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What on Earth?Science Channel's most watched series reveals Earth as it's never been seen before. Illuminating views captured by more than 4,000 orbiting satellites, "What on Earth?" investigates mysteries from strange geological occurrences to weird man-made structures. Every day, the eyes in the sky uncover new mysterious phenomena, and some defy easy explanation. To search for answers, the series combines modern imaging technology with analysis from military and intelligence professionals as well as leading scientists.
S5, EP7 "Mystery of the Desert Shipwrecks"Hundreds of shipwrecks in the middle of a desert in Africa; a ghost town where hundreds of its inhabitants have mysteriously died; something strange in North Korea; cutting-edge tech helps experts answer these sinister mysteries from space.
S12, EP10 "Arctic Hunters of Norway"Aerial archaeologists capture a series of mysterious dots buried beneath the remote, frozen landscape of Finnmark, Norway; experts investigate and reveal revolutionary hunting techniques developed by the oldest surviving Norwegian tribe.
S12, EP9 "Secrets of Biosphere 2"Satellite images capture a mysterious group of pyramid-shaped structures in the arid, desert landscape of Arizona; experts investigate a highly controversial research facility designed to prepare humanity for life on another world.
S12, EP8 "Ghost Ship of Ireland"A ghost ship appears overnight on the shores of Ireland; it may help shed light on the fate of vessels claimed by the most notorious patch of ocean on earth.
S12, EP7 "Nevada's Mystery Marking"Satellite images capture an enormous X shape mysteriously carved with precision in the remote Nevada desert; experts investigate a military emergency landing field linked to one of the most astonishing test programs in aviation history.
S12, EP6 "The Boneyard of Arizona"Satellite images capture miles of aircraft precisely arranged in the vast Arizona desert; experts investigate the largest aircraft storage facility on Earth and the rotting remains of a defining moment in Cold War history.
S12, EP5 "Blood Feud of Gresham Castle"Satellite images capture a mysterious fortification concealed beneath a patch of woodland in the remote stretches of Norfolk, England; experts investigate rival royal families and a lost castle that was destroyed during a medieval blood feud.
S12, EP4 "Turkey's Lost Terror Dome"Aerial drone imaging captures a circular man-made structure that appears to be centuries-old in the remote forests of Aydin, Turkey; experts investigate a lost ancient amphitheater with a history steeped in gladiatorial bloodshed.
S12, EP3 "Indiana's War Factory"Satellite images capture a large compound of abandoned structures that are overgrown with vegetation in Indiana; experts investigate and uncover a derelict WWII munitions factory that played a crucial role in US military history.
S12, EP2 "Mystery of the Fallen Star"Aerial archaeologists use laser imaging to capture a distinct star-shaped pattern carved into the marsh of a Florida swamp; experts investigate and reveal a lost Civial War fort linked to an extraordinary community with a tragic past.
S12, EP1 "Bullseye in the Sky"Satellite images capture a bizarre pattern of enormous circular clouds obscuring an island in the eastern Atlantic; experts investigate and uncover evidence of an unfolding natural disaster that could potentially threaten millions of lives.
S11, EP10 "Ancient Rome's El Dorado"Aerial archaeologists capture bizarre, spider-like markings etched deep into the mountains of Northern Spain; experts investigate an ancient site that contained one of the largest and most important gold mining operations of the Roman Empire.
S11, EP9 "Holes of Dead Sea Destruction"Aerial drone imaging captures clusters of enormous, perfectly round holes scattered along the coast of the Dead Sea in Israel; experts reveal a history of destructive water diversion linked to massive sinkholes devouring the region.
S11, EP8 "Poland's Secret Nazi Compound"Satellite images capture a series of enormous zigzagging patterns carved into the remote woodlands of Poland; experts investigate a clandestine Nazi base linked to a doomed operation that played a pivotal role in the downfall of WWII Germany.
