Reese & Jesica

S8, EP66 "Reese & Jesica"

Airs: Dec 09, 2022

Reese was always successful with women until he met Jesica, a gorgeous girl who was doing more than playing hard to get; when a shady set of phone numbers sparks Reese's suspicions, he calls on Nev and Kamie to investigate.

MTV • 60m
Deonn & Lanise

S8, EP44 "Deonn & Lanise"

Airs: Dec 06, 2022

Deonn credits Lanise for making him a better man in the two years they've been dating, but he never can get her to meet up in real life; Deonn begs Nev and Kamie for help, but as they dig, they uncover more dirt than Deonn is expecting.

MTV • 60m
Aaron & Treyvon

S8, EP42 "Aaron & Treyvon"

Airs: Dec 08, 2022

Aaron has secretly fallen for Treyvon while also being engaged to his fiancé; as the wedding approaches, Aaron turns to Nev and Kamie for help.

MTV • 60m
Paul & Caitea

S8, EP32 "Paul & Caitea"

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Paul fell madly in love when he met Caitea on Xbox, but one day Caitea just disappeared; a decade later, Nev and Kamie help Paul find his first love.

MTV • 60m
DeJuan & Tynea

S8, EP27 "DeJuan & Tynea"

Airs: Dec 07, 2022

Nev and Kamie unearth a mystery involving twin sisters; it threatens to extinguish DeJuan's love for Tynea forever.

MTV • 60m
John & Megan

S8 "John & Megan"

Airs: Dec 05, 2022

John has fallen for Facebook beauty Megan, she even bought a TV for his kids; despite living an hour away, Megan keeps making excuses.

MTV • 60m