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Fatal VowsFrom blushing brides turned cold-blooded killers to smitten grooms with shocking dark sides, "Fatal Vows" examines the criminal psychology behind deadly divorces. Guiding viewers through actual stories of love gone wrong are psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser and forensic/clinical psychologist Dr. Brian Russell, who examine each couple to better understand how the marriage turned from flawed to fatal. Stylized re-enactments are supported by interviews with family, friends, law enforcement, and potential victims of the crime, while Kaiser and Dr. Russell provide analysis on unions that break down until divorce and murder collide.
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S7, EP13 "Opposites Can Kill"Young single mom Kathy wants a good life for herself and her son, but their dreams clash with wannabe rapper Juan; tempers erupt when Kathy decides she wants more out of life, no matter the cost.
S7, EP12 "Flirting With Murder"When Trichele and Brian promise to stick it out for better or for worse, they have no idea how worse things will get.
S7, EP11 "Betting on Murder"Gail and Stephen Dews have it all: a happy marriage, a beautiful house and healthy children, but a family tragedy and a gambling addiction rips their lives to shreds, proving that nothing is what it seems.
S7, EP10 "To Kiss or To Kill"April and Brad are happily married until her dreams of having a baby fall apart; April turns to other men for consolation; one even moves in with the couple; when Brad is ultimately replaced as the man of the house, everyone pays a price.
S7, EP9 "Deadly Isolation"Chad and Jo meet by chance and to this pair of free spirits, their connection feels cosmic; they fall in love and move far from everyone they know; but soon their new life is ripped apart by jealous ex-partners.
S7, EP8 "My Way or the Dead Way"Jodie is Edgar's secret high school crush; after a chance meeting, the two get together quickly, but money trouble, jealousy and a rebellious stepdaughter are about to turn this second chance at love into the high school reunion from hell.
S7, EP7 "The Unholy Affair"Life for Alabama newlyweds Syble and Earnie revolves around church and family, but a freak accident and a pair of wandering eyes threaten to drive this couple into an unholy trinity of betrayal, infidelity and murder.
S7, EP6 "No Harmony in Polyamory"Rebecca Murray falls for Lee Mikael Cawthon and soon exotic dancer Allite Franks and best friend, Thad join the relationship as a third and fourth partner, but this open-minded foursome soon discovers there's no harmony in polyamory.
S7, EP5 "Some Like It Dead"Everyone is happy when Mirinda marries Sam because she's pretty and he's cute and friendly, but Mirinda's spending veers out of control and tears the couple apart until one of them looks outside the marriage and finds nothing short of murder.
S7, EP4 "Hell on Wheels"Charlene attracts more than one man with her beauty and one by one they all go crazy vying for her love; love may be heavenly, but for some it can be hell.
S7, EP3 "Lethal Romance"An ambitious Harlem couple dreams of a better life for themselves, but stuck in a bitter cycle of poverty, poor health and mistrust, one of them decides to put their dreams to rest forever.
S7, EP2 "Honkytonk Killer"Shorty and Cotton seem perfect for each other; they love dancing, motorcycles and each other, but looks can be deceiving and after an accident reveals a life of lies and deceit, one of them will dance with the devil to the death.
S7, EP1 "Murder Behind the Gates"Pad is rich and handsome, and Kem is popular but from the wrong side of town; the power couple stick it out despite disapproval, and over the years amass a fortune; however, they soon learn that their money can't buy love and happiness -only death.
S6, EP13 "Bored to Death"When Opal Skidmore marries Steven Williams, their love is a second chance for the pair to live out their dreams; soon, boredom and the lure of the open road spark hidden desires and sexual hijinks, leaving this open marriage anything but happy.
S6, EP12 "Sins of the Heart"Young, rich and religious, John and Nikki Hillrich fall in love at college; when desire collides with faith, secret lives marked by sinful liaisons and menacing new friends shatter their perfect life.
S6, EP11 "Deceitful Secrets"Cecil and Larlane Brown have been together for years, but their secrets and lies, ignored and neglected for decades, threaten to turn their 50-year relationship into a bloody battleground.
S6, EP10 "Living With the Devil"When Darren and Elizabeth marry eight weeks after meeting, no one thinks it's a good idea, but the couple just doesn't care; then, one of them gets attacked, and a sniper is spotted across the way.
S6, EP9 "Death Outranks Love"It's a military match made in heaven for Roger and Margorie, but a tangled web of financial secrets and twisted lies ruins the young couple's future; while the rise of their careers and romance seems meteoric, the ensuing fall is deadly.
S6, EP8 "Curtain Call to Hell"Young and in love, Stephanie and Daniel are happily balancing work and play; before long, tensions arise due to disappointment, self-loathing and a mutual affection for the bottle, and, by the final curtain call, only one of them is left standing.
S6, EP7 "Murder, Modesty, and the Pastor"Corinne Stoudt gets a second chance at love with husband Calvin, then a too-close roommate and a monstrous past turns this second chance into a deadly battleground.