S11, EP7 "Russia's Lightning Lab"Aerial drone imaging captures oddly shaped industrial-sized towers mysteriously situated in a forest clearing near Moscow; experts investigate a lost Soviet era military compound and the development of a catastrophic electromagnetic weapon.
S11, EP6 "Circles of the High Kings"Satellite images capture two conjoined circular structures embedded in the landscape of Ireland; experts investigate an ancient site linked to legendary figures and the elusive hunt for the Ark of the Covenant.
S11, EP5 "Riddle of Sardinia Tower"Satellite images capture a triangular castle-like tower located on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia; experts investigate the relics of a declining ancient civilization that may have suffered a celestial catastrophe.
S11, EP4 "Mystery of the Welsh Mine"Satellite images capture monumental ruins surrounded by bizarre feather-shaped structures on a Welsh mountaintop; experts investigate a hidden tunnel containing the remains of an abandoned slate mine with an exploitative and deadly past.
S11, EP3 "Doomsday Lair of Greece"Satellite images capture bizarre structures fenced within a remote mountaintop complex on the Greek island of Kefalonia; experts investigate and discover a network of massive satellites linked to a hidden NATO doomsday communications bunker.
S11, EP1 "Secret Soviet Spacecraft"Satellite images capture a bizarre industrial complex in the remote desert expanse of Kazakhstan; experts investigate and uncover a massive hangar containing the most expensive spacecraft in the history of Soviet-era space exploration.
S10, EP10 "Lair of the Living God"Satellite images capture a bizarre, cone-like structure perched on the summit of a mountain range in Turkey; experts uncover one of the most extraordinary engineering projects of the ancient world linked to the legacy of a living deity.
S10, EP9 "Nuclear Ghost Towns"Satellite images capture a mysterious collection of sprawling towns that appear to be completely unoccupied in Belarus; experts investigate and uncover a horrendous state-sanctioned cover-up responsible for claiming thousands of innocent lives.
S10, EP8 "Legend of Moonshine Forest"Satellite images capture a gigantic oval among a bizarre grid pattern that's carved into the dense forests of New Jersey; experts investigate and reveal a landscape linked to infamous prohibition activity and a prolific WWI munitions factory.
S10, EP7 "Secrets of the Roman Occult"Aerial drone imaging captures a sophisticated complex of lost, ancient Roman buildings in Yorkshire.
S10, EP6 "Mystery of the Cursed Forest"Satellite images capture a bizarre pattern of large concentric circles formed in a remote English forest; experts investigate and uncover a top secret experimental bomb testing site critical to WWII British weapons development.
S10, EP5 "Code of the Viking Witch"Satellite images capture a bizarre pattern of rocks in the shape of a large fingerprint on a remote Swedish island; experts investigate and uncover a mysterious labyrinth with links to ancient Viking black magic and dark, mystical rituals.
S10, EP4 "Hidden Fortress of Secrets"Satellite images capture a strange castle-like structure hidden in the dense and remote woodlands of Scotland; expert archaeologists investigate and uncover an area with a bloody history linked to the birthplace of the world's oldest secret society.
S10, EP3 "Mystery of Apache Mountain"Satellite images capture mysterious stone structures spread across high elevations of the Arizona mountains; experts investigate and uncover ruins of a 19th century Apache fortification linked to the most treacherous migrant route in U.S. history.
S10, EP2 "Viking Warrior Invasion"Satellite images capture bizarre groups of circular structures in the remote forests of Derbyshire, England; experts investigate and uncover ancient burial mounds linked to a Viking invasion that changed the course of English history.
S10, EP1 "Australia's Nuclear Desert"Satellite images capture a giant symbol mysteriously carved into the expanse of Australia's Great Victoria Desert; an investigation reveals a secret nuclear weapons testing cover-up by the British government with numerous aboriginal casualties.
S9, EP10 "America's Secret Apocalypse"Satellite images reveal a mysterious pattern of six perfect circles hidden in the desert landscape of New Mexico; experts investigate and uncover evidence of catastrophic military testing deliberately erased from history.
