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Family GuyThis animated series features the adventures of the Griffin family. Endearingly ignorant Peter and his stay-at-home wife, Lois, reside in Quahog, R.I., and have three kids. Meg, the eldest child, is a social outcast, and teenage Chris is awkward and clueless when it comes to the opposite sex. The youngest, Stewie, is a genius baby who is bent on killing his mother and destroying the world. Brian, the talking dog, keeps Stewie in check while sipping martinis and sorting through his own issues.
S4, EP16 "The Courtship of Stewie's Father"Stewie steps up his efforts to kill Lois, who orders Peter to spend more time with him.
S12, EP19 "Meg Stinks!"Peter brings Meg to college for an interview and introduces her to partying; Brian is prohibited from entering the house when he is sprayed by a skunk.
S15, EP18 "The Peter Principal"When Peter becomes the temporary principal at the high school, Meg uses his authority to get even with her bullies.
S17, EP15 "No Giggity, No Doubt"When the guys volunteer to chaperone the high school prom, Quagmire hits it off with Courtney only to discover that she is his daughter.
S8, EP19 "Quagmire's Dad"Quagmire is stunned when his father starts to go through the change of his life.
S18, EP2 "Bri-Da"Peter and his friends are sick of forgetting the lucrative business ideas they come up with while drinking, so they strap on Joe's police body cams to record their every move; Quagmire tries to come to terms with an unexpected family development.
S6, EP13 "Former Life of Brian"When Brian thinks he has lost his chance at love, he goes in search of an old flame, only to discover he is the father of an unruly son.
S12, EP11 "Brian's a Bad Father"When Brian's son, now a TV star, comes to town, Brian is more focused on landing a job on the show's writing staff than being a good dad; an accidental shooting leads to a conflict between Quagmire and Peter.
S19, EP11 "Boy's Best Friend"Brian bonds with the son of his new girlfriend; Peter, Quagmire and Cleveland take a joy ride in Joe's new classic Corvette.
S3, EP13 "Screwed the Pooch"Brian impregnates the Pewterschmidts' dog and then sues for custody of the puppies.
S20, EP7 "Peterschmidt Manor"Lois and her father attend the funeral of Lois' childhood nanny; Peter and the rest of the family turn Pewterschmidt mansion into a hotel.
S21, EP15 "Adoptation"To restore his public image, Carter adopts a young girl from an orphanage, drawing jealousy from Lois.
S21, EP12 "Old West"The guys try to help Mayor Wild West reconnect with his estranged father, Old West.
S15, EP20 "A House Full of Peters"Peter's past participation as a sperm donor catches up to him when his children start showing up at his house.
S12, EP4 "A Fistful of Meg"Meg spills her lunch on an unstable new classmate; Peter harasses Brian in the nude.
S12, EP1 "Finders Keepers"Word that Peter believes a restaurant placemat is a treasure map pits the citizens of Quahog against each other as they search for the prize.
S8, EP14 "Peter-Assment"After selling footage of a celebrity he caught off-guard, Peter decides to become a paparazzo; Stewie gets stage fright.
S8, EP15 "Brian Griffin's House of Payne"Brian pitches his pilot script to network executives; Chris and Meg injure Stewie and try to cover it up.
S8, EP16 "April in Quahog"The residents of Quahog are sent into a frenzy when the local news announces that a black hole will destroy Earth in 24 hours.
S8, EP17 "Brian and Stewie"Brian and Stewie try to hatch an escape plan after they are locked in a bank vault; includes fan-favorite and previously unseen musical numbers.
S8, EP20 "The Splendid Source"Peter and the gang's search for the historical source of dirty jokes leads them to Virginia, where they reunite with Cleveland.
S8, EP21 "Something, Something, Something Dark Side, Parts 1 and 2"Peter entertains the family with a retelling of "The Empire Strikes Back."
S9, EP3 "Excellence in Broadcasting"Brian decides to confront Rush Limbaugh when he comes to Quahog for a book signing.
S12, EP2 "Vestigial Peter"When everyone seems to love the vestigial twin that is growing out of Peter's neck better than him, Peter decides to have him amputated.
S12, EP3 "Quagmire's Quagmire"Quagmire is excited to meet a woman with a sex drive equal to his own, until she kidnaps him to make him her sex slave; a love triangle forms between Stewie, Brian and Stewie's teddy bear.
