Ali: Laila Brings Home Made Simple Home

S17, EP20 "Ali: Laila Brings Home Made Simple Home"

On Demand

Laila Ali and her husband, Curtis, have conquered the sports world, but they can't quite master their children's playroom; Laila invites the team to work its magic, but she can't be included in the design plan.

Original Air Date: Jun 13, 2020 • OWN • 42m
Metzner: From Farmhouse to Clubhouse

S17, EP19 "Metzner: From Farmhouse to Clubhouse"

On Demand

The team gives the Metzner's indoor creative space the attention it needs.

Original Air Date: Jun 06, 2020 • OWN • 42m
Thomas: Amping Up the Family Room

S17, EP18 "Thomas: Amping Up the Family Room"

On Demand

The Thomas family has a family room that has put a damper on their fun.

Original Air Date: May 30, 2020 • OWN • 42m
Everhart: From House to Home with Farmhouse Flair!

S17, EP17 "Everhart: From House to Home with Farmhouse Flair!"

On Demand

With a new house, a new baby and a toddler, Greg and Toi Everhart have little time to decorate their great room; Laila Ali and the "Home Made Simple" team come to the rescue with a chic design reminiscent of their farmhouse-style wedding.

Original Air Date: May 23, 2020 • OWN • 42m
McKinley: Music Maven Bedroom Haven

S17, EP16 "McKinley: Music Maven Bedroom Haven"

On Demand

It's been years since traveling musician Myron and his wife, Tanisha, purchased their home, yet their master bedroom remains dull; Laila and the "Home Made Simple" team turn the bedroom blues into a harmonious haven where the couple can relax.

Original Air Date: May 16, 2020 • OWN • 42m
Williams: Sew Artistic Room for Two

S17, EP15 "Williams: Sew Artistic Room for Two"

On Demand

The spare room in the Williams' house has become a cluttered mess; Laila recruits a special person from the family's past to help the "Home Made Simple" team create a shared space where the family members can express their creative passions.

Original Air Date: May 09, 2020 • OWN • 42m
Bradford: From Pet Hair to Modern Flair

S17, EP14 "Bradford: From Pet Hair to Modern Flair"

On Demand

The team works on creating space in a couple's home by rebuilding their living and dining room areas that will accommodate their pets and their guests.

Original Air Date: Apr 11, 2020 • OWN • 42m
Moore: 50 Shades of Purple

S17, EP13 "Moore: 50 Shades of Purple"

On Demand

Recently engaged couple Biancia and Saterah need to remodel Biancia's old living room to reflect both their styles; Laila Ali leads the team in a design packed with a purple punch.

Original Air Date: Apr 04, 2020 • OWN • 42m
Wheeler: A Navy Veteran Comes Home for Good

S17, EP12 "Wheeler: A Navy Veteran Comes Home for Good"

On Demand

Alonzo Neal finishes his four years with the Navy, and while he was gone his mom, Katrina, buys a new home; she wants to welcome him home for good by upgrading the boring guest room into a modern bedroom that reflects the man he is today.

Original Air Date: Mar 28, 2020 • OWN • 42m
Hernandez: Super Cool Superhero Surprise

S17, EP11 "Hernandez: Super Cool Superhero Surprise"

On Demand

Bianca and Rocky have let their boys sleep with them in their bed almost every night since their birth; Laila and the team create a superhero-themed bedroom the boys will never want to leave.

Original Air Date: Mar 21, 2020 • OWN • 42m
Currie: Rockin Kitchen Mission

S17, EP10 "Currie: Rockin Kitchen Mission"

On Demand

Punk rocker-turned-chainsaw artist Cherie Currie desperately needs an updated and functioning kitchen; Laila and the HMS team recruit a few of Cherie's celebrity friends to join all of the DIY fun.

Original Air Date: Feb 08, 2020 • OWN • 42m
Reliford: Don't Wreck My Tribal Vibe

S17, EP9 "Reliford: Don't Wreck My Tribal Vibe"

On Demand

When Mom and Dad work in industries that beautify their clients but have little time to beautify their own home, the kids call Laila Ali and the "Home Made Simple" team to help update their dull and outdated living space.

Original Air Date: Feb 01, 2020 • OWN • 42m
Bogosian: Denim Dreams Come True

S17, EP8 "Bogosian: Denim Dreams Come True"

On Demand

Born with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, Sasha has had incredible success with art therapy; bare garage is turned into the new headquarters for this amazing girl's non-profit that uses art to raise funds for other kids.

Original Air Date: Jan 25, 2020 • OWN • 42m
Byndon: Heart, Soul, and Kitchen Bowls

S17, EP7 "Byndon: Heart, Soul, and Kitchen Bowls"

On Demand

Homeowners Barbara and James run a family catering business and shelter less fortunate members of their community, but they have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors; the team steps up to fix their botched kitchen.

Original Air Date: Jan 18, 2020 • OWN • 42m
Falkai: Operation: Outback Oasis

S17, EP6 "Falkai: Operation: Outback Oasis"

On Demand

Hillary and her Aussie husband Matt love to entertain, but their empty and awkwardly-shaped backyard is not welcoming to guests; Laila and the HMS team swoop in to give their new mates a resort-style outdoor space perfect for entertaining.

Original Air Date: Jan 11, 2020 • OWN • 42m
Rodriquez: Extra Spacious Bedroom Oasis

S17, EP4 "Rodriquez: Extra Spacious Bedroom Oasis"

On Demand

A family area is created in the Rodriguez family's master bedroom.

Original Air Date: Nov 30, 2019 • OWN • 42m
Robles: Nursing the Nursery to Life!

S17, EP3 "Robles: Nursing the Nursery to Life!"

On Demand

Sam and Karina receive a new baby with the help of friend and surrogate Lori.

Original Air Date: Nov 23, 2019 • OWN • 42m
Hurd: From Bachelor Bleak to Wedded Chic

S17, EP2 "Hurd: From Bachelor Bleak to Wedded Chic"

On Demand

The team helps a bachelor shed his bleak bachelor style and create a hotel chic bedroom that his new wife will swoon over.

Original Air Date: Nov 16, 2019 • OWN • 42m
Valenciano - Yay for Yaya's Bedroom Surprise

S17, EP1 "Valenciano - Yay for Yaya's Bedroom Surprise"

On Demand

The Valencianos' caretaker, Yaya, has worked for the family for over three decades; the family reaches out to the team to turn Yaya's cramped room into a relaxing, spa-inspired space.

Original Air Date: Nov 09, 2019 • OWN • 42m