My Big Fat Fabulous Life

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life"My Big Fat Fabulous Life" follows Whitney Thore's emotional journey after being diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. The disorder caused Whitney, a slender dancer at the time, to gain more than 200 pounds in one year at college. Feeling trapped in a big body, she struggled with self-doubt and negative stereotypes. Now 380 pounds and eager to continue sharing her passion for dance, Whitney has learned to embrace her body and love herself again. She teaches dance classes for plus-size girls, explores the dating scene, confronts bullies, and wears a bikini on the beach for the first time in 10 years. She also spearheads a campaign that fights body-shaming and promotes self-love and acceptance. To that end, Whitney Thore is no longer letting her fear of people's judgment dictate the way she lives her life.
S9, EP2 "From Tutor to Suitor"A newly vaccinated Whitney sets up a first date with her mystery French man; Buddy finally agrees to meet up with Whitney after months of dodging her.
S11, EP13 "My Big Fat Family Heartbreak"The Swiss family adventure continues until a terrifying turn of events leaves them stranded in the Alps, where a helicopter rescue mission may be their only hope; the shocking reveal of a new family secret sends Whitney into a spiral.
S11, EP7 "My Dad's Big Fat Fabulous Past"The house is abuzz after the family dance-off; Whitney refuses to lose to her new niece; Whitney's nephew introduces her to a new potential suitor; Glenn and Angie finally discuss the nature of their relationship.
S11, EP6 "My Big Fat Alabama Baptism"Anxiety reaches an all-time high as the Thores arrive in Alabama to meet Angie, Glenn's long-lost daughter; when Whitney starts a friendly competition with her niece and nephews, Glenn worries Whitney's competitive nature will be too much for them.
S11, EP5 "My Big Fat Home Alabama"The Thores prepare to embark on the biggest adventure of their lives: meeting their new family; with the trip looming, Glenn worries he may not finish a surprise gift for his new great-granddaughter.
S11, EP4 "My Big Fat Weigh-In"Whitney wants to participate in her dad's bucket list, but indoor skydiving has a weight limit; Glenn tries to build a dollhouse for his new great-granddaughter; Whitney gets Jessica outside her comfort zone.
S11, EP3 "My Big Fat Alabama Fama"Determined to lift her grieving father's mood, Whitney cheers him on as he pursues an item on his geriatric bucket list: milking a cow; Glenn is far more nervous about talking to his long-lost daughter for the first time.
S11, EP2 "My Big Fat Family Secret"While the family reels from the death of Babs, their beloved matriarch, a secret, long-lost daughter from Glenn's past emerges; determined to help her dad move forward, Whitney plans a Babs-themed party with friends and family to celebrate her life.
S11, EP1 "Babs"The Thores are left heartbroken by the passing of their matriarch, Babs; with Glenn forced to navigate life without his wife, Whitney takes on the role of caring for her aging father and moves him into her home.
S10, EP12 "What Is Love? Lennie Don't Hurt Me"Whitney and her friends take advantage of their final days in St. Lucia with a packed itinerary, but Lennie is nowhere to be found; Whitney worries he's ditching her for his island crush, leaving her questioning her feelings.
S10, EP11 "Relationship Status: Open"Whitney's friends join her for some Caribbean vacation fun, but things take an unexpected turn when she's caught in bed with her ex, Lennie; Whitney must decide if she'll rekindle the old flame or let Lennie find love somewhere on the island.
S10, EP10 "Fat Girl in a Little Car"With the music video complete and Babs thriving at Abbotswood, Whitney, her brother and her friends can finally take a vacation to St. Lucia; Whitney reveals her newly open relationship status, and everyone wonders if Lennie will make a move.
S10, EP9 "Let's Get Physical"Whitney invests money to produce an '80s-style fitness video to gain more subscribers to her fitness app; Glenn and Babs surprise Whitney on set just as she hears Buddy, her leading man, dropped out; Glenn may be the only person who can save the day.