S9, EP9 "Stalin's Secret Atlantis"When experts spot what appears to be an abandoned city in the Caspian Sea, they investigate declassified Cold War evidence to reveal an Atlantis-like city built by the Soviets; what they find exposes its long-lost secrets.
S9, EP8 "Horror of Dead Man's Island"Experts investigate a gigantic ship that emerges from the sands of a strange island; what they find reveals evidence of a horrific Viking massacre.
S9, EP7 "Temple of the Island Eater"Satellites capture evidence of a mysterious structure in a remote and rocky area of Hawaii; when experts investigate, what they find could point to human sacrifices and the wrath of a shape-shifting god.
S9, EP6 "Lost City of the Vampires"Satellite images reveal a long-lost village buried in a dense forest; archaeologists investigate and uncover a mysterious gravesite with the remains of decapitated skeletons and possible evidence of vampire burials.
S9, EP5 "America's Swamp Castle"Satellite images capture bizarre structures in the remote and inhospitable swamplands of Louisiana; experts investigate a forgotten war-torn fortress with a mysterious connection to the sinking ruins of a classified military installation.
S9, EP4 "Gate to the Viking Gods"New evidence reveals dozens of bizarre circular structures buried in the remote hills of Norway; an expert investigation uncovers a mysterious burial ground that may have been a portal to the Viking spiritual realm.
S9, EP3 "Aztec Alien Mystery"When satellite images reveal spot a strange white substance in the land of the Aztecs, experts investigate the site for extraterrestrial connections; what they find could explain the rise of one of the world's greatest civilizations.
S9, EP2 "Epstein's Forbidden Temple"Satellite evidence of a strange building on a mysterious island owned by Jeffrey Epstein points to something sinister; experts use cutting-edge technology to investigate why it was built and what goes on here.
S9, EP1 "Curse of the Amazon Nazis"When investigators spot strange anomalies in the Amazon jungle, the discovery stokes rumors of a long-lost Nazi base in the Americas.
S8, EP9 "Curse of King Arthur"When satellites spot a strange, 2,000-year-old structure in Wales, some suspect it holds a secret connection to King Arthur; using modern-day technology and ancient texts, experts investigate new leads that could point to the mythical Round Table.
S8, EP8 "Enigmas of Area 51"Satellites capture two strange patterns in the desert and they are right next to Area 51; experts use cutting-edge science and new revelations from declassified documents to reveal what they are and what they mean.
S8, EP7 "Nazi Occult Temple"Satellites capture a temple-like Nazi structure hidden deep in the forests of Poland, leading an expert to investigate and uncover a tale of terrifying rituals.
S8, EP6 "The Damned of Devil's Island"Mysterious satellite images lead an archaeologist to investigate a cemetery on Devil's Island, the notorious penal colony in the tropics of South America; evidence of grisly executions that fueled a shark feeding frenzy.
S8, EP5 "Americas' Lost Romans"The remains of an abandoned settlement high in the mountains of Peru could be an ancient Roman village; experts speculate if the Romans visited the Americas centuries before Columbus.
S8, EP4 "Chinese Nuclear Pyramid"Satellite images capture evidence of a mythical lost pyramid in China that's been hidden for centuries, and experts suspect it could be just one of many unknown structures used as a secret military base designed for subterranean nuclear warfare.
S8, EP3 "Island of Alien Ooze"Satellite images capture a volcanic island that suddenly appears in the Pacific Ocean, and when NASA scientists arrive to investigate, they are baffled to find it is home to a primordial slime.
S8, EP2 "Nazi Crop Circles"Crop circles spotted on an island in the Mediterranean might not be from aliens, but from a threat closer to home: Nazis; new discoveries help experts uncover who made them and for what sinister purpose.
S8, EP1 "Zombietown USA"Satellite images capture evidence of an abandoned town hidden in the American wilderness, and as experts analyze this new evidence, they reveal what this strange place has to do with a top-secret military plan to battle an army of the undead.
