Out of Time

S1, EP24 "Out of Time"

On Demand

Ruth is forced to stand up for herself, jeopardizing her escape plan.

Original Air Date: Jan 28, 2021 • BET • 41m
Live Bait

S1, EP23 "Live Bait"

On Demand

Cynthia learns a terrifying truth from Lynn.

Original Air Date: Jan 21, 2021 • BET • 41m
Into the Woods

S1, EP22 "Into the Woods"

On Demand

Andrew discovers that time is running out for most of the cult members.

Original Air Date: Jan 14, 2021 • BET • 41m
Two Days

S1, EP21 "Two Days"

On Demand

Ruth is forced to work alone on the escape plan.

Original Air Date: Jan 07, 2021 • BET • 41m
The Dark Walkers

S1, EP20 "The Dark Walkers"

On Demand

Brian suspects there could be corruption in the police department.

Original Air Date: Dec 31, 2020 • BET • 41m
The Purge

S1, EP19 "The Purge"

On Demand

Tally's life is in great peril after her recent challenge to the leaders.

Original Air Date: Dec 24, 2020 • BET • 41m
Drinking My Scotch

S1, EP18 "Drinking My Scotch"

On Demand

Andrew exacts revenge against a formidable foe.

Original Air Date: Dec 17, 2020 • BET • 41m
Unnatural Acts

S1, EP17 "Unnatural Acts"

On Demand

The Highest is challenged by some members of his faithful flock.

Original Air Date: Dec 10, 2020 • BET • 41m
Quid Pro Quo

S1, EP16 "Quid Pro Quo"

On Demand

Andrew's cover is jeopardized.

Original Air Date: Dec 03, 2020 • BET • 41m
On Assignment

S1, EP15 "On Assignment"

On Demand

Melinda, a young recruit, goes undercover to protect the cult.

Original Air Date: Nov 26, 2020 • BET • 41m
The Restful Sleep

S1, EP14 "The Restful Sleep"

On Demand

Andrew continues to blur the lines between his reality and his undercover persona.

Original Air Date: Nov 26, 2020 • BET • 41m
An Angel From Heaven

S1, EP13 "An Angel From Heaven"

On Demand

Ruth and Tally form an alliance to save their lives.

Original Air Date: Nov 26, 2020 • BET • 41m
Wicked Acts

S1, EP12 "Wicked Acts"

On Demand

Dikhan keeps Ruth's secret from Marva, Melinda manipulates a deputy into getting her information, and Malcom confesses his feelings to Sarah.

Original Air Date: Jun 04, 2020 • BET • 41m
The Devil's Brew

S1, EP11 "The Devil's Brew"

On Demand

Ruth reluctantly performs her new duties as an Elder, Lynn contemplates leaving her old life behind, and Marva sends Melinda to infiltrate the sheriff's office.

Original Air Date: May 28, 2020 • BET • 41m
The Closer

S1, EP10 "The Closer"

On Demand

Dikhan suspects Andrew is hiding something, Cynthia accuses Malcolm of having an affair, Brian briefs Mack on his visit to the Rakadushi camp, and Ruth's loyalty is tested.

Original Air Date: May 21, 2020 • BET • 41m
To Be Chosen

S1, EP9 "To Be Chosen"

On Demand

Dikhan delivers a shocking message to Sarah, Lynn contemplates an offer to join the Rakudushis, and Marva and The Highest plan a test for Ruth.

Original Air Date: May 14, 2020 • BET • 41m
Heaven on Earth

S1, EP8 "Heaven on Earth"

On Demand

Brian and Sheriff Conley have different opinions about the Rakudushi, Dikhan grows suspicious of Andrew, Ruth and Tally devise a plan, and Brian worries about Lynn.

Original Air Date: May 07, 2020 • BET • 41m
The Outsiders

S1, EP7 "The Outsiders"

On Demand

Cynthia rushes an unresponsive Lynn to the hospital, Malcolm comforts Sarah, Dikhan is jealous over The Highest's interest in Andrew, and Brian visits the Rakudushi camp.

Original Air Date: Apr 16, 2020 • BET • 41m

S1, EP6 "Lost"

On Demand

Sarah has a conversation with Andrew, Lynn confides in Cynthia before making a dangerous decision, and Tally and Ruth try to move forward with their plan.

Original Air Date: Apr 09, 2020 • BET • 41m
The Chosen

S1, EP5 "The Chosen"

On Demand

After Ruth suffers a traumatic experience, she and Tally devise a plan; Lynn's behavior causes concerns just as Brian's undercover work begins.

Original Air Date: Apr 02, 2020 • BET • 41m
Waiting for Tomorrow

S1, EP4 "Waiting for Tomorrow"

On Demand

Ruth prepares for her new role as an Elder.

Original Air Date: Mar 24, 2020 • BET • 41m
The Holy Ground

S1, EP3 "The Holy Ground"

On Demand

Tally learns who her true allies are when she shares the truth about the Rakudushis cult with Andrew and Ruth.

Original Air Date: Mar 19, 2020 • BET • 41m
The Precious Jewel

S1, EP2 "The Precious Jewel"

On Demand

Brian realizes his new case hits closer to home than he realized.

Original Air Date: Mar 19, 2020 • BET • 42m

S1, EP1 "Pilot"

On Demand

Ruth makes a decision that will forever change her daughter's life.

Original Air Date: Mar 19, 2020 • BET • 42m