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NCISNaval Criminal Investigative Service Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs leads a group of colorful personalities in investigating crimes -- ranging from murder and espionage to terrorism -- that have evidence connected to Navy and Marine Corps personnel. The team includes MIT graduate Timothy McGee, Ellie Bishop, who specializes in international threat assessment, charismatic and unpredictable Nick Torres, and forensic psychologist Jack Sloane. Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard brings his vast experience in forensics into play to help solve cases.
S7, EP24 "Rule Fifty-One"Gibbs goes to Mexico to confront a drug cartel intent on revenge; Gibbs has to make a devastating decision.
S8, EP1 "Spider and the Fly"Gibbs must take desperate measures to protect his loved ones with Paloma Reynosa still on the loose.
S8, EP2 "Worst Nightmare"A girl's kidnapping turns into something bigger when her grandfather complicates the investigation.
S8, EP3 "Short Fuse"The team investigates a bomb tech's guarded personal life after she is attacked.
S18, EP3 "Blood and Treasure"The discovery of two dead bodies in a forest leads the NCIS team into the wild world of modern-day treasure hunting; Gibbs and Fornell get deeper into their search for the opioid kingpin.
S18, EP4 "Sunburn"McGee and his wife Delilah's Bahamian vacation turns into a high-stakes mission; Gibbs fears the worst when his search for Fornell leads to blood.
S18, EP6 "1mm"Following a tip about smuggled weapons, Bishop and Torres engage in a shootout in a former sheriff's residence that's now a historical site, only to find themselves locked in abandoned jail cells there.
S18, EP7 "The First Day"NCIS investigates the murder of a Navy officer who was killed while driving home a recently released inmate; Gibbs helps Palmer deal with a personal trauma.
S18, EP8 "True Believer"When Sloane's name is discovered in Afghanistan at the site of an abandoned bus with a dead driver, Gibbs accompanies her on a trip to find a group of girls who were kidnapped from the bus; a hacker emails compromising information to the Taliban.
S18, EP9 "Winter Chill"NCIS dives into the competitive world of food trucks after finding a man frozen to death in the back of one.
S18, EP10 "Watchdog"The team uncovers a secret dogfighting ring, which leads to an unexpected move by one of the team members.
S18, EP5 "Head of the Snake"Gibbs and Fornell's crusade to find the head of the drug ring responsible for Fornell's daughter Emily's overdose comes to a climax; Gibbs and Vance finally let the team in on a case that has dangerous implications.
S18, EP11 "Gut Punch"Vance assigns McGee, Torres and Bishop to COVID compliance duty at a foreign affairs summit, where they discover a link to another NCIS team's murder case.
S18, EP12 "Sangre"Evidence from the stabbing of a Marine sergeant leads Torres to meet his father, who left when Torres was a child.
S18, EP13 "Misconduct"The team investigates a biker killed in a hit-and-run; Gibbs prepares to testify against a financial adviser who stole millions from his Navy clients.
S18, EP14 "Unseen Improvements"NCIS tracks a stolen laptop to the uncle of a young boy, Phineas, Gibbs' former neighbor.
S18, EP15 "Blown Away"When members of an NCIS Regional Enforcement Action Capabilities Training Team are killed during an explosion, NCIS Special Agent Jessica Knight, the lone surviving member, helps crack the case using high-tech body armor.
S18, EP16 "Rule 91"While pursuing a dangerous arms dealer, the team is shocked when Bishop is implicated in an old NSA leak; Gibbs and Marcie realize the killer they've been tracking may be onto them.
S19, EP1 "Blood in the Water"As the NCIS team searches for Gibbs after wreckage from his boat is discovered; they find out he was tracking a serial killer with journalist Marcie Warren, who wrote an exposé on him.
S19, EP2 "Nearly Departed"While trying to find the serial killer Gibbs was after, the NCIS team discovers another person has been tracking the case as well.
S3, EP1 "Kill Ari"The team works to collect all the evidence they can in an effort to stop Ari.
S3, EP2 "Kill Ari"Ari continues to wreak havoc on the team until Gibbs gets the face-off he has been awaiting.
S5, EP18 "Judgment Day"The team hunts for the killer of a special agent and suffers grave consequences.
S5, EP19 "Judgment Day"The team hunts for an agent's killer and suffers grave consequences.
