Beachfront Bargain Hunt

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Beachfront Bargain HuntPurchasing a beachfront property doesn't always mean buyers have to break the bank. This series documents the journeys of families who are dreaming of living in a sandy locale with palm trees and warm ocean breezes, but those dreams are accompanied by a firm budget. And by budget we mean substantially short of a million dollars. The house hunters tour three to four waterfront properties -- each with surprisingly affordable price tags -- before choosing the one that turns the beach lifestyle dreams into reality.
S5, EP3 "A Home on the Grand Strand in South Carolina"A couple hunts for a beachfront home where they can unwind after a busy work week, and they turn their attention toward the Grand Strand in South Carolina.
S9, EP11 "Key West, Florida Comeback"A single mother wants to find a vacation home in Key West, Florida, where she can reconnect with her sons.
S9, EP7 "Opening Up Shop in San Jacinto, Ecuador"A couple wants to open a bed and breakfast in San Jacinto, Ecuador, but the search will not be an easy one.
S9, EP12 "Searching for a Seafront Sanctuary in Saipan"San Diego residents plan to move to Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands with room for storage for their business.
S9, EP4 "Sustainability on the Sands of Guanacaste, Costa Rica"Looking to escape the pace of life in Denver, a couple wants to live amongst nature and leave a smaller footprint on the Earth in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.
S9, EP5 "Swooning for Tamuning, Guam"A man whose six-mile commute can last up to an hour each way, wants to find a home closer to his job in Tamuning, Guam.
S9, EP6 "The Value of Friendship in Manta"Newlyweds want to find a tropical vacation getaway in Manta, Ecuador, and luckily have a friend in the area who works in the real estate business.
S5, EP2 "A Young Couple With a Baby on the Way Searches for a Beach House on the Outer Banks"A young, active couple wants to find the perfect beach home on the shores of Outer Banks where they can spend quality time as a family.
S5, EP5 "Having Vacationed on Emerald Isle for Years, a Couple Looks for a Getaway of Their Own There"With their daughters grown, a couple wants to find a perfect getaway that is big enough for visiting family.
S5, EP10 "A Gem of a Home on Emerald Isle, N.C."A couple wants to find the perfect weekend getaway in Emerald Isle, N.C., where their children can have memorable summers.
S5, EP8 "A Home to Grow in Nags Head, N.C."Fond of childhood memories, a couple wants to give their sons unforgettable summers in Nags Head, N.C.
S5, EP6 "A Retreat That Offers Peace of Mind"A couple wants a relaxing escape in the Jersey Shore, so they search for a villa, but with dogs restricted from most beaches, there may be difficulties.
S5, EP12 "A Family's happiness Is Found on the Secluded Waterways of Sargent, Texas"A family with different likes wants to find a home in Sargent, Texas, but they must agree on a home that will fit their tight budget.
S5, EP4 "Vacation Home on the Gorgeous Crystal Coast of North Carolina"After vacationing on the Crystal Coast for years, a family decides to buy a home with easy water access in the area.
S5, EP13 "Paradise on the Pacific in Long Beach, Washington"A family wants to buy a dream vacation home on Long Beach, Wash., but needs help from a real estate agent to get the most out of their budget.
S5, EP9 "Pining for a Peaceful Paradise in Pine Knoll Shores"A couple wants to leave the tourist town of Atlantic Beach for the slower paced lifestyle in Pine Knoll Shores, N.C.
S5, EP1 "Texas Living on the Shores of Crystal Beach"A couple who has been vacationing in Crystal Beach, Texas, since high school wants to find a beach home in the area.
S5, EP7 "A Jersey Couple Search the Enclosed Beach Community of Pt. Pleasant, N.J. for a Child-Friendly Home"A family searches for a house near the beach in Point Pleasant, N.J., but must consider child safety and parking.
S5, EP11 "A Family Retreats to a Quaint New England Harbor to Find Their Slice of Beachfront America"A family dreams of finding a beachfront property in Mystic, Conn., and hopes to do so under their $375,000 budget.
S6, EP8 "A Couple Looks for a Weekend Getaway in Picturesque and Prestigious Montauk"Enjoying the ability to decompress at the beach, a couple searches for a weekend getaway on the beach in Montauk, N.Y.
S6, EP6 "Battling Budgets in North Myrtle Beach"A couple agrees on getting a vacation home in North Myrtle Beach, S.C., but they have differing ideas on the budget.
