Jersey Bore
S20, EP20 "Jersey Bore"
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Peter attends a business conference in Atlantic City with Preston; Stewie helps Chris prepare for his role in Adam West High School's rendition of "Romeo and Juliet."
Original Air Date: May 22, 2022 • FOX • 22m
First Blood
S20, EP19 "First Blood"
On Demand
The guys' physical prowess is tested at Mayor West's dude ranch; Stewie thinks he's gotten his first period.
Original Air Date: May 15, 2022 • FOX • 22m
Girlfriend, Eh?
S20, EP18 "Girlfriend, Eh?"
On Demand
Peter and Chris take a road trip to Canada to prove the existence of Chris' girlfriend; Lois and Meg compete for the attention of a handsome handyman.
Original Air Date: May 08, 2022 • FOX • 22m
All About Alana
S20, EP17 "All About Alana"
On Demand
When Lois' piano student, Alana, comes to work for the Griffins, Lois is initially glad for the help, until she realizes Alana's intentions are more sinister than she thought.
Original Air Date: May 01, 2022 • FOX • 22m
Prescription Heroine
S20, EP16 "Prescription Heroine"
On Demand
After Brian sustains an injury, Lois gets hooked on his painkillers; Cleveland refurbishes Peter's pingpong table, which becomes the hot spot in the neighborhood.
Original Air Date: Mar 27, 2022 • FOX • 22m