Thank You and Goodbye
S5, EP24 "Thank You and Goodbye"
Amy and the high-school students recall the many changes they have experienced as graduation arrives; Grace contemplates Jack's role in her life; Adrian gets an unexpected visitor.
Original Air Date: Jun 03, 2013 • Freeform • 43m
Caught in a Trap
S5, EP23 "Caught in a Trap"
Ricky asks Amy to be honest about her true feelings; Ethan receives much-needed advice about his love life; Amy is angered by Ben's efforts to win her back; Henry makes an important decision; Chloe rids herself of past demons.
Original Air Date: May 27, 2013 • Freeform • 44m
When Bad Things Happen to Bad People
S5, EP22 "When Bad Things Happen to Bad People"
Omar ends his engagement to Adrian; Ben makes a shocking confession to Alice; Margaret has a conversation with Ethan about his relationship with Kathy; Clementine visits Ricky.
Original Air Date: May 20, 2013 • Freeform • 43m
All My Sisters With Me
S5, EP21 "All My Sisters With Me"
Amy, Adrian and Grace think about career dreams and marriage; Anne finds an ally in Kathleen; Ethan questions his relationship with Kathy; Ben's obsession with Amy worries Leo; Chloe meets someone from her past.
Original Air Date: May 13, 2013 • Freeform • 44m
First and Last
S5, EP20 "First and Last"
Amy and Ricky set a date for their wedding; Grace has second thoughts about her engagement to Jack; George and Kathleen's mothers arrive for a visit; Ethan gets jealous when Kathy helps Brian ready for a spelling bee.
Original Air Date: May 06, 2013 • Freeform • 43m
S5, EP19 "Interference"
Actress Danica McKellar helps Ethan get a better grasp of algebra; Ben advises Amy to break up with Ricky; an uninvited guest disrupts George and Kathleen's romantic dinner; Grace is confronted by Mrs. Stone.
Original Air Date: Apr 29, 2013 • Freeform • 43m
Money for Nothin'
S5, EP18 "Money for Nothin'"
Ricky attempts to find a way to make Amy's dream of attending college a reality; Omar asks Adrian to move to New York; Jack thinks about suing the university; Ethan seeks the real reason for Don's arrival in town.
Original Air Date: Apr 22, 2013 • Freeform • 44m
Fraid So
S5, EP17 "Fraid So"
Jack is persuaded to see a therapist; Ricky attempts to take care of John while maintaining his school responsibilities; Cathy's former boyfriend wants to see their baby; Leo lands an important account.
Original Air Date: Apr 15, 2013 • Freeform • 43m
Shiny and New
S5, EP16 "Shiny and New"
Amy's decision to tour a college campus in New York strains her relationship with Ricky; Jack's efforts to protect himself yield devastating consequences; George explores a new career path; Ethan rejects Cierra's offer to tutor him in math.
Original Air Date: Apr 08, 2013 • Freeform • 42m
Untying the Knot
S5, EP15 "Untying the Knot"
The truth is revealed about Amy and Ricky's marital status; Jack refuses to seek help; George is encouraged to work things out with Anne; Kathy and Chloe's friendship does not sit well with Ethan.
Original Air Date: Apr 01, 2013 • Freeform • 41m
It's a Miracle
S5, EP14 "It's a Miracle"
Ben has an epiphany about Amy; Omar pops the question to Adrian; Ricky and Amy each share their thoughts about their lives and marriage with Dr. Fields; Jack's injuries make him restless.
Original Air Date: Mar 25, 2013 • Freeform • 43m
To Each Her Own
S5, EP13 "To Each Her Own"
Amy finds what she believes to be the perfect wedding dress at a thrift store; Ethan wants to fly to Texas to talk to Kathy's parents; Anne questions Robie's paternity; George and Kathleen meet celebrity Chaz Bono.
Original Air Date: Mar 18, 2013 • Freeform • 44m
Hedy's Happy Holiday House
S5, EP12 "Hedy's Happy Holiday House"
The gang sneaks into an abandoned toy warehouse on Christmas Eve; Grace stays by Jack's side at the hospital and hopes for a holiday miracle; Kathy goes into labor.
Original Air Date: Nov 19, 2012 • Freeform • 42m
Half Over
S5, EP11 "Half Over"
Jack remains in the hospital; Ricky discusses the wedding with George.
Original Air Date: Aug 27, 2012 • Freeform • 43m
S5, EP10 "Regrets"
Adrian and Omar think about moving in together; Anne starts to plan Amy's wedding.
Original Air Date: Aug 20, 2012 • Freeform • 42m
Property Not for Sale
S5, EP9 "Property Not for Sale"
Amy and Ben discuss the status of their relationship.
Original Air Date: Aug 13, 2012 • Freeform • 44m
Setting Things Straight
S5, EP8 "Setting Things Straight"
Ricky's new life in college makes Amy jealous.
Original Air Date: Aug 06, 2012 • Freeform • 44m
S5, EP7 "Girlfriends"
Kathy is encouraged to make new friends at school, but falls in with a bad crowd; Leo learns about Ben's plans to sneak around with Dylan.
Original Air Date: Jul 30, 2012 • Freeform • 44m
Holy Rollers
S5, EP6 "Holy Rollers"
Grace tries to convince everyone to go to church.
Original Air Date: Jul 23, 2012 • Freeform • 43m
Past History
S5, EP5 "Past History"
Ricky runs into an old friend at college; Ben learns he is not responsible for the school fire.
Original Air Date: Jul 16, 2012 • Freeform • 43m
Lies and Byes
S5, EP4 "Lies and Byes"
Amy and Ricky face a dilemma when their friends and family want to throw them a wedding reception; Anne and George learn that Ashley is attending cooking school in Italy.
Original Air Date: Jul 09, 2012 • Freeform • 42m
I Do and I Don't
S5, EP3 "I Do and I Don't"
Amy returns to school, where a flash mob celebrates her recent marriage to Ricky; Ben reveals his true feelings to Amy.
Original Air Date: Jun 25, 2012 • Freeform • 44m
S5, EP2 "Shotgun"
Amy and Ricky return home to face anxious family members; Leo speaks to Dylan's parents about the school fire; Grace shuns Adrian.
Original Air Date: Jun 18, 2012 • Freeform • 42m
To Begin With ...
S5, EP1 "To Begin With ..."
Amy and Ricky make a sudden departure; Anne announces that she is gay; Ben believes he may have had a part in the burning down of Dylan's school.
Original Air Date: Jun 11, 2012 • Freeform • 42m