Gold Rush: White Water

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Gold Rush: White WaterBack where his gold-mining adventures began, "Gold Rush" alumnus Dustin Hurt perseveres in the face of long odds, risking his life for a fortune he may never realize. Assisted by a team of intrepid divers, mountaineers and bush mechanics, the Dakota Boys explore the white water rapids of McKinley Creek in Alaska, diving deep in raging torrents with a suction dredge. Not only could one wrong move prove deadly, but the guys also face wild animals, extreme temperatures and hypothermia.
S8, EP8 "Welcome to My Nightmare"An airboat accident could end this record-breaking season, and severe weather could make matters worse.
S8, EP7 "Unfinished Business"After a record find, Dustin knows many more of those six-ounce nuggets are within reach, leading him into a rematch with the site that defeated him last season; to reach those life-changing nuggets means tackling their biggest engineering feat yet.
S8, EP6 "Fred's Golden Gift"The loss of legendary gold miner Dakota Fred Hurt has the miners reeling; their determination as they push on to honor Fred's legacy pays off with a record-breaking discovery.
S8, EP5 "The Legacy of Fred Hurt"Devastating news about fellow miner "Dakota" Fred Hurt strikes Nugget Creek, sending shockwaves through the mine site; Dustin is forced to dig deep and push on in honor of his father.
S8, EP4 "A Dying Wish"Dustin departs Nugget Creek when he's needed most to attend Dakota Fred's 80th birthday celebration; with Dustin away, the miners turn to questionable tactics to dig them out of a deep hole.
S8, EP3 "Trench Warfare"On the gold and desperate for more, Dustin Hurt and his intrepid band of brothers engage in trench warfare as they chase the pay streak up Nugget Creek, but one wrong move has the miners on the retreat.
S8, EP2 "Gold Out of the Gate"Reeling from tragic news, Dustin and the miners fight to get a diver in the water earlier than ever before, and their determination is rewarded.
S8, EP1 "A Tragic Beginning"A heartbreaking revelation sends shockwaves through the crew as they tackle their toughest dive site yet in search of millions in gold.
S8 "In Gold We Trust"Dustin gambles his entire life savings, purchasing a remote Alaskan claim rumored to hold life-changing gold; but Mother Nature's wrath descends, pushing them beyond their limits in their pursuit of the ultimate treasure.
S8 "The Final Interview: The Legend of Dakota Fred"In his final interview, Fred Hurt shares his incredible journey; from chasing gold in the most remote corners of Alaska to battling cancer, these are the real stories behind his adventures, victories, and struggles to find gold and a legacy.
S7, EP9 "Judgment Day"The fate of the mining season relies entirely upon the next 72 hrs; Dustin and his crew hope to dig themselves out of the deepest hole ever and uncover Nugget Creek's legendary gold.
S7, EP8 "Hell From the Heavens"A monster typhoon is on a collision course with Nugget Creek, threatening to rip the gold from Dustin's grip; with both crews on the verge of striking life-changing gold, they're prepared to stand their ground and fight back against the coming storm.
S7, EP7 "In Death's Shadow"Dakota Fred locks horns with a 50-ton monster in the ultimate treasure hunt for life-changing gold; Dustin's crew refuses to yield to the looming danger above, and Kayla's crew makes a monumental discovery that could turn their season around.
S7, EP6 "Mouth of the Dragon"Last week's gold haul has the miners seeing nothing but dollar signs; they are venturing straight into the mouth of the dragon on a quest for more; Dakota Fred returns to find the crew pushing themselves too far.
S7, EP5 "Risky Business"In desperate need to find gold, both crews must dive to survive, leading them to make risky decisions that almost cost crewmembers their lives; still, at every turn, Dustin and crew continue to fight the demons of Nugget Creek to reach a big payday.
S7, EP4 "Blood Red White Water"The collapse of a snow bridge sends a tidal wave of water ripping through Nugget Creek, leaving Dustin and his crew directly in its path; rumors of a fabled gold-rich layer of hardpack have Scott seeing red.