S6, EP6 "Ambition to Die For"Longtime married couple Dino and Clara run a successful bail bond company, but when Dino's long hours and a missing bail jumper make Clara suspicious and nervous, a hidden secret emerges that makes their bond come undone in the blink of an eye.
S6, EP5 "Everybody Loves Rick"Most high school romances end in heartbreak; however, Richard and Jolena rekindle their romance years later even though one of them is already married, and someone in this love triangle will wind up dead.
S6, EP4 "The Bad Apple"Francis Nicky Nicolosi and his devout new wife, Ellie, are living out the perfect retirement, then one of them is found dead in an apple orchard; police discover there's more to this seemingly frail and religious couple than anyone imagined.
S6, EP3 "Love Gone Bankrupt"After Gary and Pam Triano's marriage comes to an end, shady business deals, a series of betrayals and an extremely bitter custody battle lead to a climax that is nothing short of explosive.
S6, EP2 "Behind Closed Doors"Nurses Lara Crockett and Ricardo Muscolino meet on the night shift; he sets about creating a rich life for them, and she's happy to go along with it; Ricardo's scheming eventually drives Lara into the arms of another man with explosive results.
S6, EP1 "A Watery Grave"Jeff and Jeanine Glanda have a picture-perfect family until selfishness and a shameless affair mark the beginning of the end; as money troubles and the threat of divorce breed paranoia and hate, a plot is hatched in the dark heart of a killer.
S5, EP13 "Death Knows No Borders"Worlds collide when Donald and Umi fall in love in Indonesia; while Umi strives to become the perfect American woman in Don's native Kentucky, he longs for something or someone more exotic.
S5, EP12 "Drowning in Tears"When Tim meets Maryann at a Catholic mixer, it's a match made in heaven, but while the future looks bright, a dark cloud gathers on the horizon in the person of Tim's ex-wife.
S5, EP11 "A Thin Blue Line"High school sweethearts Linda and Derrick Yancey become sheriff's deputies with a picture-perfect marriage, then their marriage degenerates into a tale of good cop/bad cop ending in murder with one of them on the run.
S5, EP10 "The Ties That Bind"In Jonesboro, Ark., Michelle and Marc's marriage ends in murder as a result of family ties that snap and break.
S5, EP9 "Deadly Obsession"Tom and Lynette's love story spans decades from grade school to a posh house with a pool, but dark secrets from the bedroom bleed into other aspects of their marriage, and a dangerous obsession shreds their relationship into pieces.
S5, EP8 "Reduced to Ash"After 35 years together, longtime partners Julie and Keith become restless and begin to pursue very private adventures, reducing their once fiery love to ash.
S5, EP7 "Hell on Earth"A minister's son, Luther, falls hard for Anita, the daughter of a pastor; then, failure delivers a crushing blow to their relationship, turning their heavenly life into hell on Earth.
S5, EP6 "Murder in the Marina"Ed is a retired pilot whose sense of adventure is reawakened by a seaside encounter with the much-younger Denise, then the couple's idyllic life on a boat in a Florida marina is rocked by a sudden change in their fortune.
S5, EP5 "Recipe for Death"Eric gives up the U.S. Marines to follow his dream as a baker, and falls for Constance on a blind date; these two "foodies" indulge in the sweet life until a seven-year itch is scratched by murder.
S5, EP4 "Rookie Mistake"Carli marries a police officer who takes his role as protector a little too seriously; Carli attempts to break free from the confines of wedlock, setting off a chain of deadly events.
S5, EP3 "Blood and Sand"California beauty Pegye meets volleyball player Eric in Newport Beach, Calif.; with good looks and success, the couple appears to have it all, but hedonism comes at a price, and their dream life quickly becomes a waking nightmare.
S5, EP2 "Love in Flames"Janice thinks Brett is an old-fashioned country boy who needs a woman's touch, while Brett thinks Janice is the ideal woman to turn his house into a home; as family tragedies mount, their dream of a perfect life together soon goes up in flames.
S5, EP1 "Second Chance at Death"While mourning the death of his wife, Julian falls hard for his much-younger coworker, Teresa; for a time, Teresa's spunk lifts Julian's spirits until a sordid affair plunges him into an abyss.
S4, EP13 "At Death's Door"Millionaire aerospace executives Lynn and Manfred Schockner hide a twisted rage that ends in a deadly conspiracy.
S4, EP12 "Murder in the Cards"A blackjack habit leads to tragedy for Gary and Helen, landing one of them behind bars and the other six feet under.
S4, EP11 "Sex, Lies and Secret Texts"When free-spirited bartender Cassie meets family-guy Brent, the spark is intense, but it is doomed to explode and end with the snuffing out of a bright light.
S4, EP10 "Fall From Grace"David Bush believes his wife, Lynn, has left him because of his infidelities, and he doesn't report her missing until the day after she disappears, never to be see again.
S4, EP9 "Death Brawl"A handsome U.S. Marine lands the woman of his dreams, but the pressures of a long-distance relationship push these newlyweds to the edge.
S4, EP8 "The Harder They Fall"Tom and Juanita Richardson's second honeymoon ends with a deadly fall from a cliff overlooking Lake Superior.
