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Modern FamilyTold from the perspective of an unseen documentary filmmaker, the series offers an honest, often-hilarious perspective of family life. Parents Phil and Claire yearn for an honest, open relationship with their three kids. But a daughter who is trying to grow up too fast, another who is too smart for her own good, and a rambunctious young son make it challenging. Claire's dad, Jay, and his Latina wife, Gloria, are raising two sons together, but people sometimes believe Jay to be Gloria's father. Jay's gay son, Mitchell, and his partner, Cameron, have adopted a little Asian girl, completing one big -- straight, gay, multicultural, traditional -- happy family.
S10, EP9 "Putting Down Roots"When Dede's husband comes to town to bequeath her possessions to the family, Jay and Gloria feel sorry for him and invite him to stay with them while he is in town.
S7, EP18 "The Party"When Manny and Luke baby-sit Lily so the adults can have a day to themselves, things go awry and Claire is convinced the boys are throwing a party.
S7, EP19 "Man Shouldn't Lie"Claire and the kids hide a stray dog from Phil; even though Jay says he doesn't want new friends, Gloria invites a new couple over; Cameron rents out the upstairs apartment to a Christian rock band.
S7, EP20 "Promposal"Claire is convinced there's a mole in the company; Phil confronts Auntie Alice about stealing Gloria's hot sauce recipe; Jay teaches Joe how to be a handyman.
S10, EP12 "Blasts From the Past"Phil and Claire decide to take a cycling tour through Italy; Cameron and Mitchell discover some interesting reading material in Lily's room.
S7, EP21 "Crazy Train"Manny talks the family into taking the train to attend Dede's wedding; Claire and Mitchell work on a toast; Phil and Cam are excited to spot their favorite author on the train.
S7, EP22 "Double-Click"Claire struggles to find the right time to fire an employee; Phil thinks he caught Luke with a girl; Alex moves back in, seemingly undetected; Jay refuses to believe it might be difficult to re-enter the workforce.
S8, EP1 "A Tale of Three Cities"The Dunphys travel to New York, while Mitch, Cam and Lily visit the Midwest, and Jay, Gloria, Manny and Joe go to Mexico; the family gets together for Father's Day.
S8, EP2 "A Stereotypical Day"Jay wants to make a good impression on a family moving in across the street; Manny tries to attract a radical thinker; the Dunphy family uses Alex's bout of mono to its advantage; Cam and Mitchell try to teach a message of acceptance.
S8, EP3 "Blindsided"Luke and Manny compete to be senior class president; Phil insists on introducing Haley to a marketing guru to help her business; Cam makes a rash decision when he finds out his star football player plans to move away.
S8, EP4 "Weathering Heights"Phil is excited when he's invited to appear in a real estate segment for the local news; Phil meets his weatherman hero, Rainer Shine; Jay tries to improve Manny's video interview for a college application.
S8, EP5 "Halloween 4: The Revenge of Rod Skyhook"The Dunphys try to kick-start Luke's Halloween party; Cam confronts his Halloween nemesis; Jay plans to go to a party at an old enemy's home to deliver an unforgettable trick.
S8, EP6 "Grab It"Phil considers becoming a member at Jay's favorite refuge; Claire is mistaken about her influence on Alex's choices; Cam holds back on telling Mitchell what his play is really about.
S8, EP17 "Pig Moon Rising"Mitchell accidentally knocks over an urn containing the ashes of Cam's beloved pet pig, Lilly; Cam tries to catch Mitchell in a lie.
S10, EP11 "A Moving Day"Claire and Phil aren't convinced that Haley and Dylan can make it on their own as they move them into their new apartment before the baby arrives; Pameron gets out of prison early and has a bone to pick with Mitchell.
S10, EP13 "Whanex?"Cam must contend with a bully at the school; Jay has technical trouble during a video conference; the local mall holds a photo shoot for its new ad campaign, and Gloria tricks Phil and Joe into participating.
S8, EP18 "Five Minutes"Mitch and Cam fight the effects of sleeping pills while rushing to catch a flight; Haley and Rainer re-evaluate their relationship; Phil and Claire meet Alex's new boyfriend when they pay her a surprise visit.