S8, EP14 "A Man Walks Into a Bar ..."While investigating a naval commander's death, the team undergoes required psych evaluations.
S10, EP11 "Shabbat Shalom"As the team investigates a connection between a dead journalist and a Navy petty officer, Ziva is surprised by a visit from her father (Michael Nouri).
S10, EP12 "Shiva"After an event that hits close to home, the team unites to find answers and protect vulnerable colleagues.
S11, EP2 "Past, Present and Future"Determined to find Ziva, Tony follows leads in Israel; Gibbs and the team continue their search for Parsa and his expanding terrorist ring.
S13, EP11 "Spinning Wheel"Ducky is attacked by a man who claims to have information about his half-brother, who died decades earlier; Jake and Bishop talk about their future.
S13, EP23 "Dead Letter"The FBI and M16 continue their international manhunt as the escaped British spy leaves one agent fighting for his life in the ICU.
S13, EP24 "Family First"NCIS, FBI and MI6 continue the worldwide manhunt for a British spy who is targeting current and former agents.
S14, EP13 "Keep Going"During an NCIS hit-and-run investigation, Palmer joins a stranger on the outside ledge of a building in an attempt to save his life.
S1, EP1 "Yankee White"Agents Gibbs and DiNozzo board Air Force One to investigate what seems to be a death by natural causes.
S2, EP22 "SWAK"When Tony opens a letter releasing a mysterious powder from inside, he and Kate are put into biohazard isolation as a precaution.
S19, EP11 "All Hands"After a civilian research vessel in the North Atlantic picks up a small boat of wounded Navy officers, NCIS arrives on the ship and is forced to hide after discovering terrorists are onboard.
S19, EP3 "Road to Nowhere"Gibbs and Parker go on a road trip to find one of the serial killer's victims; Agent Knight goes under cover at a large manufacturing company with ties to the murders.
S19, EP4 "Great Wide Open"Gibbs and McGee head to Alaska while the team works at home to uncover the conspiracy behind the serial killer.
S19, EP5 "Face the Strange"The NCIS team investigates the death of a Navy commander whose body suddenly explodes before Jimmy can examine it.
S19, EP6 "False Start"NCIS investigates the death of a beloved Navy commander who trained some of the top athletes in the country.
S19, EP7 "Docked"NCIS investigates the death of a man on a cruise ship whose body is discovered in the ship's sauna by McGee's mother-in-law.
S19, EP8 "Peacekeeper"A Navy reservist's body is found in a beat-up car at the end of a gun range; Kasie weighs the pros and cons of buying a gun.
S19, EP9 "Collective Memory"When a hotshot financial adviser is found shot at a naval station, NCIS investigates the case by interviewing the victim's 3D hologram of herself, which she created before her death.
S19, EP10 "Pledge of Allegiance"NCIS is called in when Navy Chief Warrant Officer Rafi Nazar is suspected of trying to sell stolen classified Navy software used to pilot combat drones.
S19, EP12 "Fight or Flight"When the body of a Navy lieutenant is discovered missing an eye, the NCIS investigation leads to the world of cage fighting.
S19, EP13 "The Helpers"While investigating the death of an intruder at Quantico, Jimmy and Kasie are exposed to a deadly biotoxin; the NCIS team calls on Dr. Carol Wilson for help as they race to find the antidote; Torres tries to distract Jimmy's daughter.
S19, EP14 "First Steps"As NCIS investigates the cause of death of a reservist Navy SEAL surgeon, they're forced to bring Vance's daughter to help with a highly dangerous mission.
S19, EP15 "Thick as Thieves"Parker's delinquent past resurfaces when NCIS is called to Philadelphia to investigate the death of a Navy petty officer.
S19, EP16 "The Wake"A gruesome mishap at a Navy petty officer's gender reveal party leads NCIS to the case of a missing teacher who was popularized on a true crime podcast.
S19, EP17 "Starting Over"NCIS investigates the apparent suicide of a retired Navy officer who was in Palmer and Knight's grief group; Torres gets a call from NCIS Special Agent Jane Tennant to come to Hawaii.
S19, EP18 "Last Dance"When an infamous arms dealer is released from prison and bodies start piling up, Torres is forced to face the repercussions of his actions during an undercover operation he worked on years ago.
S3, EP20 "Untouchable"Gibbs and his team must investigate the apparent suicide of a Pentagon cryptographer some suspected of spying.