S7, EP3 "4-Ounce Nugget"Weeks of battling Mother Nature has the crew at Nugget Creek running on empty, but seeing a 4-ounce nugget is all the motivation Dustin needs to take charge of his season.
S7, EP2 "Total Annihilation"In the aftermath of a 40-year storm, Dustin and Kayla return to their claims to find them completely unrecognizable; the two crews stage the mother of all comebacks to recover, risking their lives as they turn rock bottom into bedrock gold.
S7, EP1 "Missing In Action"With Dustin M.I.A., the crew take matters into their hands and are hellbent on getting to the gold on Nugget Creek; bad blood between crew members derails the momentum and Mother Nature deals a killer blow, obliterating the creek.
S7 "Golden Goose Chase"Dustin Hurt and father Fred have ventured deep into the Alaskan wilderness chasing massive deposits of gold for 10 years; with modern equipment, their quest takes them on the hunt for an untapped pocket of gold that the old timers couldn't reach.
S6, EP8 "Explosion at Nugget Creek"An unexpected storm tears through Nugget Creek, putting dive sites and dredges in severe jeopardy; Dustin doubles down on his airboat gamble; mounting pressure causes a potentially season-ending explosion.
S6, EP7 "At War With a Widowmaker"With a windowmaker looming over the dive site, Dustin takes a new dredging approach that lands him in the path of Nugget Creek's roughest waters; an emergency at Kayla's site threatens to sideline one of the miners.
S6, EP6 "Fuelling the Pressure"Out of fuel and out of options, Dustin risks his life on a resupply mission, navigating the raging Alaskan white water in the driver seat of his unproven airboat; Kayla comes face-to-face with a collapsing snow bridge in order to reach her claim.
S6, EP5 "Homemade Highway to Hell"A medical emergency threatens to end the season before it begins; Kayla fights to gain access to her new claim, by building a 400-foot walkway into the sheer cliffs high above Nugget Creek.
S6, EP4 "Dakota Fred Takes Charge"Battling the raging whitewater at Nugget Creek, Dustin and crew must build a safe harbor for their dredge; legendary miner Fred Hurt returns to help solve the mystery of the pilings gold.
S6, EP3 "Airboat Accident"With vital supplies running dangerously low at their remote Nugget Creek claim, Dustin attempts the impossible; Kayla tackles the most dangerous diving conditions they've ever seen.
S6, EP2 "Into the Unknown"Dustin's new Nugget Creek claim is said to hold life-changing deposits of gold, but Dustin and his crew must survive the most remote and inhospitable corners of Alaska to get it.
S6, EP1 "Fortune Favors the Bold"Dustin Hurt faces a dilemma: risk his life and financial ruin by purchasing and mining one of the most legendary and inhospitable claims in Alaska or play it safe in the white water of McKinley Creek.
S6 "Fist Full of Nuggets"Dustin's new crew dives into the raging white water rivers of wild Alaska.
S5, EP16 "The Last Stand"Dustin's return inspires a final push to get a life-changing pile of gold from McKinley Creek before winter freezes them out; Kayla calls one last Hail Mary play to reach House Rock bedrock payday.
S5, EP15 "A Golden Opportunity"A rare opportunity to purchase gold-rich ground means Dustin must leave the claim at the worst possible time in the season; Fred returns to guide the crews left behind as violent floods rage through their dive sites.
S5, EP14 "Risk vs. Reward"After his biggest single day gold haul ever, Dustin and his crew double down on a new site, a treacherous plunge pool called the Dog Leg; upcreek, winter's frozen grip tightens as Kayla and her crew battle to reach their bedrock payday.
S5, EP13 "The Motherload"Dustin is close to bedrock gold at the Chute, but pressure gets to a crewmember; Kayla battles the mammoth dive site at House Rock but attempts to keep the site safe backfire.
S5, EP12 "Blackout"Just inches from bedrock and a potential life-changing payday at the Chute, Dustin Hurt and his crew are forced to dive in the most dangerous conditions they've ever faced.
