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Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsIn this spinoff from "Tyler Perry's House of Payne," Downtown Leroy Brown tries to fulfill his father's dying wish by transforming a dilapidated house into a retirement home: Brown Meadows, which happens to be located next door to a rowdy fraternity house. Helping Leroy keep the facility's quirky residents in line are his daughter, Cora; his nephew, Will, a doctor, and Will's wife, Sasha, a nurse; social worker Carmen Martinez; and Jesus Hernandez, a maintenance engineer who is studying to be a lawyer.
S4, EP29 "Meet the Hero"Brown becomes a hero; Brianna and Jamal sneak Joaquin into a costume party.
S4, EP30 "Meet the Campers"Joaquin is scared to go camping so Will and Brown have a trial run with him in the backyard.
S4, EP31 "Meet the Product Party"Cora asks Renee to do a product demonstration at her women's social group.
S1, EP4 "Meet My Family"When Brown tires of the chaos from the residents in the house, he decides to throw a surprise Family Day to occupy them; frat brothers entertain the residents.
S1, EP8 "Meet the Faithless and the Faithful"Brown thinks he has a secret weapon to win a gospel choir contest that he has lost six straight years; Cora's childhood friend is frustrated with her marriage.
S1, EP9 "Meet the Truth"Brianna gets suspended from school; after playing a prank on Brown, two wannabe frat brothers must work for him.
S2, EP4 "Meet Mommie Dearest"Brianna and Joaquin's mother returns from jail and discovers that Will and Sasha plan to adopt the kids.
S2, EP5 "Meet the Matchmaker"Will and Sasha are determined to fight Tanya to keep her from taking the kids.
S2, EP7 "Meet the Cousins"Will must explain himself when Sasha discovers bachelor-party photos on his cell phone.
S4, EP42 "Meet the Recession"Edna and Cora help Thelma deal with losing her job and home; Brown takes part in a pyramid scheme.
S4, EP43 "Meet the Old Fling"Sasha's mom shows up with a man half her age; Darnell takes over detention from Cora.
S4, EP44 "Meet the Unwelcome Back"When Reggie returns unannounced, he's surprised to find Cora isn't into him as she once was.
S4, EP45 "Meet the Defendant"Cora takes the Colonel to court; Sasha, Will and Brianna interfere in Joaquin's birthday party.
S2, EP6 "Meet Career Day"Will convinces Brianna to let him come to her school's career day because her real father is in prison.
S2, EP12 "Meet the E.R."When Brown is shot during a robbery at a convenience store, his pride hurts more than his body.
S4, EP52 "Meet the Shopaholic"Cora gets addicted to internet shopping; Brown finds an artifact in the backyard.
S4, EP53 "Meet the Patience"An old lady continues to show up at Cora's door; Brianna gets her first job.
S4, EP54 "Meet the Dealmaker"A friend of Reggie's tries to recruit one of Reggie's players.
S4, EP55 "Meet the Real Wedding"Colonel and Edna ask for help from the Brown family when they're ready to tie the knot.
S4, EP56 "Meet the Knock-Off"Cora buys an expensive purse but pretends it is a knock-off.
S4, EP57 "Meet the Reunion"Brown is asked to perform at the class reunion; Renee begins consulting Joaquin for betting.
S4, EP62 "Meet the Family Portrait"Mr. Brown decides to have a family portrait, but a series of conflicts prevents it from happening.
S4, EP59 "Meet the Telethon"When Sasha hosts a telethon to raise $100,000, Mr. Brown knocks out the star.
S2, EP10 "Meet the Entrepreneur"When Will gets cold feet about being a father to Brianna and Joaquin, Brianna overhears him venting to Brown about his doubts.
S2, EP11 "Meet the Ex"Will's free-spirited ex-girlfriend shows up as a donor for a charity benefit.
S2, EP13 "Meet the Secret"Joaquin's Little League coach is a pedophile; when Cora tries to convince Brown to make a will, he thinks she's out to kill him.
S2, EP14 "Meet the Intervention"An intervention is planned for a lotto addiction; a boy makes an innocent pass at Brianna.
S2, EP15 "Meet the New Job"Cora gets a full-time job teaching but runs into problems when a student comes to class drunk.
S2, EP16 "Meet the Gold Digger"Brown meets a woman he feels could be his soul mate; Brianna gets arrested for shoplifting.