S3, EP22 "Jeopardy"Ziva finds herself under investigation for the death of a suspect; Director Shepard is kidnapped.
S3, EP23 "Hiatus"Gibbs' long-suppressed memories overwhelm him as he recovers from injuries he sustained in a terrorist bombing.
S3, EP23 "Hiatus"Gibbs suffers a temporary memory loss as he recovers from his injuries; the team tries to prevent a terrorist attack on the U.S. Navy.
S20, EP22 "Black Sky"Agent Torres finds himself in prison as the team tries to stop an impending terror attack on U.S. soil.
S20, EP21 "Kompromat"NCIS must investigate a string of Russian spy encounters that may be linked to a suspicious murder; Jimmy accidentally makes a confession that could change the course of his relationship with Knight.
S20, EP20 "Second Opinion"NCIS works to solve the murder of a senator's daughter who has a rebellious reputation and large online following; Jimmy gets competitive with an old college rival.
S20, EP19 "In the Spotlight"Agent Knight goes viral for saving a mother and child from a potentially fatal car accident.
S20, EP18 "Head Games"The NCIS team digs deep to investigate a Navy lieutenant who's accused of trying to murder her husband but has no memory of the attack; Kasie navigates a potential medical scare.
S20, EP17 "Stranger in a Strange Land"NCIS works to solve the murder of a Marine private who appears to have been killed for helping an Afghan refugee; Jimmy navigates the pressure of parenting his teenage daughter, who is eager to go out on an unchaperoned group date.
S20, EP16 "Butterfly Effect"The NCIS team jumps into motion to investigate who is responsible for a potential bioterror attack at a strip mall parking garage; Knight's father deals with a health scare while in Japan.
S20, EP15 "Unusual Suspects"NCIS investigates the death of a ride-share driver who was found after a car accident; Parker's dad, who is temporarily living with him, assists the team in their investigation.
S20, EP14 "Old Wounds"Parker grapples with his emotions when a con man from his past turns up as a prime suspect in the murder of a navy officer.
S20, EP13 "Evil Eye"In preparation for a role, a world-renowned actress shadows the NCIS team as they investigate a decapitation case.
S20, EP12 "Big Rig"When an old pal of Torres' comes to him -- disheveled and bloodied -- for guidance amidst an undercover FBI operation and then disappears, NCIS helps track him down; McGee prepares to be a contestant on a popular game show.
S20, EP11 "Bridges"Parker discovers he's a victim of identity theft while investigating the unusual murder of a Navy ensign; Knight and Jimmy face hurdles in their relationship as their connection heightens.
S20, EP10 "Too Many Cooks"NCIS agents from Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Hawaii, in D.C. to attend the retirement party of a beloved Federal Law Enforcement Training Center professor, find themselves investigating his shocking suicide.
S20, EP9 "Higher Education"NCIS investigates the death of a college student who was killed while running across the street and had connections to McGee's wife.
S20, EP8 "Turkey Trot"After an unknown shooter causes chaos at an annual Thanksgiving 5K, time is of the essence for the NCIS team to find the culprit; Kasie joins Knight for Thanksgiving lunch at Knight's sister's house.
S20, EP7 "Love Lost"NCIS must investigate the secretary of the Navy when her husband claims she tried to murder him.
S20, EP6 "The Good Fighter"When an NCIS agent turns up dead and Kasie goes unaccounted for, the team must work quickly to find the killer.
S20, EP5 "Guardian"Agent Parker steps up to protect director Vance after a terrifying home invasion; the team detects advancements in Jessica and Jimmy's blossoming romance.
S20, EP4 "Leave No Trace"Agent Knight's past resurfaces when her ex-boyfriend, a National Parks Service agent, teams up with NCIS to investigate a campsite murder.
S20, EP3 "Unearth"When a dead body is found at an ancient burial site that is thought to be cursed, the team tries to determine the motive and the symbolism behind the crime; as Torres continues therapy with Dr. Grace, he discovers that their lives are in danger.
S20, EP2 "Daddy Issues"McGee's personal life and professional life intersect when a dad from his children's school is linked to a break-in at a government storage bunker.
S20, EP1 "A Family Matter"With Special Agent Alden Parker still on the run with his ex-wife, the team investigates who from his past might have a personal vendetta against him in hopes of clearing Parker's name.
