Tell All Part 2
S5, EP15 "Tell All Part 2"
On Demand
Jason and Kylen come back to the main stage to make a final statement; things get heated between Erica and Mason's family; Lilly and Lawrence talk about their future.
Original Air Date: Jun 12, 2022 • TLC • 43m
Tell All Part 1
S5, EP14 "Tell All Part 1"
On Demand
All five families meet face-to-face; tensions are high as Tyra gives updates about a paternity test; moms and daughters take the stage; Jason is confronted by more than Kylen's parents.
Original Air Date: Jun 05, 2022 • TLC • 43m
He Thinks He's a Man
S5, EP13 "He Thinks He's a Man"
On Demand
The stress is on when Kylen and Jason bring baby Xavier home; Taylor gives birth to baby Aria; Ella celebrates her third birthday; Lilly and Lawrence tour a wedding venue.
Original Air Date: May 29, 2022 • TLC • 43m
Giving Birth Was Supposed to Be a Happy Thing
S5, EP12 "Giving Birth Was Supposed to Be a Happy Thing"
On Demand
Jenna's mom worries about the relationship with Aden, prompting Jenna to talk to Aden; Lilly and Lawrence tour a wedding venue; Tiarra arrives in Kentucky for Ella's birthday; Emersyn settles into Mason's house.
Original Air Date: May 22, 2022 • TLC • 43m
It's Time to Grow Up
S5, EP11 "It's Time to Grow Up"
On Demand
After a dramatic 48 hours, Kylen gives birth; Jenna and her family begin their big beach vacation; Alex is back in the house; Tyra and Taylor meet up to sort out the drama.
Original Air Date: May 15, 2022 • TLC • 43m
Kicked Out
S5, EP10 "Kicked Out"
On Demand
Emersyn leaves Erica's home indefinitely; things get heated when Kylen decides to get an epidural; Lilly visits Kim and talks about marriage; Jenna's parents are ready to meet up and clear the air.
Original Air Date: May 08, 2022 • TLC • 43m
What You Do Is Not Hard
S5, EP9 "What You Do Is Not Hard"
On Demand
Kylen and Jason's birth plan is derailed at the birthing center; Tiarra comes home from the hospital to a full house; Emersyn's mom confronts her over the rule breaking; Lilly adjusts to raising her two kids without her mom's help.
Original Air Date: May 01, 2022 • TLC • 43m
Damn, We Got Two Kids Now
S5, EP8 "Damn, We Got Two Kids Now"
On Demand
Tiarra and Dee head to the hospital for the C-section; Emersyn and Mason break the rules on their first night home with Mateo; Jenna and Aden have dinner with Matt and Cathy; Kylen starts having painful contractions.
Original Air Date: Apr 24, 2022 • TLC • 43m
Nursery Nonsense
S5, EP7 "Nursery Nonsense"
On Demand
Kylen's parents come over for a BBQ, but Jason has other plans for him and Kylen; Emerysn gives birth; Jenna tells her sister about her idea to move out; family drama ensues when Tiarra posts a picture of her nursery on social media.
Original Air Date: Apr 17, 2022 • TLC • 43m
Take That, Mom
S5, EP6 "Take That, Mom"
On Demand
Jenna and Aden go to Pittsburgh for Father's Day weekend; Emersyn gets induced and begins a painful labor; Lilly and Lawrence move into the new apartment; Tiarra needs to get to the hospital, but Tyra is unhelpful, leading the girls to fight.
Original Air Date: Apr 10, 2022 • TLC • 43m
The Move From Hell
S5, EP5 "The Move From Hell"
On Demand
Lilly and Lawrence have a stressful night loading the moving truck; Tyra ditches her sister and cousin to meet with Alex; Jason and Kylen go fishing with friends; Emersyn preps for her induction day.
Original Air Date: Apr 03, 2022 • TLC • 43m
Can Men Lactate?
S5, EP4 "Can Men Lactate?"
On Demand
Tiarra has her 32-week appointment; Emersyn and Mason attend a birthing class; Jenna's parents both attend Luca's baptism; Lilly and Lawrence plan for the move. Jason and Kylen practice with a fake baby.
Original Air Date: Mar 27, 2022 • TLC • 43m
Breast Milk Pancakes
S5, EP3 "Breast Milk Pancakes"
On Demand
Tyra receives a text from Alex and helps Tiarra travel back to Kentucky; Jenna discusses relationship issues with Giovanna; Erica sets rules with Emersyn and Mason; Kylen and Jason visit a birthing center and share their birth plan with Kylen's parents.
Original Air Date: Mar 20, 2022 • TLC • 43m
Pregnant, Again
S5, EP2 "Pregnant, Again"
On Demand
Lilly and Lawrence celebrate Mother's day and begin packing for the move; Kylen and Jason have game night with Jason's family; Tyra drops off Layla and heads to Maryland, where pregnant Tiarra now lives; Emersyn has her 37 week appointment.
Original Air Date: Mar 13, 2022 • TLC • 43m
Got Another Girl Pregnant
S5, EP1 "Got Another Girl Pregnant"
On Demand
Kylen and Jason discuss a home birth; Lilly and Lawrence are approved for a new apartment; Erica and Emersyn host a brunch for Mason's family to discuss arrangements for when the baby arrives; Tyra vents to her mom about Alex's recent betrayal.
Original Air Date: Mar 06, 2022 • TLC • 43m