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Family GuyThis animated series features the adventures of the Griffin family. Endearingly ignorant Peter and his stay-at-home wife, Lois, reside in Quahog, R.I., and have three kids. Meg, the eldest child, is a social outcast, and teenage Chris is awkward and clueless when it comes to the opposite sex. The youngest, Stewie, is a genius baby who is bent on killing his mother and destroying the world. Brian, the talking dog, keeps Stewie in check while sipping martinis and sorting through his own issues.
S14, EP8 "Brokeback Swanson"The guys find Joe too difficult to be around when he is trampled by bulls and becomes a quadriplegic; when the husband of the woman Brian is sleeping with returns home, he pretends to be the family's new dog.
S14, EP11 "The Peanut Butter Kid"Lois and Peter become crazy show-business parents when Stewie is cast in a peanut butter commercial and starts earning money for the family.
S16, EP15 "The Woof of Wall Street"Brian convinces Stewie to teach him how to invest in the stock market; Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland and Joe look after the Drunken Clam while Jerome is away.
S16, EP16 "`Family Guy' Through the Years"A reimagining of the show as a series that's been on the air for 60 years; a look back at the cultural events and issues tackled on the show through the decades.
S16, EP17 "Switch the Flip"To help get Brian's life in order, Stewie and Brian swap bodies using a machine that Stewie invents; chaos quickly ensues around Quahog when Stewie's machine goes haywire.
S16, EP18 "HTTPete"To help promote the brewery to millennials, Peter adopts the millennial lifestyle; his methods soon attract the attention of a high-powered Silicon Valley executive.
S16, EP19 "The Unkindest Cut"Quagmire loses his most treasured body part and must learn to live without it; Stewie and Brian search for Mort after learning there is a reward for turning him into the police for his involvement in a drug scam.
S16, EP20 "Are You There God? It's Me, Peter"Peter falls into a coma and meets God face to face; he asks God some of life's tough questions.
S17, EP1 "Married With Cancer"Brian meets and falls in love with Jess, who reveals she has cancer; after she receives devastating news regarding her diagnosis, Brian proposes marriage to her.
S17, EP2 "Dead Dog Walking"Brian's marriage to Jess is not what he envisioned; at Peter's suggestion, Brian lets himself go, causing Jess to make a surprising decision.
S14, EP12 "Scammed Yankees"While Lois and her mother are away at the spa, Peter and Carter fall for an email scam and go to Africa to recover their money; Brian is interested in Meg's friend, Patty.
S14, EP15 "A Lot Going on Upstairs"Peter turns the attic into a man cave, which makes Lois furious; Brian builds a device to help Stewie conquer his terrifying nightmares.
S17, EP3 "Pal Stewie"Stewie quickly befriends a boy his age, but is devastated when he realizes he isn't invited to his birthday party; Peter and Lois attend a self-empowerment seminar.
S17, EP4 "Big Trouble in Little Quahog"After Brian teases Stewie for being small, Stewie invents a shrinking machine that results in both of them shrinking to a microscopic size.
S17, EP5 "Regarding Carter"Lois receives a surprising birthday present from her father, which leads to an unfortunate accident that leaves him dependent on Lois and the Griffins' care.
S17, EP6 "Stand by Meg"After Meg saves Stewie from a choking incident, Stewie makes it his personal mission to create a better life for Meg; Chris is sent to a vocational school.
S17, EP7 "The Griffin Winter Games"To the surprise of all the Griffins, Meg makes the U.S. Olympic team as a biathlete and competes in the Winter Olympics.
S17, EP8 "Con Heiress"Stewie and Brian compete for the inheritance of a wealthy, older heiress; Peter and Chris battle for Mr. Herbert's affection.
S17, EP9 "Pawtucket Pete"The brewery's new bosses decide to change the company's mascot; in an attempt to be crowned the new face of Pawtucket Ale, Peter and Brian go head-to-head.
S17, EP10 "Hefty Shades of Gray"After Peter's hair turns white from a ghost-hunting adventure, his new look grabs the attention of a local news anchor; Brian and Stewie attempt to help Chris improve his dating game.
S14, EP13 "An App a Day"After Peter overloads his old cellphone with mobile apps, he buys a replacement and gives his old cellphone to Chris, which triggers a series of terrible events; Stewie joins a tennis club and asks Brian to be his partner.
S14, EP14 "Underage Peter"When Mayor West raises the drinking age to 50, Brian -- thanks to dog years -- is the only one old enough to buy alcohol for Peter.
S17, EP11 "Trump Guy"The Griffins move to Washington, D.C., where Peter is hired as the new White House press secretary.
S17, EP12 "Bri, Robot"Brian worries about the legacy he's leaving behind, so Stewie makes a robot duplicate as a living biography.
S17, EP13 "Trans-Fat"Peter is mistakenly identified as transgender, which leads to an unexpected event and him learning an important lesson.
S17, EP14 "Family Guy Lite"After a mishap at work, Peter decides to take his health more seriously and diet with the help of Quagmire, Joe and Cleveland; Lois tries to write a romantic fantasy novel.
