Brat vs. Eagle
S7, EP10 "Brat vs. Eagle"
On Demand
The Diesel Brothers continue work on their rival builds for the first ever Tour de Utah off-road race; Heavy D pulls out all the stops for his AMC Eagle conversion while Diesel Dave and team smash together a Brat and an Impreza to avoid a full build.
Original Air Date: Jul 27, 2020 • Discovery • 42m
A Tank, an Eagle and a Brat
S7, EP9 "A Tank, an Eagle and a Brat"
On Demand
The Diesel Brothers continue work on their tank build, but engine and transmission troubles put the project in jeopardy; the shop splits into teams for an epic build-off between an AMC Eagle and a Subaru Brat for the Tour de Utah off-road race.
Original Air Date: Jul 20, 2020 • Discovery • 42m
Tanks A Lot
S7, EP8 "Tanks A Lot"
On Demand
Heavy D surprises the mechanics with his latest build: a tank; he has big plans for the beast, but must first find a new engine and get it moving again; Heavy D, Diesel Dave and the Muscle personally trick out their latest giveaway truck.
Original Air Date: Jul 13, 2020 • Discovery • 42m
Release the Kraken
S7, EP7 "Release the Kraken"
On Demand
Mad Scientist Sam's wild creation, the Kraken, comes to life, but Heavy D continues to be skeptical of the build's potential viral success; a high-profile client wants to customize a Ram 3500, which puts Diesel Dave and The Muscle to the test.
Original Air Date: Jul 06, 2020 • Discovery • 42m
A Kraken Kodiak
S7, EP6 "A Kraken Kodiak"
On Demand
Diesel Dave continues working on his epic modern-day Kodiak while making sure he doesn't break the bank; Sam the Mad Scientist unveils The Kraken; a diesel-powered monowheel vehicle that is unlike anything the guys have ever seen.
Original Air Date: Jun 29, 2020 • Discovery • 42m
Back with a Kodiak
S7, EP5 "Back with a Kodiak"
On Demand
Diesel Dave picks his first giveaway truck and dreams big attempting to build the 2020 version of the Kodiak; Todd LeDuc challenges the guys to a desert race and flips the script by picking The Muscle to be on his team.
Original Air Date: Jun 22, 2020 • Discovery • 42m
Diesel Nation Redemption
S7, EP4 "Diesel Nation Redemption"
On Demand
Richard Petty, Farmtruck and AZN relive some their most embarrassing moments; Keith Spiker from the Dirty 7 has no idea what kind of redemption battle he's in for.
Original Air Date: Jun 15, 2020 • Discovery • 42m
Diesel Nation: The Fast and the Famous
S7, EP3 "Diesel Nation: The Fast and the Famous"
On Demand
"Diesel Nation" rolls out the red carpet for some of the biggest stars; from Shaquille O'Neal to Guy Fieri, the guys check out awesome garages and challenge each other to spicy competition.
Original Air Date: Jun 08, 2020 • Discovery • 42m
Diesel Nation vs. Zombie Apocalypse
S7, EP2 "Diesel Nation vs. Zombie Apocalypse"
On Demand
The "Diesel Brothers" are hunkered down and preparing for the worst -- a zombie apocalypse; they share the best trucks for outrunning zombies; they interview experts and get ready for an epic zombie battle.
Original Air Date: Jun 01, 2020 • Discovery • 42m
Diesel Nation Celebrates Memorial Day
S7, EP1 "Diesel Nation Celebrates Memorial Day"
On Demand
The Diesel Brothers celebrate Memorial Day and salute the men and women of the armed forces the best way they know how: epic builds, special celebrity guests and a crazy stunt to cap off the night.
Original Air Date: May 25, 2020 • Discovery • 42m
Monster Jam Breaking World Records
S7 "Monster Jam Breaking World Records"
On Demand
Chris Jacobs and the Diesel Brothers host as Monster Jam drivers attempt the most extreme world records, including an outrageous distance jump by Megalodon; welcome to Shark Week, as the biggest event on land kicks off the biggest event in the sea.
Original Air Date: Aug 08, 2020 • Discovery • 125m