Brief Encounter
S20, EP5 "Brief Encounter"
When Peter and Quagmire accidentally switch underwear, they begin to mimic the other's behavior; Stewie and Doug agree to commit each other's murders.
FOX • 30m
80's Guy
S20, EP4 "80's Guy"
Impelled by nostalgia, Peter re-creates movie scenes from his favorite decade; Stewie and Doug compete to retrieve a Frisbee stuck at the top of the jungle gym.
Original Air Date: Oct 18, 2021 • FOX • 30m
Must Love Dogs
S20, EP3 "Must Love Dogs"
Quagmire meets an avid dog lover, and pretends Brian is his dog in an attempt to win her over; Chris helps Stewie track down the culprit who stole his Halloween candy.
Original Air Date: Oct 10, 2021 • FOX • 28m
Rock Hard
S20, EP2 "Rock Hard"
While at an old record store, Peter and the guys recount tales of three rock legends: Jim Morrison, Muddy Waters and Elton John.
Original Air Date: Oct 03, 2021 • FOX • 22m
LASIK Instinct
S20, EP1 "LASIK Instinct"
With her vision waning, Lois elects to get LASIK surgery but exploits her new disability for monetary gain; Peter, Chris and Stewie must partake in all the activities with Doug that his father neglects.
Original Air Date: Sep 26, 2021 • FOX • 22m