S7, EP11 "Ruins of Cannibal City"When an extreme drought hits Spain, the ruins of a long-lost civilization suddenly emerge, and using cutting-edge technology, experts investigate evidence of ancient cannibalism.
S7, EP10 "Hunt for Atlantis"New satellite evidence shows a mysterious spiral structure from space, and experts think it could be the lost city of Atlantis; using cutting-edge technology, they investigate the truth behind this odd phenomenon.
S7, EP9 "Lost Tombs of the Gold Kingdom"Strange satellite images taken above the Nile Valley could point investigators to long-lost relics buried in an unexplored city of the dead; what they find could reveal new secrets of Kush, a once-mighty kingdom of untold gold and treasure.
S7, EP8 "Imhotep's Lost Labyrinth"After satellites spot an anomaly at Egypt's oldest pyramid, experts uncover a long-lost labyrinth that could lead them to the darkest secrets of Imhotep, the mysterious high priest who built the strange complex.
S7, EP7 "Ghost Town Terror"When satellites discover a strange abandoned city frozen in time, experts investigate what caused the people to disappear overnight; using cutting-edge tech, they follow fresh leads to uncover if this mysterious city could be home to a dark secret.
S7, EP6 "Amazon's Secret Nightmare"When satellites spot anomalies in the unexplored Amazonian jungle, experts wonder if they've discovered relics of a lost civilization; an on-the-ground investigation reveals a dark truth that's more sinister than ever imagined.
S7, EP5 "Armageddon USA"When the people of a thriving Midwestern town suddenly disappear, they leave behind an eerie ghost town with a dark secret; experts use cutting-edge tech to investigate if the mysterious exodus could be evidence of a freak natural disaster.
S7, EP4 "Curse of Phantom Island"When an island off the coast of Mexico suddenly disappears, government officials scramble to find an explanation.
S7, EP3 "Chernobyl's Nuclear Monsters"Mysterious circles of reindeer appear in the remote tundra of Sweden; experts investigate if this strange event could be evidence of fatal aftershocks from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
S7, EP2 "Bermuda Triangle of Space"When instruments on the International Space Station suddenly malfunction every time it passes over a mysterious site in the Atlantic Ocean, experts investigate if this eerie behavior is more than just a tech glitch, but a prophecy of global doomsday.
S7, EP1 "Nazi Doomsday Forest"When mysterious structures are discovered deep in a remote forest, experts investigate if this strange site was the long-lost birthplace of a top-secret Nazi project that produced some of the deadliest weapons the world had ever seen.
S6, EP9 "Treasures of Monster Graveyard"At a mysterious site in the Gobi Desert, experts discover a monster graveyard; the groundbreaking find contains the treasures of the alien beasts that once lived in this strange world.
S6, EP8 "The King at Roswell"When a strange, red plane is discovered near the sight of the Roswell UFO incident, experts wonder if the aircraft has Nazi or extraterrestrial origins, and their investigation reveals new secrets about one of America's most famous faces.
S6, EP7 "Curse of Genghis Khan"When a strange structure is discovered in the Gobi Desert, experts investigate if this mysterious site could reveal the whereabouts of lost treasure, which might change everything known about Genghis Khan and the Mongol warriors.
S6, EP6 "Terror of the Ice Snake"In the white ice of Antarctica, satellites discover a mysterious trail of sinister black objects, and when experts discover that it's moving, they use cutting-edge tech to investigate who or what is behind this strange phenomena.
S6, EP5 "The Cave to Hell"When a sinister cave is discovered in a remote corner of Iceland, experts uncover a secret underworld tunneling to unknown depths, and using cutting-edge tech, they investigate if this strange place could hold secrets of alien worlds.
S6, EP4 "Aliens of the Infinity War"When a strange pattern appears in a field, experts wonder if its an extraterrestrial response to a message sent to an alien star cluster in 1974, and using cutting-edge science, they uncover its true origin.
