Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta

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Say Yes to the Dress: AtlantaThis series takes the "Say Yes to the Dress" franchise to one of the largest and busiest bridal salons in the South, Bridals by Lori, which is visited by roughly 10,000 brides annually. Part bridal story, part fashion makeover and part family therapy session, each episode looks at the personalities and craftsmanship that come into play as the shop's staff, headed by owner Lori Allen and fashion director Monte Durham, goes to sometimes extreme lengths to realize each bride's dreams.
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S11, EP6 "The Perfect Shade of Blue"Bride Toya is upstaged by her opinionated bridesmaids who head downstairs to shop for themselves instead of helping her; Bride Kayla is also downstairs looking for the perfect shade of blue.
S11, EP5 "Twelve Years in the Making"When Bride Chontelle's dream dress is no longer available, she'll need to come up with a brand new vision, or go home devastated.
S11, EP4 "Eleganza Dahling"Plus-size bride Lela has her heart set on a mermaid gown, but her mother insists that she'll only look good in a figure flattering ball gown.
S11, EP3 "Y'All Are Trying to Please 11 Women"Kentucky grooms Justin & Bryant want their bridesmaids in completely different dresses, but what they think is a sophisticated wedding vision, looks more like a hot mess.
S11, EP2 "You're Fired!"Brutally honest Bride Madi allows her bridesmaids to pick out their own dresses while young Bride Chasity struggles to stick up to her opinionated family; an alterations appointment goes south when Bride Sarah's custom train is nowhere to be found.
S11, EP1 "Are They About to Fight?"Bride Jessica wants a revealing dress, but her conservative entourage has a different vision in mind.
S10, EP10 "It's Dani Day!"Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum helps Dani, a leukemia survivor, pick the perfect dress; as a little person, Arica has spent her life being disappointed in clothes, but Flo is determined to guide her to a wedding gown that fits and flatters.
S10, EP9 "Way Out of My Comfort Zone"When consultant Melissa fills in for no-show Mollie at the last minute, she's thrilled to find out her bride is Miss America; bride Joan, a wounded warrior, slips into a form-fitting dress, which may be a bigger risk than she is willing to take.
S10, EP8 "Somebody Just Turned on the Vixen!"Bride Erin is looking for a sexy vixen reception dress; bride Sami and Mom are best friends and psychics, but it's up to Robin to read their minds to find the dress to satisfy their very different tastes.
S10, EP7 "Men of Honor?"Emiliegh and her brothers are tightly connected, but a little family rivalry threatens to turn her bridal appointment upside down; Holly can't decide on anything, not even a wedding dress, but her big sister and little daughter have ideas.
S10, EP6 "Walking on Egg Shells"The BBL staff has seen it all, but even they're caught off guard by bride Kandace's complicated family dynamics; bride Kelly's pageant coach is ruffling everyone's feathers, and if he doesn't shut up he might get shut out of this very special day.
S10, EP5 "You Can't Give Every One a Rose"Former Bachelorette Britt finally found love and needs a dress fast, and designer Matthew Christopher is there to help; Six-foot-two bride Shelby never had a dress she liked, so the team sets out to prove that bliss comes in all shapes and sizes.
S10, EP4 "I Feel Like I'm in Dress Heaven"Bride Sherien becomes elated when she finally gets to go wedding dress shopping; her fiancé is in federal prison for a few more years; Bride Carla elopes in Santorini, Greece, and needs a gown for her intimate, magical day.
S10, EP3 "Paying It Forward"Bride Alyssa's future is bright following her life-threatening battle with kidney disease, and a day of surprises is just the start of her brand new journey; bride Shornell's last-minute dress dilemma has the consultants scrambling for a solution.
S10, EP2 "Let Me Show Y'all How It's Done"Monte's BFF is shopping for her wedding dress, but he's not the only man who thinks he knows what's best for the bride; Marcia's uncles are strictly Team Sparkle, but Mom's preference for simple might be an obstacle.
S10, EP1 "We've Got a Lot of Catching Up to Do!"Consultant Becca helps Lindsey find a dress despite a ticking clock and an opinionated entourage; Kisha's path to the altar has been full of drama and she hopes her happy ending is within reach, but a surprise may postpone her walk down the aisle.
