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Flipping 101 With Tarek El MoussaTarek mentors first-time flippers, helping them steer costly errors as they race to get a renovated property on the market.
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S3, EP3 "The Never-Ending Flip"Two friends have completed a couple flips together, but their latest project keeps getting hit with delay after delay; Tarek steps in with advice, but with incessant issues and continued setbacks, all these flippers want is to cross the finish line.
S3, EP2 "Married to the Flip"Engaged flippers put all the money they've saved for their wedding towards a house, but they've severely underestimated the renovation budget; with their wedding fast approaching, Tarek steps in to help get it sold so they can make it to the altar.
S3, EP1 "Three Buds and a Baby"A flipping trio's first two flips have yielded middling profits, and now they're hoping for better results on their latest house.
S2, EP10 "Ups and Downs in the Hills"Two friends and real estate agents want to make the move to flipping, but they dove straight into a previously abandoned flip that has red flags left and right.
S2, EP9 "Posts, Beams and Bold Designs"A husband-and-wife team is on their fourth flip without turning a single profit; they hope their latest project will be their first success, but Tarek discovers water damage, foundation issues and a profit margin that's tighter than expected.
S2, EP8 "Up Against a Brick Wall"A real estate agent and a designer have the makings of a flipping dream team, but a tight profit margin on their project in Carson have them looking for help; with Tarek as their renovation and marketing expert, they hope to make big profit.
S2, EP7 "Hope the Buyers Have a Dog"A team of longtime friends and first-time flippers is tackling an ambitious first project, an almost 3,000-square-foot home in View Park; with Tarek's guidance, this duo must rush to finish the flip without harming their friendship or bottom line.
S2, EP6 "High Desert to High Risk"Two friends with only cosmetic renovation experience have signed up for a crash course in flipping and enlisted Tarek as their professor.
S2, EP5 "Pilots and Permits and Babies, Oh My!"Two airline pilots and expectant parents have sky-high dreams for their first flip, but turning a 650-square-foot home into a buyer's dream won't be easy; Tarek must teach this pair to overcome obstacles and make a sale before their baby arrives.
S2, EP4 "Home Over Improvement"After losing $40,000 on their last flip, a couple desperately need to make a profit on their new 2,000-square-foot renovation in Buena Park; they've called Tarek to help make money-savvy decisions that will still draw in buyers and bring big offers.
S2, EP3 "Location, Location, Laundromat"A couple who have been flipping for 13 years are still struggling to make enough money to support their four kids; after discovering that their new property shares a driveway with a laundromat, Tarek must teach them to look at flipping in a new way.
S2, EP2 "101 Graduates Take on Studio City"Having ended their relationship but carrying on as business partners, Legacy and Patricia are chasing their biggest profit yet with a 2,200-square-foot home in Studio City; Patricia has a bold design vision that both Legacy and Tarek push back on.
S2, EP1 "Gambling With the Rules"Husband and wife Marco and Jenny were flippers in Las Vegas before moving to Los Angeles to take a stab at the city's bigger, high-end market; accustomed to simple flips, they might have bitten off more than they can chew with their new hoarder home.
S1, EP14 "Going Off the Market"Tarek teams up with his girlfriend, Heather Rae Young, to help a novice flip a multi-million dollar project in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.; an in-depth look at Tarek's surprise proposal on California's Catalina Island.
S1, EP13 "Style vs. Substance"A couple take on a flip in pricey Pasadena, Calif., and battle between what looks good and what's affordable.
S1, EP12 "Bad Energy BoHo"Amber and Carlos tackle a flip in Playa del Rey, a tiny Southern California beach community; while she envisions a bohemian-style home with high-end finishes, he wants to keep spending down.
S1, EP11 "Communication Breakdown"Pino and Patsy purchase a small home in Sylmar, Calif., with hopes of being in and out quickly and turning a modest profit; however, once the couple start, they realize they're on different pages.
S1, EP10 "A Baptism by Fire"A mother-son duo takes on its first flip in Woodland Hills, Calif., and a fire rips through the house halfway through the project; their loan grows while they wait on an insurance settlement, and Tarek must help get the flip over the finish line.
S1, EP9 "A Horrible Hoarder House"Amateur flippers in Fullerton, Calif., tackle the worst house Tarek has ever seen; they work to transform the fetid hoarder home, which once housed over 300 rabbits, but every step reveals new problems that chew away at their potential profit.
S1, EP8 "A Flipping Family Nightmare"A mother and son struggle to build their family flipping business when their Long Beach, Calif., project causes tension; when contractors don't show and the duo battles over design, Tarek steps in to bring the flip and the family back together.
S1, EP7 "Dancing With Disaster"Professional dancers-turned-house flippers see dollar signs with a high-end project in Brentwood, Calif.; however, an expensive loan and a major foundation problem threaten their flip, and Tarek must step in to help them navigate their obstacles.
S1, EP6 "Failing to Plan Is Planning to Fail"A couple put their savings on the line to flip their first home in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.; she's obsessed with expensive design, while he's neurotic about losing money; with no plan and no contractor, Tarek steps in to help.
S1, EP5 "The Craziest Ceiling in Compton"A couple that flipped a home with Tarek in the past calls on him again after buying a home with stalactites on the ceilings and competition nearby; when Tarek learns they didn't call the city about permits, he doubts whether the project can be saved.
S1, EP4 "Broken Slab to Totally Fab"A couple are tired of mediocre profits and ask Tarek to help with their next flip in Anaheim, Calif.; even with his guidance, they struggle to make the right decisions and face an uphill battle when the local market starts to buck.
S1, EP3 "That New Flipper Smell"A 19-year-old ignores his family's pleas to go to college to start his real estate investment career; an investor agrees to let him take lead on a flip, and Tarek must coach the teen to be fearless when facing an $80,000 renovation.
S1, EP2 "Fighting All the Way to the Bank"Contractor and real estate agent brothers should be the perfect team, but their business is a flop due to different priorities.
S1, EP1 "Shared Driveways and Slim Margins"A duo wants to quit their jobs to earn a massive return on a dilapidated LA Craftsman, but a shared driveway and stress from their loan complicate it and they call on Tarek to get it back on track.
S1 "Master Class: A Baptism by Fire"A fire rips through a mother and son's flip, and Tarek must help them get over the finish line; includes new interviews and bonus scenes.
S1 "Master Class: Dancing With Disaster"In Brentwood, Calif., Tarek helps dancers with their flip's expensive loan and major foundation problem; includes new interviews and bonus scenes.
S1 "Master Class: A Horrible Hoarder House"Amateur flippers in Fullerton, Calif., tackle the worst hoarder house Tarek has ever seen; includes new interviews and bonus scenes.
S1 "Master Class: Communication Breakdown"Tarek helps parents that can't agree on taking risks with their flip in Sylmar, Calif.; includes new interviews and bonus scenes.
S1 "Master Class: A Flipping Family Nightmare"Tarek helps a mom and son who can't agree on anything surrounding their Long Beach, Calif., project; includes new interviews and bonus scenes.
Tarek mentors first-time flippers, helping them steer costly errors as they race to get a renovated property on the market.
Original Air Date: Mar 5, 2020
Rating: TVG
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3 seasons available on demand (32 episodes)
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