Angela & Justin

S8, EP77 "Angela & Justin"

On Demand

After splitting from her husband of 20 years, Angela reinvented herself and is excited by her new TikTok love interest Justin; he's been dodgy about meeting, but she's ready for something real.

Original Air Date: Mar 21, 2023 • MTV • 42m
Shay & Ceejay

S8, EP76 "Shay & Ceejay"

On Demand

An online love story between Shay and Ceejay turned dark after Ceejay insisted Shay have a baby with her, tracking her every move; Nev and Tallulah Willis help Shay get answers so she can move on from the eight-year grip of Ceejay.

Original Air Date: Mar 14, 2023 • MTV • 42m
Motherwolff & David

S8, EP74 "Motherwolff & David"

On Demand

After 20 years, Motherwolff, a devout satanist and witch, is now ready for her true love David.

Original Air Date: Mar 07, 2023 • MTV • 44m
Malcolm & Missy

S8, EP73 "Malcolm & Missy"

On Demand

When Malcolm was in jail, he was thrilled to get emotional support from his online girlfriend Missy, but once he got out, Missy became elusive.

Original Air Date: Feb 28, 2023 • MTV • 42m
Angel & Sharon

S8, EP72 "Angel & Sharon"

On Demand

Angel meets Sharon on a dating site and quickly forms a deep emotional connection over their shared trauma; feeling Sharon is suspicious, Kamie and Nev help Angel expose whether Sharon and her tumultuous life are really fact or fiction.

Original Air Date: Aug 16, 2022 • MTV • 42m
Mark & Taylor

S8, EP71 "Mark & Taylor"

On Demand

Mark finds his dream girl, Taylor, on an online game, and the two become a couple; Nev and Kamie, who are not convinced of this virtual match, help Mark figure out if Taylor really is the girl of his dreams.

Original Air Date: Aug 09, 2022 • MTV • 42m
John & Megan

S8, EP70 "John & Megan"

On Demand

John has fallen for Facebook beauty Megan, she even bought a TV for his kids; despite living an hour away, Megan keeps making excuses.

Original Air Date: Aug 02, 2022 • MTV • 42m
Rudy & Tyrell

S8, EP69 "Rudy & Tyrell"

On Demand

Rudy met Tyrell in a teen chat room over 17 years ago, but Tyrell has never been able to meet her; Rudy now wants Nev and Kamie to help her find her elusive, longtime lover in the hope that this could be the most epic love story ever.

Original Air Date: Jul 26, 2022 • MTV • 42m
Charles & Nikki

S8, EP68 "Charles & Nikki"

On Demand

While playing in an online virtual world, Charles and Nikki's avatars met and fell fast in love, but when Nev and Kamie uncover sketchy details on Nikki, Charles wonders whether his virtual dream girl will ever become a reality.

Original Air Date: Jul 19, 2022 • MTV • 42m
Kimberly & Flavour

S8, EP67 "Kimberly & Flavour"

On Demand

Flavour, a musician, has been sweet-talking Kimberly, a mother of three, on Instagram, and she's fallen in love; however, since Kimberly has been scammed in the past, her daughter calls "Catfish" for help when Flavour starts asking for gifts.

Original Air Date: Jul 12, 2022 • MTV • 42m
Reese & Jesica

S8, EP66 "Reese & Jesica"

On Demand

Reese was always successful with women until he met Jesica, a gorgeous girl who was doing more than playing hard to get; when a shady set of phone numbers sparks Reese's suspicions, he calls on Nev and Kamie to investigate.

Original Air Date: Jul 05, 2022 • MTV • 42m
Kaycee & Mike

S8, EP65 "Kaycee & Mike"

On Demand

Kaycee, a single mom of two, couldn't resist Mike's charms when she met him online. But his odd disappearances concern Nev and Kamie, who help Kaycee uncover shocking secrets that question everything she ever knew about Mike.

Original Air Date: Jun 28, 2022 • MTV • 42m
Keontae & Tyler

S8, EP64 "Keontae & Tyler"

On Demand

Helping Keontae discover whether Tyler's sexual identity is the only thing he is hiding.

Original Air Date: Jun 21, 2022 • MTV • 42m
Ivy & Dante

S8, EP63 "Ivy & Dante"

On Demand

Helping Ivy with Dante, who writes love poems and talks marriage but never shows up in person.

Original Air Date: Jun 14, 2022 • MTV • 42m
Nick & England

S8, EP62 "Nick & England"

On Demand

Nick struggled to meet other gay men until he met England; a weird business trip has Nick thinking that England's work might be more than meets the eye.

Original Air Date: Jun 07, 2022 • MTV • 42m
Victoria & Anthony

S8, EP61 "Victoria & Anthony"

On Demand

Victoria calls on "Catfish" to help her meet the man that she's been chatting with for eight years, but what Nev and Kamie uncover chills Victoria to the bone.

Original Air Date: May 31, 2022 • MTV • 42m
Onyx & Lola

S8, EP60 "Onyx & Lola"

Airs: Mar 21, 2023

Onyx felt Lola was a gift sent from heaven when she slid into his DMs, but after months of not meeting, Nev and Kamie help Onyx figure out whether Lola is a blessing or a cruel curse.

MTV • 60m
Jeremiah & Linda

S8, EP39 "Jeremiah & Linda"

Airs: Mar 27, 2023

Jeremiah will need divine intervention to find his spiritual love, Linda; he had hoped they were heading for holy matrimony but after Nev and Kamie dig a little deeper, he feels that his relationship might be heading for disaster.

MTV • 60m
Tam & Jamena

S8, EP31 "Tam & Jamena"

Airs: Mar 22, 2023

Tam finally wants to see her online girlfriend Jamena face to face and calls Nev and Kamie for help; everything changes though when Jamena refuses to be caught, proving to be one of the slipperiest catfish yet.

MTV • 60m
Brooklyn & Jason

S8, EP20 "Brooklyn & Jason"

Airs: Mar 21, 2023

Brooklyn needs answers about her online ex, Jason; Nev and Kamie dig up drama from Brooklyn's past, connecting Jason to someone Brooklyn knows.

MTV • 60m
Ryan & Micah

S8, EP18 "Ryan & Micah"

Airs: Mar 20, 2023

Looking for love, Ryan met Micah on Tinder and thought he'd found his quarantine bae. But when Kamie and Nev start to dig, it's not long before they uncover that she may be more interested in Ryan's wallet than his heart.

MTV • 60m
Stephanie & Danny

S8, EP16 "Stephanie & Danny"

Airs: Mar 27, 2023

Nev and Kamie are shocked to hear that Stephanie has been talking to Danny for 10 years but had never video chatted or even spoken to him.

MTV • 60m
Sparkayla & Maritha

S8, EP3 "Sparkayla & Maritha"

Airs: Mar 31, 2023

Kiana's convinced that her wife, Sparkayla, is being catfished by a girl claiming to be her long-lost sister; Nev and Kamie perform the first ever DNA test in "Catfish" history to uncover the real roots of this family deception.

MTV • 60m
Sham & Phillip

S8 "Sham & Phillip"

Airs: Mar 29, 2023

Sham has been swept off her feet by an Instagram Arab prince named Phillip, but lately Phillip's been acting shady.

MTV • 60m
Jaquan & Shantel

S8 "Jaquan & Shantel"

Airs: Apr 05, 2023

Jaquan connects with his mysterious online love, Shantel; a series of shocking discoveries.

MTV • 60m