S9, EP17 "Mother of the Groom"Lori's son is getting married, and taking a back seat is anything but easy for this queen of bridal; Monte helps plan the perfect wedding for Cory and Becca.
S9, EP16 "Momma's Holdin' Back"Bride Shanna's outspoken mom makes her daughter's bridal appointment difficult; Suzanne and her teen daughter, acting as her wedding planner, differ on a bridal vision.
S9, EP15 "Rockabilly & Motorcycles"Jeanette wants a black dress, but her parents are hoping for something less depressing; Mackenzie's 100-year-old dress didn't turn out as planned, and with two weeks until the wedding, she'll need a new one that won't blow her budget.
S9, EP14 "Gonna Sing You a Song 'Bout the Dress I Don't Have"Country singer Stephanie only has 13 days to find the perfect dress; Krischell must narrow down her 500 dress vision board.
S9, EP13 "88 and Out the Gate"Lori and Monte head to Nashville to help country artist Jimmy Stanley with a surprise proposal to fellow singer Kristin Kelley.
S9, EP12 "Gone With the Wind Fabulous"Raucous returning bride Stacy is back to find another dress to reflect her motorcycle-chic style; Jessica wants a modern dress for her beach wedding but her mother-in-law is set on tradition.
S9, EP11 "If I Feel Like A Penny, I Need to Look Like a Million"Jennifer is a breast cancer survivor who wants to show off her curves, but Mom prefers her mounds to be covered; Jasmine's mom has always questioned her style, but Lori suspects that's not the only reason she's doubting this bride's vision.
S9, EP10 "I'll Just Call Myself the Original Diva"According to Sarah's mom they already found the perfect dress but Sarah isn't convinced; Comfort loves bling but her mom doesn't.
S9, EP9 "Multiple Dress Personality Disorder"WNBA star and Bride Angel has a game plan to say yes to a pantsuit but her friend thinks she should sport a dress; Angel's fiancée, Brande, isn't sure about the kind of dress she wants; Bride Cassie is on the hunt for the perfect veil.
S9, EP8 "A Trio of Options"Bride Katy brings along her stylish aunt, but has a tough time keeping Katy's vision in mind; bride Genine falls in love with a dress but her psychic friend isn't sure; Monte helps bride Gretchen tailor her dress to perfection.
S9, EP7 "Waiting for a Sign"Lori and Monte hit the road to surprise a very special bride getting married in 2 days; due to a recent tragedy, bride Anna has not taken the time to find a dress, but the team is certain they can save the day.
S9, EP6 "My Big Fat Ethiopian Wedding"Bride Saba needs a dress that fits her conservative Ethiopian culture, but can still be fun and sexy for the reception; Tiffany gets Lori and Monte to stand in for her mom and dad, who live too far away to help.
S9, EP5 "Are You Ready to Play Bridal Blitz?"Precious falls in love with a grand ballgown, but her men of honor think it's a royal mistake; Emily said yes to her fiancé after 6 weeks of dating, but finding the perfect dress in time for her upcoming wedding takes longer than expected.
S9, EP4 "A Little Sparkle Goes a Long Way"YouTube Sensation and bride, BFFTaylor won't feel satisfied with her dress until her mom cries; Olympian bride Kellie Wells comes in tow with Team Conservative and Team Sexy.
S9, EP3 "What Would Phaedra Do?"Bride Nikki gets a big surprise when her celebrity idol shows up to help her choose a wedding gown; bride Melody is ready to see her custom jet-black gown, but her mom may not approve.
S9, EP2 "I Feel Fierce"Bride Jaye is eager to try on gowns, but is shocked to find her sister has taken her place on the runway; bride Allysa searches for a unique dress to compliment a medieval themed wedding.
S9, EP1 "Two Monte's Are Better Than One"Bride Katherine wants a vintage dress she can wear with cowboy boots, but her friend is pushing for something else; bride Dawn's son gives Monte a run for his money as he seeks out the perfect dress for his mom.