S8, EP19 "Frank's Wedding"Phil gets the Dunphy clan to show up in costume for Frank's Roaring '20s-themed wedding; Jay masters the art of saying no; Cam stands up to his sister, Pam.
S8, EP20 "All Things Being Equal"Gloria, Claire, Haley, Alex, Lily, Luke and Manny show support for gender equality and the women's movement in their own ways; Jay and Phil butt heads over their parking attendant; Cam feels jealous when Pam prefers Mitchell's help with the baby.
S8, EP21 "Alone Time"Mitch and Jay end up at the same resort when they separately seek out a retreat from the family; Phil and Claire struggle to enjoy empty-nester life; not knowing what to do with himself while Mitch is away, Cam drops in on Gloria.
S8, EP22 "The Graduates"Jay picks up the pieces after Manny's father takes him out to celebrate graduation; the family prepares for Luke and Manny's big day.
S9, EP1 "Lake Life"Jay forces the family to take their vacation on a house boat on a lake; Mitchell runs into an old flame; Cam must avoid the sun; Phil and Claire try out some adventurous excursions; the kids' quest for a good time goes awry.
S9, EP2 "The Long Goodbye"Phil and Claire realize that Alex may be more self-sufficient in college than they thought; Manny works to avoid a tearful goodbye after Gloria and Jay move him into his dorm; Haley gets an unexpected opportunity.
S9, EP3 "Catch of the Day"Phil believes he'll have a day of bad luck after failing to successfully complete his daily superstition; Mitch is certain that Cam is undermining him during their kitchen renovation; Jay is determined to get Gloria to admit she was in an accident.
S9, EP4 "Sex, Lies & Kickball"Jay's friend Shorty visits from Costa Rica but spends more time with Gloria than Jay; Alex decides to prove to Claire that her relationship with Ben is a sexual one.
S9, EP5 "It's the Great Pumpkin, Phil Dunphy"Phil and Claire start to question their enthusiasm for Halloween when no one else seems to feel the same; Mitch confronts Jay about how long the kitchen remodel is taking; Cam oversteps his boundaries as a house guest.
S9, EP6 "Ten Years Later"Claire throws a 10th anniversary party for Jay and Gloria; Phil plans a magic trick in which Gloria appears out of thin air in her wedding dress.
S9, EP7 "Winner Winner Turkey Dinner"Jay gives a Thanksgiving toast that honors the family's successes, although everyone knows it isn't quite true; everyone tries to hide things about their perceived triumphs; Phil works hard to master a magic trick to prove he's not a failure.
S9, EP8 "Brushes With Celebrity"The family recount all their biggest celebrity encounters; Phil shows a house to his musical hero; Jay's day at jury duty takes an unexpected turn; Manny's encounter with his favorite playwright doesn't go as expected.
S9, EP9 "Tough Love"After leaving his real estate firm to strike out on his own, Phil decides a solo camping trip in the wild will be just what he needs to boost his confidence; Mitchell's plan to teach Cam and Lily each a lesson backfires.
S10, EP14 "We Need to Talk About Lily"Phil thinks he found Pepper his dream home; in an attempt to connect with Lily, Mitch and Cam get invited to an exclusive event for her favorite vlogger.
S10, EP15 "SuperShowerBabyBowl"Jay hosts a Super Bowl party at the same time that Claire hosts a baby shower for Haley, both at Jay's house.
S10, EP16 "Red Alert"Lily reaches a womanly milestone that Cam and Mitch are not prepared for -- at all -- so they call in reinforcements.
S10, EP17 "The Wild"Mitch, Cam and Phil crash Jay's annual hiking trip to find an elusive bald eagle after Gloria asks them to keep an eye on him; Gloria, Alex, Claire and Haley get together to plan her baby shower.
S10, EP20 "Can't Elope"Haley and Dylan's plan to quietly elope before the babies are born doesn't go as smoothly as they had hoped; Jay continues to try and get his new business off the ground by courting an Instagram celebrity.
S10, EP19 "Yes-Woman"In an effort to be less negative, Claire inadvertently approves of Luke's new relationship with someone from his work; Phil tries to surprise Alex at school right before she receives an award she didn't tell him about.