S9, EP4 "Welcome Back Carter"Lois' mom demands a divorce after discovering Carter is having an affair; Peter becomes Carter's wing man.
S9, EP5 "Halloween on Spooner Street"Peter and Joe perform painful and humiliating Halloween pranks on unsuspecting family and friends; Brian shows Stewie the ropes of trick or treating; Meg attends her first high school Halloween party.
S9, EP1 "And Then There Were Fewer"James Woods invites Quahog residents to his mansion, and the evening turns into a murder mystery when guests end up dead.
S9, EP6 "Baby, You Knock Me Out"Peter volunteers Lois to compete when he receives tickets to a boxing match.
S9, EP7 "Brian Writes a Bestseller"One of Brian's books becomes a best-seller after Stewie becomes his manager; Lois decides that she and Peter need separate beds, leaving him to look for a new cuddle buddy.
S9, EP10 "New Kidney in Town"After years of drinking, Peter needs a kidney transplant; Chris and Meg write a poem to honor an important visitor.
S9, EP11 "And I'm Joyce Kinney"Lois is forced to defend her reputation after the new local news anchor (Christine Lakin) does a story on her.
S12, EP5 "Boopa-dee Bappa-dee"Peter destroys the family's passports while they're in Italy, forcing them to deal with immigration laws.
S12, EP6 "Life of Brian"When Stewie and Brian travel to the 17th century and come close to altering the course of history, Stewie decides to destroy his time machine.
S9, EP12 "Friends of Peter G."Brian and Peter are required to attend a 12-step program to deal with their drinking problems; Death (Adam Carolla) gives Peter a glimpse of what life would be like without alcohol.
S9, EP14 "The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair"Meg offers to check on Joe while Bonnie is out of town; Stewie tries to become more evil.
S9, EP15 "Trading Places"When Chris and Meg trade roles with their parents, Chris works at the brewery and Meg runs the house.
S9, EP16 "Tiegs for Two"The dry cleaner loses Peter's favorite shirt; Brian and Quagmire compete for the affections of each other's former flames.
S9, EP17 "Brothers & Sisters"When Mayor West and Lois' sister, Carol (Julie Hagerty), get married and move in with the Griffins, Stewie must give up his bedroom; Peter and Mayor West become friends.
S9, EP18 "The Big Bang Theory"Brian and Stewie go back in time to try and stop Bertram (Wallace Shawn) from killing Leonardo da Vinci.
S9, EP19 "Foreign Affairs"Bonnie and Lois take a trip to Paris; Peter uses unorthodox teaching methods while homeschooling Chris and Meg.
S10, EP2 "Seahorse Seashell Party"A storm hits Quahog, Stoolbend and Langley Falls; Brian consumes questionable substances in an attempt to calm his nerves; Meg loses it after the family takes one too many jabs at her.
S12, EP7 "Into Harmony's Way"Fame gets to Peter's head when he and Quagmire form a singing/songwriting team.
S12, EP8 "Christmas Guy"Peter fills Lois' dad with holiday spirit; Stewie tries to get the only thing he wants for Christmas.
S9, EP20 "Episode VI: It's a Trap"During a power outage, the Griffins perform a retelling of "Return of the Jedi."
S10, EP3 "Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q"Quagmire's sister comes to Quahog to nurse him back to health when he is hospitalized, but he learns that she's the one in need of help.
S10, EP4 "Stewie Goes for a Drive"Actor Ryan Reynolds visits Quahog and becomes enamored with Peter; Stewie gets into trouble when he takes the family car for a drive.
S10, EP5 "Back to the Pilot"Brian and Stewie travel back to the pilot episode of the series to change history.
S10, EP7 "Amish Guy"When the Griffins' car breaks down in Amish country, the family ends up crusading against conservative locals; Meg develops a crush on an Amish boy.
S10, EP8 "Cool Hand Peter"When Peter and the guys take a road trip to the Deep South, they wind up in jail; Lois and her friends partake in some childish antics.
S10, EP9 "Grumpy Old Man"After Lois' father falls asleep while driving, the family becomes concerned and decides to check out retirement communities in Florida.
S12, EP9 "Peter Problems"Peter tries to get his mojo back with the help of Quagmire and Joe.
S12, EP10 "Grimm Job"Peter puts his own spin on classic fairytales while telling stories to Stewie.