S6, EP12 "Beach Living on the Shores of Barrington, R.I."A man wants to give his daughter the beachfront lifestyle he had as a child, and searches for a waterfront home in Narragansett Bay.
S6, EP11 "Searching the Sandy Shores of Big Texas for an Island Getaway on a Little Budget"After saving for years for their family vacation home, they search for a place on the shores of South Padre Island.
S6, EP7 "Galavanting Around for a Summer Home on Beaches of Galveston, Texas"Tired of annual rentals, a couple decides to buy a beachfront home in Galveston, Texas, but they have a tight budget to work with.
S6, EP9 "A Woman Ready for a Change Searches for a Permanent Dream Home in Avon, North Carolina"Eager to make a change, a woman searches for a beach home with small town charm that suits all of her needs in Avon, N.C.
S6, EP2 "Hunting for the Perfect Seaside Vista Along the Coast of Virginia"A couple wants to purchase a full-time home that is both seaside and spacious on the coast of Virginia.
S6, EP13 "Living in Flip Flops on Fripp Island, S.C."A woman turns her favorite vacation spot, Fripp Island, S.C., into a permanent home for herself and her daughters.
S6, EP3 "Ocean City Dreaming Along the Shores of Maryland"A busy Pennsylvania family wants to find a retreat in Ocean City, Md., where they can get away with only a drive.
S6, EP1 "Searching for a Sun Worshipper's Spot in Virginia Beach"A woman gets help from her sister in searching for a permanent home along Shore Drive in sunny Virginia Beach, Va.
S6, EP5 "The Maine Idea Is to Relax in Old Orchard Beach"Having enjoyed the shores of New England since his childhood, a man wants to find a place in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.
S30, EP9Documenting the journeys of families who dream of living in a sandy locale on a budget.
S29, EP13 "Beach House Hopes for a First-Time Buyer"A recent graduate relocated to North Carolina to live with her parents, but now she's squirreled enough money away to find a place of her own.
S29, EP12 "The Gulf Coast is Calling"A family from Austin, Texas, has decided to permanently relocate to the small coastal town of Cameron, La.; they've packed up their camper, hit the road and hope to find an affordable property on their very first trip to the Gulf Coast.
S29, EP11 "Keys to the Beach Life"A couple love their new island lifestyle on the tropical shores of the Florida Keys, but they are on the hunt for more space and will have to act fast to snag a great deal in a competitive market.
S29, EP10 "Beach Bound and Down for a Deal"A recently engaged couple look to trade their busy city life for a home in the coastal resort town of Carolina Beach; they may not agree on what they want in a new beach house, but in North Carolina's hot market, time is a luxury they can't afford.
S29, EP9 "All Roads Lead Back to Myrtle"A traveling nurse who has always dreamed of living near the water searches in Myrtle Beach, S.C., for a beachy retreat from her busy life on the road.
S29, EP8 "Returning to the Breezy Life"A military family is ready to buy their first house and hope to provide the same beach life for their kids as they had growing up; looking at familiar stomping grounds along Florida's Emerald Coast, they've narrowed their search to Gulf Breeze.
S29, EP7 "The Sun Never Sets on a Beach Dream"Every trip to Sunset Beach, N.C., a tight-knit family of three falls deeper in love with the town's natural beauty; after years of saving and crashing at their friend's house, they're finally ready to carve out their own slice of paradise.
S29, EP5 "The Artist's Way Along The Bay"A professional artist couple looks to fulfill their dream of finding a home along the pristine shores of Barnegat Bay, N.J.; with inventory decreasing along the coast, they're eager to find the perfect beach house to welcome peace and inspiration.
S29, EP4 "Buying a Bargain on Bethany Beach"Living miles from the nearest ocean in their upstate New York home, a family sets out to find a beachside escape on the shores of Delaware.
S29, EP3 "Looking for a Lifestyle Change in Rhode Island"A father-daughter duo is following their friends and leaving the city for the beach life along the shores of the Upper Narragansett Bay; they rely on a close friend to help them.
S29, EP2 "Dreaming Big in the Wildwoods of New Jersey"A couple is looking to upgrade from their New Jersey condo into something larger on the bay; they're hoping the extra space will allow them to spend more time with friends and family.