S17, EP15 "No Giggity, No Doubt"When the guys volunteer to chaperone the high school prom, Quagmire hits it off with Courtney only to discover that she is his daughter.
S17, EP16 "You Can't Handle the Booth!"The Griffins provide DVD commentary on a recent episode and reveal never-before-told drama between Peter and Lois.
S17, EP17 "Island Adventure"In search of Stewie's big wheel tricycle, Stewie and Brian embark on an adventure to a giant floating mass of trash out in the sea; Lois tries to help Quagmire elevate his dating game.
S17, EP18 "Throw It Away"After Lois reads a new book on the joys of decluttering, she challenges the rest of the Griffins to throw anything out of the house that does not spark joy.
S14, EP16 "The Heartbreak Dog"Chris wants in on the heist when he finds out that Meg is stealing from residents at a retirement community; the residents catch Chris and Meg and force them to listen to boring stories.
S14, EP17 "Take a Letter"When Lois becomes a postal worker to pay for Stewie's private school, she finds an unsent letter from Peter that was meant for his old fling.
S17, EP19 "Girl, Internetted"When Meg suddenly becomes internet famous, she and an excited Peter work together to build her following; Brian and Stewie revel in a new ride while Brian's car gets repaired.
S17, EP20 "Adam West High"When Brian's proposition to rename Quahog's high school "Adam West High," to honor the late Mayor West, is successful, he feels encouraged to run for office as Quahog's new mayor; the race takes a turn when Quagmire campaigns against Brian.
S18, EP1 "Yacht Rocky"When the brewery announces it will be firing one employee, Peter is nervous he will be the one let go; the family departs on a Yacht Rock cruise that doesn't go as expected.
S18, EP2 "Bri-Da"Peter and his friends are sick of forgetting the lucrative business ideas they come up with while drinking, so they strap on Joe's police body cams to record their every move; Quagmire tries to come to terms with an unexpected family development.
S18, EP3 "Absolutely Babulous"When Stewie receives a participation medal in his school's toddler games, he begins to question everything he has ever won; Peter causes a fight between Lois' parents and must repair the damage he caused.
S18, EP4 "Disney's The Reboot"After the network decides it is time to reboot the series, three versions of the reboot are shown to a focus group, which produces some surprising feedback.
S18, EP5 "Cat Fight"When Quagmire opens a cat café in town, Brian decides to take a stand to get the café shut down; when Meg and Brian get in trouble at school, Lois becomes nervous and decides they need to go to church camp to find their way.
S18, EP6 "Peter & Lois' Wedding"The Wi-Fi goes out in the Griffin house, leaving the family with nothing to do for the evening; Peter and Lois decide to tell the kids the story of how they met and fell in love in the '90s.
S14, EP18 "The New Adventures of Old Tom"Peter is lost in a mall overnight after his family abandons him; to win over a girl, Brian pretends he's a millionaire.
S14, EP19 "Run, Chris, Run"When Chris becomes homecoming king, Meg learns that the cool kids plan to prank him during the homecoming ceremony; Peter and the guys try to replace Cleveland.
S13, EP18 "Take My Wife"Lois books a couple's vacation, but to Peter's shock it turns out to be a marriage counseling program; Carter becomes frustrated because the kids are so into their electronics.
S14, EP1 "Pilling Them Softly"Brian takes Stewie's Adderall in hope of finishing a 2000-page proposal to give to an author at a book convention; Quagmire and Peter have a cooking competition.
S9, EP8 "Road to the North Pole"After getting the brush-off from Santa at the mall, Brian and Stewie travel to the North Pole to teach Santa a lesson.
S9, EP9 "Road to the North Pole"After getting the brush-off from Santa at the mall, Brian and Stewie travel to the North Pole to teach Santa a lesson.
S9, EP10 "New Kidney in Town"After years of drinking, Peter needs a kidney transplant; Chris and Meg write a poem to honor an important visitor.
S9, EP11 "And I'm Joyce Kinney"Lois is forced to defend her reputation after the new local news anchor (Christine Lakin) does a story on her.
S9, EP12 "Friends of Peter G."Brian and Peter are required to attend a 12-step program to deal with their drinking problems; Death (Adam Carolla) gives Peter a glimpse of what life would be like without alcohol.
S9, EP14 "The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair"Meg offers to check on Joe while Bonnie is out of town; Stewie tries to become more evil.
S9, EP15 "Trading Places"When Chris and Meg trade roles with their parents, Chris works at the brewery and Meg runs the house.
S9, EP16 "Tiegs for Two"The dry cleaner loses Peter's favorite shirt; Brian and Quagmire compete for the affections of each other's former flames.
S9, EP17 "Brothers & Sisters"When Mayor West and Lois' sister, Carol (Julie Hagerty), get married and move in with the Griffins, Stewie must give up his bedroom; Peter and Mayor West become friends.
S9, EP18 "The Big Bang Theory"Brian and Stewie go back in time to try and stop Bertram (Wallace Shawn) from killing Leonardo da Vinci.
S6, EP14 "Long John Peter"After terrorizing the neighbors with his new pet parrot, Peter accidentally kills his beloved bird; Chris goes with Brian to the vet and falls for an intern.
