Opposites Can Kill

S7, EP13 "Opposites Can Kill"

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Young single mom Kathy wants a good life for herself and her son, but their dreams clash with wannabe rapper Juan; tempers erupt when Kathy decides she wants more out of life, no matter the cost.

Original Air Date: Apr 17, 2020 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
Flirting With Murder

S7, EP12 "Flirting With Murder"

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When Trichele and Brian promise to stick it out for better or for worse, they have no idea how worse things will get.

Original Air Date: Apr 10, 2020 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
Betting on Murder

S7, EP11 "Betting on Murder"

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Gail and Stephen Dews have it all: a happy marriage, a beautiful house and healthy children, but a family tragedy and a gambling addiction rips their lives to shreds, proving that nothing is what it seems.

Original Air Date: Apr 06, 2020 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
To Kiss or To Kill

S7, EP10 "To Kiss or To Kill"

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April and Brad are happily married until her dreams of having a baby fall apart; April turns to other men for consolation; one even moves in with the couple; when Brad is ultimately replaced as the man of the house, everyone pays a price.

Original Air Date: Apr 03, 2020 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
Deadly Isolation

S7, EP9 "Deadly Isolation"

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Chad and Jo meet by chance and to this pair of free spirits, their connection feels cosmic; they fall in love and move far from everyone they know; but soon their new life is ripped apart by jealous ex-partners.

Original Air Date: Mar 20, 2020 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
My Way or the Dead Way

S7, EP8 "My Way or the Dead Way"

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Jodie is Edgar's secret high school crush; after a chance meeting, the two get together quickly, but money trouble, jealousy and a rebellious stepdaughter are about to turn this second chance at love into the high school reunion from hell.

Original Air Date: Mar 20, 2020 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
The Unholy Affair

S7, EP7 "The Unholy Affair"

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Life for Alabama newlyweds Syble and Earnie revolves around church and family, but a freak accident and a pair of wandering eyes threaten to drive this couple into an unholy trinity of betrayal, infidelity and murder.

Original Air Date: Mar 20, 2020 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
No Harmony in Polyamory

S7, EP6 "No Harmony in Polyamory"

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Rebecca Murray falls for Lee Mikael Cawthon and soon exotic dancer Allite Franks and best friend, Thad join the relationship as a third and fourth partner, but this open-minded foursome soon discovers there's no harmony in polyamory.

Original Air Date: Mar 13, 2020 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
Some Like It Dead

S7, EP5 "Some Like It Dead"

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Everyone is happy when Mirinda marries Sam because she's pretty and he's cute and friendly, but Mirinda's spending veers out of control and tears the couple apart until one of them looks outside the marriage and finds nothing short of murder.

Original Air Date: Mar 02, 2020 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
Hell on Wheels

S7, EP4 "Hell on Wheels"

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Charlene attracts more than one man with her beauty and one by one they all go crazy vying for her love; love may be heavenly, but for some it can be hell.

Original Air Date: Feb 28, 2020 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
Lethal Romance

S7, EP3 "Lethal Romance"

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An ambitious Harlem couple dreams of a better life for themselves, but stuck in a bitter cycle of poverty, poor health and mistrust, one of them decides to put their dreams to rest forever.

Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2020 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
Honkytonk Killer

S7, EP2 "Honkytonk Killer"

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Shorty and Cotton seem perfect for each other; they love dancing, motorcycles and each other, but looks can be deceiving and after an accident reveals a life of lies and deceit, one of them will dance with the devil to the death.

Original Air Date: Feb 10, 2020 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
Murder Behind the Gates

S7, EP1 "Murder Behind the Gates"

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Pad is rich and handsome, and Kem is popular but from the wrong side of town; the power couple stick it out despite disapproval, and over the years amass a fortune; however, they soon learn that their money can't buy love and happiness -only death.

Original Air Date: Feb 03, 2020 • Investigation Discovery • 43m