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Cake BossBuddy Valastro's family-owned business, Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, N.J., is booming, and it's bound to get even busier after viewers get an inside look at how Buddy and his staff, including his mom, four sisters and three brothers-in-law, produce thousands of wedding cakes, specialty cakes (as in Britney Spears' circus-theme 27th birthday cake) and pastries every week.
S10, EP9 "Icing the Cake"A goalie cake for the NHL Draft; re-creating a wedding cake for a couple.
S10, EP11 "Fiery Competition"A fire truck and burning building cake; a Bocce themed cake for charity.
S10, EP3 "Viva Cake Boss!"A Cinco de Mayo cake; a spa-inspired cake.
S10, EP1 "Gator Bite"A 14-foot, 800-pound replica of Mighty Mike; a pageant cake; a long journey to Israel.
S10, EP12 "Up, Up & Away"A cake delivery in a hot air balloon; Cousin Anthony questions Buddy's authority; Momma's trip.
"Steampunks, Kiwi Cake and Babysitting Jitters"The team creates an amazing three-piece steampunk-inspired cake; Buddy makes a special cake for New Zealanders living in New York.
S13, EP24 "Momma's Day, Floral Flavors and Cake Clinics"Buddy creates a flower covered cake, complete with a rose flavored filling for a Mother's Day brunch; Lisa and Sofia help Buddy host a special decorating class; the Valastro family celebrates Momma, and all the other wonderful moms in the family.
"Color Festival, Sofia's Graduating and a Paint Date"Buddy creates an intricate cake for Sofia's graduation; a colorful cake for the Indian Holi festival brightens the bakery.
"Ships Ahoy, Mary's Mix-Up and Elevator Error"Navy ships dock in New York for Fleet Week; the bakery creates an amazing cake to honor the Navy's service men and women.
"Father's Day Collapse, Buddy's Surprise, and Tee Time"The crew makes a basketball-inspired cake as a Father's Day surprise for a hoop-mad dad, but disaster strikes during delivery.
"Volcanoes, Drive-ins, & Movie Magic"Buddy and the team make an erupting volcano cake for a science camp; a movie-themed cake with a projection screen inside.
S13, EP23 "Farewell to Momma Mary"Reflecting on the life of Momma Mary and the legacy she left behind with hundreds of family members and friends.
"Mining Cake, Sailing Santa, and Sister Makeovers"After visiting an old zinc mine that glows, the team makes a cake that really rocks; the sisters get a cosmetic injection.
"A Barter, A Baker, and an Italian Professor"Two tween brothers offer to trade pizza for a pony cake for their sister; Mauro's son has an Italian lesson before a semester in Rome.
"Dinosaurs, Brush Strokes and Edible Art"The crew makes a huge Hadrosaurus cake for a local Dinosaur theme park; for the first time since the eighties, Danny has his moustache shaved off for charity.
S3, EP3 "Roses, Romance & a Romeo"Buddy must make wedding cakes for fourteen couples who are getting married on Valentine's Day; Cousin Anthony asks someone to be his valentine.
S3, EP15 "Strawberries, Sinatra, & Sick Ovens"A Haagen Daz cake; a cake for a Broadway show.
S13, EP13 "Mummy Mia!"Buddy heads to Rutgers University Geology Museum where he is asked to create an Egypt-themed cake.
"Day Of The Dead, Mischief Night and A Cute Witch"The team marks October with ghoulish goodies; Mauro makes a cake for the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead, featuring sugar skulls.
S14, EP19 "Gargoyles, Pineapples & Packing Momma's Apartment"A novelist wishes to mark the release of his new book with a huge gargoyle cake for his party, so the team creates a grotesque, ghoulish creature.
S7, EP2 "Trash, Twirls & Tough Love"Buddy makes a trash-truck cake; a special cake for the founder of a synchronized swim team; Buddy has to take action when Mary is accused of being rude to the work staff.
S7, EP3 "Stained Glass & a Surprised Danny"Father Bob orders a cake for an honored church member; everyone surprised Danny for his 50th birthday with some special guests.
S7, EP4 "Fast Hands & a Flaming Pearl"Buddy rings in the lunar New Year with a dragon cake; the team must create a life-sized punching bag.
S7, EP1 "Fitting In, Fed Up & a First Birthday"Buddy makes a cake for Baby Carlo's first birthday; Marissa learns what it means to be part of the crew; Grace gets fed up with Mary's lateness.
S7, EP10 "Silly Seuss & Surprise!"A Dr. Seuss cake using gears and levers; the family tries to surprise Buddy.
S7, EP7 "Beer, Buttercups & Bumbling"The guys are commissioned to make a cake that looks and tastes like beer; Buddy delivers a tropical wedding cake; Jay returns from a delivery with bad news.