S9, EP10 "No Small Feet"When Claire lands a big opportunity for Pritchett's Closets, Jay expects validation for his contribution; Pam's ex-boyfriend shows up and Mitchell sees this as an opportunity to get Pam out of the house; Luke and Alex find a business opportunity.
S9, EP11 "He Said, She Shed"Claire's request to build a "She Shed" in the backyard is denied by the homeowners association and only Luke and Phil know the real reason why; Pameron lets Cam in on a family secret, which forces him to visit Mitch's therapist.
S9, EP12 "Dear Beloved Family"After Phil experiences intense stomach pains, Gloria has to rush him to the hospital for an emergency surgery and rallies the entire family to be by his side.
S9, EP13 "In Your Head"Luke goes missing after a night out; Haley is desperate to land an interview for a popular lifestyle website.
S9, EP14 "Written in the Stars"Phil thinks that Gloria is upset at Jay for dropping the ball on Valentine's Day, so he convinces Jay to spice things up with a little role playing; Mitch and Cam must make things right when they unwittingly ruin Luke's Valentine's Day date.
S9, EP15 "Spanks for the Memories"When Jay overhears Gloria on the phone talking about spanking, he assumes she is frustrated in the bedroom; Mitchell and Cam throw a party to rub Mitchell's new job in Cam's friends' faces.
S9, EP16 "Wine Weekend"The family goes on a wine tasting trip and stays in Haley's new boss's country house; Gloria and Mitch are invited to a party at Oprah's house but can't bring anyone else.
S9, EP17 "Royal Visit"Haley's astrophysicist boyfriend comes to meet the family, setting Claire and Phil off in a competition about which one of them is smarter; Mitch and Cam go on a yoga retreat.
S9, EP20 "Mother!"When Dede drops by unexpectedly, Mitchell and Cam come to a realization about her effect on their lives; Phil, Luke, Alex and Haley all have different bad news to break to Claire and compete about when to do it.
S11, EP1 "New Kids on the Block"Haley is determined to follow the advice in her parenting books, but Phil and Claire think their old methods are better; Manny is set to direct Jay's dog bed commercial in hopes of winning his ex-girlfriend back.
S10, EP18 "Stand by Your Man"Dylan and Luke are really impressed with Bill's tales of heroism and survival as a firefighter, which make Phil feel emasculated.
S10, EP21 "Commencement"Cam finally gets a chance to shine when he is asked to preside over the high school graduation ceremony at the last minute; Jay gives the commencement address; Claire runs into her former high school rival who brings out the worst in her.
S10, EP22 "A Year of Birthdays"The birth of Haley and Dylan's twins approaches; a look back at how the family members celebrated their birthdays over the past year.
S5, EP1 "Suddenly, Last Summer"Phil and Claire try to orchestrate a kid-free week during Luke, Haley and Alex's summer activities; Cam and Mitch try to have a memorable summer.
S11, EP2 "Snapped"Claire needs to get everyone out of the house before they make her look bad in front of a reporter from an important women's business magazine; Jay invites Manny to a wine tasting in an attempt to spend some quality time together.
S5, EP2 "First Days"Luke and Manny have their first day of high school; Claire returns to the workforce; Mitch juggles an important meeting and Lily's first day of preschool.
S11, EP4 "Pool Party"Mitch and Cam help Lily overcome her insecurities about wearing a bathing suit to a pool party; with Gloria's new internship taking up so much of her time, Jay starts feeling particularly neglected.
S5, EP9 "The Big Game"Cam is extremely focused -- and ruthless -- as a big football game approaches; Claire wants to prove herself at work; Phil tries to teach his children about optimism.
S1, EP1 "Pilot"Jay has grown children, grandchildren and a gorgeous young wife, who has a preteen son of her own; all together they must bridge generational, cultural and social gaps.
S1, EP2 "The Bicycle Thief"Phil is determined to help Luke prove he is responsible enough to have a new bike; Jay and Manny have some father and son time.
S1, EP3 "Come Fly With Me"Jay reluctantly takes Phil on a model-airplane excursion, and Gloria goes shopping with Alex. Meanwhile, Claire and Manny get to know each other as siblings.
S11, EP3 "Perfect Pairs"Phil, Claire, Alex and Luke realize the babies might help them with a few things on their to-do lists, so they offer to give Haley the day off.
