The Future Perfect
S10, EP10 "The Future Perfect"
On Demand
Mamie takes matters into her own hands; the fate of the future is revealed.
Original Air Date: Oct 20, 2021 • FX • 42m
Blue Moon
S10, EP9 "Blue Moon"
On Demand
An unexpected visitor arrives at the White House and reveals the details of the horrific plan.
Original Air Date: Oct 13, 2021 • FX • 42m
S10, EP8 "Inside"
On Demand
The president struggles with the morality of a deal he must make.
Original Air Date: Oct 06, 2021 • FX • 41m
Take Me to Your Leader
S10, EP7 "Take Me to Your Leader"
On Demand
College students who are on a camping trip are swept up in a horrifying and deadly conspiracy that has been decades in the making.
Original Air Date: Sep 29, 2021 • FX • 40m
Winter Kills
S10, EP6 "Winter Kills"
On Demand
Ursula devises a sinister plan; the Gardners write their final act.
Original Air Date: Sep 22, 2021 • FX • 38m
S10, EP5 "Gaslight"
On Demand
Harry struggles to keep Alma under control; Doris is pushed past her limits.
Original Air Date: Sep 15, 2021 • FX • 63m
Blood Buffet
S10, EP4 "Blood Buffet"
On Demand
The dark history of Provincetown and its residents is brought to light.
Original Air Date: Sep 08, 2021 • FX • 44m
S10, EP3 "Thirst"
On Demand
Harry's newfound talent brings an unexpected visitor to town; Alma decides to take matters into her own hands.
Original Air Date: Sep 01, 2021 • FX • 51m
S10, EP2 "Pale"
On Demand
A quick fix for Harry's writer's block has unexpected side effects; two eccentric locals offer Harry a helping hand.
Original Air Date: Aug 25, 2021 • FX • 53m
Cape Fear
S10, EP1 "Cape Fear"
On Demand
A struggling writer, his pregnant wife, and their daughter move to an isolated beach town for the winter; once they're settled in, the town's true residents begin to make themselves known.
Original Air Date: Aug 25, 2021 • FX • 51m