S5, EP11 "Curse of the Gold Gods"With just a month left of the season, both crews are closing in on gold; a life-threatening accident at Dustin's site forces his crew out of the water.
S5, EP10 "Robbery at House Rock"Kayla's two dredge operation is on track to hit paydirt, but Dustin is forced to jeopardize her success for the greater good of Dustin's expanding empire.
S5, EP9 "Cut and Run"Dustin Hurt makes a shocking and controversial decision; Kayla makes a desperate plea to double her chances at uncovering a life-changing pile of gold.
S5, EP8 "Hard Times at House Rock"Gold miners Fred and his son Dustin are determined to make a fortune no matter the risk; but to find the big gold payout, they'll put their lives on the line by diving deep beneath the waters of one of Alaska's wildest creeks.
S5, EP7 "Gamblin' Man"In a bid to rescue his season, Dustin plans a daring double dive to get gold; Kayla's crew struggles to adapt after losing a crew member.
S5, EP6 "Boiling Point"Fred celebrates his 78th birthday the only way he knows how -- diving for gold; a deadly widow maker threatens to end it all; Kayla's crew is on a hot streak, but their luck runs out as tensions between crew members reach a boiling point.
S5, EP5 "Groundbreaking Gold"Fred opens the door to a new site that he and Dustin have dreamed about for over a decade; after a bust-up with Fred, Kayla makes a discovery that will change the course of their entire season.
S5, EP4 "Who's the Boss"Dustin makes a surprise announcement that divides the crew; Fred returns to McKinley Creek with a lead on virgin ground, rumored to be the home to a fortune in gold.
S5, EP3 "Shake Up"Under extreme pressure to get his first gold of the season, Dustin pushes both crews to their limits at one of the world's most dangerous mine sites and before they can prove themselves, mother nature shakes things up.
S5, EP2 "Fresh Blood"Dustin puts his money and reputation on the line, doubling down on two claims for the chance at a life-changing payday; doubling the size of his operation means bringing in fresh blood that quickly learns the dangers of mining the raging white water.
S5, EP1 "Roll of the Ice"Dustin Hurt takes the biggest gamble of his life; Fred Hurt drops a bombshell on Dustin that will change their future forever.
S5 "Blood Runs Thicker Than Water"For over a decade, a father and son have worked side by side on the hunt for gold; from Porcupine Creek to the raging water in the Chilkat mountains, their journey has been far from smooth sailing.
S4, EP18 "Walk the Line"The Dakota boys have walked a fine line between bravery and insanity trying to strike it rich for four years now; creating ingenious bush fixes to mine gold in the most dangerous way possible; diving in freezing whitewater rapids.
S4, EP16 "White Water Roulette"In McKinley Creek, Fred and Dustin Hurt split up into two separate teams for a better chance at striking it rich; with new technique and ingenuity The Dakota boys finish their season with a record haul.
S4, EP15 "To the Edge"Determined to add to his season's record-breaking gold haul, Dustin pushes his luck and a freak accident sends him hurtling out of control toward an 80-foot drop.
S4, EP14 "Buried Alive"A storm turns McKinley Creek into a raging torrent, but Dustin is unwilling to call it quits; Fred's fears come true as the walls of his dive hole come crashing down.
S4, EP13 "Under Pressure"Dustin's crew make an exciting discovery that pushes them to test their limits; Fred's crew is dangerously deep and under pressure to get down to bedrock.
S4, EP12 "In Too Deep"Dustin risks the remainder of his season on an ambitious move upstream to raging waters in a quest to add to his record-breaking gold haul; after a brush with death, Fred must come up with a new plan before someone gets killed.
S4, EP11 "A Special Kind of Crazy"At his new dive site, Dustin is overpowered by the raging whitewater, leaving his life in his crew's hands; after heavy rain, Fred's crew fights zero visibility and has a deadly encounter 14 feet underwater.
S4, EP10 "Ride or Die"After finding success, Dustin and crew move upstream to The Chute, a promising, dangerous site with strong rapids; Fred and crew adapt the rock drag method to a vertical lift system.