S11, EP6 "A Game of Chicken"Gloria uses her alone time with the twins as an opportunity to secretly baptize them before Haley and Dylan get home; Claire deals with the fallout from the smart closet fiasco; Cam feuds with his school's mascot.
S5, EP4 "Farm Strong"When Cam's sister comes to visit, he tries to find a gentle way to break the news of his engagement; Phil and Claire decide to miss one of Luke's games; Gloria is in denial about needing glasses.
S1, EP4 "The Incident"Jay's ex-wife, Dede (Shelley Long), tries to make amends with everyone she offended at Jay and Gloria's wedding.
S1, EP5 "Coal Digger"Tensions rise during a day of barbecue and football at Jay and Gloria's in the wake of an incident between Manny and Luke at school.
S1, EP6 "Run for Your Wife"Jay and Gloria have a disagreement about Manny's choice of outfit for his first day back at school; Cameron and Mitchell freak out when Lily gets a bump on the head.
S1, EP7 "En Garde"The family comes out to support Manny's newfound interest, fencing; Phil is determined to find Luke's hidden talent.
S1, EP8 "Great Expectations"Claire wants to surprise Phil with a private performance by one of their favorite musicians (Edward Norton); Cameron and Mitchell invite their friend Sal (Elizabeth Banks) out for a night on the town.
S1, EP9 "Fizbo"Claire and Phil decide to plan the biggest and best birthday party for Luke.
S1, EP10 "Undeck the Halls"Claire and Phil threaten to take away Christmas when the kids get into trouble; Cameron and Mitchell take Lily to have her first picture taken with Santa.
S1, EP11 "Up All Night"Gloria does not like Jay's reaction to the arrival of Manny's father (Benjamin Bratt); Phil is rushed to the hospital; Mitchell and Cameron try to sleep-train Lily.
S1, EP12 "Not in My House"When Claire finds a dirty picture on the computer and assumes it is Luke's doing, guilty Phil does not correct her; Jay and Gloria disagree over his beloved, life-size dog butler statue; Cameron involves himself in the gardener's woes.
S1, EP13 "Fifteen Percent"Mitchell plants an idea in Jay's head; Manny's date gets a makeover from Gloria.
S1, EP14 "Moon Landing"A visit from an old friend (Minnie Driver) leaves Claire feeling inadequate; Mitchell tries to help Gloria with some legal issues.
S1, EP15 "My Funky Valentine"Claire and Phil plan a Valentine's Day excursion; Jay takes Gloria to a comedy show; Cameron and Mitchell try to play cupid for Manny.
S1, EP16 "Fears"Phil tries to conquer his fear of the dark when he and Luke go on a discovery expedition underneath the house; Mitchell and Cameron invite Lily's pediatrician over for brunch.
S1, EP17 "Truth Be Told"Phil invites his high school girlfriend (Judy Greer) to the house; Jay accidentally kills Manny's pet turtle, then goes to extremes to cover his tracks; overworked Mitchell stands up to his boss.
S5, EP3 "Larry's Wife"Phil's job takes up a lot of his time; Luke has his friends over for a poker game; Gloria worries the baby is cursed; Cam hosts a funeral for the cat's imaginary wife.
S1, EP18 "Starry Night"Claire and Phil each take on one of the kids' school projects; Gloria and Cameron bond during a night out.
S1, EP19 "Game Changer"The release of a new product Phil wants coincides with his birthday; Mitchell has a newfound desire to toughen up; Cameron gets involved in a neighbor's marital problems.
S1, EP20 "Benched"Luke and Manny's hot-tempered basketball coach quits during a game, causing Jay and Phil to jockey to fill the position; Mitchell takes Cameron along to meet a prospective employer.
S1, EP21 "Travels With Scout"Claire is suspicious when Phil's father shows up for an expected visit; Manny is traumatized by a horror movie.
S1, EP22 "Airport 2010"Gloria invites the whole family on a getaway to Hawaii for Jay's birthday.
S1, EP23 "Hawaii"An unexpected reality check dampens Jay's plans for relaxation; Phil wants to make the trip romantic for Claire; the kids get into mischief when left to their own devices.