S29, EP1 "Renters Become Buyers in Ocean City, Maryland"A family from Philadelphia has been vacationing for years along the shores of Ocean City, Md., and now it's time to claim their own slice of paradise; they're hoping to find an affordable property that overlooks the bay with room for a future boat.
S28, EP12 "The Keys to Unlocking a Deal"Having fallen in love with the great fishing in the Florida Keys, Mike and Donna think it's the perfect vacation destination for them; hoping to use it as an investment, they are looking for their dream beach home right on the water.
S28, EP11 "Different Opinions of the Perfect Home in Matagorda, Texas"Mike and Marina have no doubt Matagorda, Texas, is the perfect place for a family vacation home; they must be able to agree on the property's location.
S28, EP9 "Living the Pura Vida in Costa Rica"After a trip to Tamarindo, Costa Rica, Tracy and Dan decide that is where they want to invest in property.
S28, EP8 "Seeking a Sizzling Escape"Although a couple love visiting their family in Destin, Fla., they have grown tired of spending on hotel stays; with their toddler growing up quickly, they feel now is the best time to ditch pricey hotels and buy a place of their own.
S28, EP6 "Rugged Oregon Coast"A couple who had their first date on the Oregon coast look to buy a property by the water that they can call their home away from home.
S28, EP5 "Shopping for a Surfside Deal"Zach and Stephanie's eleventh move brings them to the small Texan town of Surfside Beach, but before they can dig their toes into the sand, they'll need to find a property listed for an affordable price.
S28, EP4 "Biking to a Bargain"With their kids getting older, Jodi and Sean are ready to invest in a vacation home on Hilton Head Island.
S28, EP3 "Buying With a Little Help"Yeirdon and Becca love visiting friends in Ocean Isle Beach, N.C., and they think it's the perfect place to get their children out of the city and onto the sand; now, they're finally ready to purchase their dream vacation home.
S28, EP2 "Spouses Search for a Deal"Married real estate agents make their living finding dream homes for clients in Pensacola Beach, Fla.; now, they want their own slice of paradise, but finding the perfect waterfront property on which they can both agree may be a challenge.
S28, EP1 "Affordable Art Deco Design"Dayne and Lindsay want an Art Deco-style vacation home in Miami Beach to enjoy with their young daughter, Dylan -- they love the city's mix of culture and family friendly activities, but budget is a concern.
S28 "Third Time Is the Charm"After losing out on two different houses in Ocean Isle, this couple are hoping that a third attempt will be their last so that they can enjoy the beach life with their two young children.
S28 "Cashing in on the Caribbean's Best"A couple make up for living in landlocked Missouri with frequent vacations to tropical destinations; after discovering the affordability of the Dominican Republic, they want to find a place of their own in the Caribbean's top tourist location.
S28 "New Job, New Digs in Ocean City, NJ"A young couple makes childhood dreams a reality by relocating to Ocean City, N.J., but finding a spacious and affordable place can be challenging in this desirable beach town.
S27, EP13 "Beach Bound on the Lost Coast of California"Lindsey and Alec live in Reno, Nev., with their three dogs; with a busy life in the city, they are looking for a change of pace; after Alec was offered a job in California, they discovered the oceanfront town of Shelter Cove.
S27, EP12 "A Promise Kept in Panama City"Before they were married, Arun promised Becky they would have a house on the beach someday; 12 years and two children later, life is hectic, and it's time for the couple to find a home in Panama City, Fla.
S27, EP7 "Frequent Flyers to Condo Buyers in Destin, FL"Years after falling in love with Destin, Fla., a couple look for a beach home that can accommodate their two boys, extended family, and friends.
S27, EP1 "Banking on a Bargain in Biloxi"A personal trainer who is looking to move on from renting wants to invest in his own property; he can't think of a better place for a beach house than his hometown of Biloxi, Miss; finding a bargain among $1 million homes proves to be a challenge.
S27 "A Girls Getaway on Mobile Bay"A woman and her daughter -- feeling outnumbered by the seven boys in their blended family -- are looking for a waterfront getaway in Mobile Bay, Ala.
S27 "Leaving the Lagoon to Live Out a Beach Dream"Globetrotters Anna and Geoff decide to put down roots in Placencia, Belize; they've been living along the lagoon side of the island with their two children, but they've always dreamed of moving to the beach.
S27 "Love and Listings on the Northern Coast of Oregon"Jacob falls in love with his real estate agent, Ciji; now, they for a beach-side vacation home together, and Ciji's background is sure to help them land the perfect property along the northern coast of Oregon.
