The Lie Detector Test
S5, EP12 "The Lie Detector Test"
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On the last day, the roomies take on a lie detector test; someone takes gold on Wide World of Guidos; Snooki searches for her wine.
Original Air Date: Mar 24, 2022 • MTV • 42m
The Sexpert
S5, EP11 "The Sexpert"
On Demand
The Florida Keys get emotional when a sex therapist digs deep into Angelina and Chris' relationship; then they get messy when the meatballs create an impromptu late-night talk show; and even messier when Mike finds a note from Pauly D.
Original Air Date: Mar 17, 2022 • MTV • 42m
Best Party Planner Ever
S5, EP10 "Best Party Planner Ever"
On Demand
A tropical storm rages; Snooki and Angelina reenact their famous fight; and the roomies party on a boat that's also a mansion.
Original Air Date: Mar 10, 2022 • MTV • 42m
Happy Birthday, Vinny!
S5, EP9 "Happy Birthday, Vinny!"
On Demand
Things get heated after the roomies realize they've been pranked by Deena; Snooki arrives just in time for a floating tiki bar, Mike's freedom party.
Original Air Date: Mar 03, 2022 • MTV • 42m
Deena's Revenge
S5, EP8 "Deena's Revenge"
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Pauly D learns how to play bingo; Angelina melts down without her luggage; Mike begins an investigation; an alarming discovery shakes the roommates.
Original Air Date: Feb 24, 2022 • MTV • 42m
The Not-So-International Vacation
S5, EP7 "The Not-So-International Vacation"
On Demand
The gang heads out for a family vacation, and Mike gets a geography lesson; Jenni is in for a big surprise, and conflict comes from an unexpected place.
Original Air Date: Feb 17, 2022 • MTV • 42m
The Blessification
S5, EP6 "The Blessification"
On Demand
Mike feels reborn after being blessified; Angelina is feeling lost after a spiritual reading with a pet psychic; the roomies get ready for their next family vacation.
Original Air Date: Feb 10, 2022 • MTV • 41m
Two Baptisms and a Pet Psychic
S5, EP5 "Two Baptisms and a Pet Psychic"
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Pauly heads to Jersey for the week, and everyone gets to meet baby Romeo; Angelina needs clarity about her marriage, so she enlists the help of a pet psychic; The Situation gets ready for his Blessification.
Original Air Date: Feb 03, 2022 • MTV • 42m
Meatballs Don't Hike
S5, EP4 "Meatballs Don't Hike"
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The girls' trip to Hollywood takes a detour when they learn Vinny sold his house; before everyone heads back east, Vinny plans to give them an unforgettable LA experience, but unfortunately they won't forget the infighting between Angelina and Vinny.
Original Air Date: Jan 27, 2022 • MTV • 42m
Hollywood Shore
S5, EP3 "Hollywood Shore"
On Demand
Vinny's realizes there's no place like home, Mike swaps out the prosciutto for placenta, and a rumor wreaks havoc on the girls' big West Coast trip.
Original Air Date: Jan 20, 2022 • MTV • 42m
Snooki vs. The Rock
S5, EP2 "Snooki vs. The Rock"
On Demand
No longer pregnant, Deena has a meatball day with Snooki; Vinny is no longer bi-coastal, Angelina is fed up, and Mike is struggling as he awaits the moment he can bring Baby Romeo home from the hospital.
Original Air Date: Jan 13, 2022 • MTV • 42m
Deliveries and Deadlines
S5, EP1 "Deliveries and Deadlines"
On Demand
The new year means new beginnings; Pauly returns to touring; the arrival of Deena's Baby Meatball #2 approaches; Mike prepares to officially become Big Daddy Sitch, but what happens next still catches everyone by surprise.
Original Air Date: Jan 06, 2022 • MTV • 43m