S4, EP9 "Depths of Despair"The Dakota Boys are close to a huge gold cleanup; Ryan faces his worst fears as he dives deeper than ever into a crumbling, narrow 14-foot hole; Carlos finally hits bedrock at Rockfall Ravine and reveals that this dive site could pay out huge.
S4, EP7 "Happy Endings"Dustin calls on local legend The Pirate for help cracking a boulder blocking him from the richest ground of his life. After Fred is forced to put all diving on hold, Paul returns and they're on track to get gold for the first time this season.
S4, EP6 "Rookie Mistakes"On a gold streak, Dustin dives deeper than ever and uncovers the largest obstacle of his career; new recruit Scott finally gets the opportunity to prove himself in the water, but a rookie mistake could end his career just as it gets started.
S4, EP5 "Fistful of Nuggets"Dustin's gamble of investing his life savings into these claims pays off after Carlos removes a monster boulder and finds chunky nuggets; Fred and crew battle the Trifecta, and a game-changing discovery proves Fred's theory of the ancient waterfall.
S4, EP4 "Enter the Mammoth Claw"Dustin's crew is finally down to virgin ground but discovers their equipment is no match for the giant boulders at Rockfall Ravine, so Wes fabricates a new tool for their arsenal -- the Mammoth Claw; Fred puts greenhorn Scott to the test.
S4, EP3 "Swallowed Up"Carlos, Dustin and James battle the fastest and most violent rapids they've ever dove in; they must engineer a way to slow the rapids down or risk being washed over the 80-foot waterfall; a faulty dredge valve on Fred's operation becomes explosive.
S4, EP2 "Good as Gold"The Dakota Boys race against time and put their new crew members to the test to rebuild their mine sites and haul heavy equipment to the Trifecta and Rockfall Ravine; their first dive is golden and promises a successful season.
S4, EP1 "Come Hell or High Water"A late start to the season shortens the mining window and with record snowfall melt, the crew faces the most dangerous conditions ever; Dustin picks up right where he left off at Rockfall Ravine; Fred's future diving for gold lies in the balance.
S4 "Episode 8"Fred and his son, Dustin, are determined to make a fortune no matter the risk; to find the big gold payout, they put their lives on the line by diving deep beneath the waters of one of Alaska's wildest creeks.
S3, EP13 "Royal Flush"The Dakota boys finish out their season with a record gold haul; Fred discovers a pocket of gold above Thunder Falls; two miles down creek, Dustin battles a boulder field; the Dakota Boys find their biggest nugget.
S3, EP12 "Hands Full of Gold"Dakota Fred taps out Thunder Falls with his biggest gold haul; Dustin hits the nugget jackpot at Rockfall Ravine.
S3, EP11 "Rockfall Ravine"Fred fires his dredge back up and lands his biggest gold haul of the year; Dustin faces an uncertain future; Carlos makes a surprising discovery at the new dive site.
S3, EP10 "Cliffhanger"Dustin takes a gamble to return to a spot just above McKinley Falls for the remainder of the season, but while moving his dredge down the side a cliff, giant falling rocks threaten his life.
S3, EP9 "End of the Rainbow"Dustin cleans up with his biggest gold haul yet; at Thunder Falls, engine failure and giant boulders block Fred's path to gold, and as problems escalate, his life is on the line.
S3, EP7 "Nugget Heaven"Dustin hits bedrock and a pile of nuggets at Rainbow's End; Fred chases the gold upstream into a dangerous new spot, forcing him to rethink his plans.
S3, EP6 "The Gold Cave"Dustin discovers a secret gold cave that could hold millions; Fred and his crew head upstream into a mini-waterfall to find a huge deposit of gold, but, first, they have to move their 700-pound dredge up dangerous rapids.
S3, EP5 "Birthday Gold"Dustin's crew is left shorthanded after an unlikely injury, forcing him to take a calculated risk that nearly turns deadly; after his luck turns, Fred dives on his 76th birthday to decode a bedrock gold mystery.