S8, EP18 "The Most FANtastic Day Ever!"Surprising a superfan and bride-to-be, Katie, with an extra special shopping experience at the salon.
S8, EP17 "A Bridal Change of the Heart"A bride's country superstar boss; a runaway bride's short gown; one bride's unique request at her fitting.
S8, EP16 "Mother May I?"Bride Jibrell wants to look like a princess,but her unfiltered mother may turn her big day into a nightmare; bride Kassie has a difficult time finding a gown with her late mother; bride Bianca hopes to impress her parents with her dress choice.
S8, EP15 "No Such Thing as a Country Dress"Bride Tareka wants to trade her city chic style for a country gown, but her entourage disagrees; one bride searches for a modest dress to match her casual style.
S8, EP14 "A Case of Tunnel Vision"Bride Michelle has focused on helping her fiance recover from an accident and spent no time on her wedding; bride Ronesha thinks she has a very clear vision of her wedding dress.
S8, EP13 "When the Leading Man Takes a Stand"The only opinion that matters to bride Kiara is her grandfathers, but she falls for a dress that is over budget; one bride struggles to find a dress that matches her vision along with her fiance's.
S8, EP12 "A Dress Worth Saying I Do"Bride Brandi hopes to find a dress similar to what her idle, singer Jessie James Decker, wore on her wedding day; bride Liz struggles to embrace her new body in a dress.
S8, EP11 "No Room for the Groom"Bride Lisa has only weeks until her big day and an opinionated fiance to help her dress shop; bride Christina's long-distance engagement has left her family and friends weary.
S8, EP10 "Love and Basketball"Basketball player Glory Johnson searches for a gown with the help of her fellow WNBA player Brittney Griner; the pressure to find the one puts Glory in a self-image slump.
S8, EP9 "Betting Against the Barn"Bride Chasity is looking for a fabulous dress for her Vegas themed wedding; bride Sarah's mother thinks her dress vision is too fancy for her barn wedding; bride Gail hopes her dieting will not affect her final fitting.
S8, EP8 "Double Brides, Double Trouble"Best friend brides fall in love with the same dress; two bride friends insist on keeping their final gown reveals a secret from one another until their wedding day.
S8, EP7 "Runaway Bride, Runaway Budget"Bride Julianne has chosen to elope against her families wishes; bride Loren wants a gown fit for a queen despite her mother's tight budget.
S8, EP6 "I Do... Does Dad?"A bride is torn between pleasing her father and her fiance; a YouTube star's very different dress visions; one bride wants a simple gown but her fashion-forward father has different ideas.
S8, EP5 "Wedding Gown Bro Down"Bride Taylor wants a showstopping wedding dress with glitz and glam, but her NFL-playing brother, Maurice Jones-Drew, could keep her over-the-top dress dreams from coming true.
S8, EP4 "Bridal Highs and Woes"Bride Stacy is over six feet tall and has always had trouble shopping, but her biggest hurdle now is her unfiltered mother; bride Taylor has already tried on over 80 wedding gowns.
S8, EP3 "Fifty Shades of White"Bride Morgan, who is marrying country musician Jerrod Niemann, has a dress vision in her head but cannot find it in the store; Bride Elesia's mother is determined to see her daughter walk down the aisle in only white.
S8, EP2 "Whose Wedding is it Anyway?"Dana wants to look like her pop-star idol; Carolyn's dress vision is threatened by her opinionated entourage.
S8, EP1 "A Dress Against All Odds"Bride Katie was told she would never walk again after a horrible accident, but she is determined to walk down the aisle with the help of her trainer, Mike Barwis; bride Ebony shocks her entourage with a gown twist.
S7, EP18 "Curves and Curveballs"A bride who got engaged over the phone and has not seen her fiance in 12 years; bride Emma lost 50 pounds and debates buying a smaller gown and losing more weight before her wedding.
S7, EP17 "Times Are a Changing"Second time bride, LaToya wants a gown to put her in the spotlight; former pageant queen, Maggie struggles to leave behind blingy dresses; a circle of support for bride Kristina.
S7, EP16 "Good Things Come to Those Who Wait"An indecisive bride looks for a gown three months before her wedding; a selfless bride looks for a dress that will put her in the spotlight; a bride hopes for her father's approval at her dress fitting.