S9, EP20 "Episode VI: It's a Trap"During a power outage, the Griffins perform a retelling of "Return of the Jedi."
S9, EP21 "Episode VI: It's a Trap"During a power outage, the Griffins perform a retelling of "Return of the Jedi."
S10, EP1 "Lottery Fever"When Peter blows his savings on lottery tickets and actually ends up winning, the family has trouble dealing with the good fortune.
S10, EP2 "Seahorse Seashell Party"A storm hits Quahog, Stoolbend and Langley Falls; Brian consumes questionable substances in an attempt to calm his nerves; Meg loses it after the family takes one too many jabs at her.
S10, EP3 "Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q"Quagmire's sister comes to Quahog to nurse him back to health when he is hospitalized, but he learns that she's the one in need of help.
S10, EP4 "Stewie Goes for a Drive"Actor Ryan Reynolds visits Quahog and becomes enamored with Peter; Stewie gets into trouble when he takes the family car for a drive.
S10, EP5 "Back to the Pilot"Brian and Stewie travel back to the pilot episode of the series to change history.
S10, EP6 "Thanksgiving"Joe's son, who was reported missing in Iraq, suddenly and unexpectedly appears during Thanksgiving dinner, but the story of his disappearance doesn't add up.
S10, EP7 "Amish Guy"When the Griffins' car breaks down in Amish country, the family ends up crusading against conservative locals; Meg develops a crush on an Amish boy.
S14, EP2 "Papa Has a Rollin' Son"For Father's Day, the guys search for Joe's estranged father; Peter pretends to be Joe after learning that Joe's father is intolerant of people with disabilities; Stewie learns that he will only be 5 feet 1 inch tall.
S14, EP20 "Road to India"When Brian falls in love with a tech support worker, he and Stewie travel to India to find her; Lois helps Joe reclaim the spotlight when Peter becomes the center of attention at bingo night.
S15, EP2 "Bookie of the Year"Brian and Lois try to help Chris manage his anger by encouraging him to take up a sport; Frank Sinatra Jr., Stewie and Brian open an Italian restaurant.
S18, EP7 "Heart Burn"In celebration of Peter and Lois' anniversary, the Griffins recount their own versions of three well-known love stories.
S18, EP8 "Shanksgiving"When Lois hosts a special Thanksgiving dinner for her family, Peter decides the best way to avoid it is to get arrested; a secret that Stewie has been keeping from everyone is revealed.
S18, EP9 "Christmas Is Coming"Meg has a surprising response after she takes Stewie to the mall to meet Santa; Brian must help Stewie process the experience.
S18, EP10 "Connie's Celica"When Lois gets a job as the music teacher at Chris and Meg's school, a mean student decides to make Lois the target of her antics.
S18, EP11 "Short Cuts"When Brian accidentally becomes a local hero, an old street pal -- and now a successful millionaire dog -- reaches out and tries to convince him to get neutered; Lois gets a pixie cut against Peter's wishes, so Peter retaliates.
S18, EP12 "Undergrounded"Peter secretly gets a credit card and overspends the family money, so Lois grounds him; to plan the perfect escape, Peter builds a tunnel leading directly to The Drunken Clam.
S18, EP13 "Rich Old Stewie"Stewie's lush retirement is interrupted by Brian, who brings news that Peter is dying.
S18, EP14 "The Movement"When Peter starts coaching for Quahog's minor league baseball team, he gets constipated during the national anthem and must kneel, unintentionally becoming the face of racial justice.
S18, EP15 "Baby Stewie"Stewie builds a machine that will allow him to remain smart forever, but it transforms him into what he should have always been -- an actual baby.
S18, EP16 "Start Me Up"Peter's nonstop sweating becomes a liability at his company, so his boss tells him to work from home; Stewie and Chris cause thousands of dollars in damage to an electronics store.
S15, EP3 "American Gigg-olo"With the airline pilots on strike, Quagmire decides to become a gigolo to earn money; Brian gets a job at a hardware store for the health insurance.
S15, EP4 "Inside Family Guy"Viewers are taken for a behind-the-scenes look at a "Family Guy" production week; Peter is replaced and pitches a new series to Fox Television Group Chairmen and CEO's Dana Walden and Gary Newman.
S14, EP4 "Peternormal Activity"When the guys go to an abandoned asylum to gain inspiration for a new horror movie, they accidentally kill a man who they think is keeping them hostage; annoyed with Brian's perceived pretension, Stewie endeavors to destroy his glasses.
S18, EP17 "Coma Guy"With a newfound love for rocking out to Van Halen, Peter has a car accident and falls into a coma.
S18, EP18 "Better Off Meg"When Meg is erroneously reported to have died in a car crash, she goes along with the story to start a new life elsewhere; the Griffins experience a life without Meg.
S18, EP19 "Holly Bibble"Cooped up in a hotel room due to a big storm, the Griffins pass the time by reimagining three stories from the Bible.
S18, EP20 "Movin' In (Principal Shepherd's Song)"Principal Shepherd moves in with the Griffins after he is fired for fat-shaming Chris at school, Brian sues Stewie for writing a series of children's books which portray him as an idiot.