S10, EP8 "A Big Fat Wedding -- But Not Mine"Despite her recent health setbacks, Babs is determined to attend Jessica's wedding; Lennie agrees to undergo a wedding day makeover, and Whitney is taken with how attractive she finds him in his suit.
S10, EP7 "Hand-Fed Bananas"Whitney's plate is already full as she works to resurrect her dance class while also helping Jessica with her wedding; when Babs has a health setback that lands her back in the hospital, Whitney shifts her efforts and focus back on her mom.
S10, EP6 "Pole Dancing Bride"Whitney finally gets Glenn to semi-retire and tries to prep Heather for a new love; Jessica pushes Whitney outside her comfort zone in a pole dancing class; an emergency with Babs' health brings Whitney's world to a sudden halt.
S10, EP5 "Big Fat Sex Reveal"As Babs settles into her new senior living community, Whitney partners with a drag queen to throw Ashley a gender reveal party and agrees to teach Jessica a dance for her upcoming wedding.
S10, EP4 "A New Home for Babs"When Babs is released from the hospital, Whitney, Glenn and Hunter must scramble to find a place for her to live; with the wedding quickly approaching, tensions between Jessica and her fiancé heat up.
S10, EP3 "Business Decisions in the Bedroom"A pregnant Ashley decides she doesn't want to know her baby's gender, so Whitney must carry the secret alone; Heather breaks out of her shell on a group date; Babs makes progress in rehab; Hunter, Whitney and Henchi are added to the visitor list.
S10, EP2 "Thore Family Values"After suffering a stroke, COVID-19 and an infection, the Thores are amazed to see Babs make a miraculous recovery; everyone anxiously hopes it will be enough to get her approved for rehabilitation; Whitney is not prepared to give up without a fight.
S10, EP1 "For the Love of Babs"After Babs suffers a stroke, the family discovers that Babs, Glenn and Hunter have COVID-19; without her family to lean on, Whitney's friends rally together as she attempts to stay strong through a trying time.
S9, EP12 "Bon Voyage, Whitney"Whitney has a one-way ticket to Paris and is ready to meet her French man; when Whitney prioritizes love over her business, it may cause friction between her and Jessica; Whitney wonders whether her loved ones support her or expect the worst.
S9, EP11 "Late, Toothless and High"While her friends and family enjoy their trip to Maine, Whitney agonizes over whether the French man will be allowed into the U.S.; after a painful medical emergency, Whitney makes a decision that has the others worried she's headed for heartache.
S9, EP10 "Maine Reason for Tension"After the French man stands Whitney up on the trip to Maine, she is forced to defend her online relationship to her family and friends; Whitney wonders if her love life has taken another hit.
S9, EP9 "Fat Lips"Whitney finally gets the results from her painful egg retrieval procedure; Hunter accuses Whitney of moving too fast with the French man; a disturbing voice message leaves Whitney questioning everything.
S9, EP8 "A Big Fat Disappointment"While on a painful break with the French man, Whitney grapples with her own jealousy after hearing Chase's happy news; the French man finally reaches out, but he may decide his privacy is more important than a romance with her.
S9, EP7 "Chase'n the Frenchman"Ashley claps back at Whitney after she's fired from No BS Active; while Whitney struggles with the side effects of her fertility drugs, the French man continues to ghost her; Whitney meets up with Chase.
S9, EP6 "Crappy Birthday to You"Whitney and Todd's birthday celebration turns into a total disaster; Whitney finally confronts the French man about where their relationship is heading, but she may not be prepared for what he has to say.
S9, EP5 "Retreat Yourself"Whitney and her friends begin to doubt the French man's intentions after a revelation at the big girls' retreat forces her to acknowledge the similarities between him and a man in her past; she must decide if she will give him a chance or not.
S9, EP4 "Vaxed and Waxed"Whitney and Ashley head to Georgia for a big girls' retreat; with international travel restrictions relaxing, Whitney wonders if her virtual relationship will finally become a reality or if her French man will say au revoir.
