Murder in Malibu
S9, EP6 "Murder in Malibu"
Airs: Nov 03, 2021
A famous romance novelist is shot dead in the course of what looks like a robbery.
SundanceTV • 135m
Uneasy Lies the Crown
S9, EP5 "Uneasy Lies the Crown"
Airs: Nov 03, 2021
A dentist frames his wife for a murder in order to keep up his image and expensive lifestyle.
SundanceTV • 135m
Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo
S9, EP4 "Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo"
Airs: Nov 02, 2021
When a crooked estate agent dies in prison, his widow vows to exact her revenge on the two men that put him there. After killing her husband's informing boss, she sets her sights on Lieutenant Columbo.
SundanceTV • 135m
Agenda for Murder
S9, EP3 "Agenda for Murder"
Airs: Oct 30, 2021
The disheveled detective investigates the apparent suicide of a notorious racketeer who was facing an indictment.
SundanceTV • 135m
Columbo Cries Wolf
S9, EP2 "Columbo Cries Wolf"
Airs: Oct 30, 2021
Columbo investigates the disappearance of the director of a men's magazine.
SundanceTV • 135m
Murder, a Self Portrait
S9, EP1 "Murder, a Self Portrait"
Airs: Oct 24, 2021
Homicide detective Lieutenant Columbo investigates the murder of a famous painter's ex-wife.
Cozi TV • 120m