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Four WeddingsEvery bride hopes her big day is spectacular and she works hard to make it the best possible wedding ever. This series gives women the chance to see how their weddings stack up -- against those of other brides. Each episode follows four brides as they plan their own weddings and attend each others' nuptials. At the end, they must vote on which wedding takes the cake. The winning bride and groom will be whisked off on a dream honeymoon.
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S10, EP7 "... And Brides on a Vine"With a dream honeymoon at stake, four wine-loving brides from the Sunshine State put a cork in their friendship to judge each other's weddings.
S10, EP6 "... And the Georgia Peaches"Four Georgia brides, all friends since college, attend each other's weddings; with a honeymoon of a lifetime at stake, these Georgia Peaches risk turning their friendship sour as they vote on who has the best wedding.
S10, EP5 "... And Some Honky Tonk"Four Kentucky brides who grew up in the same small town risk their deep-rooted friendship to have a hoedown throw-down and see whose wedding wins a once in a lifetime romantic getaway.
S10, EP4 "... And Sorority Sisters"Four sorority friends put their sisterly bond on the line for the chance to win a fabulous getaway to a surprise destination.
S9, EP20 "... And a Candy Cake"A candy theme with a chocolate and wine unity ceremony; a wedding party dance off; a rooftop party with scenic views, orchids and tattoos.
S9, EP19 "... And a Surprise Bride"A surprise World War II themed wedding; a flash mob dance; flip cup entertainment and bridesmaids in white.
S9, EP18 "... And a Love Potion"Ashley rocks the dance floor at her nightclub venue; Samantha invites animals to her reception; Jen's reception mixes science and fairy tales.
S9, EP16 "... And a Drum Circle"Snowy nuptials to cool the Miami heat; a soiree with showers of love; a choreographed dance; a drum circle and fairy dust.
S9, EP15 "... And a Pirate Parade"Kat's guests board a paddleboat for her Pirate party; Lauren's guests hop a trolley for a ride to her garden nuptials.
S9, EP14 "... And Halted Vows"Walking a red carpet aisle; drama with a snow machine and rolling fog; a scavenger hunt and a Jersey Shore ballroom with upgraded lighting.
S9, EP12 "... And a Horror Show"Angi's Friday the 13th themed nupitals; Michael's travel themed soiree; Brie ties the knot on the home plate.
S9, EP11 "... And a Porta Potty"Heather makes wine and her own dress for her castle nuptials; vows made of icing; a BBQ buffet and line dancing.
S9, EP10 "... And a Rock Club"Bianca's rooftop nuptials with butterflies and dragons; experiencing the old and new at Jenn's art museum affair; 800 guests at Asmeret's ballroom reception; Jorelle's guests rock out all night.
S9, EP9 "... And a Go-Kart Race"Go-kart racing at a drive-in theater wedding; sunglasses and hula dances at a backyard party; a pig at a glitz and glam event; exchanging vows without ring.
S9, EP8 "... And an Oathing Stone"A vintage travel theme; carnival dancers at Indya's party; a zen theme to calm a winery wedding; an ornate venue where color comes to life.
S9, EP7 "... And a Flying Trapeze"Kari begins her wedding descending 50 feet from the ceiling; Briana floats in on a canoe; Monica bartends and offers tattoos; horse and carriage rides at Karen's farm nuptials.
S9, EP6 "... And a Chork"Laura Ann's football stadium nuptials; a whiskey distillery event for Lauren; Elizabeth's wood theme; a red, white and blue theme for Captain Jen.
S9, EP5 "... And a Latte"A 1920s venue with light sabers; making a chandelier for elegant nuptials; laughs and cannon fire, beachside.
S9, EP4 "... And a Water Ski Show"Barefoot and laid back beachfront nuptials; traditional African attire; a water ski show; cheese steaks.
S9, EP3 "... And a Grilled Cheese"The Statue of Liberty; an arrival on a rickshaw; a dress with an eye-popping slit; a bride with three ball gowns on her big day.
S9, EP2 "... And a Hearse"A groom is in tears from a tender serenade; Santa serves up sliders; Old World romance with pearls and lace; toe tags; coffins and skulls.
S9, EP1 "... And a Volcano"A biochemical unity ceremony; a cookie table with 4,000 treats; sand and turf beach party in a fire station; DIY creations for a vintage feel.
S9 "Bests and Blunders"Everything from the best entrances and entertainment to blunders and shocking reveals.