"Rollercoasters, Cook-Offs and Cupcake Island"The Valastros spend summer at the Jersey Shore; Buddy makes a rollercoaster cake; in Hoboken, the team creates an edible board game.
"Waves, Watermelons and Wipe Outs"A Jersey Shore surf shop owner needs a cake that screams summer for an upcoming surfing competition.
"Thunderbirds and Butterflies"The sky's the limit; Buddy creates a beautiful butterfly cake for a local zoo.
"Turtle Rescue and Roller Derby"Buddy and the team make a giant cake to mark the release of a rescued sea turtle into the wild; Grace delivers a cake on roller skates.
"Sweet 16, Hulas and Tiny Hamster Cake"Buddy and the guys build a giant hula dancer cake for his niece's Sweet 16 party; a pet store owner wants a tiny cake that is fit for a hamster.
"Cuckoo Cake, Birthday Surprise, and New Bakery"Buddy and his family travel to Minnesota to prepare for a brand new bakery opening the first Carlo's expansion into America's Midwest.
"Extraterrestrials and Giant Tacos"Buddy and the crew create a giant taco cake for National Taco Day; an artistic nine-year old's designs are included in her alien birthday cake.
"Giant Tooth and Masquerade Sweet 16"A giant tooth cake; a masquerade-themed cake for a 16th birthday.
"Next Great Bride, Fish Cake and Caesar Castano"Buddy creates a wedding cake for Next Great Baker winner Marissa Lopez; Ralph makes a surprise groom's cake for her fiance.
S14, EP15 "Father-Daughter Dance and Bachelorette Party"Mauro gets a very sweet cake order for a Father-Daughter dance; Buddy takes an order from a bride-to-be for her bachelorette party.
S14, EP14 "Glass Cake and 100th Birthday"The team creates a sugar-craft cake to mimic beautiful glass art and Lisa takes a special order for a family patriarch's 100th birthday.
S14, EP13 "Piñata Party and Gender Reveal"Buddy takes on a challenge from two eleven-year-old DJs; Grace takes an order from two pregnant mothers for a double gender reveal party.
S14, EP12 "Holly Jolly Hoboken"The Valastros must weather the storm when Hurricane Sandy leaves its mark, working their decorating magic in near darkness with no electricity.
S14, EP11 "Enduring Love, an Ending and Edited Out"Buddy's special client is his wife, Lisa, whose grandparents are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary; Mary has a consultation with a man who is throwing a divorce party for himself and wants a festive cake for the event.
S14, EP10 "Secret Proposal, Patients and Privacy Please"Leah, the young baker Buddy met in Malaysia, comes to visit; Mauro and Madeline help a young man.
S14, EP9 "Pep Rally, Birthday Treat and Fancy Feet"Mike Harris has served in the army and had over 10 deployments since being married to his wife Bren, yet he still looks to her as the real hero; he sits down with Grace to order a sentimental cake for his wife's 40th birthday.
S14, EP8 "Dreams Come True"Rapper Fat Joe wants a cake to celebrate his new hit single, and Buddy's design is as good as gold! Plus, the team create a Gingerbread Man-inspired cake.
S14, EP7 "Creepy Crawly Cake and Haunted House"For Halloween, Buddy's eldest son wants his own haunted house to go along with his spooky cake; Carlo's crew carves a cake that looks like an intricately carved pumpkin sculpture.
S14, EP6 "25 Years and Counting"Mauro and Madeline celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with the whole famiglia.
S14, EP5 "Ballet and South African Biltong"Buddy takes on one of his weirdest requests -- baking a South African beef jerky cake; the team works on a music box-themed cake that gets them dancing.
S12, EP8 "Mary Models, Toys and Turkish Marbling"Buddy recreates traditional Turkish water marbling on a cake; a toy company cake brings out everyone's inner child; Mary takes steps to realize her dream of becoming a foot model.
S12, EP7 "Bugging Out and Big Cheers"Buddy makes a cake honoring a local science center's new ant exhibit; Mauro makes a cake for cheerleaders celebrating spirit week.
S12, EP5 "Wine and Waltzes"The crew crafts a cake for a local winery; Buddy decides he's going to make his own wine; a client comes in with a request for a life-size piano cake.
S12, EP4 "Spies, Splashes and Bakery Love"Buddy makes a spy cake for a gaming convention in Las Vegas; Mauro's little brother and one of the Carlo's decorators are getting married.
S12, EP3 "Botanical Cakes And Anti-Lock Brakes"Buddy attempts to craft a cake cacti for the New York Botanical Gardens; Mauro and Madeline's son Buddy learns to drive.