S6, EP3 "North Korea Death Star"When satellites spot a mysterious structure in North Korea, experts investigate if this sinister evidence points to a looming nuclear threat, and using cutting-edge tech, they reveal dark secrets from this strange place.
S6, EP2 "Monsters of Diamond Desert"An abandoned ghost town in a remote desert with a dark past; when a strange facility is spotted in Russia, experts investigate if it's hiding evidence of alien life; cutting-edge tech reveals new clues to these sinister mysteries from space.
S6, EP1 "World's Deadliest Threats"The world's most dangerous threats reside in top-secret locations all over the planet; experts use cutting-edge technology to reveal the truth behind sinister mysteries from space.
S5, EP10 "Cannibal Death Pit"A strange circular forest next to a notorious cannibal site; when an eerie crater is spotted in Siberia, experts uncover if it could be evidence of Nikola Tesla's doomsday device; cutting-edge tech helps experts answer these sinister mysteries.
S5, EP9 "Phantoms in the Chamber of Secrets"Evidence of a mysterious 5,000-year-old structure suddenly appears in Ireland; a top-secret machine that can see back in time; a satanic pentagram in the snow that points to witchcraft in the New World.
S5, EP8 "Blood in the Garden of Eden"A site that could be the Garden of Eden hides a deadly secret; when a gateway to hell suddenly opens, experts investigate where it leads; a mysterious shipwreck could be an infamous Soviet KGB pirate ship.
S5, EP6 "Finding Jack the Ripper"New discoveries from space give experts new clues in the hunt for Jack the Ripper; a strange object crash-lands in Antarctica, experts speculate it could be an alien visitor.
S5, EP5 "Ghost Fleet of Cannibal Bay"A fleet of sunken ships that point to ghosts, cannibals, and bloodshed in early America; strange arctic holes that NASA can't explain; near Area 51, mysterious alien structures straight out of Star Wars.
S5, EP4 "Curse of the Ice Zombies"Zombie reindeer haunting the mountains of Norway; strange circles in the sand by a secret U.S. military base; a giant streak in the Arctic pointing towards alien life; cutting-edge technology helps experts answer these sinister mysteries from space.
S5, EP3 "Satan in Siberia"A satanic symbol that points to an army of the dead in Siberia; a massive stone giant in a remote desert; evidence of a Russian doomsday device right on America's doorstep; cutting-edge technology helps experts answer sinister mysteries from space.
S5, EP2 "Monsters at Fort Madness"Alien monoliths haunt the coast of England; an obliterated jungle points to a brutal narco gold rush; evidence of a strange blood-red creature emerging from the deep.
S5, EP1 "CIA Killer Monks"Something strange in the Himalayas could be evidence of a top-secret CIA program to turn monks into killer agents; cutting-edge science helps experts investigate the truth behind the mysterious anomaly.
S5 "Into the Armageddon"Modern imaging technology and analysis from military and intelligence professionals, as well as leading scientists, investigate mysteries from strange geological occurrences to weird man-made structures as seen by more than 4,000 orbiting satellites.
S4, EP20 "Mayan Armageddon: The New Evidence"New evidence might reveal how the Mayans vanished; when scientists investigate an abandoned settlement, they discover traces of ritualistic drug binges from the ancient world; a mysterious symbol in the desert points to a sex cult of millionaires.
S4, EP19 "Ghost Ship of Hell Island"An abandoned ghost ship appears on a remote island that holds one of the world's last uncontacted tribes; a strange labyrinth in Sicily might have a sinister connection to the Mafia; new evidence reveals a mysterious military compound in Russia.
S4, EP18 "Forbidden City of Inca Gold"Treasure hunters have searched for a lost Incan city of untold wealth for a century, but new technology might finally locate its riches; a strange mountain in Egypt sparks an investigation into Cleopatra's gems and the tomb of Alexander the Great.