S1, EP24 "Family Portrait"Everything seems to be working against Claire's plans for a new family portrait; Cameron gets a gig as a wedding singer, leaving Mitchell home alone with Lily and a wayward pigeon.
S11, EP5 "The Last Halloween"Phil is determined to scare Claire on Halloween; Gloria feels self-conscious about her age when someone correctly assumes she is Jay's wife; Mitch and Cam go to the WeHo Halloween Carnival after Lily decides to go to her first Halloween party alone.
S11, EP8 "Tree's a Crowd"The Dunphy house is bursting at the seams when Dylan's hippie mom moves in and Claire's lonely stepdad, Jerry, wants to pay them a visit; Jay and Gloria attempt to help Manny get over his big breakup with Sherry.
S5, EP5 "The Late Show"The adults struggle to make it to a hot new restaurant in time for the reservation Jay pulled a lot of strings to get.
S2, EP1 "The Old Wagon"Phil finally agrees to sell the old station wagon but only after a family trip down memory lane; Cameron asks Jay for help when Mitchell decides to build a life-size princess castle for Lily.
S2, EP2 "The Kiss"Gloria decides to honor her late grandmother by cooking more traditional Colombian meals; Claire finds out Alex is interested in a boy; Mitchell's aversion to public displays of affection causes an argument.
S2, EP3 "Earthquake"When an earthquake hits, Claire gets stuck in the bathroom with the plumber; Manny experiences an existential crisis while out with Jay; Mitchell and Cameron use the quake as an excuse to get out of a party thrown by a friend (Nathan Lane).
S2, EP4 "Strangers on a Treadmill"Claire and Mitchell try to spare their significant others from embarrassment; Haley tries to teach Alex how to be cool.
S2, EP5 "Unplugged"Phil and Claire announce a family challenge after noticing how busy everyone is with electronic devices; Cameron and Mitchell try to get Lily into a good preschool.
S2, EP6 "Halloween"Claire prepares to make the Dunphy house spooky for Halloween; Cameron does not like the holiday because of a traumatic childhood experience; Jay and Manny tease Gloria about her accent.
S2, EP7 "Chirp"Claire and Haley are stuck at home sick; the taunting of a chirping smoke detector has Phil preoccupied; Gloria and Manny's surprise visit at Jay's work leads to headaches for him; Cameron takes Lily for a commercial.
S2, EP8 "Manny Get Your Gun"Manny experiences a minicrisis over getting older; Phil and Claire engage in a car race on the way to a restaurant; Mitch and Cam go to the mall to pick up a gift for Manny's birthday.
S2, EP9 "Mother Tucker"Cameron's mother (Celia Weston) makes Mitchell uncomfortable; Haley breaks up with Dylan.
S5, EP6 "The Help"Jay and Manny oppose Gloria's decision to hire a male nanny; Phil and Jay try to cheer up Frank; Mitch and Cam ask Pepper to help plan their wedding.
S2, EP10 "Dance Dance Revelation"Luke and Manny have their first school dance; Jay and Phil take Luke and Manny on a mall run that becomes quite stressful; Mitch and Cam learn that Lily is biting other kids on the playground.
S2, EP11 "Slow Down Your Neighbors"Claire intends to stop a car that speeds through the neighborhood; Phil deals with a difficult client; Jay teaches Manny to ride a bike; Mitchell and Cameron meet a charming neighbor.
S2, EP12 "Our Children, Ourselves"Alex's dedication to learning makes Claire and Phil question themselves; Gloria tries to make new friends; Mitch runs into an ex-girlfriend while out with Cam.
S2, EP13 "Caught in the Act"Claire and Phil find themselves in a compromising position when the kids try to surprise them with breakfast in bed; an e-mail mars Jay and Gloria's Vegas vacation; Mitch and Cam try to get a hookup at a hot new restaurant.
S2, EP14 "Bixby's Back"Claire and Phil decide to reprise their role-playing adventure from the previous year; Jay's elaborate Valentine's surprise for Gloria keeps getting held up; an admirer comes between Cameron and Mitchell.
S2, EP15 "Princess Party"Fizbo is disinvited from Lily's birthday party; Mitchell and Claire's mother DeDe (Shelley Long) comes to the party with Claire's ex-boyfriend (Matt Dillon).
