Frien'ds Forever
S5, EP21 "Frien'ds Forever"
On Demand
As another fun summer at Camp Kikiwaka comes to an end, campers must confront change and the fear of the unknown.
Original Air Date: Aug 06, 2021 • Disney Channel • 25m
Moose Queens and Possum Kings
S5, EP20 "Moose Queens and Possum Kings"
On Demand
When Destiny needs someone old enough to enter the Summer Moose Queen Pageant, she enlists Parker and Ava for help.
Original Air Date: Jul 30, 2021 • Disney Channel • 23m
A Star is Torn
S5, EP19 "A Star is Torn"
On Demand
Lou's favorite actress, Melody Chapman, visits Camp Kikiwaka to shadow her as research for an upcoming role.
Original Air Date: Jul 16, 2021 • Disney Channel • 24m
Camp Creepy-Waka
S5, EP18 "Camp Creepy-Waka"
On Demand
After issues arise between her campers, Lou's Scary Story Night helps them work through their differences.
Original Air Date: Jul 09, 2021 • Disney Channel • 23m
Crushin' It
S5, EP17 "Crushin' It"
Airs: May 26, 2022
When Gwen returns for a surprise visit to camp, Noah and Destiny hatch a plan to create dangerous situations for Gwen to fix, hoping it will compel her to stay.
Disney Channel • 30m
I Won't Let You Clown
S5, EP16 "I Won't Let You Clown"
Airs: May 25, 2022
Destiny rediscovers her passion for clowning when an old friend from the circus visits; Lou asks Parker and Noah to compete in a contest against Barb.
Disney Channel • 30m
Out of the Doghouse
S5, EP15 "Out of the Doghouse"
Airs: May 24, 2022
Destiny is excited for Ava to become an official Woodchuck, but Lou tells Destiny that the initiation is canceled due to the noise complaints Junkyard Judy keeps filing against the camp.
Disney Channel • 30m
The Great Awkward Bake-Off
S5, EP14 "The Great Awkward Bake-Off"
Airs: May 23, 2022
Lou sets up a Cookie Gram, where campers can send messages on cookies; Ava volunteers to run the project with Dante, and Destiny suspects it's because Ava has a crush on him.
Disney Channel • 30m
Dancin' Up a Storm
S5, EP13 "Dancin' Up a Storm"
Airs: May 22, 2022
Lou returns home to the farm excited to spend time with her cousins, but the excitement wears off when she notices that her presence has been scrubbed from her childhood home.
Disney Channel • 30m
Gi Whiz
S5, EP12 "Gi Whiz"
Airs: May 21, 2022
When a camper is pronounced a Kikiwaka legend for an epic belly-flop into the lake, Destiny and Finn contemplate how they can leave their own mark on the camp.
Disney Channel • 30m
Roll Models
S5, EP11 "Roll Models"
On Demand
Ava discovers that Destiny and Finn are involved in marble racing; Ava can't believe that they are so excited about rolling marbles down a plastic trench.
Original Air Date: May 20, 2022 • Disney Channel • 30m
Pop Pop Poppin' In
S5, EP10 "Pop Pop Poppin' In"
On Demand
Noah signs the camp up to be chronicled by a reality TV show, thinking it could be his chance to be discovered.
Original Air Date: May 19, 2022 • Disney Channel • 30m
Everyone's Trap'd
S5, EP9 "Everyone's Trap'd"
On Demand
With Lou stressed about camp duties, Parker completes Lou's assignment and drops it off at Matteo's classroom, but Lou does not want Matteo to think she cheated.
Original Air Date: May 18, 2022 • Disney Channel • 30m
Baton-man Begins
S5, EP8 "Baton-man Begins"
On Demand
Finn is at an orthopedic center for a dislocated kneecap; Noah and Destiny befriend a baton-twirling teen named Kit.
Original Air Date: May 17, 2022 • Disney Channel • 30m
Raucous Science
S5, EP7 "Raucous Science"
Airs: May 29, 2022
Lou learns that she's one credit short of graduating, so she enrolls in a chemistry class at Moose Rump Community College and learns that Matteo is the professor.
Disney Channel • 30m
Look Who's Squawking
S5, EP6 "Look Who's Squawking"
Airs: May 28, 2022
Ava wants to take on more responsibility this summer, so Lou assigns her the task of resurrecting the Camper of the Week program.
Disney Channel • 30m
Luck of the Chuck
S5, EP5 "Luck of the Chuck"
Airs: May 28, 2022
At Camp PeeWeeWaka, Ava and Noah work together to put on a puppet show.
Disney Channel • 30m
Tentacle Difficulties
S5, EP4 "Tentacle Difficulties"
Airs: May 28, 2022
Ava and Noah volunteer for a field trip to the Moose Rump Aquarium to learn more about the ocean's creatures.
Disney Channel • 30m
R.V. Having Fun Yet?
S5, EP3 "R.V. Having Fun Yet?"
Airs: May 28, 2022
Lou and Ava get a surprise when Parker Preston shows up referring to himself as the co-owner of the camp.
Disney Channel • 30m
Rise of the Machine
S5, EP2 "Rise of the Machine"
Airs: May 28, 2022
Ava and Noah run the camp's day care; Destiny and Finn host the camp's news show; Nadine heads out to find "Big Stinky," the camp's skunk that terrorized them three years ago.
Disney Channel • 30m
Lou's Still the Boss, but Now There's a Ross
S5, EP1 "Lou's Still the Boss, but Now There's a Ross"
Airs: May 28, 2022
Emma, fresh from her career as a fashion designer in Milan, pays a surprise visit to Camp Kikiwaka.
Disney Channel • 30m