We Need to Talk About Lily

S10, EP14 "We Need to Talk About Lily"

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Phil thinks he found Pepper his dream home; in an attempt to connect with Lily, Mitch and Cam get invited to an exclusive event for her favorite vlogger.

Original Air Date: Jan 30, 2019 • E! • 21m

S10, EP13 "Whanex?"

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Cam must contend with a bully at the school; Jay has technical trouble during a video conference; the local mall holds a photo shoot for its new ad campaign, and Gloria tricks Phil and Joe into participating.

Original Air Date: Jan 23, 2019 • E! • 21m
Blasts From the Past

S10, EP12 "Blasts From the Past"

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Phil and Claire decide to take a cycling tour through Italy; Cameron and Mitchell discover some interesting reading material in Lily's room.

Original Air Date: Jan 16, 2019 • E! • 21m
A Moving Day

S10, EP11 "A Moving Day"

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Claire and Phil aren't convinced that Haley and Dylan can make it on their own as they move them into their new apartment before the baby arrives; Pameron gets out of prison early and has a bone to pick with Mitchell.

Original Air Date: Jan 09, 2019 • E! • 21m
Stuck in a Moment

S10, EP10 "Stuck in a Moment"

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Hayley works to figure out the best time to give the family a Christmas gift they will never forget; Phil borrows the family Christmas tree for a house-showing; Jay, Gloria and Joe deal with unwelcome holiday visitors.

Original Air Date: Dec 12, 2018 • E! • 21m
Putting Down Roots

S10, EP9 "Putting Down Roots"

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When Dede's husband comes to town to bequeath her possessions to the family, Jay and Gloria feel sorry for him and invite him to stay with them while he is in town.

Original Air Date: Dec 05, 2018 • E! • 21m
Kids These Days

S10, EP8 "Kids These Days"

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Haley needs motherly advice from Claire as she considers her future with Dylan and her career; Jay and Cam's less-than-politically-correct coaching style earns them a class on sensitivity; Mitch runs into Phil's nemesis at an unlikely place.

Original Air Date: Nov 28, 2018 • E! • 21m
Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

S10, EP7 "Did the Chicken Cross the Road?"

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Cam forgets the words to his favorite country song and decides to reconnect with his roots by getting a chicken; when Alex is up for a prestigious government job that requires a family interview, everyone overcompensates and jeopardizes her chances.

Original Air Date: Nov 07, 2018 • E! • 21m
On the Same Paige

S10, EP6 "On the Same Paige"

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When Phil learns that his real estate class will be canceled if any additional students drop it, he turns on his powers of charm and flattery to keep one particular student from leaving; Jay tries to set boundaries with a fellow parent.

Original Air Date: Oct 31, 2018 • E! • 21m
Good Grief

S10, EP5 "Good Grief"

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The families celebrate another epic Halloween and receive huge, unexpected news.

Original Air Date: Oct 24, 2018 • E! • 21m