S4, EP17 "Hunting the Ark of the Covenant"New discoveries lead investigators to a crypt rumored to hold the Ark of the Covenant; when a great white shark is killed, experts suspect a mysterious ocean monster; strange markings in the desert might be a tribute to an ancient spider god.
S4, EP16 "Nazi Stonehenge"A mysterious Stonehenge-like structure in Russia may have links to the Nazis; experts uncover clues to a mega-tsunami with the power to devastate the United States; a huge lake appears in the Sahara overnight.
S4, EP15 "Curse of Medusa"Researchers investigate a strange glowing lake reported to turn things into stone; a structure in Africa that resembles Stonehenge is said to be the resting place of a mythical giant.
S4, EP14 "Cannibals in the Ghost City"An abandoned city in the African jungle may be haunted by the malevolent spirits of cannibals; Mount Vesuvius shows signs of an awakening, and the mafia could be to blame; experts investigate Adolf Hitler's secret Nazi UFO program.
S4, EP13 "North Korea's Forbidden Islands"Man-made islands appear near a North Korean missile facility; an unexpected find in a remote desert leads experts to a lost city of giants; a strange discovery in Siberia suggests a secret mission to the center of the Earth.
S4, EP12 "Temple of Blood"An ancient man-made volcano might reveal buried treasure and bloody human sacrifice; when NASA discovers a strange pattern in the Arctic ice, experts investigate if it has alien origins; a mystery in the Sahara might have a sinister explanation.
S4, EP11 "Hitler's Lost Gold"New evidence might finally identify the hiding place of the billion-dollar Nazi gold train; a discovery of a long-lost settlement rewrites the history of the Vikings in North America; a blood-red river in Siberia points to catastrophic pollution.
S4, EP10 "Treasures of Valhalla"Evidence of human sacrifice for the Viking god Odin; shedding new light on Genghis Khan.
S4, EP9 "Finding King Arthur"An abandoned megacity in a remote jungle might be the home of an ancient treasure and a dark secret; when a mysterious circular stone structure is discovered in Scotland, experts investigate whether it's the fabled Round Table of King Arthur.
S4, EP8 "The Lost City of Goliath"A lost city near Jerusalem might have been the home of Goliath; bizarre underwater formations might point to a top-secret US weapons testing facility; a strange sighting in the Arctic could be a lost Nazi relic.
S4, EP7 "The Minotaur's Lair"A strange lake in Transylvania is the home of an abandoned village and a terrifying secret; when a labyrinth is discovered on an island once home to an ancient Greek civilization, experts investigate if it was the legendary home of the Minotaur.
S4, EP6 "Village of the Damned"A forbidden island points to a strange South American town that locals claim was the home of Adolf Hitler; new data from NASA satellites might reveal a sunken lost continent in the Indian Ocean; a pit of bodies suggests fears of a zombie nightmare.
S4, EP5 "Mystery of Fang Forest"A strange forest of razor-sharp stones could be home of an undiscovered Hobbit-like humanoid species; when a man-made island mysteriously appears off the US coast, new evidence points to secret government experiments into psycho-chemical warfare.
S4, EP4 "Beasts of the Lost Jungle"A ghost town covered in a strange, white powder emerges from a lake in Argentina; upon the discovery of a lost jungle in Africa, scientists embark on a dangerous mission to explore it; a declassified CIA image uncovers a bizarre, giant Soviet weapon.
S4, EP3 "Mafia Ghost Ship"A ghost ship with links to the mob suddenly appears on a California beach; strange markings could be a coded message that reveals a plot to overthrow the Queen of England; a lake believed to have magical healing powers holds clues to life on Mars.
S4, EP2 "Fountain of Youth Found?"A strange structure shaped like a giant shark might point the way to a lost civilization's fountain of youth; a massive hurricane heads toward Florida but something unexpected is in its eye; bizarre marks across the eastern US leave experts baffled.
