Pretty in Pastel
S4, EP6 "Pretty in Pastel"
On Demand
Dave and Kortney have to contend with city traffic on their newest project, but when a demo doesn't go quite as Kortney planned, Dave has an ace up his sleeve to keep a smile on her face.
Original Air Date: May 15, 2019 • HGTV HD • 43m
Teardown Turnaround
S4, EP5 "Teardown Turnaround"
On Demand
Dave and Kortney look for a new approach to their latest flip project.
Original Air Date: May 08, 2019 • HGTV HD • 43m
Third Time's a Charm
S4, EP4 "Third Time's a Charm"
On Demand
Kortney and Dave's latest project turns out to be simple, but Kortney has an axe to grind with the team.
Original Air Date: May 01, 2019 • HGTV HD • 43m
Funhouse Flip
S4, EP3 "Funhouse Flip"
On Demand
Dave and Kortney take on a new project, where they face new challenges.
Original Air Date: Apr 24, 2019 • HGTV HD • 43m
Life and Lath
S4, EP2 "Life and Lath"
On Demand
Kortney embraces a neutral colour palette in her and Dave's latest flip, which has great chi.
Original Air Date: Apr 17, 2019 • HGTV HD • 43m
Go Big or Go Home
S4, EP1 "Go Big or Go Home"
On Demand
Kortney and Dave take on their most ambitious project to date, with a house in a great location and a European-influenced design.
Original Air Date: Apr 10, 2019 • HGTV HD • 43m