S12, EP2 "Sand Castles and Seeing Double"Buddy navigates the tricky task of making a birthday cake for twins who couldn't be more different; Buddy makes a giant sand castle cake.
S12, EP1 "Pirates and Pastries"It's all hands on deck when Buddy and the team create a pirate themed cake; Buddy gets ready to open a new bakery in Connecticut.
S2, EP11 "Motorcycles, Manhattanites & Misbehaving"Buddy is asked to make a cake for the Long Island Hells Angels; Buddy bakes a tea party-themed cake for Upper East Side socialites.
S2, EP9 "Freaks, Fast Food & Frightened Frankie"The bakery heavyweights are challenged to an eating contest after they create a buffet-style cake for Major League Eating; one of Frankie's biggest fears is exposed while making a cake for the Coney Island Circus Sideshow.
S2, EP8 "Golf Greens & Gravity"Buddy and company feel lost in space while creating a cake for a planetarium; the guys go golfing to get inspiration for a golf tournament cake.
S2, EP2 "Plants, Pranks & a Proposal"Buddy creates a cake inspired by poisonous plants; a customer proposes with an engagement-ring-box cake; cousin Anthony is set up for a fall.
S1, EP13 "Fireworks, Falling Fondant & Fathers"A family business asks Buddy and the team to honor their patriarch by creating a special cake featuring their fireworks products; Buddy goes to Buddy Jr.'s school.
S1, EP12 "Leaning, Lobsters & Lectures"Buddy draws on his Italian heritage to create a Leaning Tower of Pisa wedding cake; after a client mixes up the date, Buddy must create a lobster-themed cake at the last minute.
S1, EP11 "A Blindfold, a Bikini and Breathing Fire"Buddy is asked to make a fire-breathing Tiki cake; Mauro challenges Buddy to ice a cake while blindfolded.
S1, EP10 "Chinese Culture and Cannolis"The team takes on the challenge of making a traditional Chinese dragon cake for a dragon boat racing team; the bakery prepares hundreds of cannoli shells for the annual 25-Cent Throw Back Cannoli Day.
S1, EP9 "Soldiers, Sand and Salad"Buddy and the team are asked to make a toyshop-themed cake based on FAO Schwarz for twins' birthday party; beach-themed cake; Carlo's team has a weight-loss challenge.
S1, EP8 "Museum, Mistakes & Mother Mary"The team goes on a field trip to a museum to research a prehistoric mammal cake; a sweet 16 cake proves to be more work than anyone planned on; Frankie makes and decorates a cake for a hard-to-please client: Mary.
S1, EP7 "Doves, Ducks, and Delicacies"Buddy is excited about creating an old-school wedding cake; a dad-to-be orders a giant lobster tail pastry for his pregnant wife.
S1, EP6 "Undead, Unclothed, and Unhappy Mama"Buddy is asked to make a zombie cake for "undead" clients; the team makes an erotic bachelorette cake for wild women; mama becomes unhappy.
S1, EP5 "Bi-Plane, Bridezilla & Busting Buddy"Buddy agrees to make a biplane cake for a hospital charity; an unreasonable bride is unhappy with her cake; Stretch plots revenge against Buddy.
S1, EP4 "Weddings, Water and Whacked!"The bakery is asked to make a huge roulette table cake for a local businessman; orders pile up with the advent of wedding season.
S1, EP3 "Bunny, Birthday, and Burnt Food"Easter is the busiest time of the year with orders pouring in; a last-minute Easter Bunny cake turns into more of a project than the team bargained for; the family gets nervous after Grace decides to cook Easter dinner for everyone.
S1, EP2 "A Fire, a Fashionista, and Family"Buddy and his team build a fire engine cake complete with working lights, a siren and smoke; Buddy re-creates his father's trademark cake for a family memorial dinner.
S1, EP1 "A Bride, a Boat, and Bamboozled!"Buddy Valastro has to crack the whip for his bakery to make a deadline after landing a photo spread in Brides magazine during a week already jam-packed with cake orders.
"Robots and Rainbow Unicorns"Buddy creates a robot cake for a gala honoring an advanced robot; Mary helps a five-year-old girl's dream for a unicorn birthday cake come true.
Buddy Valastro's family-owned business, Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, N.J., is booming, and it's bound to get even busier after viewers get an inside look at how Buddy and his staff, including his mom, four sisters and three brothers-in-law, produce thousands of wedding cakes, specialty cakes (as in Britney Spears' circus-theme 27th birthday cake) and pastries every week.
Original Air Date: Apr 17, 2009
Genres: Home/CookingTV Series
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
5 seasons available on demand (36 episodes)
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