S9, EP3 "Will You Be My Surrogate?"Worried about her slim chances for a having a child, Whitney makes some big decisions during a trip to the fertility doctor; Whitney goes on her first official date with the French man, hoping it will put them on the path to amour.
S9, EP1 "Big Fat French Crush"Whitney looks forward to life after quarantine; Buddy abandons her for his new girlfriend; Whitney develops a crush on a Parisian man, and her friends worry about her getting into another long distance relationship.
S8, EP15 "The Skinny"Host Sukanya Krishnan takes Whitney, her friends and her family back through some of the most memorable and traumatic moments of the past year; Chase comes face to face with everyone for the first time since the breakup.
S8, EP14 "Big Fat Baby News"Things are looking up for Whitney during an Asheville getaway, then she discovers that Ryan has been keeping devastating news from her; Whitney is shocked by a surprise call from Chase and his baby daughter.
S8, EP13 "Big Fat Brawl"During a weekend trip to Asheville, all eyes are on Ryan for possible sabotage, but no one is expecting Whitney and Buddy to lash out at each other; Whitney tests her stamina on a treacherous waterfall hike.
S8, EP12 "Whitney Gets Her Groove Back"In an attempt to rebuild their shaky relationship, Ryan invites Whitney and her friends to Asheville for a weekend getaway; Whitney consults a doctor about moving forward with weight-loss surgery.
S8, EP11 "Weight-Loss Surgery"While Whitney is undecided about where to live, the Greensboro crew hatches a plan to lure her back home and away from Ryan -- for good; with the fate of the business in jeopardy and her love life in ruins, Whitney faces some tough decisions.
S8, EP10 "A Big Fat Ultimatum"With Chase gone and Buddy on the fence about staying with her, Whitney considers packing it all in and heading home to Greensboro; when Ryan finds out, he throws down a pretty hefty ultimatum, threatening her to stay in Charlotte.
S8, EP9 "The Buddy System"Wary of being alone in Charlotte, Whitney convinces Buddy to move in with her; with Buddy's new girlfriend taking up his time, Whitney finds herself lonelier than ever.
S8, EP8 "Sink or Swim"During a weekend trip to the lake, Whitney and Ryan clash as her friends beg her to ditch him and move back to Greensboro; when Buddy's new girlfriend crashes the party, Whitney worries about losing her quarantine husband to another woman.
S8, EP7 "Sex, Lies and Sandwiches"After a close encounter with an ex-boyfriend, Whitney wonders if she's ready to move on from Chase; she escapes quarantine for a fun weekend friends' trip, but may be crushed when she discovers Buddy's been keeping a new girlfriend from her.
S8, EP6 "Whitney Confronts Chase"Whitney, needing closure, confronts Chase; Buddy consoles Whitney, but plays second fiddle to another man from her past.
S8, EP5 "My Big Fat Broken Heart"After months of quarantine and struggling with panic attacks, Whitney is still reeling after hearing that Chase is having a baby with another woman; when he asks to see her again, she may not have the courage to face him.
S8, EP4 "Safer at Home"While isolated at home due to the spread of COVID-19, Whitney struggles with her growing resentment toward Chase; the pandemic threatens to drive a wedge between the quarantined couple if they can't come to an agreement over their living situation.
S8, EP3 "Slipping Through My Fingers"During a weekend trip to Wilmington, Chase shocks Whitney by asking her to move in with him; when Covid-19 hits close to home, Whitney fears for the safety of her parents.
S8, EP2 "Whitney's Long-Distance Relationship"Buddy wants to apologize to Whitney, but he scares her with his intensity; Whitney visits Chase in North Carolina; Chase gives Whitney a surprise.
S8, EP1 "Wedding Bells Are Ringing"Now four months into their engagement, Whitney and Chase are no closer to living together, but wedding plans need to be made; during a mountain weekend getaway with their friends, Whitney's new boundaries with Buddy are put to the test.
S7, EP13 "Engagement Party"Whitney and Chase are getting married and comedian, Kym Whitley, is back to throw them a big, fat engagement party.