S7, EP14 "A Dress With a Fighting Chance"A military bride challenges her mother and friends' opinions; clashing over a poofy princess gown; honoring a beloved godfather.
S7, EP13 "Worth the Weight"A bride falls in love with a gown over her budget and must convince Lori to let her try it on; one bride tries to lose 20 to 30 pounds to fit into a dress.
S7, EP12 "Gold Medal Gown"An Olympic bobsledder bride and her mother argue over the length of her reception dress; a bride questions her ball gown decision.
S7, EP11 "Eye of the Bridal Storm"A legally blind bride and her mother argue over finding an age-appropriate dress; a bride's opinionated pro-wrestler fiance; shopping with 13 bridesmaids.
S7, EP10 "Bridal Baggage Blues"Holly is a people pleaser, but clashes with her future sister-in-law; trying on dresses brings back painful memories for widowed bride Chrissy; a second-time bride wants last minute alterations.
S7, EP9 "Dare to be Different"Melody wants a fitted black dress but her mother prefers the traditional white gown; a new mother must lower her expectations when she cannot find a trendy dress; Lesley struggles to fit into her gown.
S7, EP8 "Blush-ing Brides"A bride searches for a gown with color; one bride looks for a princess dress to honor her late mother; a special request that is close to the heart.
S7, EP7 "The Big Picture"A bride has purchased two dresses to fit her fiance's specific requests but is unimpressed with both; one bride's pushy mother is getting in the way of her dream dress vision.
S7, EP6 "Once Upon a Bride"A bride looks for a fairytale princess gown; a perfect gown for a vow renewal ceremony; a bride hopes for her aunt's approval.
S7, EP5 "Battle of the Curves"A bride looks for a dress to show off her assets, despite her mother's conservative demands. One bride wants to show a little more skin than her traditional father would prefer, and an extra special challenge at one bride's fitting.
S7, EP4 "Bringing Bridal Back"A bride looks for a dress that will let her dance the night away; bride Kayla won her battle with cancer and is ready to plan her wedding, but an opinionated mother-in-law stands in the way; bride Samantha hopes her gown will wow her fiance.
S7, EP3 "First Dresses and Second Guesses"A bride who was used to sharing her clothes is eager to find a dress to call her own; one bride refuses to let her budget get in the way of her dreams.
S7, EP2 "Out of Bridal Bounds"A sports coach's entourage pushes for glam; a bodybuilder bride wants to show off her muscles and look ladylike; a bride purchases a gown in a smaller size and hopes it fits.
S7, EP1 "The Bridal Countdown!"Bride Salina is getting married today and must find the perfect dress; an Army officer and former beauty queen is caught between her past and present styles.
S6, EP18 "By The Book"A novelist bride who lives through her characters for inspiration; looking like a favorite childhood doll; second guessing.
S6, EP17 "Up the Aunt-ie"Former beauty queen, Macey, wants a dress different from her old pageant gowns; bride Nikki and her aunt disagree on her top gown pick; bride Hailee wants her mother's approval.
S6, EP16 "Twelve's a Crowd"A bride brings 12 friends to the salon to help her choose a dress; one bride wants a gown to show off her curves; an bride wants her sister's approval for her shoe choice.
S6, EP15 "Shiny, Happy, Bling!"Emily spent her youth covered in bling and now wants a traditional gown; fashionista Diana looks for a strapless gown; Jackie looks for her mother's approval.
S6, EP14 "It Takes Two"Jenee has every detail planned out, except for her wedding dress; country-girl Jessica has a specific vision in mind for her dress.
S6, EP13 "Bride Overboard"Finding a gown for a sailboat wedding; standing out in a colorful dress; a daughter and niece want to see something classic.
S6, EP12 "Chances Are..."Tamisha and her friend battle; Meredith wants a simple dress; Lindsay is worried her dress won't fit.
S6, EP11 "No Time for Nostalgia"Looking for a modern gown with pockets; a bride and her father have always been close until she purchased a gown without his approval.
