The Fatman Always Rings Twice
S20, EP9 "The Fatman Always Rings Twice"
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In noir-style, Peter/Mac investigates the disappearance of Meg/Sister Megan.
Original Air Date: Nov 28, 2021 • FOX • 29m
The Birthday Bootlegger
S20, EP8 "The Birthday Bootlegger"
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A new boss quells Peter's favorite part about work: office birthdays; Stewie is put in detention and comes out a ruffian.
Original Air Date: Nov 21, 2021 • FOX • 22m
Peterschmidt Manor
S20, EP7 "Peterschmidt Manor"
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Lois and her father attend the funeral of Lois' childhood nanny; Peter and the rest of the family turn Pewterschmidt mansion into a hotel.
Original Air Date: Nov 14, 2021 • FOX • 22m
Cootie & The Blowhard
S20, EP6 "Cootie & The Blowhard"
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Stewie takes drastic measures when he thinks he is diagnosed with terminal cooties; Peter becomes infatuated with Bonnie's cooking.
Original Air Date: Nov 07, 2021 • FOX • 22m
Brief Encounter
S20, EP5 "Brief Encounter"
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When Peter and Quagmire accidentally switch underwear, they begin to mimic the other's behavior; Stewie and Doug agree to commit each other's murders.
Original Air Date: Oct 24, 2021 • FOX • 22m