S2, EP16 "Regrets Only"Gloria and Jay try to help when Phil and Claire get into a huge argument; Cameron asks Mitchell and Luke to help prepare for a big fundraising event.
S11, EP10 "The Prescott"Alex's company puts her up at a new luxury apartment building with a number of high-profile residents that the family is eager to take advantage of; Phil is on a mission to review the restaurant's famous sliders for his food blog.
S11, EP9 "The Last Christmas"Mitchell suspects Cameron has an ulterior motive for keeping everyone happy for Christmas dinner; Claire tries to dodge Jay's job offer to work at his dog bed company; Luke has to deal with the consequences of kissing Manny's ex-girlfriend Sherri.
S5, EP8 "ClosetCon '13"Claire encourages Jay to go to ClosetCon, where he is reunited with former colleagues; for the first time, Cam takes Lily and Mitch to the Tucker farm.
S5, EP7 "A Fair to Remember"The family goes to the annual school fair; Phil and Claire each plan a separate surprise for their 20th wedding anniversary; Haley has an awkward encounter.
S11, EP7 "The Last Thanksgiving"Cameron and Mitchell's friends mistakenly assume they have split up; Haley attempts to cook Thanksgiving dinner as a thank you for Claire and Phil's support with the twins; Jay invites Phil and Dylan out to fly his model plane.
S11, EP13 "Paris"The Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan heads to Paris so Jay can accept a lifetime achievement award for his work in the closet industry; Claire has a secret rendezvous; Cam finally gets a chance to perform as Fizbo on the streets of Paris.
S5, EP12 "Under Pressure"Gloria has an encounter with a mean mom (Jane Krakowski) during the high school open house; Mitchell meets a judgmental neighbor (Jesse Eisenberg); Alex goes to a therapist.
S5, EP11 "And One to Grow On"Phil ends up in jail after tricking Luke into taking a dance class; Jay and Gloria plan birthday parties for Manny and Joe; Mitch and Cam try to book a wedding venue.
S11, EP11 "Legacy"Phil pays a visit to his dad after hearing some concerning news about him; Jay gives Claire and Mitch a bunch of their old childhood memorabilia that triggers them to reevaluate a long-held story about their first family vacation.
S5, EP16 "Spring-a-Ding-Fling"Cameron feels competitive when a popular teacher returns from sabbatical; Haley goes to a realtor's banquet with Phil; Mitch struggles to get his bearings at his new job; Jay and Gloria babysit Lily.
S11, EP12 "Dead on a Rival"Mitchell learns a valuable life lesson when a former resident of the house shows up unexpectedly; the Dunphys' old neighbor-turned-tech-titan, Kenneth, comes to visit with a big surprise for Phil; Manny's dad has a big opportunity for his son.
S7, EP4 "She Crazy"Phil can't get anyone else to care about tending to the eggs; Claire is anxious about bringing her closet ideas to Jay; Cameron gets over-attached to the frat guys living in the upstairs unit.
S7, EP5 "The Verdict"Claire wants to give Haley and Alex a great experience on Take your Daughter to Work Day but employees make things difficult; Jay has to help out at Joe's preschool when Gloria has jury duty; Mitch and Cam cannot agree on who to invite to a party.
S7, EP6 "The More You Ignore Me"Luke is arrested for driving without a license; Alex is caught sneaking out of a liquor store; Cam thinks Gloria should re-create and sell her family's hot sauce; Haley and Dylan have an awkward encounter with Beth and Andy.
S7, EP7 "Phil's Sexy, Sexy House"A conversation about a house Phil is helping to sell gives everyone the idea to sneak in to enjoy it themselves; Jay and Gloria's plan to pay for a surprise family trip to Miami turns into a surprise for Gloria and then a bigger surprise for Jay.
S7, EP8 "Clean out Your Junk Drawer"When Gloria wins a family seminar at the school auction, Jay is resistant, Mitch and Cam try to come across as super stable, and Phil and Claire turn it into a competition; Haley and Alex get together to talk about boys.
S7, EP9 "White Christmas"Gloria rents a cabin in the mountains where the family can celebrate a picture-perfect Christmas, but unexpected factors complicate the holiday; Jay makes an announcement.