S4, EP24 "Angel of Death"Upon the director's return from a European junket, the team's secrets unravel; a merciless drug dealer holds Dinozzo and his girlfriend captive.
S4, EP23 "Trojan Horse"Gibbs leads the investigation into a murder victim found in a taxi headed to NCIS headquarters; Jenny discovers a secret about her past.
S4, EP22 "In the Dark"The team turns to a blind photographer (John Billingsley) to use his heightened senses of hearing and smell to re-create a crime scene and track down a petty officer's killer.
S4, EP21 "Brothers in Arms"Gibbs and the team must take action after the director's risky solo meeting with an informant ends with a death.
S4, EP20 "Cover Story"When a petty officer on whom McGee based a character for his latest book is murdered, McGee must figure out who could have accessed his secret manuscript.
S4, EP19 "Grace Period"Cassidy (Jessica Steen) blames herself when the team learns that a tip on terrorist activity was a trap that resulted in the deaths of two agents.
S4, EP18 "Iceman"With a young Marine on life support, the team tracks his movements in the days leading up to his being left for dead.
S4, EP17 "Skeletons"When an explosion at a military cemetery's mausoleum reveals a cache of dismembered human remains, the team searches for a potential serial killer.
S4, EP16 "Dead Man Walking"The NCIS team suspects foul play when a Navy lieutenant is the victim of radiation poisoning; Tony sees a softer side of Ziva.
S4, EP15 "Friends and Lovers"When a young sailor's body is found in an abandoned building in a seedy part of town, an ominous message written in blood leads the team to switch gears to find the killer.
S4, EP14 "Blowback"Ducky goes under cover to stop the illegal sale of the Navy's top-secret weapons system to a high-priority arms dealer (Armand Assante).
S4, EP13 "Sharif Returns"The NCIS team must track down a wanted terrorist (Enzo Cilenti) who has obtained a missing chemical weapon before he carries out his plan to attack major U.S. cities.
S4, EP12 "Suspicion"The team battles local biases when it investigates the murder of a high-level Marine intelligence officer found in a small-town motel room.
S4, EP11 "Driven"A highly classified robotic vehicle causes the death of a Navy lieutenant working on a high-level project for the Department of Defense; Tony's secretive trips to the hospital worry Ziva.
S4, EP10 "Smoked"The NCIS team joins forces with the FBI when a burned and mummified body found in a furnace turns out to be that of a serial killer the FBI had been chasing for more than a decade.
S4, EP9 "Twisted Sister"McGee takes things into his own hands, forgoing NCIS procedure, when his sister arrives on his doorstep, bloodied and confused.
S4, EP8 "Once a Hero"Suspicious activity surrounds a decorated Marine veteran's death, leading the NCIS team to try to clear his name.
S4, EP7 "Sandblast"Gibbs' team works with the Army Criminal Investigative Unit to investigate a suspected terrorist attack that killed a Marine colonel at a military country club.
S4, EP6 "Witch Hunt"The NCIS team investigates when a Marine is attacked in his home and his daughter is kidnapped on Halloween; Abby's Halloween costume leaves McGee and Tony speechless.
S4, EP5 "Dead and Unburied"The team investigates the death of a missing lance corporal, whose body was buried in the backyard of a vacant house and then exhumed.
S4, EP4 "Faking It"The team is called to the scene of the murder of a petty officer who was part of an undercover arms operation.
S4, EP3 "Singled Out"While searching the abandoned and bloody car of a missing Navy lieutenant, the team learns she had been profiling men to find the perfect mate.
S4, EP2 "Escaped"NCIS temporarily reinstates Gibbs when an escaped convict threatens his friend's life.
S4, EP1 "Shalom"The NCIS team must learn to work without Gibbs, who has retired; Ziva witnesses a political assassination and the FBI wants her.
S3, EP21 "Bloodbath"Abby becomes the target of a stalker, sending the team into protective overdrive, searching for the person who is out to get her.
Naval Criminal Investigative Service Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs leads a group of colorful personalities in investigating crimes -- ranging from murder and espionage to terrorism -- that have evidence connected to Navy and Marine Corps personnel. The team includes MIT graduate Timothy McGee, Ellie Bishop, who specializes in international threat assessment, charismatic and unpredictable Nick Torres, and forensic psychologist Jack Sloane. Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard brings his vast experience in forensics into play to help solve cases.
Original Air Date: Sep 23, 2003
Genres: ActionDramaTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
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