S8, EP28 "... And Flying Beach Balls"Ashley's guests toss beach balls instead of rice; Anissa's guests are brought to tears by her family ring exchange; Lindsay decorates with tattoo-inspired artwork; Terri turns a country club into a romance resort.
S8, EP27 "... And a Nail in the Head"Diana has a travel theme wedding with fireworks; Melea's theme showcases her road trip romance; Nicole's nuptials bring thunder and lightning.
S8, EP26 "... And a Candle Bar"Melissa and her groom share a Hollywood inspired affair; Laura has a waterside wedding; Audrianna's guests enjoy a glamorous boat house venue; Dee's guests make their own favors at a candle bar.
S8, EP25 "... And a Phantom"Melissa has a Jersey Shore wedding; Renee's reception has a Phantom of the Opera theme; Amanda expresses her love with a heavenly theme; Susan washes her fiancé's feet.
S8, EP24 "... And a Rainbow"Zumba instructor Nicole leads her guests in a routine; singer Soulfia performs for her groom; Denise entertains with Samba dancers; Christina gives her guests money to play black jack.
S8, EP23 "... And a Mouthful of Blue"Ivory's theme leaves guests with something blue; Felicia wears a pageant gown, Angie entertains with a Costa Rican courtship dance; Christine's theme is the 1920's.
S8, EP17 "... And a Stingray"Emily goes back in time at her nuptials; Jessica exchanges vows at a historic New Orleans landmark; Sheral has an arranged marriage; Fallon seals her 10-year engagement.
S8, EP15 "... And Two Flower-Men"Ashley ends her plantation ceremony with a dove release; Christian has a nightclub reception; Joy struts her peacocks and treats guests to liquor-filled cupcakes.
S8, EP14 "... And a Superdome"Tamika exchanges vows at the New Orleans Superdome; Megan gets married outdoors on a La. plantation; Karen's cake matches her dress; Michelle wants everything in purple.
S8, EP12 "... And a Talking Orchid"Barefoot Kim strolls down a burlap aisle at her wedding; first mate Jessica ties the knot at a yacht club; Lily's hula dancing is a big hit; Ruby's dinner fiery presentation.
S8, EP9 "... And a Wax Museum"Jen's retro-chic wedding is at a historic bar; Brook's party is at a wax museum; Camille's jazz band kicks off the dancing; Mia has a Mardi Gras float.
S8, EP7 "... And the Harlem Shake"Cheerleader Chancy gets a welcome to her reception with the Harlem Shake; Marcela has a Peruvian party; Amanda's historic venue; Chantall's dogs are formally dressed.
S8, EP6 "... And Red Velvet Funnel Cake"Rachele enters her reception to the beat of performing drummers; Nicolle's husband's college mascot helps cut the cake; Travia celebrates her wedding and 30th birthday.
S8, EP5 "... And a Swamp Buggy"Arriving in a swamp buggy at a country-themed wedding; rickshaws provide transportation to an Asian-themed reception; a bride raps for her groom; a food-inspired theme.
S8, EP4 "... And a Mardi Gras Indian"Mardi Gras Indians perform at a New Orleans-style wedding; king cakes and a second line band; a reception space with a French Quarter look; exchanging vows in a castle.
S8, EP3 "... And Dueling Peacocks"Vivian's wedding guests mingle with monkeys at her jungle-themed brunch; Debbie shows off her peacock pride; Kim has a red and black theme; Bianca's peacock theme tops her cake, centerpieces and more.
S8, EP2 "... And a Super Storm"Lisa's wedding guests buzz about her beehive-shaped cake; Andria's guests are surprised by her rock star performance; a storm threatens to wash out Enza'a Autumn themed wedding; Heather's nuptials start off with a fresh snow fall.
S7, EP12 "... And a Bodyguard"Thais turns her beach wedding into a black tie gala; Rebecca brings the outdoors to her banquet bash; Wanda hosts a Christmas derby; Nataly hires body guards to protect her million dollar diamonds.
S7, EP11 "... And a Taxi Cab"Chrissy's zigzag decor stands out at her wedding; Kara has an ice luge for shots at her reception; Kristin serves hot dogs at her black tie affair; Emily rides to her reception is a yellow taxi cab.
S7, EP10 "... And a Love Lasso"Kale performs a dance during her modern affair; Jennifer is serenaded on her wedding cruise by her sorority sisters; Christa keeps her nuptials elegant with black and white decor; Araceli lassos her love during her garden party.