S4, EP1 "Dracula's Tomb"Strange mounds in Transylvania might pinpoint the location of the tomb of the bloodthirsty tyrant believed to have inspired Dracula; a mysterious ancient city is discovered on a coral reef; images of a plane crash sets off a hunt for a drug lord.
S3, EP20 "The Curse of Merlin"The myth of Merlin is associated with an arrangement of stones in northern France; satellite images might finally explain this ancient riddle; Investigators uncover something mysterious buried beneath the Gulf of Mexico.
S3, EP19 "Forbidden Cities of the Maya"A young boy makes international headlines when he uses satellite images to discover lost cities of the Maya; satellite images might point to a modern-day genocide; trees in China seem to be spelling out a sinister message.
S3, EP18 "Mystery of the Mummy Desert"New evidence could reveal the remains of an ancient Roman city thought to be lost forever; strange images from a remote and empty desert could explain the mysterious mummies found there; an apocalyptic sandstorm swallows the Middle East.
S3, EP17 "Hunt for El Dorado"Strange images from the jungles of Colombia could lead researchers to the legendary city of El Dorado; a bright green swirling spiral appears in the seas of the Persian Gulf; a massive complex suddenly appears in Myanmar.
S3, EP16 "Siberian Death Pit"A massive chasm appears in a remote part of the Siberian forest.
S3, EP15 "Lost Empire of the Amazon"New evidence could lead to the discovery of an unknown ancient civilization in the Amazon rainforest; a strange photo reveals a massive Arctic canyon buried beneath the ice; an unidentified submarine is spotted in a North Korean shipyard.
S3, EP14 "Bloody Secret of the Lost City"A vast structure buried in the sands near the legendary city of Petra points to a bloody past; when terrorists kidnap more than 200 schoolgirls in northern Nigeria, rescuers use satellites to track them down.
S3, EP13 "Strange Symbols in the Desert"An amateur archaeologist finds strange symbols scratched into the Kazakhstan desert; CIA surveillance photographs show what appears to be a giant Star of David on the island of Cuba; a lake in the Brazilian rain forest turns bright pink.
S3, EP12 "Curse of the Sea Monster"A strange mass breaches surface of an ocean near Antarctica, sparking rumors of a mythological sea monster; an area of the US-Mexico border becomes an international mystery; ancient rock carvings in a remote mountain range depict unearthly beings.
S3, EP11 "Ghost of Zorro"A giant letter Z is carved into a Mexican hillside, evoking the mark of a legendary outlaw; a strange sighting in Germany points to secrets from the Cold War; Massive, blood-red marks in China prompt fears of a violent government crackdown.
S3, EP10 "Inside El Chapo's Escape"Satellite images reveal how El Chapo escaped from a high security prison in Mexico; mysterious patterns in the Australian outback and the Kalahari Desert spark a major scientific investigation; a giant black stain appears in a war-torn area of Iraq.
S3, EP9 "The Swastika Conspiracy"A giant swastika appears in a forest in Germany; a strange pattern is etched into the desert near the famous Nazca lines, but archaeologists don't know who put it there; mysterious markings are spotted in an isolated corner of Antarctica.
S3, EP8 "Raiders of the Holy Lance"A heavily armored force takes over one of Syria's most ancient archaeology sites, prompting fears that its relics are being stolen; tanks appear to be facing off in Antarctica next to an unworldly object; a water reservoir in LA suddenly turns black.
S3, EP7 "Dagger of Tutankhamun"A meteorite dagger found in the tomb of King Tut; a massive swastika found in the desert near Roswell, N.M.; using satellites to hunt for Joseph Kony.
S3, EP6 "Gateway to Eden"A buried monument offers new evidence about one of the Bible's greatest mysteries; an ominous shadow engulfs the Pacific Ocean; scientists have trouble explaining a strange lake that's shaped like a perfect circle.
S3, EP5 "Did We Find Flight 370?"Investigators find a new clue about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared in 2014; an astronaut spots something strange in the Sahara Desert; a mysterious orange sludge invades a remote village in Alaska.