S27 "Searching for More Space on the Sound in West Haven, Connecticut"Halloran and Rob currently live in a small one-bedroom apartment in Stanford, Conn; finally ready to upgrade to a property with more space, they're looking to find a home along the shores of West Haven.
S26, EP13 "First-Time Homebuyers Look to Leave Renting Behind"A Washington family of four has always dreamed of living near the beach, and hopes now might be their chance; having rented on the Long Beach Peninsula for years, they are ready to purchase their forever home by the water.
S26, EP12 "Continuing a Legacy in Cape Charles"A History teacher has family roots in Cape Charles, Virginia and fascinated by the small town's charm, he and his spouse hope to buy a retreat near the water.
S26, EP11 "Setting Sail to Oak Island"A very busy couple love taking trips to the tranquil shores of Oak Island, N.C.; realizing life is short, they want to permanently move to the beach with their young daughter to soak up the sun all year long.
S26, EP10 "Two Runners Look for a Stunner in Blaine, Washington"A runner and her friend search for the perfect beachfront vacation home in Blaine, Wash.
S26, EP9 "Ocean City Bound With a Baby"A couple who met as teenagers in Ocean City, New Jersey, have always dreamed of having a vacation home there and with a baby on the way, they need to find a place before their little bundle is born.
S26, EP8 "Getting the Family Together in Gulf Shores, Alabama"Two sisters and their husbands search for a vacation home in the Gulf Shores area of Alabama; with seven kids between them, it may be tricky to find a property with not only enough space but also an affordable price tag.
S26, EP7 "Escaping the City to Live at the Beach"A Long Island native who spent her life working in Manhattan is ready to fulfill her dream of moving permanently to the Hamptons; with the help of her best friend, she searches for a beach home in Hampton Bays, N.Y.
S26, EP5 "Paying the Right Price for Paradise in Belize"After years of traveling around the Caribbean, a couple falls in love with Ambergris Caye; they can't wait to buy their own Belizean family retreat, but first they need to agree on how much they're willing to spend on it.
S26, EP4 "A New Way to Vacation in Galveston"A family loves to visit the shores of Galveston, Texas, but never considered buying property there until a visit to a friend's beach house; now, they hope to snag their own place in their favorite getaway.
S26, EP3 "Back to the Beach in Port St. Joe, FL"After years away from family and friends, a military vet and his wife return to their hometown of Port St. Joe, Fla., finally ready to settle down in a house by the water.
S26, EP2 "A Grand Getaway in the Cayman Islands"A couple couldn't afford to honeymoon in the Cayman Islands, but made it their mission to save enough to visit someday; now they're on a new journey to buy a beachfront house in their dream destination.
S26, EP1 "Finding a First Time Home in Florida"A newly engaged couple are asked to relocate for work from New Jersey to sunny Florida; without hesitation, they search for their dream home to start the next adventurous chapter of their lives.
S25, EP13 "Girls Just Want a Beach House"A mother-daughter duo looks to find their family a vacation home in the picturesque town of Cocoa Beach, Florida; their challenge is finding an affordable property with enough space.
S25, EP12 "Friends Indeed on Pleasure Island, NC"Two Californians search for a vacation home in Pleasure Island, N.C., after visiting their friends there.
S25, EP11 "Leaving the Winters of Wisconsin for the Beauty of Belize"A Wisconsin couple dream of escaping the cold and relocate to the sunny beaches of Belize.
S25, EP10 "Searching for a Monster Deal on the Wicked Awesome Jersey Shore"A couple from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania want a waterfront home near the beaches of Wildwood, New Jersey.
S25, EP9 "New Memories in a New Home"A couple searches for a summer cottage where they can create new memories along the southern coast of Maine.
S25, EP8 "Cheese Heads to Fort Myers Beach Heads"A couple from Wisconsin searches for a beachside paradise in Fort Myers Beach, Fla.
S25, EP7 "Home Base in Cape Charles"A family searches for a beach house to become a home base.
S25, EP6 "Dream Boards Do Come True in Panama City Beach, Fla."A woman and her family search for a vacation retreat in Panama City Beach, Fla., to fulfill her dream.
S25, EP5 "Twice as Nice in St. Thomas"A couple want to purchase a beachfront property they can enjoy with their two sons in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.