S7, EP9 "... And Dracula's Castle"Marie uses her 6-figure budget to create an elaborate Dracula's Castle; Zuranda has surprising news; Karen exchanges vows on an island dock; Anumita's wedding is held at a New York landmark hotel.
S7, EP8 "... And a Giraffe"Amber bring the islands to the mainland with her Hawaiian-themed reception; Shelly incorporates her Afghan heritage; Whitney has a swan dress; Christine has zoo nuptials.
S7, EP7 "... And a Pilgrim"Jessica and her groom unveil their wrist tattoos during their backyard wedding; Lynette has her big day at a working cattle farm; Wendy's guests are greeted by pilgrims; Nicole's guests are treated to a boat cruise around Boston Harbor.
S7, EP6 "... And a Bacon Bar"Anjali is the princess at her medieval castle wedding; Cammi serves up bacon during her Harvard University reception; Celeste has a backyard fiesta; Jenna entertains at a maritime museum.
S7, EP5 "... And an Army Salute"Kathy's Coney Island bash showcases New York; Stacyann treats her guests to Jamaican goat soup; Amanda receives a very special Army salute at her wedding; Larissa's butterfly theme.
S7, EP4 "... And a Circus"Becky's circus theme wedding includes peanut girls and a BBQ; Tanaya's garden reception is catered by a food truck; Evelyn invites guests to a space observatory; Carrie has cruise ship nuptials.
S7, EP3 "... And a Windstorm"Natalie's majestic mountain marriage; Julie's black tie bash; Brittany's canyon chapel celebration; Stacey's city and country mash-up.
S7, EP2 "... And Ballpark Peanuts"Lydia's big day has music from a historic pipe organ and maracas; Jennifer's day is all about her Portuguese heritage; Deanna shows her love with hand written notes on river rocks; Aimee surprises guests with a late night snack.
S7, EP1 "... And a Leprechaun"Mandy's alcohol theme keeps reception guests happy; Lindsey finds a leprechaun; Cheryl's vows become a history lesson; Chrystal's wedding unites two Native American tribes.
S6, EP17 "... And a Rally Towel"Shannon's son is the focal point of the vows at her wedding; Medina shares interfaith traditions; Amanda and her husband are cheered on during their reception with rally towels; Andrea wows guests with a special father-daughter dance.
S6, EP16 "... And Fist Pumping"Lori's salsa and rumba dance get her celebration started; Shannon's Jersey Shore theme keeps the party fist pumping all night long; Tracey flaunts three gowns at her red carpet nuptials; Tatyanna is all about the coral decor.
S6, EP14 "... And an Awards Ceremony"AnneMarie starts her wedding off with shots; Jillian closes her reception with an awards ceremony; Bahar's Persian ceremony; Erika's Cinco de Mayo wedding.
S6, EP12 "... And a Mechanical Bull"Kristyn plans a flash mob; Taylor surprises everyone with a mechanical bull; Katie holds a scavenger hunt; Cathy has an interactive wedding.
S6, EP10 "... And a Fairy Garden"Heather's wedding is inspired by her fairy obsession; Leah's theme is in honor of her fiance's Moroccan heritage; Amber's family band provides her reception entertainment; Nadine's Greek gala sparkles.
S6, EP8 "... And a Yacht"Solimar's bridesmaids choose their own rainbow-hued dresses; Kim's party is assigned all black; Melissa makes her entrance on a yacht; Sheneka impresses with Hollywood impersonators.
S6, EP6 "... And a Wall of Flowers"Mariana builds a backdrop of paper flowers; MyChelle impresses with a DJ and a percussionist; Stephanie has a pre-owned designer gown; Diana has a birdcage veil.
S6, EP4 "... And a Moustache"Guests are greeted by a tortoise; guests cheer on costumed Greek dancers; dressed in bling and blue; a moustache cut-out.
S6, EP2 "... And the King of Rock & Roll"Kalli adds an Elvis impersonator on her guest list; Marie leads her bridal party in a Wedding Wobble; Carrie used star shaped lanterns to create a canopy; Beth's dog fetches the wedding rings.
S6, EP1 "... And a Hookah Lounge"Dena's kindergarten students offer marital advice; Ashley brings her wonderland to life; Shannon has a vintage affair; Sarah has a barbecue hoedown.
S5, EP10 "... and Chocolate Handcuffs"Kate has an eco-friendly party; Jennifer has chocolate handcuff favors; Erika's guests hop to a German polka; Roula's guests circle for traditional Greek dancing.
S5, EP9 "... and a Power Outage"Janelle sparkles with a handmade crystal bouquet; Christina has a memorial butterfly release; Elizabeth tricks out her venue with Halloween decor; Amanda has food stations and cupcakes.