S6, EP10 "Breaking the Bank"A dress a bride and her sister can agree on; a bride looking with no style or budget in mind; looking for a glam dress but grandma disagrees.
S6, EP9 "Brides by the Numbers"A bride's entourage forgets to consider her vision; a picky bride tries more than 75 dresses; a bride surprises everyone at her fitting.
S6, EP8 "There's No I in Groom"A bride brings her fiance dress shopping; one bride hopes her weight loss will not cause too many alterations.
S6, EP7 "Pastor Princess"A pastor bride wants to look sexy on her big day; a bride looking for a new glam dress; a bride stuns in an unexpected choice.
S6, EP6 "Double Trouble"Engaged partners Amy and Lex have different dress styles; bride Tara wants to stand out in a high-neck dress.
S6, EP5 "Playing Chicken"A bride wants a dress to satisfy her conservative fiance; a savvy shopper looks for a deal; a unique alteration to honor a mother in law.
S6, EP4 "To Sleeve, or Not to Sleeve"Amanda wants to show off her tattoos but her mother prefers she cover up; Lexie needs a dress to match her fiances heirloom veil; Brittany is indecisive.
S6, EP3 "Mom's Way or the Highway"A mother's alter ego threatens one bride's appointment; another bride hopes dress shopping will mend her relationship with her mother.
S6, EP2 "Bridal Sabotage"Tameria wants a simple dress but her family is fashion forward; Hailey chooses a dress to please her mother-in-law; Katie considers an unexpected alteration.
S6, EP1 "Extra-Special Day"Adrianna is a TV host looking to show off her figure for her desert wedding; her mother has conservative ideas; Christine hopes to please her outspoken daughters.
S5, EP18 "The Family Feud"Bride Cindy brings her fiance and their four kids to her appointment; Cheyna's biker dad envisions her in a certain gown which is proving hard to find.
S5, EP17 "Booty-do's and Ball Gowns"Bride Kate has been engaged four times and has trouble committing to a gown; Jackie wants the sassy vow renewal gown of her dreams.
S5, EP16 "Team Spirit"Bride Mallory is torn between trendy and conservative styles; Lorie has recently lost over 100 pounds but struggles to feel comfortable in her own skin.
S5, EP15 "Tulle vs. Ta-Ta's"Bride Summer falls in love with a dress nearly twice her budget; an NFL cheerleader and her mom differ in opinion; bride Meredith must choose comfortable yet cute shoes.
S5, EP14 "No to the Bow"Kayla wants to please her mom while shopping for a dress; Danielle wants a lace gown for her big day but her Dad is against it; in her fitting, Whitney hopes her dress will live up to her mom's high standards.
S5, EP13 "Hope on a Hanger"Meredith is looking for her dream wedding dress to carry her through her upcoming cancer treatments; Kelly's N.Y. mom and southern mother-in-law have different opinions of what Kelly should wear on her big day.
S5, EP12 "Princess Brides Beware"Small-town bride Lindsay has big princess dreams for her wedding dress; Bride Bailey has simple tastes but her mother loves bling; Allie is worried she will not fit into her gown.
S5, EP11 "I Do Again"Kimberly wants a sexy gown; Tracy is hunting for a fun and flirty gown for her Vegas nuptials; second-time bride Isabel selects a gown without her daughter's approval.
S5, EP10 "The Bride Strikes Back"A Star Wars-obsessed bride wants to look like Princess Leia; a Southern belle wants to find a dress for her vintage hippie-themed wedding; a fitting presents a challenge.
S5, EP9 "More Granny, More Problems"A bride's views differ from her penny-pinching grandmother; a bride wants to find a gown that matches her unusual accessories; seeking a sister's approval.
S5, EP8 "Chocolate Milk, Mermaids and Mothers"A woman's definition of a sexy dress causes chaos; a bride wants a mermaid dress to show off her figure.
S5, EP7 "Bucking Tradition"Bride Jessica loves camouflage and wants in in her wedding; bride Kaleeta hates shopping and needs help finding her dream dress.
S5, EP6 "Divas on the Defense"A former pageant coach helps with dress selection; a fashion diva bridesmaid argues over lace; a custom-made gown.