S19, EP1 "Stewie's First Word"Stewie finally says his first word, and it's a swearword; when Lois is shunned by the other moms, she tries to figure out where Stewie could have possibly learned it.
S19, EP2 "The Talented Mr. Stewie"Stewie breaks up with Rupert after learning that he used to belong to Chris; unable to get over his feelings of betrayal, Stewie decides to take action.
S19, EP3 "Boys & Squirrels"Peter injures himself and a family of squirrels in a chainsaw accident; Chris and Stewie try to nurse one of the injured rodents back to health; a chiropractor fixes Peter's injury by realigning his spine -- and restoring him to his "true height."
S19, EP4 "CutawayLand"Peter and Lois accidentally set up a cutaway gag together, which somehow transports them into the cutaway itself.
S15, EP1 "The Boys in the Band"Stewie and Brian form a successful children's band, but when a girl comes between them, the band quickly falls apart; Chris takes a job managing Quagmire's sex life.
S15, EP5 "Chris Has Got a Date, Date, Date, Date, Date"Taylor Swift agrees to go to the homecoming dance with Chris; Peter decides to become an Uber driver.
S19, EP5 "La Famiglia Guy"When Joe asks Peter to be the godfather to his daughter, Peter commits to his mistaken interpretation of the role so much that he becomes a real gangster.
S19, EP6 "Meg's Wedding"Meg plans her wedding to an unexpected Quahog resident; Peter's arms are torn off, and he is left with tiny hands that have yet to grow back.
S19, EP7 "Wild Wild West"Lois and Peter are divided by differing views on who the next mayor of Quahog should be; upset at Lois' first choice, Peter seeks out the late Mayor Adam West's cousin, Wild Wild West.
S19, EP8 "Pawtucket Pat"Brian's new job as a journalist leads him to uncover that Pawtucket Pat, Quahog's hero and brewery founder, took part in racist actions against Native Americans; the town becomes divided on whether or not to remove the statue that commemorates him.
S19, EP9 "The First No L"When the family fails to help Lois with the Christmas shopping, she walks out on the family and the Griffins must try to save Christmas on their own.
S19, EP10 "Fecal Matters"When Peter makes it through a bad flu season without getting sick, the hospital asks him to volunteer as a nurse, but he finds himself at a crossroads when his mortal enemy, The Giant Chicken, is admitted; Brian has an identity crisis.
S19, EP11 "Boy's Best Friend"Brian bonds with the son of his new girlfriend; Peter, Quagmire and Cleveland take a joy ride in Joe's new classic Corvette.
S19, EP12 "And Then There's Fraud"After attending a baseball game, Peter and Chris are inspired to start a memorabilia business; Stewie tries to combat aging by getting plastic surgery but ends up taking it too far.
S15, EP6 "Hot Shots"Fearing autism, Peter and Lois decide not to vaccinate Stewie, and they encourage the rest of Quahog to follow suit.
S15, EP7 "High School English"The cast re-enacts "The Great Gatsby," "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "Of Mice and Men."
S19, EP13 "PeTerminator"Stewie designs a "Terminator" Peter robot to destroy Lois for trying to feed him broccoli; when things don't go according to plan, Stewie and Brian must go on a Terminator-esque mission to save Stewie's life.
S19, EP14 "The Marrying Kind"Stewie gets a mail order bride and experiences domestic life; Peter and Chris become addicted to free hotel breakfast buffets.
S19, EP15 "Customer of the Week"After feeling unappreciated by her family, Lois taps into her villainous side and attempts to win best customer at her favorite coffee shop.
S19, EP16 "Who's Brian Now?"Brian has a microchip that reveals he had a family before the Griffins; he discovers his original family is rich, and he struggles to enjoy his life with the Griffins as much as he once did.
S19, EP17 "Young Parent Trap"Lois and Peter are mistaken for young parents by another couple at Stewie's school and are invited to live in a millennial apartment complex, leaving Meg and Chris home alone.
S19, EP18 "Meg Goes to College"Meg deals with a college admissions scandal; Brian embarks on a fitness journey.
S19, EP19 "Family Cat"Brian tries to convince the Griffins that their new adopted cat is evil.
S19, EP20 "Tales of Former Sports Glory"The guys regale each other with stories of youthful athletic accomplishments; Cleveland was a teenage baseball player from Cuba; Quagmire was a bad boy tennis superstar from New York; Peter was an underdog boxer from Philadelphia.
S15, EP8 "Carter and Tricia"When Peter overhears Carter's plan to save money by using toxic chemicals in the brewery's beer cans, he tells a journalist about it; Brian asks for Stewie's help when his driver's license expired.
S15, EP9 "How the Griffin Stole Christmas"Peter gets power hungry when he's asked to fill in for a mall Santa; Stewie and Brian decide to crash holiday office parties for free food, fun and women.
S20, EP1 "LASIK Instinct"With her vision waning, Lois elects to get LASIK surgery but exploits her new disability for monetary gain; Peter, Chris and Stewie must partake in all the activities with Doug that his father neglects.