S7, EP12 "A Big Fat Proposal"Whitney's love affair with Paris continues; her relationship with Chase is on the rocks; Ryan challenges Whitney to a brutal climb up the Eiffel Tower.
S7, EP11 "A Fat Girl in Paris"The trip to Paris is underway and expectations are high, but Whitney worries when she and Ryan clash over their opposing business plans.
S7, EP10 "Worth The Weight"Whitney and Todd hatch a business plan; Ryan's reaction threatens to derail their trip to Paris and Whitney's performance at the Weightlifting Championships.
S7, EP9 "Amends Between Friends"Ryan surprises Whitney with a business proposition; Buddy prepares to make amends with Whitney, but might not be prepared for what she has to say.
S7, EP8 "Super Heavyweight Ladies"Whitney trains for the state championships with a new weightlifting coach; Whitney wants to tell Chase she loves him; Babs and Glenn host a formal dinner to meet Chase.
S7, EP7 "Drinking Buddy"Whitney worries for her parents' safety after her father falls down the stairs; Buddy discovers he must make amends to Whitney for his recovery; Ryan and Chase throw Whitney a party.
S7, EP6 "Whitney Meets the Parents"Chase takes Whitney home to meet his family, but she fears they won't accept her; the couple fights when she wants to leave early for Buddy's show.
S7, EP5 "Work on the Jerk"After Ryan and Heather's illicit kiss, Whitney warns them not to date; Whitney quits BGDC to focus on her new business; Ryan challenges Whitney to whitewater rafting, but an argument ensues while he attempts to rescue her from the current.
S7, EP4 "Friends With Benefits"Whitney's friends come to Charlotte for a fun weekend; tensions rise when Heather finds out Buddy's been staying with Whitney.
S7, EP3 "Big Fat Moves"Whitney finally packs up and moves to Charlotte, forcing Buddy to find a new place to live; Chase asks Whitney to be his girlfriend; Whitney teams up with Jessica for a fitness competition from hell.
S7, EP2 "Whit's New Man"Whitney hunts for a permanent home in Charlotte, but may be forced to kick Buddy out; a health scare for Babs causes Whitney to take drastic measures; sparks fly on Whitney and Chase's first date.
S7, EP1 "A Tale of Two Whitneys"Uncomfortable after her kiss with Buddy, Whitney creates a new business and a new life in Charlotte; Whitney accepts a date with another man; tension between Buddy and Tal forces Whitney into a tough decision.
S6, EP13 "Game Night"Comic Kym Whitley hosts Whitney and her friends and family for a post-season game night; the contestants face off to see who knows the most, from Whitney's adoption drama to Buddy and Whitney's steamy kiss, and nothing is off limits.
S6, EP12 "Whitney and Buddy Get Serious"Whitney teaches three back-to-back dance classes at the biggest event of her career in NYC; much to Whitney's dismay, Buddy decides to move back to D.C. to pursue stand-up; Whitney and Buddy's chemistry flares when they share a passionate kiss.
S6, EP11 "A Stormy Affair"Whitney and Buddy return from Alaska, raising questions about their relationship; a guest teacher shows BGDC how to twerk; Babs undergoes eye surgery as a massive hurricane approaches; Whitney, Buddy and Tal hunker down and wait for the storm to hit.
S6, EP10 "Where's Buddy Sleeping?"Whitney has a near death experience on the side of a cliff; Buddy arrives in Alaska, causing a scandal with his estranged ex-girlfriend, Heather; a train trip to a glacier lake gives everyone a chance to get up close and personal with an iceberg.
S6, EP9 "Hiking and Biking and Bears, Oh My!"Whitney and her friends arrive in Alaska for the much anticipated Whit-a-thon; Tal injures himself performing for an exotic dancer that Whitney hires to help Heather get over Buddy; Buddy calls with shocking news that he and Chelsea broke up.
S6, EP8 "Obsessive Habits"Whitney prepares for Alaska with a treacherous mountain hike; after receiving an offer to teach dance in New York, Whitney tries to bury the hatchet with Todd; Buddy and Chelsea's odd behavior leads Whitney to believe there's trouble in paradise.