S11, EP13 "Valentine's Day in Quahog"On Valentine's Day, Meg goes on a date with a guy she met online, and Lois and Pete stay in bed all day; Brian is visited by his ex-girlfriends.
S6, EP1 "Blue Harvest"After a power outage in Quahog, Peter tells his family the greatest story every told; a parody of Luke Skywalker on his path to aid the rebellion along with his companions, R2D2, C-3PO, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.
S12, EP12 "Mom's the Word"After Peter's mother dies, he befriends her longtime pal, Evelyn (Lauren Bacall); Stewie is upset when he comprehends the reality of death.
S10, EP10 "Meg and Quagmire"Quagmire gets involved with a newly 18-year-old Meg, much to Peter's dismay.
S12, EP15 "Secondhand Spoke"After Peter starts smoking, an advertising executive (Peter Dinklage) asks Peter to be the face of an anti-smoking campaign; Stewie helps Chris with bullies at school.
S12, EP14 "Fresh Heir"Chris becomes the heir to Carter's fortune but refuses to accept the money; Peter desperately tries to keep the wealth in the family.
S12, EP17 "The Most Interesting Man in the World"After some quality time with Stewie at the park, Peter accidentally takes the wrong baby home; to prove he's a responsible adult, Peter takes a business trip to Chicago and returns as a more intelligent and classy person.
S12, EP18 "Baby Got Black"Chris and Jerome's daughter, Pam (Keke Palmer), run away together when Jerome (Kevin Michael Richardson) forbids their relationship.
S12, EP16 "Herpe, the Love Sore"Stewie gets an STD from Brian; Peter and the guys fight for their booth at The Drunken Clam.
S12, EP21 "Chap Stewie"Angry Stewie goes back in time to break up Peter and Lois but ends up in a British household.
S12, EP20 "He's Bla-ack!"Cleveland comes back to town but is forbidden to spend time with Peter when Donna and Lois get into an argument.
S13, EP3 "Baking Bad"Lois and Peter open a cookie store together, but things get messy when Peter comes up with a scheme to bring in more customers.
S13, EP4 "Brian the Closer"When Brian's plastic surgery leads him to become a real estate agent, it causes conflict with Quagmire.
S13, EP1 "The Simpsons Guy"The Griffins go to Springfield, where they encounter a stranger named Homer Simpson; Stewie trades his mind-control device for Bart's slingshot; Lisa teaches Meg how to play the saxophone; Homer and Peter argue about the best beer.
S13, EP2 "The Book of Joe"Peter's efforts to help Joe publish a book go awry when he takes over as author; Brian starts exercising excessively after experiencing a runner's high.
S13, EP5 "Turkey Guys"A drunken Brian and Peter devour the holiday turkey the night before Thanksgiving; Chris becomes the man of the house in Peter's absence.
S13, EP6 "The 2,000-Year-Old-Virgin"When Peter runs into Jesus at the mall and learns he's still a virgin, he enlists Quagmire and Cleveland to help get him a woman.
S13, EP7 "Stewie, Chris & Brian's Excellent Adventure"When Stewie and Brian use the time machine to help Chris learn about history, the three accidentally get stuck in the past.
S13, EP8 "Our Idiot Brian"When Brian takes the SATs for Meg but doesn't do very well, the family starts to doubt his intelligence; Peter tries to show Brian the upside of being stupid.
S13, EP9 "This Little Piggy"Meg is happy when she is asked to be a model but finds the job isn't what she was expecting; when Stewie decides he wants to experience life outside of preschool, Brian tags along.
S13, EP1 "The Simpsons Guy"The Griffins go to Springfield, where they encounter a stranger named Homer Simpson; Stewie trades his mind-control device for Bart's slingshot; Lisa teaches Meg how to play the saxophone; Homer and Peter argue about the best beer.
S13, EP1 "The Simpsons Guy"The Griffins go to Springfield, where they encounter a stranger named Homer Simpson; Stewie trades his mind-control device for Bart's slingshot; Lisa teaches Meg how to play the saxophone; Homer and Peter argue about the best beer.
S7, EP9 "The Juice Is Loose"Peter cashes in an old raffle ticket and wins a golf outing with O.J. Simpson.
S7, EP11 "Not All Dogs Go to Heaven"The Griffin family heads to the annual "Star Trek" convention, but Stewie gets angry when he can't ask his favorite cast members a question, so he builds a transporter and beams the cast to his bedroom.