S2, EP22 "Meet the Real Dad"Brianna and Joaquin's father shows up at the house after being released from prison.
S2, EP23 "Meet the Hubby"Edna asks Brown to pretend to be her husband when an old friend comes to town; London takes Brianna to a concert behind Sasha's back.
S2, EP26 "Meet the Naked Truth"Tanya steals Sasha's car; Brianna is worried no one will show up to her party.
S3, EP15 "Meet the Wills"Will reacts badly when he learns that Sasha's mammogram shows she has a lump.
S3, EP17 "Meet the Bully"A troubled boy brings a gun to Cora's class after repeated bullying.
S3, EP1 "Meet the Two Left Feet"Will secretly takes dancing lessons so he can take Sasha to a party; the Colonel and Edna decide to move out of Brown Meadows.
S3, EP2 "Meet the Lessons"Sasha and Will fight over Brianna's news; Cora joins a spin class to be close to the new principal.
S3, EP3 "Meet the Disorderly"Simone is attacked by one of the frat boys at a party; Brown decides to fire Jesus to save money.
S3, EP4 "Meet the Mom"Will's mother, Vera, shows up; Sasha doesn't belive in Vera's Southern remedies; Daisy goes missing.
S3, EP11 "Meet the Lovers"Troy makes a pass at Sasha, then threatens Will's job if she tells anyone; Brown gets a second job as a security guard at the school.
S3, EP12 "Meet the Tension"Edna breaks off her engagement to the Colonel and returns to the house; a reinstated Will invites Troy to his celebration dinner, upsetting Sasha.
S3, EP13 "Meet the Liar"Tanya asks for Cora's help; Brown and Derek get quarantined at the hospital.
S3, EP33 "Meet the Cheating Liver"Renee loses a liver that's in a transplant cooler; Cora thinks Reggie is cheating on her.
S3, EP37 "Meet the Stepdaughter"Edna and the colonel's daughter, Karen, argue when Karen wants Edna to sign a prenup.
S1, EP1 "Meet Brown Meadows"Brown gets more than he expects when he fulfills his father's dying wish by opening a retirement home.
S1, EP2 "Meet London and the Competition"Brown interviews prospects for a handyman position before hiring a man named Jesus, who is studying to be a lawyer.
S1, EP3 "Meet the Dependents and the Divas"When Carmen asks Sasha and Will to be foster parents, they hesitate because of their busy schedules.
S1, EP5 "Meet My Maker"When Ms. Edna becomes depressed, Cora initiates a "This Is Your Life" night to show that she is appreciated; Brown mistakenly thinks Jesus is gay.
S1, EP6 "Meet the Babies"When Brianna's pregnant friend goes into labor while staying at the house, Brown must deliver the baby himself.
S1, EP7 "Meet the Dangerous & the Deadline"Sasha's past haunts her when an old boyfriend comes to see her after being released from prison; London loses Brown's winning raffle ticket for a cruise.
S1, EP10 "Meet the Future"Fearing that she will move out, Brown interferes with Cora's relationship; Carmen announces that Brianna and Joaquin's former foster family has agreed to adopt them.
S4, EP32 "Meet the Crush"Derek has a crush on Renee; Brown gets fired from the school.
S4, EP33 "Meet the Harassment"A woman charges Sasha with sexual harassment; Joaquin writes an essay about his family.
S4, EP40 "Meet the Neighbor"Cora struggles to tell an intrusive neighbor, no; Brianna receives a visit from a college recruiter.
S4, EP41 "Meet the Alternative"Darnell is uncomfortable when Cora invites him to bible study and the church lady hits on him.
S4, EP39 "Meet the Seoul Sister"Colonel finds out that his first fiance didn't die in the war.
S4, EP15 "Meet the Neelys"The Neely's host their cooking show at the Brown's home; Brianna teaches Joaquin a lesson.
S4, EP6 "Meet the Birthday"Will Forgets Sasha's birthday, Brianna goes to Cora for advice on her new boyfriend.
S4, EP7 "Meet the Taxpayer"Derek helps Brown with his taxes for the first time, Sasha is rushed to the hospital.
S4, EP1 "Meet the Big Wedding"The Colonel Suffers a heart attack at the alter, Reggie asks Cora to marry him.
S4, EP2 "Meet the Postponement"After the Colonel's near death experience, he decides to postpone the wedding.
