Father Frank, Full of Grace

S11, EP12 "Father Frank, Full of Grace"

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Ian and Mickey shop for furniture; Kev and V seek buyers for the Alibi; while Lip settles for a new job, Carl finds his calling on the force; Debbie plunges into a dangerous world when she meets someone; Frank faces his mortality.

Original Air Date: Apr 11, 2021 • Showtime East • 60m
The Fickle Lady is Calling it Quits

S11, EP11 "The Fickle Lady is Calling it Quits"

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Kev and V announce their big news; Lip's progress in the sale of the house forces Debbie to reevaluate her life; Ian and Mickey adjust to a vastly different neighborhood; Carl is reassigned; Liam reminds Frank of what makes him Frank.

Original Air Date: Apr 04, 2021 • Showtime East • 55m

S11, EP10 "DNR"

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Liam and Frank embark on a journey to get Liam into STEM school; Carl's disillusionment with the police force comes to a head; Debbie hunts for a new place; Mickey and Ian consider the West Side; Kev meets Veronica in Louisville.

Original Air Date: Mar 28, 2021 • Showtime East • 56m

S11, EP9 "Survivors"

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Frank wants to pull one last heist with the old gang; Lip and Brad find out who owns BornFree; Mickey and Ian uncover the truth about Terry; Kevin watches Gemma and Amy while running the Alibi; Carl reunites with an old partner.

Original Air Date: Mar 21, 2021 • Showtime East • 53m

S11, EP8 "Cancelled"

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Frank and Liam compete in a contest to rename the middle school; Debbie has a day of zero responsibilities; Kevin tries to cheer up Veronica; Carl is put on vice squad. Lip has a close encounter with the law.

Original Air Date: Mar 14, 2021 • Showtime East • 58m
Two at a Biker Bar, One in the Lake

S11, EP7 "Two at a Biker Bar, One in the Lake"

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The Gallaghers disagree on the fate of their childhood home; Ian and Mickey seek out gay friends; Debbie and Sandy have a visitor from Sandy's past; Lip and Brad prepare to sell stolen bikes; Liam and Veronica hope to pass the rent control bill.

Original Air Date: Mar 07, 2021 • Showtime East • 55m
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good....Eh, Screw It

S11, EP6 "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good....Eh, Screw It"

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A twist of fate forces Ian and Mickey to help the Milkovichs; Frank's day takes some unexpected turns while Liam deals with inner turmoil; Debbie confronts Sandy; Lip plans for the future; while Kev runs the bar, V is class parent at school.

Original Air Date: Feb 14, 2021 • Showtime East • 57m

S11, EP5 "Slaughter"

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Ian and Mickey's security gig comes into question; Frank and Kev try to take down the Milkoviches; V canvasses to get Black people to the polls; Debbie takes Franny to meet her favorite wrestler; Carl and Leesie's policing approaches come to a head.

Original Air Date: Jan 31, 2021 • Showtime East • 57m

S11, EP4 "NIMBY"

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The Milkoviches move in next door and wreak havoc, leading Frank, Kev and Liam to scheme to get rid of them; Mickey embarks on a security gig for Kev and V and drags Ian along; Gemma and Franny compete in the Little Miss South Side beauty pageant.

Original Air Date: Jan 10, 2021 • Showtime East • 57m
Frances Francis Franny Frank

S11, EP3 "Frances Francis Franny Frank"

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Debbie loses track of Franny, while Frank and Franny have a day of weed runs and adventure; Ian and Mickey question who is the "man" in their relationship; Carl gets a new training officer; Lip and Tami help Brad and Cami with their baby.

Original Air Date: Dec 20, 2020 • Showtime East • 57m
Go Home, Gentrifier!

S11, EP2 "Go Home, Gentrifier!"

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Frank helps Kev and V's pot business; Debbie prepares a princess party for Franny while Mickey gets a real job; Lip runs into trouble with his new neighbors; Carl's first day on the force is not what he thought it would be.

Original Air Date: Dec 13, 2020 • Showtime East • 51m
This Is Chicago

S11, EP1 "This Is Chicago"

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The Gallaghers adjust to life during the pandemic; Frank fears gentrification of South Side; bar closures force Kev and V to get creative; Lip and Tami work to make their new house a home as Carl finishes his time at the police academy.

Original Air Date: Dec 06, 2020 • Showtime East • 55m
Shameless Hall of Shame: Debbie, Carl & Liam: They Grow Up So Fast

S11 "Shameless Hall of Shame: Debbie, Carl & Liam: They Grow Up So Fast"

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When Liam's quarantine girlfriend breaks up with him for being a Gallagher, Carl and Debbie join forces to help their little brother figure out how to get her back, despite sort of hating each other.

Original Air Date: Jan 24, 2021 • Showtime East • 52m