S7, EP10 "Playdates"When Claire and Phil go out with a couple they met on vacation, the Dunphys end up having to pay the bill; Haley, Alex and Luke scramble to come through when Mitchell cashes in a birthday coupon they gave him.
S7, EP11 "Spread Your Wings"Claire hopes to help the ducklings move out of the house while Phil is visiting Alex at college; Jay helps Mitch with Lily's sleepover; Cam, Gloria and Manny must meet a big hot sauce delivery deadline.
S7, EP12 "Clean for a Day"Claire decides to clean the clutter out of the house before taking over Jay's business; Jay's new hobby makes Cameron worry; Gloria enlists Mitchell to teach her how to golf so she can connect with Jay on a deeper level.
S7, EP13 "Thunk in the Trunk"Phil doesn't feel appreciated while Claire is busy running the closet business; a life-size standee of Gloria for her hot sauce display attracts unsavory attention; Cam and Mitch become suspicious of their new renters.
S7, EP14 "The Storm"Power outages during a thunderstorm send the whole family to Jay and Gloria's; Jay tries to make it to a reunion with buddies from the Navy; Phil hopes to redeem himself after a panic attack; Mitch and Cam must salvage Lily's birthday party.
S7, EP15 "I Don't Know How She Does It"Unaware that Claire has a personal assistant, Phil cannot figure out how she is getting everything done; Jay and Gloria are sleep deprived as Joe goes through a fussy phase; Cam and Mitch feel they are not treated well at a friend's wedding.
S7, EP16 "The Cover-Up"Phil lies to Claire to keep her from finding out about his attractive new client; Gloria asks for Claire's help in dealing with a yoga instructor she thinks is attracted to her; Jay makes a web show; Mitch and Cam teach Lily how to ride a bike.
S7, EP17 "Express Yourself"Phil decides he wants to take a spontaneous trip to Paris with Claire, but they are both exhausted; Jay's command of the bathroom remodel creates hazards for the rest of the family; Cam's visiting sister's emotional outbursts frustrate Mitch.
S9, EP18 "Daddy Issues"When Gloria's ex-boyfriend stops by for a visit, his striking resemblance to Manny makes Jay wonder; Phil agonizes over getting the perfect anniversary gift for Claire; Lily gets into a fight at school over bras.
S9, EP19 "CHiPs and Salsa"Haley's boss tries to buy Gloria's salsa; Mitchell gets Cam the police ride-along he's always dreamed of.
S10, EP10 "Stuck in a Moment"Hayley works to figure out the best time to give the family a Christmas gift they will never forget; Phil borrows the family Christmas tree for a house-showing; Jay, Gloria and Joe deal with unwelcome holiday visitors.
S10, EP8 "Kids These Days"Haley needs motherly advice from Claire as she considers her future with Dylan and her career; Jay and Cam's less-than-politically-correct coaching style earns them a class on sensitivity; Mitch runs into Phil's nemesis at an unlikely place.
S10, EP7 "Did the Chicken Cross the Road?"Cam forgets the words to his favorite country song and decides to reconnect with his roots by getting a chicken; when Alex is up for a prestigious government job that requires a family interview, everyone overcompensates and jeopardizes her chances.
S10, EP6 "On the Same Paige"When Phil learns that his real estate class will be canceled if any additional students drop it, he turns on his powers of charm and flattery to keep one particular student from leaving; Jay tries to set boundaries with a fellow parent.
S10, EP5 "Good Grief"The families celebrate another epic Halloween and receive huge, unexpected news.
S10, EP4 "Torn Between Two Lovers"Haley is forced to make a decision; Manny returns to college and dorm life; Sherry may be overstaying her welcome at Jay and Gloria's.
S10, EP3 "A Sketchy Area"Phil stumbles into an exciting new career after visiting Luke's college; Claire deals with her dad and the merger of Pritchett's Closets with a tech-savvy, hipper company; Mitch's new high-profile case is marred by an unflattering courtroom sketch.
S10, EP2 "Kiss and Tell"Haley looks to Mitch and Cam for relationship advice; Gloria suspects Manny's Canadian girlfriend is made up and tries to find out the real truth.