S20, EP2 "Rock Hard"While at an old record store, Peter and the guys recount tales of three rock legends: Jim Morrison, Muddy Waters and Elton John.
S20, EP3 "Must Love Dogs"Quagmire meets an avid dog lover, and pretends Brian is his dog in an attempt to win her over; Chris helps Stewie track down the culprit who stole his Halloween candy.
S20, EP4 "80's Guy"Impelled by nostalgia, Peter re-creates movie scenes from his favorite decade; Stewie and Doug compete to retrieve a Frisbee stuck at the top of the jungle gym.
S20, EP5 "Brief Encounter"When Peter and Quagmire accidentally switch underwear, they begin to mimic the other's behavior; Stewie and Doug agree to commit each other's murders.
S20, EP6 "Cootie & The Blowhard"Stewie takes drastic measures when he thinks he is diagnosed with terminal cooties; Peter becomes infatuated with Bonnie's cooking.
S20, EP7 "Peterschmidt Manor"Lois and her father attend the funeral of Lois' childhood nanny; Peter and the rest of the family turn Pewterschmidt mansion into a hotel.
S20, EP8 "The Birthday Bootlegger"A new boss quells Peter's favorite part about work: office birthdays; Stewie is put in detention and comes out a ruffian.
S15, EP10 "Passenger Fatty-Seven"When Quagmire gets free plane tickets for a guys' trip to San Francisco, unforeseen events put his flying abilities to the test.
S15, EP11 "Gronkowsbees"Professional football player Rob Gronkowski moves into the neighborhood; Stewie uses steroids to increase his new bees' honey output, but it makes them aggressive instead.
S10, EP8 "Cool Hand Peter"When Peter and the guys take a road trip to the Deep South, they wind up in jail; Lois and her friends partake in some childish antics.
S10, EP9 "Grumpy Old Man"After Lois' father falls asleep while driving, the family becomes concerned and decides to check out retirement communities in Florida.
S10, EP10 "Meg and Quagmire"Quagmire gets involved with a newly 18-year-old Meg, much to Peter's dismay.
S10, EP11 "The Blind Side"Brian dates a blind girl only to find out she hates dogs; the Griffins install a new staircase in their home.
S10, EP12 "Livin' on a Prayer"Lois takes drastic action to care for a sick boy after his parents refuse treatment on religious grounds.
S10, EP13 "Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream"Peter tries to become a famous actor; Chris starts dating a girl who looks very similar to a member of the Griffin household.
S10, EP14 "Be Careful What You Fish For"After Peter half-heartedly makes a promise to a helpful dolphin (Ricky Gervais), the dolphin moves to Quahog.
S10, EP15 "Burning Down the Bayit"When Mort asks Peter and Quagmire to help save his pharmacy, the three decide to burn it down and collect the insurance money.
S10, EP16 "Killer Queen"Peter and Chris go to fat camp where they cross paths with a serial killer who targets overweight kids; an album cover frightens Stewie.
S10, EP17 "Forget-Me-Not"After a night out, Peter, Joe, Brian and Quagmire awake in a hospital and discover that they don't remember anything and that the town has been deserted.
S10, EP18 "You Can't Do That on Television, Peter"When Peter's favorite TV show is canceled, he creates and stars in his own show for children; Meg interns at the hospital.
S10, EP19 "Mr. & Mrs. Stewie"Stewie meets a female version of himself and falls in love; Peter and Quagmire step up their friendship.
S10, EP20 "Leggo My Meg-O"Meg's exciting European adventure comes to a halt when she is kidnapped; Stewie and Brian embark on an action-packed rescue mission.
S10, EP23 "Internal Affairs"Peter encourages Joe to have a one-night stand to get even with Bonnie; Peter has a run-in with the angry chicken.
S11, EP1 "Into Fat Air"In order to compete with ambitious friends, the Griffins decide to climb Mount Everest.
S11, EP2 "Ratings Guy"When the Griffins are selected to have their TV-watching habits monitored, Peter hatches a scheme to control the airwaves.
S11, EP3 "The Old Man and the Big `C'"Brian learns that Carter Pewterschmidt's company is keeping the cure for cancer from the public in order to drive up profits; Quagmire reveals a secret.
S11, EP4 "Yug Ylimaf"When Brian accidentally causes Stewie's time machine to make reality run in reverse, the two must fix the problem before Stewie is unborn.
S11, EP5 "200 Episodes Later"The cast and crew celebrate the show's 200th episode with a behind-the-scenes look at the series.
S15, EP12 "Peter's Def Jam"While the guys try to start a podcast, Peter goes solo and branches out as a DJ.; when Lois' allergy forces Brian to move into Stewie's bedroom, the two have a difficult time as roommates.
S15, EP13 "The Finer Strings"The guys decide to form a string quartet, but Peter doesn't make the cut; Brian is forced to be Carter's seeing eye dog.
S20, EP9 "The Fatman Always Rings Twice"In noir-style, Peter/Mac investigates the disappearance of Meg/Sister Megan.
S20, EP10 "Christmas Crime"When Mayor West's nativity scene is ruined, Brian is seen as the prime suspect.
