New Jersey"
On Demand
Casey Webb heads to his home state of New Jersey for an iconic Italian hot dog, a Portuguese pork sandwich, and a taco challenge so big that no one's been brave enough to try it.
Original Air Date: Jan 04, 2022 • Cooking Channel • 20m
Delaware Beaches
S10, EP1 "Delaware Beaches"
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Casey Webb's quest for the best brings him to the beaches of Delaware for an ice cream custard that has locals lining up and a brewery that blends two beloved bar foods; he takes on a daunting surf-and-turf challenge that's never been done before.
Original Air Date: Dec 28, 2021 • Cooking Channel • 20m