S5, EP6 "5.6"

On Demand

Faced with the increasing dangers of Philip's machine, the team are pitted against their darkest challenge yet as Matt's prediction appears to be true.

Original Air Date: Jun 28, 2011 • Crackle • 47m

S5, EP3 "5.3"

On Demand

Following a displaced raptor through an anomaly, Matt ends up in Victorian London. Realizing the raptor is to blame for several gruesome murders in the area, he tracks it down.

Original Air Date: Jun 07, 2011 • Crackle • 43m

S5, EP1 "5.1"

On Demand

A vicious underground creature brings chaos to the city, and the team must race against time to track its movements and prevent it from causing more damage.

Original Air Date: May 24, 2011 • Crackle • 44m