Is He the Father? Is She a Molester?
S8, EP56 "Is He the Father? Is She a Molester?"
Airs: Jul 08, 2022
A mother deals with unconfirmed paternity and possible sexual abuse; a man wants to know if he is the biological father of the child he has been raising.
FOX • 60m
I'm a Prisoner in My Relationship
S8, EP55 "I'm a Prisoner in My Relationship"
Airs: Jul 07, 2022
A woman claims her boyfriend stalks her and calls her names; a woman thinks her partner is unfaithful.
FOX • 60m
She Sold Her Baby for $23
S8, EP54 "She Sold Her Baby for $23"
Airs: Jul 06, 2022
A 9-month-old baby's death ignites a dispute between the birth mother and the child's guardian.
FOX • 60m
He Punches, Spits and Cheats on You ... Pick a Door
S8, EP53 "He Punches, Spits and Cheats on You ... Pick a Door"
Airs: Jul 05, 2022
After seven years together, Elizabeth says Josh has become physically violent toward her; John admits to sleeping with many women before meeting Erica, but she suspects he's still doing it; Larry believes Haley is sneaking men into their home.
FOX • 60m
DNA: Did My Friends Pay Her for Sex?
S8, EP51 "DNA: Did My Friends Pay Her for Sex?"
Airs: Jul 04, 2022
Convinced that Morgan is getting paid to make love with his friends, Lorenzo questions if her young daughter is really his; Damian denies being the father of his neighbor Sabrina's baby, but his mother thinks the young girl is his.
FOX • 60m
15-Year-Old Girl Bullied Online
S8, EP49 "15-Year-Old Girl Bullied Online"
Airs: Jun 30, 2022
A high-school girl is teased and bullied after a photo of her is manipulated and goes viral; Kedrick accuses his 17-year-old live-in girlfriend of sleeping with multiple men.
FOX • 60m
DNA: Steve Shocked by Results
S8, EP48 "DNA: Steve Shocked by Results"
Airs: Jun 29, 2022
Joshua wonders if his girlfriend's baby is his; Tymont says he cheated on his girlfriend because he thought she was soliciting sex for money.
FOX • 60m
Somebody Has to Be Lying
S8, EP47 "Somebody Has to Be Lying"
Airs: Jun 28, 2022
Angie is accused of witnessing her fiance raping her young daughter and neglecting to do anything about it.
FOX • 60m
Drugs and Sex Destroyed Our Family
S8, EP46 "Drugs and Sex Destroyed Our Family"
Airs: Jun 27, 2022
Latoya fears that her younger sister is a prostitute involved in child pornography; Emily wants to know where her fiance was for a year while she was raising his children.
FOX • 60m
You're Not a Sex Addict: You're a Con Man
S8, EP29 "You're Not a Sex Addict: You're a Con Man"
Airs: Jul 01, 2022
Romeo tells his wife that he is addicted to sex and has been living a secret life as a porn star; Roberta thinks her boyfriend cheated with her best friend and demands to know the truth.
FOX • 60m
My Granddaughter Says You Molested Her
S8, EP28 "My Granddaughter Says You Molested Her"
On Demand
Larre's ex-girlfriend accuses him of sexually abusing her 3-year-old daughter; Miriam wants to know if her husband molested her daughter or if her mother coached the girl into making the accusation.
Original Air Date: Jun 24, 2022 • FOX • 60m
She Was Prostituting: Am I the Father?
S8, EP26 "She Was Prostituting: Am I the Father?"
On Demand
Jatavious wants to know if he is the father of his girlfriend's children; Freddie suspects that one or both of his girlfriend's newborn twins may not be his.
Original Air Date: Jun 23, 2022 • FOX • 60m