S6, EP7 "Big Girls Don't Cry"After an impossible rock wall climb, Whitney is forced to rethink her Alaskan adventure; tensions finally boil over when Todd gives Whitney a mouthful for spreading lies about him quitting BGDC; Buddy worries that his new girlfriend will leave him.
S6, EP6 "Fat Hating is Real"Buddy brings his new girlfriend to Greensboro; Whitney is shocked when Todd quits BGDC.
S6, EP5 "Buddy's New Girl"Buddy goes missing in Columbus and Whitney threatens to cancel class; with the biggest city on the BGDC tour still looming, Whitney suspects sabotage when Todd messes up the choreography; Whitney is conflicted over meeting Buddy's new girlfriend.
S6, EP4 "Big Girl, Little Bus"Whitney invites Buddy on the road; the BGDC Pittsburgh class is overbooked in a cramped venue, jeopardizing the tour; Buddy's back pain flares, threatening his sobriety; after a rough night, Buddy is missing and Whitney is forced to leave him behind.
S6, EP3 "Old Habits Die Hard"Whitney plans the BGDC tour; Buddy shares disturbing feelings with potentially deadly consequences; Babs is taken on a surprise trip; Whitney is forced to confront Buddy after finding drugs; Heather is devastated when Whitney's secret is revealed.
S6, EP2 "If Heather Finds Out ... , Part 1"Whitney discovers a shocking family secret; a fertility doctor gives Whitney life-changing information; Whitney has to hide Buddy's visit from Heather; Todd agrees to take BGDC on tour; when Buddy disappears, Whitney and Tal fear the worst.
S6, EP1 "Single, Fat and Crazy"Whitney visits Buddy in D.C., where they share a surprise kiss; Whitney is confronted with her parents' aging; an adoption agent gives Whitney painful news; Buddy's late-night call leads Whitney to question his sobriety.
S5, EP12 "My Big Fat Baby"Before Buddy leaves town, he sits down for a final talk with Heather, but nothing could prepare her for the bombshell he delivers; Whitney questions her friendship with Buddy and announces an alarming plan to start a family.
S5, EP11 "Buddy's Next Move"With treatment coming to an end, Buddy must decide between Whitney's house and a sober living facility in Charleston; Whitney tries to convince Buddy to give Heather closure; the Thore family receives devastating news.
S5, EP10 "Who's Your Buddy?"Fresh off the 8K, Whitney must re-evaluate her goals; six months out from her stroke, Babs gets behind the wheel for the first time; caught between the former lovers, Whitney has to break some bad news to Heather and mend a rift with Buddy.
S5, EP9 "One K at a Time"Whitney decides to walk the 8K, even though she may come up two miles short; things take a dark turn when Buddy likens Whit's determination to addiction.
S5, EP8 "Aloha Buddy"Buddy needs to find a sober coach to meet the gang in Hawaii; Whitney feels betrayed when Glenn admits he wasn't truthful about a very important detail of the 5K race; Babs gets jealous over Glenn's former girlfriend, Keiko.
S5, EP7 "A Sobering Reality"With the Hawaii trip fast approaching, Whitney prepares for the 5K; Whitney and Heather visit Buddy in rehab, and he tells the life and death story of how he got there; Whitney invites Buddy to Hawaii, but he may not make it out of rehab in time.
S5, EP6 "We're Having a Baby"Whitney helps Ashley induce labor, but when push comes to shove, the labor coach panics; Piggy bites Babs; Glenn announces a Hawaiian surprise that no one saw coming; Heather gets a shocking letter from Buddy.
S5, EP5 "Buddy's Big Secret"Buddy goes missing for over a week and Whitney uncovers the harsh truth during a visit to his parents' house; Ashley starts to fall apart as she comes close to giving birth, so Whitney performs a blessing ceremony to help her.
S5, EP4 "Buddy's Missing"While helping Ashley prepare for her baby, Whitney panics about her own fertility; when Buddy goes missing for days, Whitney and Heather investigate, but a discovery in his bedroom shocks them both.