S20, EP11 "Mister Act"An accident leaves Peter with a high-pitched voice, so Jesus coaches him into fending off the choir boys; Stewie is attracted to Lois' new masculine physique.
S20, EP12 "The Lois Quagmire"At odds with Peter, Lois takes Quagmire to her high school reunion; the rest of the family must cover up the death of a pizza delivery man.
S20, EP13 "Lawyer Guy"Peter hires the town's new lawyer, Brick Baker, to represent him in litigation against his new neighbor -- who turns out to be Brick; Brian and Stewie become lobstermen and save Rupert from the perils of the deep.
S20, EP14 "HBO-No"The Griffins tell their own versions of three HBO shows: "Game of Thrones," "Succession" and "Big Little Lies."
S20, EP15 "Hard Boiled Meg"Meg is invigorated by her new role as a getaway driver; Quagmire can't rid himself of the hiccups and implores Peter to kill him.
S20, EP16 "Prescription Heroine"After Brian sustains an injury, Lois gets hooked on his painkillers; Cleveland refurbishes Peter's pingpong table, which becomes the hot spot in the neighborhood.
S20, EP17 "All About Alana"When Lois' piano student, Alana, comes to work for the Griffins, Lois is initially glad for the help, until she realizes Alana's intentions are more sinister than she thought.
S20, EP18 "Girlfriend, Eh?"Peter and Chris take a road trip to Canada to prove the existence of Chris' girlfriend; Lois and Meg compete for the attention of a handsome handyman.
S16, EP5 "Three Directors"In a special anthology-style episode, Peter gets fired from the brewery in the signature styles of three famous Hollywood film directors.
S15, EP19 "Dearly Deported"When Chris' Mexican girlfriend, Isabella, gets deported, he steps up to take care of her twin babies, only to find she can't return to the U.S.
S16, EP6 "The D in Apartment 23"The Griffins force Brian to move out after he posts an offensive tweet that goes viral.
S15, EP20 "A House Full of Peters"Peter's past participation as a sperm donor catches up to him when his children start showing up at his house.
S16, EP1 "Emmy-Winning Episode"Peter embarks on a campaign to win an Emmy for Family Guy by making the show more like Emmy-winning shows.
S16, EP2 "Foxx in the Men House"Peter befriends the coolest guy ever and dumps Quagmire, Joe, and Cleveland.
S16, EP3 "Nanny Goats"The Griffins get a nanny for the kids; Peter and Lois get an opportunity to reconnect.
S16, EP4 "Follow the Money"After Chris gets a special $1 bill for his birthday and quickly loses it, the dollar gets passed from character to character throughout Quahog.
S13, EP14 "JOLO"Peter is hailed a hero after finding a missing boy; Joe quits his job and takes a road trip to Niagara Falls.
S13, EP15 "Once Bitten"When Brian becomes more submissive as a result of obedience school, Peter realizes his misses the old Brian; Chris discovers his new friend was just using him to get closer to Meg.
S13, EP16 "Roasted Guy"Lois is suspicious that Peter's new friends -- a group of mean girls -- are talking about him behind his back.
S13, EP17 "Fighting Irish"Peter claims he could beat Liam Neeson in a fight, but finds it isn't as easy as he thought; Stewie gets jealous when Lois decides to become a class mom.
S8, EP9 "Business Guy"Mr. Pewterschmidt slips into a coma that not even Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) can bring him out of; Peter convinces Lois to let him run her family's business with her father incapacitated.
S8, EP10 "Big Man on Hippocampus"Peter gets amnesia after hitting his head; Lois tries to help jog Peter's memory, but gets fed up when he starts hitting on other women.
S8, EP11 "Dial Meg for Murder"Brian starts tailing Meg for research when he gets a job writing about the average American girl for a teen magazine.
S8, EP12 "Extra-Large Medium"Lois sees a psychic after Chris and Stewie get lost in the woods; Peter starts charging the neighbors for his extrasensory perception; Chris finds a crush at school.
S8, EP13 "Go Stewie Go"Stewie creates an alter ego after he learns his favorite show is only auditioning girls; everyone is shocked when Meg starts dating a normal guy.
S8, EP14 "Peter-Assment"After selling footage of a celebrity he caught off-guard, Peter decides to become a paparazzo; Stewie gets stage fright.
S8, EP15 "Brian Griffin's House of Payne"Brian pitches his pilot script to network executives; Chris and Meg injure Stewie and try to cover it up.
S8, EP16 "April in Quahog"The residents of Quahog are sent into a frenzy when the local news announces that a black hole will destroy Earth in 24 hours.
S8, EP17 "Brian and Stewie"Brian and Stewie try to hatch an escape plan after they are locked in a bank vault; includes fan-favorite and previously unseen musical numbers.
S8, EP19 "Quagmire's Dad"Quagmire is stunned when his father starts to go through the change of his life.
S8, EP20 "The Splendid Source"Peter and the gang's search for the historical source of dirty jokes leads them to Virginia, where they reunite with Cleveland.
S8, EP21 "Something, Something, Something Dark Side, Part 1"Peter does a dramatic retelling of "The Empire Strikes Back."
