The Curse
S2, EP4 "The Curse"
Airs: May 29, 2022
While the vampires fear they've been electronically cursed, Guillermo tries to thwart a deadly threat to his masters.
FX • 31m
Brain Scramblies
S2, EP3 "Brain Scramblies"
Airs: May 29, 2022
The vampires attend their first human Super Bowl party, while Guillermo's search for virgins uncovers a deadly threat.
FX • 32m
S2, EP2 "Ghosts"
Airs: May 29, 2022
The vampires hold a seance to deal with a ghost infestation, which leads to a larger infestation.
FX • 30m
S2, EP1 "Resurrection"
Airs: May 29, 2022
Nadja and Laszlo's new familiar poses problems for an increasingly anxious Guillermo, and the vampires enlist the services of a local necromancer.
FX • 31m