S5, EP3 "Big Fat Ambush"In an effort to move on from her cheating ex-boyfriend, Avi, Whitney joins forces with Nada, Avi's other ex, from Egypt; a chance encounter brings Whitney and Nada face to face with Avi, leaving them shell-shocked.
S5, EP2 "Ghosted"Whitney uncovers a dark truth about the man she fell for; Todd refuses to give Whitney her class back, but she has a trick up her sleeve; Heather confronts Buddy about his change of heart.
S5, EP1 "Rescue Me"Whitney prepares for a whirlwind tour as a backup dancer, but a secret love has her rethinking everything; Ashley has a big surprise; Buddy and Heather's relationship hits the rocks; Todd wants to stab his eternal dance partner in the back.
S4, EP13 "Whitney Steps Up"In the wake of Babs' stroke, the family struggles to hold it together; Whitney offers to help with Babs' recovery, but when she receives an unexpected offer, she must choose between her family and her dance career.
S4, EP12 "Toe to Toe"With the dance battle rematch looming, Whitney's friends attempt to repair her relationship with Todd, but an untimely injury leads to an even bigger problem; Whitney learns that Babs has been rushed to the emergency room.
S4, EP11 "Big Girl in the Big Apple"Whitney tags along on Todd's New York trip to attend a dance workshop with The Fitness Marshall, but when she accepts an offer to be in a music video, he goes into an angry tirade and abandons her in Central Park.
S4, EP10 "Belly Up"Whitney attends a belly dancing class with a judge from the dance battle, but a harmless lesson turns into a public performance; online date Nathan divulges information that throws Whitney's world into a tailspin.
S4, EP9 "Whitney Gets a Date"Whitney dives back into online dating, but a new type of suitor raises concern; Whitney and Buddy gear up for a fitness competition, but when they arrive, Will drops a bomb; Whitney sees the scorecards from the dance battle.
S4, EP8 "Big Girl Dance Battle"Whitney's Big Girls gear up for the most intense performance of their lives; the Trophy Wives come packing a secret weapon that has Whitney calling foul; when an injury plagues her star dancer, Whitney loses her mind.
S4, EP7 "Whitney Calls in Backup"With the dance battle looming, Whitney brings in cutthroat choreographer Jenzi to help with the routine, but the decision proves disastrous when she gives Whitney a dark ultimatum.
S4, EP6 "I Kissed a Girl"Whitney runs into a friend from high school and accepts an invite to go horseback riding, but by the time she realizes she's on a romantic date, there's no turning back; Babs plans a bombshell of a surprise for Glenn on their wedding anniversary.
S4, EP5 "How Low Can Whit Go?"Whitney attends rival Jiya's dance class and her skills get tested; Jiya and her Trophy Wives step onto Whitney's turf, where Whitney serves up a surprise; Roy puts Whitney on the spot while on the air.
S4, EP4 "Judging Whitney"Whitney's big festival performance leads to a cat fight with a rival dancer; Whitney's world gets rocked when Lennie shows up with a new woman; forced to get real with Roy, Whitney lays everything on the table hoping he returns her affections.
S4, EP3 "Baby Fat"Glenn has a conniption when he learns of Whitney's pregnancy, and Babs tells everyone at the worst possible moment; Whitney covers Charlotte's gay pride festival for the radio station, but nothing can prepare her for fat-shaming at its worst.
S4, EP2 "Immaculate Misconception"Whitney settles into the reality of being pregnant at 370 pounds and must find the courage to break the news to the father; Lennie asks for proof that the pregnancy is legitimate.
S4, EP1 "Knocked Up?"Whitney, now single, blonde and a homeowner, takes a fresh approach to the challenges in her life, but an unfortunate fight and shocking news leads to catastrophe.
S3, EP11 "The Skinny, Part 2"Lennie and Whitney talk for the first time since breaking up; Whitney finally confesses her true feelings about Roy; sparks fly when Whitney confronts her nemesis, comedian Kerryn Feehan.