S4, EP3 "Meet the Super Christian"The Colonel takes his heart attack as a sign and moves in with Brown.
S4, EP4 "Meet the Farewell"Cora's class plans a farewell party as she receives some disturbing news.
S4, EP5 "Meet the Retraction"Cora accepts Reggie's engagement, Joaquin is jealous at the prospect of a new baby.
S4, EP8 "Meet the Makeover"Will pays Renee to spend time with Sasha, Brown becomes a magician.
S4, EP9 "Meet the Instigator"Reggie and Brown get stuck in the school storage room, Vera and Edna hang out.
S4, EP10 "Meet the Candlelight Dinner"Joaquin has a crush on Simone, Brown sabotages Reggie when he plans a romantic dinner for Cora.
S4, EP11 "Meet the Break Out"Brown is recruited to do a TV testimonial for a body cream which causes him to breakout.
S4, EP12 "Meet the Other Side"Brown refers Derek to the hospital as his assistant but Derek holds back so Brown can keep his job.
S4, EP13 "Meet the House Guest"Thelma stays at the house while Reggie is out of town; Renee borrows money from Will.
S4, EP14 "Meet the Trainer"Cora helps an overweight student with low self-esteem; Derek helps Brown make an exercise tape.
S4, EP16 "Meet the Bird Brains"Brown tries to find the neighbors lost pet to claim the reward.
S4, EP17 "Meet the White Lie"Derek becomes a role model to Joaquin; Renee is admitted to the hospital.
S4, EP18 "Meet the Celebrity"Brown, Derek and Renee try to get a photo of a celebrity's newborn.
S4, EP19 "Meet the California Dreamer"Cora is upset when Reggie decides to stay in California; Brown teaches Brianna to drive.
S4, EP20 "Meet the Not-So-Funny Valentine"The guys decide to boycott Valentine's day, while the women plan something special.
S4, EP21 "Meet the Forgiveness"Colonel meets the son of a man he fought with in the war; Brown sees the doctor for a checkup.
S4, EP22 "Meet the Lay Off"A cut on the school board budget forces Gordon to have to lay off Brown or Cora.
S4, EP23 "Meet the Baby Daddy"A man shows up claiming to be Cora's father; Renee promotes a blood drive party.
S4, EP24 "Meet the Phobia"Will discovers an old friend of Sasha's is making herself sick; the Colonel and Derek try to get Brown off their golf team.
S4, EP26 "Meet the Best Friend"Will's good friend, who is dating Renee, brings another woman over.
S4, EP28 "Meet the Nightmare"Brown is haunted by nightmares of kissing Edna; Sasha is jealous when Renee's friend comes to town.
S4, EP46 "Meet the Attraction"Cora and Brown have to take a CPR class taught by Reggie; Brianna becomes jealous.
S4, EP47 "Meet the New Reggie"Brown and Derek help Reggie improve himself to win Cora; Renee's ex comes in for a check up.
S4, EP48 "Meet the Sugar Mama"Derek meets a rich girl that wants to run his life; Renee goes to the school for a health fair.
S4, EP34 "Meet the Replacement"Renee quits, and Sasha hires a replacement; Derek turns to Brown after loosing his girlfriend.
S4, EP35 "Meet the Deception"Brown is harassed by an overzealous bill collector; Will finds out Sasha is taking birth control.
S4, EP36 "Meet the Nightlife"Sasha's wallet is stolen while at a club; Brianna knows who stole the wallet.
S4, EP37 "Meet the Big Payoff"Brown's cousin shows up with a get rich scheme; Brianna learns a lesson about texting and driving.
S4, EP38 "Meet the Wing Man"Anthony convinces Will to be his wingman when they meet with two women.
S4, EP25 "Meet the Confession"Vera thinks she's dying and confesses a secret; Simone tells Brianna she's pregnant.
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In this spinoff from "Tyler Perry's House of Payne," Downtown Leroy Brown tries to fulfill his father's dying wish by transforming a dilapidated house into a retirement home: Brown Meadows, which happens to be located next door to a rowdy fraternity house. Helping Leroy keep the facility's quirky residents in line are his daughter, Cora; his nephew, Will, a doctor, and Will's wife, Sasha, a nurse; social worker Carmen Martinez; and Jesus Hernandez, a maintenance engineer who is studying to be a lawyer.
Original Air Date: Jan 7, 2009
Genres: ComedyTV Series
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
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