S5, EP5 "Thinking Outside of the Box"A woman brings in her mother's vintage wedding dress; a bride wants to find a dress her grandmother would have envisioned; Carla doubts her choice.
S5, EP4 "Rolling With the Punches"A Southern belle wants to shed her pageant image, to her mother's chagrin; a roller derby bride wants to be the picture of elegance.
S5, EP3 "Country Girls Do Bridal Best"Hannah wants a dress to match her special cowgirl boots; Bride Leslie knows what she wants, but it is her mother who is paying for the gown; former Miss America Caressa has a bridal fitting.
S5, EP2 "Rockin' the Runway"A young widow takes her second trip to the altar and this time she's getting married onstage at a Train concert; a virgin bride hits the bridal shop for the first time.
S5, EP1 "Good News, Bad News"ABC News Bride Linsey is on a mission to find her perfect gown; everything her entourage chooses fails to live up to her expectations; Bride Tessie wants to be a princess on her big day.
S5 "Say Yes to the Cure: Lori's Fight"A chronicle of Lori Allen's ("Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta") journey from her breast-cancer diagnosis, leaving the bridal shop she built, having surgery, and going through recovery.
S4, EP18 "Baby Wants Blings"Bride Cynthia's biggest critic is her pint-sized 8-year-old bridesmaid, Madison; Madison wants the bride to wear a dress with a lot of bling; bride Kayla and her mother have conflicting opinions.
S4, EP17 "Poof, There It Is!"Bride Sonya and her fiance disagree on her gown; Bride Shelby is hard-to-please and has already been to more than 20 salons in search of her dress.
S4, EP16 "A Little Help From Her Friends"Bride Tamlyn has a hard time finding her dream dress, hiding out in the dressing room from her southern mother's snarky comments.
S4, EP15 "Dream Dress or Bust"Two brides run into trouble as they try to show off what God or a surgeon gave them; Bride Jessica wants to flaunt what she has but her preacher Pappy disagrees; Bride Kaitlin's new implants might prove tricky.
S4, EP14 "Bridal Floor Bullies"One Southern belle bride's traditional family wants to crush her dreams of a form-fitting, modern gown; another bride's overbearing sister tries to relive her own wedding as she shops for her little sister.
S4, EP13 "Mama Gets Her Groove Back"Bride Carol wants to wear a sexy gown to her renewal ceremony, but her football star son disapproves; Gretchen's mom shoots down a lace-backed gown.
S4, EP12 "Never Been Kissed"Daddy's little girl Christina is longing for a lace gown but her father can't stand the look; Consultant Flo has her hands full with a seventeen-year-old bride who is trying to please her entire family.
S4, EP11 "Skin Can't Win"Bride Meg breaks Lori's number one rule by bringing her finance dress shopping with her; a bride is looking for a colorful, contemporary gown, while her mother would prefer a more traditional dress.
S4, EP10 "Secret Princess"A vow renewal bride hopes to shed the bad memories of her first wedding day; a bride who feels like an ugly duckling hopes to find a dress to transform her into a beautiful swan.
S4, EP9 "Dueling Divas"A bride and her mother each struggle with playing the second fiddle; mom is more concerned about her own dress; a young preacher's daughter gets a lesson in modesty from her granny.
S4, EP8 "Blinded by Science"Shaina is stuck in the middle of a family feud; Kimberly thinks finding the perfect dress is a grand experiment.
S4, EP7 "Between a Sham-Rock and a Hard Place"Conflicting opinions about the body art on the bride; a bride falls for a dress way beyond her budget.
S4, EP6 "Power Play"Jessica's list of demands has the staff running in circles; Monique breaks shop rules.
S4, EP5 "Sisters Act Out!"Hannah's sister thumbs her nose at the bride's love of classic style; Delaina's sister is determined to dress her in something conservative.
S4, EP4 "Three Cheers for the Bride!"A cheerleading captain struggles to maintain her sunny outlook; a bride fights for a little floral embellishment.
S4, EP3 "The Mouth of the South"A bride's mother tries to force her dress expectations on her daughter's big day; Christine wants a blinged-out gown.