S3, EP4 "Enter the Superclaw"The Dakota boys bank their first gold hauls of the season; Dustin invents a custom super claw to remove massive boulders from his plunge pool; Fred and his crew are confronted by a deadly cable malfunction.
S3, EP3 "No Guts, No Glory Holes"Fred and his crew return to the glory hole to complete unfinished business; Dustin's crew members strike gold, but they are blocked by massive boulders and must engineer an insane system of winches and pulleys to go deeper and get down to bedrock.
S3, EP2 "The Pound Zone"Dustin's crew finds an ideal claim to mine, but to get down to the gold they have to make it through the waterfall's pound zone; Fred brings in a new miner, only to have his path to bedrock gold blocked by massive boulders.
S3, EP1 "Two Teams, One Dream"Fred and Dustin Hurt decide to split up in their hunt for gold in the raging waters of Alaska's Chilkat Range; while Fred has an ideal spot picked out, Dustin has a big decision to make about his location.
S3 "Golden Guys"In the Dakota Boys' second year dredging for gold in McKinley Creek, the father-and-son team face extreme conditions diving for a big payday; when Dustin finds a hot spot, it forces him to re-evaluate everything.
S2, EP5 "The Nugget Trap"The Dakota Boys finally discover a rich nugget trap but inadvertently risk the life of a crew member.
S2, EP3 "When Bears Attack"A hungry and aggressive apex predator tears through the miners' camp, forcing the crew members to come together to find a solution; the crew uses new equipment to speed up their gold recovery.
S2, EP2 "Burned Alive"The Dakota Boys struggle to run their two dredges until Casey Morgan arrives, but they're soon a man down again when a crew member is savagely burned.
S2, EP1 "The Dakotas Strike Back"Fred Hurt and his son, Dustin, the Dakota Boys, return to Alaska to continue the search for gold in the dangerous white-water rapids of McKinley Creek.
S1, EP9 "Hidden Depths"Dakota Fred and his son, Dustin, risk their lives to find a fortune in gold nuggets, diving deep beneath the raging waters of one of Alaska's wildest creeks.
S1, EP8 "End of Days"A flash flood racing down McKinley Creek threatens to kill the crew members and destroy their operation, but the Dakota Boys still manage to find more gold.
S1, EP7 "The Graboid"The Dakota Boys hit the biggest boulder of the season, forcing Dustin to rig a new mechanical solution known as The Graboid.
S1, EP6 "Hypothermia"The Dakota Boys' desperate bid to hit bedrock gold is thwarted when 73-year-old Fred's heating system fails mid-dive and he is overcome by the glacial Alaskan water.
S1, EP5 "Inland Tsunami"At 73-years-old, Dakota Fred gets married for the fourth time; a landslide threatens to unleash a wall of water that could destroy the dive site and kill the miners.
S1, EP4 "Boulder Battles"Fred's ex-boss, Todd Hoffman, has invested $50,000 in the Dakota Boy's operation and makes a surprise visit in a chopper.
S1, EP3 "Dredge Down"The first gold nugget promises a monster payday; Dustin dives into the danger zone, a torrent where the current moves rocks, and a rogue boulder almost costs him his life.
S1, EP2 "First Gold"The Dakota Boys launch their gold dredge; Fred dives in the raging white water, and despite running out of air, succeeds in finding their first gold.
S1, EP1 "Between Craziness & Insanity"The Dakota Boys return to McKinley Creek to dive for millions in gold but the Alaskan winter destroys their mining equipment; Dustin locates the perfect plunge-pool.
Back where his gold-mining adventures began, "Gold Rush" alumnus Dustin Hurt perseveres in the face of long odds, risking his life for a fortune he may never realize. Assisted by a team of intrepid divers, mountaineers and bush mechanics, the Dakota Boys explore the white water rapids of McKinley Creek in Alaska, diving deep in raging torrents with a suction dredge. Not only could one wrong move prove deadly, but the guys also face wild animals, extreme temperatures and hypothermia.
Original Air Date: Jan 19, 2018
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TVPG
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