S7, EP12 "420"Brian launches a campaign to legalize marijuana after his arrest for drug possession.
S7, EP13 "Stew-Roids"Stewie starts hitting the gym with Peter after Joe's infant daughter beats him; Chris starts to date a popular girl at school and realizes that popularity is like physics.
S7, EP16 "Peter's Progress"A psychic reveals that Peter had a past life in the 17th century as Griffin Peterson, a gentleman who lived in the newly founded colony of Quahog.
S8, EP1 "Road to the Multiverse"Brian and Stewie travel through alternate universes, including a world run by dogs where humans are pets, and a post-apocalyptic world.
S8, EP2 "Family Goy"Lois' trip to the doctor reveals some news about her heritage; Peter is visited by his father's ghost.
S8, EP3 "Spies Reminiscent of Us"When Stewie and Brian discover that the guys who moved into Cleveland's old house are spies, they follow them on a mission to Russia.
S10, EP11 "The Blind Side"Brian dates a blind girl only to find out she hates dogs; the Griffins install a new staircase in their home.
S10, EP12 "Livin' on a Prayer"Lois takes drastic action to care for a sick boy after his parents refuse treatment on religious grounds.
S10, EP13 "Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream"Peter tries to become a famous actor; Chris starts dating a girl who looks very similar to a member of the Griffin household.
S10, EP14 "Be Careful What You Fish For"After Peter half-heartedly makes a promise to a helpful dolphin (Ricky Gervais), the dolphin moves to Quahog.
S10, EP15 "Burning Down the Bayit"When Mort asks Peter and Quagmire to help save his pharmacy, the three decide to burn it down and collect the insurance money.
S10, EP16 "Killer Queen"Peter and Chris go to fat camp where they cross paths with a serial killer who targets overweight kids; an album cover frightens Stewie.
S10, EP17 "Forget-Me-Not"After a night out, Peter, Joe, Brian and Quagmire awake in a hospital and discover that they don't remember anything and that the town has been deserted.
S10, EP18 "You Can't Do That on Television, Peter"When Peter's favorite TV show is canceled, he creates and stars in his own show for children; Meg interns at the hospital.
S10, EP19 "Mr. & Mrs. Stewie"Stewie meets a female version of himself and falls in love; Peter and Quagmire step up their friendship.
S10, EP20 "Leggo My Meg-O"Meg's exciting European adventure comes to a halt when she is kidnapped; Stewie and Brian embark on an action-packed rescue mission.
S10, EP21 "Tea Peter"When city hall threatens to close Peter's business, he joins the Tea Party and campaigns to shut down the government.
S10, EP22 "Family Guy Viewer Mail No. 2"Brian and Stewie respond to mail from the viewers; a British version of the Griffins.
S10, EP23 "Internal Affairs"Peter encourages Joe to have a one-night stand to get even with Bonnie; Peter has a run-in with the angry chicken.
S11, EP9 "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!"Peter shares his version of the Nativity story at Christmastime.
S8, EP4 "Brian's Got a Brand New Bag"Brian becomes the laughingstock of the family when he starts dating an older woman.
S8, EP5 "Hannah Banana"Stewie attends a concert of a teen superstar and discovers a surprising secret about the singer; Chris tries to prove that the Evil Monkey is real.
S8, EP6 "Quagmire's Baby"Quagmire assumes responsibility for a baby Peter finds that looks just like him; Stewie clones himself.
S8, EP7 "Jerome Is the New Black"Peter and the guys interview potential friends to fill the vacancy left by Cleveland; Brian discovers that Quagmire hates him.
S8, EP8 "Dog Gone"Brian tries to convince everyone that a dog's life should have the same value as a human's; Lois hires a maid, who does not listen to Peter.
S8, EP9 "Business Guy"Mr. Pewterschmidt slips into a coma that not even Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) can bring him out of; Peter convinces Lois to let him run her family's business with her father incapacitated.
S8, EP10 "Big Man on Hippocampus"Peter gets amnesia after hitting his head; Lois tries to help jog Peter's memory, but gets fed up when he starts hitting on other women.
S8, EP12 "Extra-Large Medium"Lois sees a psychic after Chris and Stewie get lost in the woods; Peter starts charging the neighbors for his extrasensory perception; Chris finds a crush at school.