S4, EP2 "Mommy-Daddy's Little Girl"A bride's father can't stand to see his little girl all grown up; Julie tries to hold her mom to a signed contract.
S4, EP1 "Country Girls Gone Wild"Angaleena struggles to make her voice heard; Megan continues her struggle to define her trademark.
S3, EP18 "Meant to Be"A bride is looking for the perfect dress for when she meets her husband for the first time; a former pageant queen is 70 dresses into the search for her dream dress.
S3, EP17 "Stealing the Spotlight"One bride's mother tries to share the runway with her; a bride's search for the perfect gown leaves everyone baffled.
S3, EP16 "Father Knows Dress"A bride's vision for her dress differs from her family; a bride shares her appointment with her terminally ill father.
S3, EP15 "Say No to the Ball Gown"A bride is searching for anything but a pageant gown; a bride has tried on 100 mermaid gowns in the search for her dream dress.
S3, EP14 "Falling in Love"A bubbly bride is shot down by her posse; a bride's first fitting is bittersweet.
S3, EP13 "It's More Than a Dress"A dress to fit into an unexpected future; a dress to fit her personality and style.
S3, EP12 "High Fashion Anxiety"A bride who's had panic attacks can't find that "magic feeling"; a bride is 120 dresses into her bridal odyssey.
S3, EP11 "Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow"A bride has to battle her opinionated grandmother to find her dream dress; a bride is forced to move her wedding date up due to a heartbreaking diagnosis.
S3, EP10 "Double Mama Drama"One bride's estranged mother lays a guilt trip; a mother refuses to relent on her love of the ball gown.
S3, EP9 "Mamas Know Best"A bride is confronted with the reality of selecting a gown; a bride is caught in the crossfire of her mother and mother-in-law.
S3, EP8 "Fresh Start"Two brides carry emotional baggage on their search for the perfect wedding gown.
S3, EP7 "Modern Day Scarlett"A bride looks at herself as a modern Scarlett O'Hara; a bride looks for that perfect "aha" moment.
S3, EP6 "Mini Monte"A bride's fashionista friend pushes his own agenda; a pair of twins have a radical shopping plan; a bride gets grief from her conservative peanut gallery.
S3, EP5 "Tunnel Vision"Two brides are cursed with tunnel vision, but if they open their eyes to new possibilities, there will be light at the end of the tunnel.
S3, EP4 "Vocal Training"One bride is in search for southern chic; a bride hunts for the perfect short dress.
S3, EP3 "Operation: Cinderella"When a bride is missing her mom, it takes some extra encouragement for them to say yes to the dress.
S3, EP2 "Daddy's Girls"One bride's dad rules out anything but pure white; one bride is stuck between her city mom and country dad.
S3, EP1 "Dancing Queen"A professional dancer cannot commit to a dress; a pageant queen struggles to find her dream dress.
S2, EP18 "No Boys Allowed..."Sonja feels her fiance should be a part of picking out her wedding dress; Christine tries to impress her fiance.
S2, EP17 "Bride Knows Best"Judea has brought her divorced parents to her appointment; Jane has tried on over 100 wedding gowns and has yet to find "the one".
S2, EP16 "Power of the Purse"Jennifer has her dad in a cold sweat; Manette is convinced a poofy gown is the one for her; Asha hasn't see her gown since she ordered it.
S2, EP15 "Here Comes the Bride...and her Bride"Lindsay wants to show off her hard work; Savannah is the picture of Southern tradition.
S2, EP14 "Everyone Say A-HA!"Julie is hopeful that she will find the perfect dress; Madeleine's mother is convinced that the mix up on the dress order is a sign to call off the wedding.
S2, EP13 "Brides With Baggage"Tinnell has already found her dream dress, but is determined to stay within her budget; Amanda is looking for a dress do over; an outspoken daughter is a tough customer.
S2, EP12 "Brothers and Mothers"Courtney comes from a family of cattle ranchers; JoLee's mother is happy with anything that hides her figure; Marie-Ann's mother will not be at her daughter's big day.
S2, EP11 "Two Moms are Better than None"The competition between Hannah's mom and stepmom is fierce; Kourtney's mom is absent; Lauren ordered her dress a size smaller than recommended.
