Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Eight: Halloween II

S7, EP11 "Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Eight: Halloween II"

Airs: Jun 08, 2023

Veronica decides to host a ghost show; Betty makes the most out of her night out with Archie and Reggie; Jughead makes a major discovery in a mystery brewing in Riverdale.

The CW • 60m
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Seven: American Graffiti

S7, EP10 "Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Seven: American Graffiti"

On Demand

Jughead and Tabitha team up to investigate a mystery involving Ray Bradbury; Cheryl asks Toni if she can attend an afterschool book club with her and other Black students; Betty and Veronica ask Archie and Reggie out on a double date.

Original Air Date: Jun 01, 2023 • The CW • 60m