S25, EP4 "All in for Amenities in Myrtle Beach"A father brings his young daughter along as they search for a vacation condo in Myrtle Beach, S.C., with all the amenities.
S25, EP3 "Looking for a Beachfront Legacy in Gulf Shores"After two years of vacation rentals, a family of five is ready to purchase a beach house in Gulf Shores, Ala.
S25, EP2 "Dreaming of a Gulf-Front Gem"A couple from Houston, Texas, wants to buy the beach home they've always dreamed of and they hope to find an affordable property in nearby Surfside Beach, Texas.
S25, EP1 "Working for the Weekend in St. Pete Beach, Florida"Hardworking best friends and coworkers search for a home to relax on the weekends in sunny St. Pete Beach, Fla.
S24, EP12 "Hunting for a Home Base in Fort Walton Beach"A military man and his wife search for a beachfront condo around Fort Walton Beach in Florida so they can create memories with their children.
S24, EP9 "Some Don't Like It Hot in Maine"A couple from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., searches the southern coast of Maine for a getaway retreat as they seek an escape from the heat.
S24, EP8 "Leaving No Stone Unturned in Connecticut"A Connecticut family look for a beach house to help them spend more time together; they love nearby Stonington, and with its unique maritime history they think it's the perfect location for their new vacation home.
S24, EP7 "The Tybee Time Has Come"A Georgia family is eager to find a vacation home on Tybee Island; while previously living in Hawaii, they fell in love with the beautiful beaches and are hoping to get back to that lifestyle within their budget.
S24, EP6 "A Bigger House on South Padre Island"An engaged couple searches for a beachfront home in South Padre Island, Texas, where both of their families can live together under one roof.
S24, EP4 "Researching the Perfect Home in Kill Devil Hills"After accepting a job offer in Kill Devil Hills, N.C., a marine biologist looks for her dream home on the Outer Banks to share with her fiancé and his kids when they visit.
S24, EP2 "Invest in the Future in Gulf Shores"An Ohio couple quickly fell in love with Gulf Shores, Ala., after visiting the resort city with their two daughters; they are looking for a property that can double as their dream vacation home and a rental for extra income.
S24, EP1 "Leaving Atlanta for a Life on the Beach"A family of three is eager to move to sunny Pensacola Beach, Fla., and goes hunt for the perfect waterfront home.
S23, EP13 "Rentable Retreat in Surfside Beach"A couple searches for a beachfront property for their family that they can also rent out in the laid-back family atmosphere of Surfside Beach, S.C.
S23, EP12 "Visitors Become Buyers on the Bolivar Peninsula"A couple has been visiting the Bolivar Peninsula in Texas for the last 20 years; they love a stretch of the Gulf Coast that is a short drive from their home, and now they're ready to make their dream of owning a beachfront property a reality.
S23, EP11 "Enjoying the Cape Charles Breeze"College sweethearts from northern Virginia lead a hectic life with four kids; their favorite place to escape is the historic town of Cape Charles, and after saving for years, the family is ready to buy a vacation home.
S23, EP9 "A Spontaneous Stop"A Houston couple wants to find a slice of paradise to enjoy weekend vacations in Surfside Beach, Texas.
S23, EP7 "Dropping Anchor in Ocean City, Maryland"Colby and Wade love visiting Ocean City, Md. on the weekends; tired of towing their boat back and forth, they're searching for a condo with a deeded dock to fully enjoy quick getaways.
S23, EP5 "Destination Staycation in Galveston, TX"A busy couple seeks the perfect low-key getaway spot that is a short drive from their beach home in Galveston, Texas.
S23, EP3 "Fripp Island"An Atlanta couple with two young sons fell in love with Fripp Island, S.C.; they are looking for a beach house on the tranquil island, but must find a middle ground when it comes to what they want.
S21, EP5 "Achieving That Beachy Dream"A couple searches for a vacation home for their family along the Jersey Shore in Ocean City, N.J.; in order for things to work, they must find a property with great rental potential to help offset the cost.
S19, EP8 "Staying Active in Ocean City, Maryland"An active couple from Herndon, Va., has been visiting Ocean City, Md., for years and enjoys all the activities the area has to offer and are now ready to buy a vacation home with amenities that help them stay in shape and plenty of space for guests.
S9, EP13 "All in for Agana Beach, Guam"A woman wants to leave her single-family home for a more manageable residence on Agana Beach in Guam.