S2, EP10 "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"Lacey is looking to show off her back tattoo and her mother wants it fully covered; Amanda wants an unlimited budget and her mom want to spend $4000; Sasha honors her mother with a pink bridal gown.
S2, EP9 "Longest Appointment Ever..."A bride who has tried on over 150 dresses; a bride who has already bought two wedding gowns; a first timer.
S2, EP8 "Are You Looking For Trouble?"A bride invites her fiance's ex-girlfriend to the salon; Lindsay has a photo of her dream dress; Tracy wants a short dress.
S2, EP7 "Be Bold"Penny's family dishes out tough love; Regan is indecisive; Sasha is looking for a pink dress.
S2, EP6 "Sibling Rivalry"When sister brides shop for their special day, Robin and Flo have the girls model the dresses side by side.
S2, EP5 "Mamas and Dramas and Tears, Oh My!"A mom in a dress, a NASCAR bride in distress, and a generational smack down.
S2, EP4 "Taming of the Shrews"One group of bridesmaids tries to push a bride out of the dress of her dreams while another tries to push her into one she can't afford.
S2, EP3 "A Fox in the Henhouse"Eterica's fiance questions her taste in wedding gowns; Courtney doesn't see the slimmer version of herself in the mirror; Katy's mom isn't ready to let go.
S2, EP2 "Go Big or Go Home"A budget puts a bride's dream on the line; the groom's sisters push a bride's mom over the edge; Kristie is used to getting what she wants.
S2, EP1 "Southern Mamas are Hard, Y'all..."Holly wants to look like a princess, but her mom and grandma have another vision; Roni's mom is ready to fight it out; Lauren has not tried on or seen her custom made ball gown.
S1, EP12 "The Royal Treatment"Caitlyn does not want to share the spotlight; Mojdeh doesn't think her consultant can make her feel like a princess; Katie is back after her last fitting was a disaster.
S1, EP11 "In Mom's Absence"Margaret lost her mother a few years ago; Jill shops with her mother-in-law; Emily feels lucky for her mothers support.
S1, EP10 "Bridal Veterans"Lavina has been a bridesmaid 15 times; Lori makes rookie mistakes while trying on dresses; Latrina is worried her plus size will keep her from her dream dress.
S1, EP9 "When Push Turns to Shove"Finding the right dress becomes almost impossible with a picky bride and her mom; a mother is fed up with her daughters indecisions; a bride doubts her choice.
S1, EP8 "For Better or Worse"Kate is self-conscious about her figure; Ivy's fiance insists on her trying on a dress over her budget; Meg's weight loss has the alterations team scrambling.
S1, EP7 "Looking for Support"A dream dress over budget; no support from friends; the two dress plan.
S1, EP6 "Heads or Tails"Marie is trying to please both her mother and brother; Jamie lets a coin toss decide; Carly's opinionated friend and picky mother.
S1, EP5 "Buyer's Remorse"A country girl is more comfortable hunting than shopping; dad is not so excited at the photo of the dream dress; might not be the final dress.
S1, EP4 "The Full Monte"Monte to the rescue; Erin's mom reminds her she is not a young bride; less than two weeks away.
S1, EP3 "If Mama's Not Happy..."Kari wants a simple dress but mom wants something different; Nita and mom are not in the same budget range; Susan and her mother-in-laws concerns.
S1, EP2 "Breaking the Curse"Lori battles superstitions while picking out her dress.
S1, EP1 "Virgin Brides Wear Sleeves"Haley's grandma thinks she should have a dress with sleeves; Leah's grandmother wants the knees covered; Melissa has buyer's remorse.
This series takes the "Say Yes to the Dress" franchise to one of the largest and busiest bridal salons in the South, Bridals by Lori, which is visited by roughly 10,000 brides annually. Part bridal story, part fashion makeover and part family therapy session, each episode looks at the personalities and craftsmanship that come into play as the shop's staff, headed by owner Lori Allen and fashion director Monte Durham, goes to sometimes extreme lengths to realize each bride's dreams.
Original Air Date: Jul 30, 2010
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
11 seasons available on demand (171 episodes)
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