S5, EP8 "... and Men in Kilts"Ashanti's ceremony comes with tissue packets; Shauna make her entrance under lightsaber wands; Juli has a lovebird theme; Tarisha has a red wedding dress.
S5, EP7 "... and a Unity Fish Bowl"Brittany unites her fish and her family; Jamie swaps her wedding cake for a pizza; Lauren greets her guests in a stretch Hummer; Britten holds her night in a Chicago Skyscraper.
S5, EP6 "... and a Wishing Lantern"Nicole's beach-theme wedding; Ty's penthouse bash; Aurea's garden ceremony; Lara's Viennese dessert hour.
S5, EP5 "... and a School Bus"Michelle has a school-of-rock wedding; Shannon blasts her reception with hot pink; Lindsey is surrounded by nature; Erika has chic nuptials in a penthouse.
S5, EP4 "... and Bling-Blau"A reception with a forest of artificial trees; tables topped with garden-grown sunflowers; a flashy 4-carat ring; a country-chic affair.
S5, EP3 "... and a Yellow Brick Road"Micaela mixes a unity cocktail at the altar; Karina is roped with a Mexican wedding lasso.
S5, EP2 "... and the Reverse Worm"Tara's wedding is all about the party; Katie planned a Roaring '20s affair; Christina is calling the shots; Jennie and her bride celebrate their long-awaited ceremony.
S5, EP1 "... and a Hurricane"Mirian's father is officiating; a hand puppet carries Kim's rings; Jen throws a five-hour cocktail party; Colleen has an alcohol-free reception.
S4, EP10 "... and a Dance Off"Jenn leaves her wedding decor to the pros; Michelle makes a bouquet from vintage brooches; Ali has a black light rave; Renee's go from heartfelt to hilarious.
S4, EP9 "... and a Frog Dance"Aimee and her Gothic wedding decor; Megan and her pastel peonies; Angie and her elegant ballroom; Erica and her sunset vows.
S4, EP8 "... and a Talking Parrot"Amanda favors the classic traditions; Lakeisha is tossing out the bouquet and garter customs; Jessica entertains with talking parrots; Marcia has sexy salsa dancers.
S4, EP7 "... and a Thousand Cranes"Dourin's bridal entrance is lined with noisemakers and drums; Connie is serenaded by her husband; Lori's thousand origami cranes; Rita rocks a pink leopard print dress.
S4, EP6 "... and a Bling Team!"Toni decorates with modern minimalism; Tamekia has blinged out every inch of her wedding; Kat keeps her vows sophisticated; Lauren invites 350 friends to rock the dance floor.
S4, EP5 "... and Two Wedding Crashers"A backyard bash for Jenean; Lauren's guests are treated to a black-tie affair; RhiAnna has a horse and carriage entrance; Lisa's year of meticulous planning.
S4, EP4 "... and a Rockin' Harmonica"Michele's vintage candelabras; Amber's personalized drink stirrers; Kathryn's art house movie theater; Heidi's glass covered garden.
S4, EP3 "... and a Bouncy House"Dena cooks up her own wedding feast; Jen's backyard treats; Marissa's traditional banquet hall; Nicole's intimate winery.
S4, EP2 "... and a Flirtatious Ape"Keshia exchanges vows on the lawn of a mansion; Jaclyn says I do at the zoo; Melissa decorates with paper decorations; Megan explores with tarot cards.
S4, EP1 "... and a Pizza Delivery"Angel and her hotel wedding; Katie and a Rock Star themed bash; Julie's religious beliefs; Gina's martini bar reception.
S3, EP10 "... and an Awkward Pirate"Lauren impresses with food; Kathiria has a sexy tango; Christina hires a pirate and German oompah band; Jamie shares the aisle with her dog.
S3, EP9 "... and a Dancing Santa"Guests waltz with Santa at Kellie's wedding; fists are pumping at Erica's wedding; Liz makes a grand entrance; Charelle is serenaded.
S3, EP8 "... and a Smoking Cocktail"From an ocean-front wedding, to a hotel ballroom, to a family winery, then a wedding dinner with nouveau cuisine.
S3, EP7 "... and a Shark Tank"Celeste's gown has a removable layer; Marisol has her reception in a theater; Ann's dress includes DIY handiwork; Soo dives into a shark tank.