S10, EP1 "I Love a Parade"The family gets together for the annual Fourth of July parade where Jay acts as the grand marshal; Haley's farewell to Arvin doesn't go as well as expected and she is distracted by the return of an old flame.
S9, EP22 "Clash of Swords"Mitchell sneaks out to Hero-Con with Phil; Gloria's dinosaur party for Joe is ruined when her nemesis upstages her with a far bigger and better party next door.
S9, EP21 "The Escape"Haley meets Arvin's parents but fate leads to an unexpected reunion with all of her ex-boyfriends; the family goes to a nursing home to visit with Jay's sister; Phil, Cam and Gloria end up getting trapped in the home's basement.
S8, EP16 "Basketball!"NBA stars Charles Barkley and DeAndre Jordan attend the charity basketball game Phil is playing in; Gloria's nemesis tries to shame her for lack of support at Manny's school; Claire tries to keep a work mistake secret from Jay.
S8, EP15 "Finding Fizbo"After seeing an online video of his Fizbo costume being desecrated, Cam sets out to restore the character's good name; Phil meets his soon-to-be stepbrother; Manny enlists Gloria, Claire and Haley to do a read-through of his newest play.
S8, EP14 "Heavy Is the Head"Phil rethinks his original dream after realizing his property investment with Jay might turn out to be a bust; Cam lands in the hospital due to a head injury; Gloria surprises Claire with a day of luxury at the office.
S8, EP13 "Do It Yourself"Phil talks Jay into investing in a property he has long wanted to develop; Claire's culinary ventures aren't as successful as she thinks; Cam and Mitchell try to teach Lily the value of hard work.
S8, EP12 "Do You Believe in Magic"Phil calls upon his alter ego to inject some sizzle back into his marriage; Jay shows favoritism in his parenting; Haley and Sal try to stand up to men in their lives.
S8, EP11 "Sarge & Pea"A rude parent at Lily's dance recital makes Cam angry; Jay, Claire and Mitch go to a family wedding and encounter Dede at the reception; Phil and Gloria go on a college tour with Luke and Manny.
S8, EP10 "Ringmaster Keifth"Cam wants to throw a New Year's Day feast for the family; Phil's father arrives with his new girlfriend, who happens to be Phil's childhood baby sitter; Gloria and Jay must decide who will look after little Joe if something should happen to them.
S8, EP9 "Snow Ball"Manny and Luke's efforts to put on the school's winter dance get complicated due to a texting error; Gloria, Claire, Mitchell and Cam volunteer at the dance while Jay tries to get out of it by pretending he wants to spend time with Phil.
S8, EP8 "The Alliance"Haley's day with Rainer Shine's daughter doesn't go as expected; Luke unintentionally helps Jay with his petition; Gloria, Phil and Cam have a secret meeting.
S8, EP7 "Thanksgiving Jamboree"Cameron spares no expense for his Thanksgiving jamboree; Hayley tells Phil she'd rather spend the holiday with her new boyfriend; Jay works to keep his blood pressure down; Alex and Dwight get closer.
"Modern Family"Told from the perspective of an unseen documentary filmmaker, the series offers an honest, often-hilarious perspective of family life. Parents Phil and Claire yearn for an honest, open relationship with their three kids. But a daughter who is trying to grow up too fast, another who is too smart for her own good, and a rambunctious young son make it challenging. Claire's dad, Jay, and his Latina wife, Gloria, are raising two sons together, but people sometimes believe Jay to be Gloria's father. Jay's gay son, Mitchell, and his partner, Cameron, have adopted a little Asian girl, completing one big -- straight, gay, multicultural, traditional -- happy family.
Told from the perspective of an unseen documentary filmmaker, the series offers an honest, often-hilarious perspective of family life. Parents Phil and Claire yearn for an honest, open relationship with their three kids. But a daughter who is trying to grow up too fast, another who is too smart for her own good, and a rambunctious young son make it challenging. Claire's dad, Jay, and his Latina wife, Gloria, are raising two sons together, but people sometimes believe Jay to be Gloria's father. Jay's gay son, Mitchell, and his partner, Cameron, have adopted a little Asian girl, completing one big -- straight, gay, multicultural, traditional -- happy family.
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