S3, EP4 "Stonehenge of the Holy Land"Legends of ancient giants surround a mysterious monument in the Middle East; a bright pink lake could point to a strange, undiscovered new species; when a young boy disappears in a sand dune, satellite images help with the investigation.
S3, EP3 "Riddle in the Ruins"Strange black holes appear near Egypt's ancient pyramids; Incan ruins in Peru suggest that the Inca people were more advanced than thought; a mysterious red swarm invades a beach in India.
S3, EP2 "Mystery in the Outback"A giant carving of a strange creature suddenly appears in the Australian Outback; mysterious bright green lights illuminate the seas around Thailand; top-secret activity discovered at Iran's nuclear facility.
S3, EP1 "Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon"Strange spots near the Grand Canyon may hold clues to the legendary treasure of a notorious bandit; satellite images could explain desert ruins rumored to be an entrance to an underworld; city-size chunk of ice suddenly disappears in Antarctica.
S2, EP6 "Hidden Tomb of Genghis Khan"A strange structure is discoverd in Mongolia; bizarre rings in Spain could lead to the lost city of Atlantis; a large floating island is on a collision course with New Zealand.
S2, EP5 "Curse of the Lost Kingdom"The face of Christ is discovered in a field in Hungary; a photo that claims to show who shot down a passenger jet in Ukraine; a sinister shape in the mountains of Afghanistan that leads investigators to a hidden genocide.
S2, EP4 "Who Built Supervillain Island?"A satellite finds a set of large arrows in the badlands of the American west; a blood red waterfall stains Antarctica's snows; a plague of massive holes in the Siberian landscape.
S2, EP3 "Lost City of the Kalahari"Satellites locates strange spiral markings in the remote African desert; a weird deadly black blob is threatening the Florida Keys; something large is found deep beneath the ice of Antarctica.
S2, EP2 "Secret of Doomsday Mountain"Satellites find American stealth technology deep inside China; an unidentified cloud swamps America's skies; something very large is lurking beneath Loch Ness.
S2, EP1 "Finding Vietnam's Lost POWs"Desperate signs from lost veterans in Vietnam; a fleet of large ships stranded in the middle of a vast desert; strange walls stretching vast distances across Northern California.
S1, EP6 "Nazi Ice Fortress"Images of earth from space show an intimate portrait of human activity; cities glow bright while the wilderness remains dark, but the Australian outback is lit up like a series of vast cities.
S1, EP5 "North Korea Is Burning"A possible smoke screen over North Korea concerns military analysts; an amateur archaeologist makes a fantastic discovery of not one but two forgotten pyramids in Egypt.
S1, EP4 "Finding Sodom"NASA astronaut Mike Barratt explains photographing a strange ring in the ice on the world's oldest and most mysterious lake from the International Space Station; more rings on Lake Baikal have been seen.
S1, EP3 "Secrets of Sahara"How the Eye of the Sahara, a beautiful 25 mile structure, is formed remains a mystery; incredible clouds emanating from an island in the Indian Ocean could be evidence of a terrifying new weather weapon.
S1, EP2 "Lost City of Gold"Strange barren rings in the Namib Desert; an island the size of Manhattan disappears without trace; a lost city in the middle of the Amazonian jungle.
S1, EP1 "Lake of Blood"A massive tsunami hundreds of feet high that never touches land; a secret underground base in China; an image from space may have revealed the location of the Garden of Eden.
Science Channel's most watched series reveals Earth as it's never been seen before. Illuminating views captured by more than 4,000 orbiting satellites, "What on Earth?" investigates mysteries from strange geological occurrences to weird man-made structures. Every day, the eyes in the sky uncover new mysterious phenomena, and some defy easy explanation. To search for answers, the series combines modern imaging technology with analysis from military and intelligence professionals as well as leading scientists.
Original Air Date: Feb 10, 2015
Rating: TVPG
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