S8, EP22 "Something, Something, Something Dark Side, Part 2"Peter does a dramatic retelling of "The Empire Strikes Back."
"Family Guy"This animated series features the adventures of the Griffin family. Endearingly ignorant Peter and his stay-at-home wife, Lois, reside in Quahog, R.I., and have three kids. Meg, the eldest child, is a social outcast, and teenage Chris is awkward and clueless when it comes to the opposite sex. The youngest, Stewie, is a genius baby who is bent on killing his mother and destroying the world. Brian, the talking dog, keeps Stewie in check while sipping martinis and sorting through his own issues.
S9, EP2 "And Then There Were Fewer"James Woods invites Quahog residents to his mansion, and the evening turns into a murder mystery when guests end up dead.
S9, EP3 "Excellence in Broadcasting"Brian decides to confront Rush Limbaugh when he comes to Quahog for a book signing.
S9, EP4 "Welcome Back Carter"Lois' mom demands a divorce after discovering Carter is having an affair; Peter becomes Carter's wing man.
S9, EP5 "Halloween on Spooner Street"Peter and Joe perform painful and humiliating Halloween pranks on unsuspecting family and friends; Brian shows Stewie the ropes of trick or treating; Meg attends her first high school Halloween party.
S9, EP6 "Baby, You Knock Me Out"Peter volunteers Lois to compete when he receives tickets to a boxing match.
S9, EP7 "Brian Writes a Bestseller"One of Brian's books becomes a best-seller after Stewie becomes his manager; Lois decides that she and Peter need separate beds, leaving him to look for a new cuddle buddy.
S16, EP7 "Petey IV"Vladimir Putin visits Quahog after Peter writes to him about discovering an alternate ending in the Russian version of one of his favorite films; Brian gets a job at a suicide hotline center and attempts romance with a co-worker.
S16, EP8 "Crimes and Meg's Demeanor"Meg takes up drinking, which both concerns and delights her father; Brian spies on his neighbors and suspects Principal Shepherd of a crime.
S16, EP9 "Don't Be a Dickens at Christmas"A selfish Peter loses his Christmas spirit and is visited by ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future.
S16, EP10 "Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog)"Brian is smitten with a female show dog and enters a show dog competition in which the winner gets to breed her; Peter and Lois go to extreme measures to try to convince Chris that Arthur Valentine doesn't exist.
S16, EP11 "Dog Bites Bear"Stewie and Brian get into a friendship-ending fight after Brian commits a terrible act to one of Stewie's beloved toys; Peter refuses to wash his hand after meeting his favorite breakfast cereal mascot, Boo Berry.
S16, EP12 "Send in Stewie, Please"When Stewie gets sent to see his school's child psychologist for a surprising session, he reveals major secrets about himself.
S16, EP13 "V Is for Mystery"Stewie and Brian are detectives who embark on solving a string of mysterious murders set in Victorian-era London.
S16, EP14 "Veteran Guy"After Peter and the guys get caught pretending to be military veterans, a judge sentences them to join the U.S. Coast Guard.
S9, EP19 "Foreign Affairs"Bonnie and Lois take a trip to Paris; Peter uses unorthodox teaching methods while homeschooling Chris and Meg.
S21, EP7 "The Stewaway"During a game of hide-and-seek, Stewie takes refuge in Quagmire's suitcase, only to wind up in Paris; Peter and Lois take a getaway to Vermont, where Lois is intent on breaking Bonnie's Instagram "like" record.
S22, EP15 "Faith No More"When Brian becomes romantically interested in someone and it inspires him to use Stewie's time machine, strange consequences result from their journey.
S22, EP14 "Fat Actor"Peter tries to protest Hollywood after learning that Brad Pitt was cast in a biopic about a politician; after Pitt injures himself on set, Peter must act out the role himself.
S22, EP13 "Lifeguard Meg"Stewie and Brian become overwhelmed after winning a coffee shop; Peter and his friends annoy Meg at her new lifeguard job when they don't follow the pool rules.
S22, EP12 "Take This Job and Love It"Peter and his friends wonder about what their dream jobs would be; Peter enters a sequence featuring himself as a James Bond-type; Quagmire reflects on his job as an aerobics instructor; Cleveland and Joe take part in a "Lethal Weapon" sequence.
S22, EP11 "Teacher's Heavy Pet"Lois joins Chris's school as a substitute teacher, launching him into the cool kids club, but only time will tell how long he remains a member.
S22, EP10 "Cabin Pressure"When the Griffins win a trip to Maine at Peter's company picnic, they decide to invite their friends on the vacation; tensions run high and things soon spiral out of control when the cabin burns down.
S22, EP9 "The Return of The King (Of Queens)"Lois decides to sell the family's TV to help pay for Christmas presents; Kevin James gets upset over losing Peter as a viewer.
S22, EP8 "Baking Sad"Meg discovers her tears produce delicious cookies; Peter and the guys launch a male talk show.
S22, EP7 "Snap(ple) Decision"Winner of a Snapple contest, Lois uses her winnings to take Meg on a tropical vacation; flaunting their wealth, the two are kidnapped; Stewie and Brian undergo "friendship therapy."