S9, EP10 "Finding a Castle on the Coast in Fort Pierce, Fla."A couple looks for a family vacation home in the "Sunrise City" of Fort Pierce, Fla., where they can spend time together.
S9, EP9 "It's a Life of Ease in the Lower Keys of Florida"Wildlife biologists from Alaska hope to find new opportunities and a home in the Lower Keys of Florida.
S9, EP8 "Caribbean Dreamin' in the Great White North"A young couple from Calgary, Alberta, would like to find a beachfront vacation property in Puerto Rico.
S9, EP3 "Costa Rican Playa Persuasion"A couple want to make memories before their teenage daughters grow up, and decide to find a beachfront home in Costa Rica.
S9, EP2 "A Crucial Life Change in Crucita"After years of working sixteen-hour days, a man has decided to find an oceanfront retreat where he can find tranquility.
S9, EP1 "Destination Daytona Beach, Fla."After three years of sharing space with friends, a couple wants to find a beachfront home of their own.
S8, EP13 "Crashin' on the Shores of Crystal Beach, Texas"After years of renting, a couple wants to find a beachfront base in Crystal Beach, Texas, to accommodate a family of four.
S8, EP12 "Passion for Port Lavaca, Texas"Tired of their commute, a couple wants to move to Port Lavaca so they can spend more time enjoying the beach.
S8, EP11 "My Heart-a Belongs to Puerto Vallarta"After visiting Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for many years, a couple decides to find a beachfront oasis it can visit whenever it feels the need to get away.
S8, EP10 "A Couple Searches the Exotic Pacific Shores of Costa Rica in Search of Their Slice of Paradise"A couple wants to escape Toronto winters in a vacation home in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, where they can rent out rooms.
S8, EP9 "Redemption in Rockport, Texas"After spending family vacations in the Gulf Coast community of Rockport, Texas, a couple wants to find a beach house of its own.
S8, EP8 "Passport to Rio Hato, Panama"A man from Vancouver, Canada, has planned to live on the beach since he was a teenager, and now searches for a place in Rio Hato, Panama.
S8, EP7 "A Couple Explores Daufuskie in Hopes of Finding a Beach House Big Enough for Their Large Family"After marrying on Daufuskie Island, a family of eleven wants to find a place where it can visit, relax and enjoy the beach.
S8, EP6 "Fortifying a Family in Fort Pierce"In order to give its family a place to stay connected as it grows and moves away, a couple searches for a beachfront home in Fort Pierce, Fla.
S8, EP5 "Ethereal Eleuthera Experience"A couple from Long Island, New York, wants to find a beachfront getaway in Eleuthera, Bahamas, where they both can relax.
S8, EP4 "Embarking Out on Her Own, a Thirty Something Woman Explores the Beaches"A woman with an affinity for beach living wants to buy a home on the Jersey Shore for her and her mother.
S8, EP3 "A Couple From Jersey Escapes to Beautiful St. Croix"Tired of its cramped abode, even though the place is rent-free, a couple wants to find a dream home on the water in St. Croix.
S8, EP2 "A Young Couple Yearns for a New Life in Beautiful St. Croix"Fed up with living in a crowded downtown environment, a young couple from Pittsburgh heads for the openness of St. Croix.
S8, EP1 "Beachfront Bound, a Couple and Their Energetic Dog Set Out to Find Satisfaction on the Gulf in Fla."A couple from Georgia and its dog want to find a home on a dog-friendly beach in St. Joseph's Bay, Fla.
S7, EP13 "Yearnin' for Chuburna Puerto, Mexico"A couple searches for a weekend getaway where they can spend time together with their family in Chuburna Puerto, Mexico.
S7, EP12 "Hatteras Holiday on the North Carolina Coast"A couple wants to buy a permanent beachfront vacation home in Hatteras Village in North Carolina's Outer Banks.
S7, EP11 "A Couple Searches for the Perfect Beach Getaway for Their Large Family of Nine"A couple wants to find a second home on the water in Palm Coast, Fla., that is big enough for a family of nine.
S7, EP10 "A Pacific Northwest Paradise in Ocean Shores, Washington"A couple prepares to relocate to the beaches of Ocean Shores, Wash., so it can get a break while working at home.
S7, EP9 "A Woman Brings Her Hopes of Living Beachfront to Amelia Island, Fla."A woman wants to find a beachfront home on Amelia Island, Fla., and her son and daughter-in-law help her with the task.
