S4, EP28 "Medic!"
On Demand
With the trip coming to an end, Snooki's left to clean up the mess made by Dren; Mike plans a second gender reveal even though everyone knows he's having a boy; Angelina "accidentally" shoots off a gender reveal powder cannon in her husband's face.
Original Air Date: Sep 02, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Best Birthday Ever
S4, EP27 "Best Birthday Ever"
On Demand
A beef between the roomies is upstaged only by an unforgettable talent show hosted by Vinny Guadagnino, featuring an out of this world performance by Snooki, and a speech from Angelina that gives new meaning to the word "bombing."
Original Air Date: Aug 26, 2021 • MTV • 43m
Worst Talent Show Ever
S4, EP26 "Worst Talent Show Ever"
On Demand
JWOWW's birthday celebration is on the verge of going off the rails when Snooki's alter ego Dren RSVPs; Vinny hosts the first -- and possibly the last -- annual Jersey Shore Poconos Talent Show, and tension brews between Dren and Angelina.
Original Air Date: Aug 19, 2021 • MTV • 42m
The SS Side Piece
S4, EP25 "The SS Side Piece"
On Demand
There's a Snooki on the loose, a couple of guidos going down in cardboard boats, and Angelina is about to make a speech; JWOWW's birthday celebration is in full effect.
Original Air Date: Aug 12, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Surprise! It's a Snooki
S4, EP24 "Surprise! It's a Snooki"
On Demand
Mike takes The Investigation to the next level when he goes "full disclosures"; a spirited debate occurs on the toilet; Snooki arrives in the Poconos to surprise JWOWW on her birthday.
Original Air Date: Aug 05, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Guidos on Ice
S4, EP23 "Guidos on Ice"
On Demand
The girls get to know Ronnie's girlfriend; the couples face off in the first annual Bae Game; Vinny reunites with a long-lost love; a "Jersey Shore" family fun day is about to take a turn when The Investigation returns.
Original Air Date: Jul 29, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Guido Mania 2
S4, EP22 "Guido Mania 2"
On Demand
Mike and Ronnie square off in the rematch of the century; Jenni and Angelina's bet reaches its conclusion.
Original Air Date: Jul 22, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Guido Mania
S4, EP21 "Guido Mania"
On Demand
A horse race leaves Deena confused; Angelina has herself a meatball day; the guys get their wrestling on when they step into the ring with Jenni's pro-wrestler fiancé.
Original Air Date: Jul 15, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Italian Ice
S4, EP20 "Italian Ice"
On Demand
Vinny suffers an unspeakable loss; Angelina confronts Jenni about the videos; the roommates try their hand at winter sports.
Original Air Date: Jul 08, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Mr. P
S4, EP19 "Mr. P"
On Demand
Jenni has a huge announcement, but before the celebration can begin, the roommates must deal with the elephant in the room that is currently casting a rather large shadow over their Poconos vacation, and the videos of Angelina and her mystery.
Original Air Date: Jul 01, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Welcome to the Poconos
S4, EP18 "Welcome to the Poconos"
On Demand
A boozy brunch with Snooki and Angelina goes sideways when Snooki spills the beans about the video evidence of Angelina in Old Bridge. Chris moves back home. And the roommates head to the Poconos for their big winter vacation.
Original Air Date: Jun 24, 2021 • MTV • 42m
The Streets Are Talking
S4, EP17 "The Streets Are Talking"
On Demand
Snooki returns to celebrate Mike's five-year soberversary, and the roommates begin to plan their next big family vacation; everything comes to a screeching halt when a wild rumor surfaces involving Angelina, her marriage and chicken tenders.
Original Air Date: Jun 17, 2021 • MTV • 42m
The Party's Back
S4, EP16 "The Party's Back"
On Demand
The honeymoon might be over for Angelina after Chris moves out, but Mike has a lot to celebrate as he reaches his five-year soberversary; to mark the occasion the roomies throw a parade in his honor; the surprise return of a certain roommate.
Original Air Date: Jun 10, 2021 • MTV • 42m
The Speech Pt. 3
S4, EP14 "The Speech Pt. 3"
On Demand
Ten months after a bridesmaids speech almost destroyed the family, Angelina gets her wedding redo while Mike tries to keep his secret until after the festivities.
