Christmas in Theater Eight

S5, EP8 "Christmas in Theater Eight"

Airs: Dec 13, 2022

The Johnsons can't agree on what movie to see on their traditional Christmas trip to the theater; Junior feels embarrassed about taking a gap year after he runs into his ex-girlfriend.

FOX • 30m
Stand Up, Fall Down

S5, EP6 "Stand Up, Fall Down"

Airs: Dec 17, 2022

Dre decides to put Junior to work as an intern at Stevens & Lido; Bow lets Ruby watch Devante after the nanny quits.

ABC • 30m
Don't You Be My Neighbor

S5, EP2 "Don't You Be My Neighbor"

Airs: Dec 22, 2022

Dre develops a newfound joy of calling the cops over petty neighborhood issues but begins to question the example he is setting for Jack; Diane develops her first crush, and Bow wants to help but lets Zoey take the lead.

FOX • 30m
Gap Year

S5, EP1 "Gap Year"

Airs: Dec 21, 2022

After Dre and Bow drop Junior off at college, he returns home, deciding he wants to take a gap year; Jack and Diane begin to question whether they should still be sharing a room.

FOX • 30m