S7, EP8 "With Differences in Opinion, a Husband and Wife Go South to Find Common Ground in Tybee Island, Ga."After vacationing on Tybee Island, Ga., for years, a couple must agree on a wishlist for their beachfront getaway.
S7, EP7 "Ocean Isle Oasis Along the Southern Coast of North Carolina"Parents think their boys will want to spend more time with them if they had a beach house in Ocean Isle, N.C.
S7, EP6 "A Couple Looks for a Beach House That Will Suit Their Family as Well as Bring in Rental Income"A family that struggles to plan for a vacation hopes that buying a beachfront property will allow them to vacation without planning, as well as bring in income property.
S7, EP5 "Giddy to Find a Beachfront Home in Ocean City"A couple wants to find a home on the beach in Ocean City, Md., that is appropriate for its current lifestyle, but can also accommodate a family.
S7, EP4 "Longing for Long Branch, N.J."With hectic schedules, a family has a difficult time spending time together, they hope that a beach house will help them connect.
S7, EP3 "Northern Beach Retreat on the Outer Banks"A couple wants to find a beachfront vacation getaway on the northern beaches of the Outer Banks in Virginia.
S7, EP2 "An Akumal Adventure on Half Moon Bay"Avid snorkelers who enjoy Half Moon Bay in Akumal, Mexico, would like to buy a condo without exhausting their budget.
S7, EP1 "Don't Top the Budget on Topsail Island, N.C."A couple searches for a vacation home in North Carolina, and while one wants a stand-alone home, the other pushes for a beachfront condo.
S6, EP10 "Waking Waretown Dreams on the Jersey Shore"A couple searches for a vacation home on the Jersey Shore, but while one wants a lagoon-front home, the other wants to stick to the budget.
S6, EP4 "To Buy Beachside or Bayside in South Padre Island, Texas"Las Vegas residents with a hectic lifestyle search for a relaxing vacation home on South Padre Island, Texas.
S1, EP13 "A Washington Family Searches For a Beach Home"A couple searches for a permanent vacation home in Ocean Park, Wash.
S1, EP12 "A North Carolina Family Searches for a Family Beach Home"A couple wants to relax on Emerald Isle, N.C.
S1, EP11 "An Oregon Family Scours for a Beachfront Bargain"A family from Portland, Ore., wants to escape city life in a beachfront home.
S1, EP10 "Nature Lovers Bargain Hunt"A couple wants to find a home on Texas' gulf coast.
S1, EP9 "A Texas Family Hunts For A Beachfront Bargain"Jen and Trey Johnson search for a beach home on the sandy shores of Galveston, Texas.
S1, EP8 "A North Carolina Woman Searches for Her Perfect Beachfront Getaway"A single woman wants to find a vacation home.
S1, EP7 "A Virginia Family Looks for Their Dream Beach House"A couple search for a beach house in the historic city of Cape Charles, Va.
S1, EP6 "A New England Family Searches for a Vacation Dock to Call Home"A family searches for a second home in Cape Cod.
S1, EP5 "A Virginia Couple Searches for a Home With a Water View"High school sweethearts search for a vacation home in North Carolina.
S1, EP4 "A Family Searches for a Home With Water Access"Blanche and Chris search for a second home in Myrtle Beach.
S1, EP3 "Brother and Sister Search for a Family Vacation House"Siblings seek a second home in the Hamptons for annual family vacations.
S1, EP2 "Home Is Where the Beach Is"A newly engaged couple wants to find a home on Clearwater Beach.
S1, EP1 "Boat Lovers Bargain Hunt"A family searches for a second home on Alabama's Gulf Coast.
"Beach House in NC"Documenting the journeys of families who dream of living in a sandy locale on a budget.
Purchasing a beachfront property doesn't always mean buyers have to break the bank. This series documents the journeys of families who are dreaming of living in a sandy locale with palm trees and warm ocean breezes, but those dreams are accompanied by a firm budget. And by budget we mean substantially short of a million dollars. The house hunters tour three to four waterfront properties -- each with surprisingly affordable price tags -- before choosing the one that turns the beach lifestyle dreams into reality.
Original Air Date: Sep 2, 2013
Genres: Home/CookingRealityTV Series
Rating: TVG
Playback: HD
16 seasons available on demand (125 episodes)
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