Original Air Date: Feb 25, 2021 • MTV • 42m
The Wedding Redo
S4, EP13 "The Wedding Redo"
On Demand
Angelina's wedding redo is planned; Uncle Nino officiates; Vinny gives the wedding speech.
Original Air Date: Feb 18, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Calling Dr. Drew
S4, EP12 "Calling Dr. Drew"
On Demand
Dr. Drew helps mediate the conflict between Angelina and Jenni; Deena learns her private conversation with Mike wasn't so private; Mike and Lauren get the best news of their lives.
Original Air Date: Feb 11, 2021 • MTV • 42m
The Note 2.0
S4, EP11 "The Note 2.0"
On Demand
Jenni and Angelina have an awkward family dinner; Ronnie calls in a favor from Dr. Drew to see if he can help bring the family back together.
Original Air Date: Feb 04, 2021 • MTV • 42m
The Return of JWOWW
S4, EP10 "The Return of JWOWW"
On Demand
Angelina and Deena bury the hatchet; Jenni's arrival interrupts the start of the family vacation.
Original Air Date: Jan 28, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Somebody's Wifey's In Town
S4, EP9 "Somebody's Wifey's In Town"
On Demand
Pauly brings Nikki to family dinner; the guys hold their breath as Deena and Angelina come face to face for the first time in months; Vinny's offhanded comment about a wedding speech could derail everything.
Original Air Date: Jan 21, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Attack of the Killer Raccoons
S4, EP8 "Attack of the Killer Raccoons"
On Demand
Pauly tries to get Deena and Angelina on board with a family dinner before Nikki arrives, but a gaze of raccoons almost ruins his plan.
Original Air Date: Jan 14, 2021 • MTV • 42m
The Text
S4, EP7 "The Text"
On Demand
The Situation forgets the plan at dinner, then forgets he's on a TV show; a text from back home rattles the roommates and threatens to ruin the vacation.
Original Air Date: Jan 07, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Jurassic Angelina
S4, EP6 "Jurassic Angelina"
On Demand
Angelina touches down in lake Las Vegas, but her arrival makes Deena uneasy; Vinny ducks punches; the Situation is burdened.
Original Air Date: Dec 17, 2020 • MTV • 43m
Trouble Shot At Love
S4, EP5 "Trouble Shot At Love"
On Demand
Six girls compete for the love of bachelor Ronnie Magro.
Original Air Date: Dec 10, 2020 • MTV • 42m
Single Ronnie
S4, EP4 "Single Ronnie"
On Demand
Angelina's about to arrive and the guys need to figure out how to break the news to Deena; the squad tries to play matchmaker by creating a dating show for single Ronnie.
Original Air Date: Dec 03, 2020 • MTV • 42m
The Double Book
S4, EP3 "The Double Book"
On Demand
Desperate times call for desperate measures and the guys are ready for a family vacation; there's a surprise to get the girls back together, but Deena has a surprise of her own that could complicate everything.
Original Air Date: Nov 26, 2020 • MTV • 42m
Taken Pauly
S4, EP2 "Taken Pauly"
On Demand
Amid the pandemic, the girls continue to social distance, but it's not because of COVID-19; the roomies learn that Pauly's not quarantining alone.
Original Air Date: Nov 19, 2020 • MTV • 42m
The Mediation
S4, EP1 "The Mediation"
On Demand
Two days after Angelina's wedding, the girls are at each others throats over the speech heard around the world; Mike "The Situation" becomes "The Mediation" in hopes of bringing them all back together.
Original Air Date: Nov 19, 2020 • MTV • 43m
The Meatball Day Wrap Up Special
S4 "The Meatball Day Wrap Up Special"
On Demand
After a whirlwind season in the Pocono Mountains, the ladies of "Jersey Shore" get together for a meatball day where they celebrate all things Season 4 with a drink or two... or 10.
Original Air Date: Sep 09, 2021 • MTV • 42m
The Season Beshore the Season
S4 "The Season Beshore the Season"
On Demand
With an unprecedented amount of new and never-before-seen footage; Jenni, Mike and Lauren tease their favorite moments from the new season of "Jersey Shore Family Vacation" as well as reveal all that happened since they left Lake.
Original Air Date: May 27, 2021 • MTV • 42m