The Old Man and the Tree
S3, EP3 "The Old Man and the Tree"
Airs: Aug 21, 2022
This one was cool. Going to rich parties and meeting weirdos. Season 1 was better.
FX • 49m
Sinterklaas Is Coming to Town
S3, EP2 "Sinterklaas Is Coming to Town"
Airs: Aug 21, 2022
I think everybody knows blackface ain't cool anymore, we get it. They be trying too hard to go viral.
FX • 45m
Three Slaps
S3, EP1 "Three Slaps"
Airs: Aug 16, 2022
Wow it's been a minute. I mean, I like this episode about the troubled kid but we waited 50 years for this?
FX • 49m