S2, EP2 "Holy Crap"Peter's retired father moves in and drives everyone crazy with his religiosity. Voices of Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein and Seth Green. Guest voice: Colm Meaney.
S4, EP18 "The Father, the Son and the Holy Fonz"When Peter's dad visits the Griffins, he tries to impose his religious beliefs on the family.
S5, EP10 "Peter's Two Dads"After Peter's dad dies, he finds out that his biological father lives in Ireland; Stewie realizes that he likes when Lois spanks him, so he purposely gets into trouble.
S5, EP2 "Mother Tucker"Peter's mom announces that she is getting a divorce; Peter finds a father figure in anchorman Tom Tucker; Brian gets his own radio show.
S14, EP2 "Papa Has a Rollin' Son"For Father's Day, the guys search for Joe's estranged father; Peter pretends to be Joe after learning that Joe's father is intolerant of people with disabilities; Stewie learns that he will only be 5 feet 1 inch tall.
S2, EP21 "Fore, Father"Peter ignores Chris in favor of Cleveland's son, who shows a flair for the game of golf. Voices of Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green and Mila Kunis. Guest voices: Patrick Warburton, Nicole Sullivan and Phil LaMarr.
S1, EP6 "The Son Also Draws"Peter has to prove he has American Indian blood in him to win back Lois' gambling losses at a reservation casino.
S2, EP11 "A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Bucks"A gallery owner admires Chris' painting and invites the Griffins to New York; Peter envies an old classmate.
S2, EP17 "He's Too Sexy for His Fat"After undergoing liposuction, a newly lean and handsome Peter goes back for more plastic surgery. Voices of Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green and Mila Kunis.
S3, EP5 "And the Wiener Is ..."Peter joins a gun club to compensate for his lack of physical assets; Meg becomes the target of the "cool" gang's wrath.
S20, EP18 "Girlfriend, Eh?"Peter and Chris take a road trip to Canada to prove the existence of Chris' girlfriend; Lois and Meg compete for the attention of a handsome handyman.
S22, EP15 "Faith No More"When Brian becomes romantically interested in someone and it inspires him to use Stewie's time machine, strange consequences result from their journey.
S22, EP14 "Fat Actor"Peter tries to protest Hollywood after learning that Brad Pitt was cast in a biopic about a politician; after Pitt injures himself on set, Peter must act out the role himself.
S22, EP13 "Lifeguard Meg"Stewie and Brian become overwhelmed after winning a coffee shop; Peter and his friends annoy Meg at her new lifeguard job when they don't follow the pool rules.
S22, EP12 "Take This Job and Love It"Peter and his friends wonder about what their dream jobs would be; Peter enters a sequence featuring himself as a James Bond-type; Quagmire reflects on his job as an aerobics instructor; Cleveland and Joe take part in a "Lethal Weapon" sequence.
S22, EP11 "Teacher's Heavy Pet"Lois joins Chris's school as a substitute teacher, launching him into the cool kids club, but only time will tell how long he remains a member.
S22, EP10 "Cabin Pressure"When the Griffins win a trip to Maine at Peter's company picnic, they decide to invite their friends on the vacation; tensions run high and things soon spiral out of control when the cabin burns down.
S22, EP9 "The Return of The King (Of Queens)"Lois decides to sell the family's TV to help pay for Christmas presents; Kevin James gets upset over losing Peter as a viewer.
S22, EP8 "Baking Sad"Meg discovers her tears produce delicious cookies; Peter and the guys launch a male talk show.
S22, EP7 "Snap(ple) Decision"Winner of a Snapple contest, Lois uses her winnings to take Meg on a tropical vacation; flaunting their wealth, the two are kidnapped; Stewie and Brian undergo "friendship therapy."
S22, EP6 "Boston Stewie"Stewie tries to civilize his half-brother, Boston Stewie, so that he may be adopted; Meg and Chris start a venture in which people online pay Chris to sit on and smash cupcakes.
S22, EP5 "Baby, It's Cold Inside"Peter is emasculated when, on their anniversary, he abandons Lois amidst a shark attack; Stewie finds a mini fridge and lives the dorm lifestyle.
S22, EP4 "Old World Harm"Peter and Lois vacation in Florida, only to discover they've rented a condo in a retirement community; Brian helps Stewie take his first shower.