S3, EP10 "The Skinny, Part 1"Whitney and the cast dish on the past season, from Whitney's feelings about the funeral intervention to her fight with Caitie; Lennie and Whitney meet for the first time since breaking up.
S3, EP9 "Big Fat Breakup"Despite her trainer leaving, Whitney must get her life together in time for the ballroom competition in Charlotte, N.C.; a surprise in Whitney's love catches everyone off guard.
S3, EP8 "Flirting With Disaster"Whitney gets a chance to make a dance DVD, but her backup dancers fail, putting her reputation at risk; Whitney's lack of commitment frustrates Will; Glenn threatens to get rid of Allister.
S3, EP7 "Fat Jokes"Between her parents' birthday party and Will's criticism of her diet, Whitney is feeling stressed; a comedian targets fat people while Whitney is working at the radio station.
S3, EP6 "Cereal Stalker"Whitney hangs out with transgender friend Mattie, only to find she's been withholding something; Whitney gives trainer Will excuses for her gym absences; Whitney stalks Lennie after he cuts off communication.
S3, EP5 "(Fat Girl) Spread Thin"When Whitney throws out her back, she has to ride a mobility scooter at the St. Patrick's Day parade and experiences fat-shaming like never before.
S3, EP4 "Losing at Love"Whitney wants Lennie to move in with her, but a couples' game night foreshadows a reality that she hadn't considered; Whitney does poorly in an interview for a radio job.
S3, EP3 "Speechless"Whitney takes a break from dancing after receiving grim news from a cardiologist, but soon learns that one of her fellow big girls is trying to hijack her class.
S3, EP2 "A Brush With Death"Whitney's rushed to the hospital from the dance-a-thon, but even her doctor can't scare her into making a big change; a trip to the snow turns disastrous.
S3, EP1 "I Wanna Be Fat"Whitney's excitement about her dance-a-thon takes a dark turn when she realizes that her body is not as healthy as she thinks; Buddy reveals his new girlfriend and Whitney doesn't know how to react.
S2, EP22 "Whitney Takes on L.A."Whitney attends an event in Los Angeles celebrating a man who became an overnight sensation after he was fat-shamed on the Internet, but faces a harsh truth about her health upon returning home.
S2, EP21 "A Dance to Remember"Whitney is still unsure of her routine for her performance at the National Museum of Dance, and an added surprise throws her for even more of a loop.
S2, EP20 "Truth or Dare"Whitney realizes the weight she's gained has limited her from becoming the dancer she once was; a game of truth or dare becomes twisted and scandalous.
S2, EP19 "Working at the Car Wash"A big girl car wash tries to solve the financial woes that threaten Whitney's trip to the National Dance Museum; Whitney bares all for a photo shoot.
S2, EP18 "Big Whit's Debut"Whitney fills in as the on-field entertainment for the Grasshoppers; Glenn prepares for the worst when he learns the results from his diabetes blood work.
S2, EP17 "Whitney's Ticking Clock"Whitney baby-sits Tal's 11 month-old nephew; Whitney can only choose to bring one friend to the Dancing Man party.
S2, EP15 "Burning Love"Whitney wants to impress her date by cooking a romantic dinner, but the kitchen catching on fire is just the beginning of her problems.
S2, EP14 "Big Girls Summer Showcase"Whitney and the Big Girl Dance Class seize the chance to perform with other acclaimed dancers, but they might be over their heads.
S2, EP13 "No Body Shame"Whitney creates a groundbreaking video for the No Body Shame campaign; Whitney announces which member of the Big Girl Dance Class will have a solo.
S2, EP12 "Not Your Mama's Cat Show"Whitney and Babs enter Henchi in a cat show; the Big Girl Dance Class gets invited to perform at the Summer Showcase.
S2, EP11 "A Muse in the Nude"Whitney models for Lennie in the nude as their relationship begins to blossom; Whitney pitches a bold idea to the Grasshoppers.
S2, EP10 "Fighting the Scale"Whitney's confidence takes a hit when she receives discouraging news from the scale during her weigh in; a fight with Buddy puts Whitney over the edge.