S4, EP6 "Collision Course"Mike is a master mechanic whose courtship with Ellen is fast and furious, but their union is on a collision course with tragedy.
S4, EP5 "Murder In Store"Jerry Barker falls for Rebecca after the death of his first wife; they open a general store, but the shelf life on their happiness is short-lived.
S4, EP4 "Jaws of Death"Charlie and Christine search for a simpler life in Vermont, then a terrible car crash exposes complicated secrets that turn deadly.
S4, EP3 "Country Killer"Rodeo star Matt Allen finds comfort in the arms of Elsie Wells, then she meets his best friend, and they all land in a whole heap of trouble.
S4, EP2 "Crazy Love"Former high school sweethearts Pamela and Michael fall back in love after 20 years apart, but their second chance at love turns deadly.
S4, EP1 "You Only Die Once"When wild-child Kim falls for a paragon of stability, Frank, it is a case of opposites being attracted to each other, then their attraction turns fatal.
S3, EP13 "Death in Vegas"Long-buried secrets cause John and Evie Watson's marriage to crumble after 25 years, and it comes to a violent end in a Las Vegas hotel room.
S3, EP12 "Broken Dreams"The marriage of Keith Belajonas and Christina Corrigan-Belajonas ends in a shocking act of violence that impacts their young children.
S3, EP11 "Bloody Matrimony"Pressure builds in the marriage of Steve and Cathy Dingle until it explode into infidelity, violence and murder.
S3, EP10 "The Devil Inside"In Akron, Ohio, Tony Smith murders common-law wife Lilius Landrum in an especially gruesome way, horrifying the people who knew the good-hearted woman.
S3, EP9 "No Accident"High school baseball coach Russell Stager's marriage to Barbara ends in a betrayal that will push one of them over the edge.
S3, EP8 "Hunting Season"Larry suspects his wife, Tammy, of cheating on him, and things come to a head during a high-stakes hunting trip that leaves one of them dead and lands the other behind bars.
S3, EP7 "Hanging by a Thread"Tanya Buschman is just getting out of a nasty marriage when she falls for a handsome bartender, but it's not long before jealousy in their relationship leads to a suspicious suicide.
S3, EP6 "Killing Time"After 20 years of marriage, Ray discovers he has been betrayed by wife Karla and sets into motion a bizarre chain of events.
S3, EP4 "Murder By Proxy"Marcia's relationship with a trucker causes resentment on the part of her teenage daughter and sets off a chain reaction leading to six arrests and one dead body.
S3, EP3 "Big League Murder"NFL football player Tommy Kane becomes depressed and murders his wife after he is cut from the Seattle Seahawks.
S3, EP2 "Death of a Salesman"Judy Parker's rumored romantic entanglements with a string of her husband's employees prove to be too much for him to bear.
S3, EP1 "Mid-Life Murder"Arthur Burney believes it's true love when he runs off with the waitress from his favorite bar, but the couple's marriage comes to a violent end 16 years later.
S2, EP6 "The Other Side of the Tracks"Ed, a bad boy truck driver marries a single mother; Ed straightens out and is ready to be a family man; the spark dies.
S2, EP4 "An Inconvenient Marriage"Cristobal and Jennifer marry after battling a sickness together but Cristobal reveals his abuse side after the knot is tied.
S1, EP10 "The Pastor, His Wife, Their Son and His Mistress"A love triangle reveals more than one person wanted Pauletta Burleson dead.
S1, EP9 "The Edge of Love"High school sweethearts marry young but are driven into despair when they lose of their youth.
S1, EP8 "Exquisite Lies"A couple live a lifes of luxury until dark secrets unravel everything.
S1, EP7 "Your Cheatin Heart"Chris and Karon Pugh seem to have a model life -- until their dark secrets are revealed.
S1, EP6 "Lies and Death"A happy relationship is destroyed by a mysterious gunman.
S1, EP5 "Death in the Family"Kraig and Karen Kahler live a comfortable life until sexual obsession spins everything out of control.
S1, EP4 "The Last Seduction"Things start to turn bad soon after John and Tracey are married; the family pet disappears and the neighbor turns up dead.
S1, EP3 "Secrets of a Dying Man"A couple has a whirlwind romance that is built off of deceit and lies.
S1, EP2 "Blood and Wine"When Nancy Lyon dies mysteriously in a hospital; her husband Richard is suspected.
S1, EP1 "Dead Silence"Bob and Becky Klosterman seem like a model couple with the ideal life until one of them snaps.
From blushing brides turned cold-blooded killers to smitten grooms with shocking dark sides, "Fatal Vows" examines the criminal psychology behind deadly divorces. Guiding viewers through actual stories of love gone wrong are psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser and forensic/clinical psychologist Dr. Brian Russell, who examine each couple to better understand how the marriage turned from flawed to fatal. Stylized re-enactments are supported by interviews with family, friends, law enforcement, and potential victims of the crime, while Kaiser and Dr. Russell provide analysis on unions that break down until divorce and murder collide.
Original Air Date: Nov 17, 2012
Genres: DocuseriesTV Series
Rating: TV14
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