S22, EP3 "A Stache From the Past"When Peter loses the Griffins' home in a reverse mortgage, he and Mayor West travel to confront the man advertising the scheme, Tom Selleck; Stewie and Brian open a booth at the flea market, leading to a rivalry with Bruce.
S22, EP2 "Supermarket Pete"With the brewery under construction, Lois implores Peter to take a new job but grows irate when he begins work at the grocery store; armed with his police stories, Joe and Brian team up to write their own true crime novel.
S22, EP1 "Fertilized Megg"Meg agrees to be Bruce and Jeffery's surrogate, causing a pregnant Meg to annoy her family; when the couple fails to pick up the baby, the Griffins must take care of their new family member.
S12, EP13 "3 Acts of God"Peter and the guys go on a quest to ask God to stop interfering with the outcome of football games.
S11, EP23 "No Country Club for Old Men"The Griffins are invited to join a fancy country club, and must adjust to a new lifestyle.
S11, EP22 "Roads to Vegas"Stewie's time machine malfunctions when he and Brian use it to travel to Las Vegas for a Bette Midler concert.
S11, EP21 "Farmer Guy"The Griffins move to a farm, where Peter starts a drug business.
S11, EP20 "Save the Clam"Peter and the guys try to save The Drunken Clam from being closed after the bar's owner dies; Meg gets a job at a funeral home.
S11, EP19 "Total Recall"When teddy bear Rupert is recalled, Stewie is determined to get his best friend back; when Peter is sick and can't compete in a bowling tournament, Lois fills in for him.
S11, EP18 "Bigfat"When Peter resurfaces after being in a plane crash and lost in the wilderness for two months, his family must find a way to bring him back from his animal-like state.
S11, EP17 "12 and a Half Angry Men"Mayor West becomes the prime suspect when a murder occurs at his mansion.
S11, EP16 "Turban Cowboy"An unfortunate sky-diving accident sends Peter to the hospital, where he makes friends with a man named Mahmoud; Quagmire and Joe become suspicious of Mahmoud.
S11, EP15 "Call Girl"When Lois gets a job at an adults-only phone line to earn extra money, she takes a call from Peter.
S11, EP14 "Chris Cross"When Meg catches Chris stealing money from Lois' purse, she makes him do her chores; Chris, tired of the pact with Meg, runs away to live with Herbert; Stewie and Brian become obsessed with singer Anne Murray.
S11, EP12 "The Giggity Wife"During a visit to Harvard, Quagmire accidentally marries a prostitute; in an attempt to get out of his marriage, Quagmire pretends that Peter is his lover.
S11, EP11 "Brian's Play"Brian loses confidence when he learns that Stewie has written a better play than he.
S11, EP10 "Space Cadet"When the Griffins try to pick Chris up from space camp, they find themselves accidentally launched into space and reliant on Chris to get them home.
S11, EP8 "Friends Without Benefits"When Meg learns her crush is gay and interested in Chris, she uses her brother to get closer to him.
S11, EP7 "Lois Comes Out of Her Shell"Peter tries to keep up with Lois as she goes through a midlife crisis; Stewie brings home a turtle from the park.
S11, EP6 "Joe's Revenge"When the criminal who put Joe in the wheelchair becomes a fugitive, Quagmire, Joe and Peter try to hunt him down.
S11, EP4 "Yug Ylimaf"When Brian accidentally causes Stewie's time machine to make reality run in reverse, the two must fix the problem before Stewie is unborn.
S11, EP3 "The Old Man and the Big `C'"Brian learns that Carter Pewterschmidt's company is keeping the cure for cancer from the public in order to drive up profits; Quagmire reveals a secret.
S11, EP2 "Ratings Guy"When the Griffins are selected to have their TV-watching habits monitored, Peter hatches a scheme to control the airwaves.
S11, EP1 "Into Fat Air"In order to compete with ambitious friends, the Griffins decide to climb Mount Everest.
This animated series features the adventures of the Griffin family. Endearingly ignorant Peter and his stay-at-home wife, Lois, reside in Quahog, R.I., and have three kids. Meg, the eldest child, is a social outcast, and teenage Chris is awkward and clueless when it comes to the opposite sex. The youngest, Stewie, is a genius baby who is bent on killing his mother and destroying the world. Brian, the talking dog, keeps Stewie in check while sipping martinis and sorting through his own issues.
Original Air Date: Jan 31, 1999
Genres: ComedyTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
3 seasons available on demand (36 episodes)
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