S2, EP9 "First Day on the Job"A rigorous workout routine can't prepare Whitney for the physical challenges of her new job with the Greensboro Grasshoppers.
S2, EP8 "Little Big Girl Dance Class"Whitney opens her dance class to kids, but is not prepared for what they say; Whitney prepares for a job interview with the local baseball team.
S2, EP7 "Aloha 30"Whitney realizes that introducing Lennie to her family and friends at her birthday party is too much for a second date.
S2, EP6 "5K Run"Whitney and her dad have a difficult time completing a 5K.
S2, EP5 "Design a Date"Whitney goes on a first date; Whitney and Buddy go furniture shopping; Glenn shares news about his health.
S2, EP4 "A Home of Her Own"Whitney prepares to move out of her parents' house; an adventure begins before the moving boxes are even packed.
S2, EP3 "7th Inning Splits"Whitney's dance class prepares for a performance at the Greensboro Grasshoppers' seventh inning stretch; unforeseen rain creates a hazard.
S2, EP2 "Pasta La Vista, Baby"Whitney says goodbye to all of her comfort foods, but has a difficult time watching those around her indulge.
S2, EP1 "Whitney's Back!"Since being diagnosed as pre-diabetic, Whitney heads back to the doctor to see if her adjustments have had any impact on her health; trying to ride a bike again for the first time in years.
S2 "Whitney Weighs In"A look back at funny and heartfelt never-before-seen moments from the show, along with childhood home movies and questions from viewers.
S1, EP11 "Babs Knows Best"Whitney take us on a journey to get to know her mother, Babs; Whitney cheers her mother up after an event leaves her blue; a look back at some of their memories over the years.
S1, EP9 "Leaving the Nest"Whitney prepares to lead a giant dance class; she and Buddy go house hunting; devastating news puts Whitney's future on the line.
S1, EP8 "The Double Blind Date"Whitney creates an online dating profile to help Ashley find love; Buddy comes to Whitney's rescue and a marriage proposal follows.
S1, EP7 "The Wedding Job"A bride hires Whitney to choreograph her wedding, but she panics when things go wrong; the day takes an unexpected turn when she calls in Ashley as a reinforcement.
S1, EP6 "A Fling Thing"Whitney's parents prepare for their wedding anniversary; trouble brews when an old friend shows up to the party and meets Buddy.
S1, EP5 "Doing the Beach"Whitney's insecurities have kept her from the beach for more than 20 years, and she wants to overcome her fears with a return in a bold bathing suit.
S1, EP4 "More Than a Buddy"Whitney works with a personal trainer to try and take her weight loss up a notch; when her mother suggests Buddy is "the one" Whitney questions everything.
S1, EP3 "The Say-Yes Philosophy"Whitney has said "no" to life for the past ten years; her new "say yes" philosophy lands her in a plus-sized fashion show.
S1, EP2 "Hate Mail"Whitney is working hard to make her "Big Girl" dance class successful, but a stranger's hateful jeers have a bad impact.
S1, EP1 "A Fat Girl Dancing"Whitney was forced to give up dancing after a health disorder caused her to gain more than 230 pounds, but she is determined to show the world she can still move.
"My Big Fat Fabulous Life" follows Whitney Thore's emotional journey after being diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. The disorder caused Whitney, a slender dancer at the time, to gain more than 200 pounds in one year at college. Feeling trapped in a big body, she struggled with self-doubt and negative stereotypes. Now 380 pounds and eager to continue sharing her passion for dance, Whitney has learned to embrace her body and love herself again. She teaches dance classes for plus-size girls, explores the dating scene, confronts bullies, and wears a bikini on the beach for the first time in 10 years. She also spearheads a campaign that fights body-shaming and promotes self-love and acceptance. To that end, Whitney Thore is no longer letting her fear of people's judgment dictate the way she lives her life.
Original Air Date: Jan 13, 2015
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TVPG
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11 seasons available on demand (140 episodes)
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