S3, EP6 "... and the Leaning Tower of Eiffel"Heather and her surf and sand nuptials; Shakelia's big day is in a Baptist church; Jessica and karaoke; Chimere's guests sip mocktails under a 12-foot Eiffel Tower.
S3, EP5 "... and a Fast Food Diet"Tulisa and her garden nuptials; Crystal's rockabilly beach party; Erica splurges on wine; Alli's chicken fingers and fries.
S3, EP4 "... and a Candelabra Hat"Deyana's ten tier cake; Danielle's rotating penthouse party; Deedee's Thai gifts; Julianna's Brazilian carnival.
S3, EP3 "... and Dancing Zombies"Trisha hopes to impress with Banquet hall surprises; Rachel has theatrics; Hannah's "Hollowedding"; Janitza is blending cultures.
S3, EP2 "... and a Crying Bride"Heather and her banquet hall blowout; Aretha's college campus affair; Kelly is non-traditional; Mary is a sentimental bride.
S3, EP1 "... and a Glass Slipper"Danielle tries to enchant with her glass slippers; Kitty plans on singing her own processional song; Kally has an exotic cuisine while dawn's is more traditional.
S2, EP8 "... And a Wild Goose"Karen and a show-stopping wedding; rock & roll Jennifer; Kaity's fairytale wedding; Michelle's rustic wedding.
S2, EP7 "... And a Toast to Me"Shyremia's wedding is shinning; Lindsay's Jewish wedding; Julie's wedding on a horse farm; K'yera's intimate wedding.
S2, EP6 "... And a Tour Bus"Bonnie is a Tomboy bride; Heather is the traditional bride; Yolanda is going for the vintage look; Ethel is the tough bride.
S2, EP5 "... And a Fire Ant Attack"Samantha is a free-spirit; Nazia has planned down to the minute; Anna and her milk and cookies bar; Shannon's hip hop reception.
S2, EP4 "... And a Pickup Truck"Rikki Dea is serving up barbeque; Amy has a fancy dinner planned; Sara is two-stepping; Tanisha has a choreographed dance.
S2, EP3 "... And a Love Hike"Chelsea is a traditional bride; Nyle is free spirited; Shayla's tiki party; Emily is all romance.
S2, EP2 "... And Potato Chips and Onion Dip"Karen and a samba-dancing troupe; Alexis has scaled back; Jessica's by the book wedding; Dashina's sexy dress.
S2, EP1 "... And Musical Chairs"Editza in an all-Spanish Christian ceremony; Tara in a traditional Native American ceremony; Alana's black tie wedding; Kati's laidback approach.
S1, EP9 "... And Something Blue"A bride plans to dazzle with an aqua-blue dress; a woman plans to do everything by the book; destination beach wedding in the Florida Keys; chic and modern event in a Japanese garden.
S1, EP8 "... And a Bubble Man"Wedding with circus performers and celebrity impersonators; springtime brunch celebration.
S1, EP7 "... And Three Raccoons"One bride wants to serve takeout pizza and beer at her casual wedding, while another plans to have her guests sipping champagne; an all-Spanish affair; Venetian masquerade reception.
S1, EP6 "... And a Street Parade"A woman plans a wedding with a 1940s theme; a bride-to-be enlists friends for help; planning newlyweds' first dance.
S1, EP5 "... And Fireworks"Lavish wedding complete with an 8-piece orchestra and a fireworks display; traditional event; two fun-filled weddings.
S1, EP4 "... And a Haunted House"A Cinderella-themed wedding competes with a traditional Jewish ceremony; a woman thinks her red wedding dress is sure to be a hit; a woman hopes her wedding leaves the other brides screaming.
S1, EP3 "... And a Snow Machine"Elegant black-tie affair; custom-crafted wedding; two weddings with winter wonderland themes.
S1, EP2 "... And a Boat to Catch"Karen's dream wedding features a rotating reception room for her 75 guests; Vidya plans her grand entrance down the aisle; Maria and Nataly also compete.
S1, EP1 "... And a Racetrack"Nicole spends three months planning a unique wedding at the Belmont Park horse-racing track in Elmont, N.Y.; Nic and Dimitri both believe their weddings are the ones to beat.
Every bride hopes her big day is spectacular and she works hard to make it the best possible wedding ever. This series gives women the chance to see how their weddings stack up -- against those of other brides. Each episode follows four brides as they plan their own weddings and attend each others' nuptials. At the end, they must vote on which wedding takes the cake. The winning bride and groom will be whisked off on a dream honeymoon.
Original Air Date: Dec 18, 2009
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
10 seasons available on demand (109 episodes)
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