S22, EP6 "Boston Stewie"Stewie tries to civilize his half-brother, Boston Stewie, so that he may be adopted; Meg and Chris start a venture in which people online pay Chris to sit on and smash cupcakes.
S22, EP5 "Baby, It's Cold Inside"Peter is emasculated when, on their anniversary, he abandons Lois amidst a shark attack; Stewie finds a mini fridge and lives the dorm lifestyle.
S22, EP4 "Old World Harm"Peter and Lois vacation in Florida, only to discover they've rented a condo in a retirement community; Brian helps Stewie take his first shower.
S22, EP3 "A Stache From the Past"When Peter loses the Griffins' home in a reverse mortgage, he and Mayor West travel to confront the man advertising the scheme, Tom Selleck; Stewie and Brian open a booth at the flea market, leading to a rivalry with Bruce.
S22, EP2 "Supermarket Pete"With the brewery under construction, Lois implores Peter to take a new job but grows irate when he begins work at the grocery store; armed with his police stories, Joe and Brian team up to write their own true crime novel.
S22, EP1 "Fertilized Megg"Meg agrees to be Bruce and Jeffery's surrogate, causing a pregnant Meg to annoy her family; when the couple fails to pick up the baby, the Griffins must take care of their new family member.
S14, EP10 "Candy, Quahog Marshmallow"When the guys travel to Korea to retrieve the final episode of an Asian soap that Quagmire starred in, Quagmire is reunited with a former lover; Stewie is concerned that he will be a redhead.
S14, EP9 "A Shot in the Dark"While participating in a newly formed neighborhood watch group, Peter is arrested and charged with a hate crime.
S14, EP7 "Hot Pocket-Dial"Quagmire admits that he has feelings for Lois after accidentally calling Peter; Brian tries to fix the situation.
S14, EP6 "Peter's Sister"When Peter's sister, Karen (Kate McKinnon), visits for Thanksgiving, she acts like a bully; Brian and Stewie go on a cleanse.
S14, EP5 "Peter, Chris & Brian"When Peter goes to his mother's home to retrieve his stash of porn, he finds a "To Peter From Peter" tape that makes him feel like a failure.
S14, EP3 "Guy Robot"Brian's jokes cause a fight with Stewie, prompting Stewie to build a robot friend; Lois wants a new mattress.
S12, EP11 "Brian's a Bad Father"When Brian's son, now a TV star, comes to town, Brian is more focused on landing a job on the show's writing staff than being a good dad; an accidental shooting leads to a conflict between Quagmire and Peter.
S12, EP10 "Grimm Job"Peter puts his own spin on classic fairytales while telling stories to Stewie.
S12, EP9 "Peter Problems"Peter tries to get his mojo back with the help of Quagmire and Joe.
S12, EP7 "Into Harmony's Way"Fame gets to Peter's head when he and Quagmire form a singing/songwriting team.
S12, EP6 "Life of Brian"When Stewie and Brian travel to the 17th century and come close to altering the course of history, Stewie decides to destroy his time machine.
S12, EP5 "Boopa-dee Bappa-dee"Peter destroys the family's passports while they're in Italy, forcing them to deal with immigration laws.
S12, EP4 "A Fistful of Meg"Meg spills her lunch on an unstable new classmate; Peter harasses Brian in the nude.
S12, EP3 "Quagmire's Quagmire"Quagmire is excited to meet a woman with a sex drive equal to his own, until she kidnaps him to make him her sex slave; a love triangle forms between Stewie, Brian and Stewie's teddy bear.
S12, EP2 "Vestigial Peter"When everyone seems to love the vestigial twin that is growing out of Peter's neck better than him, Peter decides to have him amputated.
S12, EP1 "Finders Keepers"Word that Peter believes a restaurant placemat is a treasure map pits the citizens of Quahog against each other as they search for the prize.
S11, EP23 "No Country Club for Old Men"The Griffins are invited to join a fancy country club, and must adjust to a new lifestyle.
S11, EP22 "Roads to Vegas"Stewie's time machine malfunctions when he and Brian use it to travel to Las Vegas for a Bette Midler concert.
S11, EP21 "Farmer Guy"The Griffins move to a farm, where Peter starts a drug business.
S11, EP20 "Save the Clam"Peter and the guys try to save The Drunken Clam from being closed after the bar's owner dies; Meg gets a job at a funeral home.
S11, EP19 "Total Recall"When teddy bear Rupert is recalled, Stewie is determined to get his best friend back; when Peter is sick and can't compete in a bowling tournament, Lois fills in for him.
This animated series features the adventures of the Griffin family. Endearingly ignorant Peter and his stay-at-home wife, Lois, reside in Quahog, R.I., and have three kids. Meg, the eldest child, is a social outcast, and teenage Chris is awkward and clueless when it comes to the opposite sex. The youngest, Stewie, is a genius baby who is bent on killing his mother and destroying the world. Brian, the talking dog, keeps Stewie in check while sipping martinis and sorting through his own issues.
Original Air Date: Jan 31, 1999
Genres: ComedyTV Series
Rating: TV14
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